Jo Cox, Paul Golding and Britain First’s indelible shame

We’ve waited a few days to post this. We wanted to let the dust settle a bit. We wanted to show respect for a grieving family and we didn’t want to join so many others in capitalising on the internet frenzy that always accompanies high profile killings. Jo Cox was many things apparently but she should never become mere clickbait at the height of a media frenzy.

Reuters Jo Cox MemorialLike the rest of the EBF team I’ve been unsure how to respond to this awful attack, not only on a young mother of two but upon the very nature of British representative democracy. The vigils that were held over the weekend across the country were not for Jo Cox personally. How could they be? Most of the attendees at these events, like me had never heard of her before Thursday. The mood of the nation isn’t grief – it’s outrage.

I won’t pretend to be racked with grief for a woman I never knew. I won’t do a hasty internet search and write a sentimental blog about Jo Cox as though she was an old friend I’ve known all my life. And I won’t be making any pretentious claims to know the precise details of the motivations that drove her killer, allegedly Tommy Mair to murder her in cold blood. I will be making a few observations about the far right and the way that groups like Britain First must acknowledge the blood indelibly staining their own hands.

Much has been said, written, shouted, even screamed about the words ‘Britain First’, apparently shouted by Jo’s murderer as he attacked. Whether he said ‘Put Britain First’, a campaign slogan for many in the nationalist/Brexit camp or whether he said merely ‘Britain First’, referring to the neoNazi group that regularly calls for British politicians to be executed seems to be a moot point. The undisputed fact is that Tommy Mair made clear his white supremacist and nationalist sentiments at the moment he (allegedly) carried out his crime. It is also obvious that this is a crime precisely in keeping with the rhetoric of Britain First.

EBF BF camping Wales ban the berkIt’s not clear whether or not Tommy Mair was associated directly with Britain First. He may have been. He certainly had aligned himself with overseas neo-Nazis. It seems unlikely that he’d never come across UK based Britain First as well. It is clear that a fully paid up Britain First ‘footsoldier’ (see the image left – that’s the name they give themselves) couldn’t have followed the party line any more accurately than Mair did last Thursday.

Paul Golding, leader of Britain First was quick to deny any association with Tommy Mair and denounce his crime. His video denial was in part an attempt to deny almost everything that Britain First has said over the last few years and partly an attempt to discredit the witnesses.

EBF BF policies conference 2015 1

Most ironic of all from the leader of a party which thrives on misrepresentation, half-truths and downright fabrication was his appeal for people to wait for the whole truth without jumping to conclusions.

Ok then Paul. We thought we’d help people uncover the whole truth, not about Jo Cox’s death, that’s for the courts but about the fact that this is exactly the sort of murderous, anti-democratic, neoNazi atrocity that you, personally, have been doing your damnedest to incite for the last five years. Team EBF has already published a number of PDF’s on your neoNazi approach to politics and society as a whole. But on this occasion I thought it might be a good idea to focus specifically on your bloodthirsty attitude to British politicians, your support for violent uprising and the way you incite others to murder them exactly as Jo Cox was murdered (perhaps I should say ‘assassinated’).

For those readers who don’t yet understand how Britain First operates or why responsibility for Jo Cox’s brutal murder can be laid so squarely at your door I’m going to spell it out. Please stop me if I’ve misunderstood anything. I’ll be using direct quotes from you, from Jayda and from uncle Jim together with screenshots of your own public pronouncements and internet memes to illustrate my points. You may not like what I have to say here but you’ll know it’s all true (which is more than can be said for your usual social media offerings).

Britain first and violence

Britain First has a long record of inciting violence. Founder Jim Dowson is well known for his desire to incite Holy War against Muslims. Britain first leader, Paul Golding is a former member of the ultra-violent National Front and the British National Party. His violent, white supremacist attitudes are obvious. Equally obvious is his tendency to lie and deceive in order to achieve his aims. Britain First’s Deputy Leader, Jayda Fransen is a former EDL ‘Angel’, another white-supremacist organisation which is equally well known for its violent assaults on British Muslims and non-whites.

EBF BF Dowson Holy War crusade comboIt’s hardly surprising that Britain First supporters are violent. They are spoon-fed violence at every turn. If it’s not fictitious threats from Islamic terrorists it’s frightening fantasies about perverted immigrants out to rape our children. The reality is completely different, of course but what do you and your buddies care about that, Paul? You know that refugees aren’t rapists and terrorists. You know that they’re just desperate people trying to escape a war they didn’t start or want. But they’re not the right colour so you use every dirty trick you can to slander them and all those who support their right to exist. And that’s why you hated Jo Cox. She saw through your lies, your slanders and your cheap, mean-spirited rhetoric and she had the courage to stand up against you.

Jo Cox MP BF comments

Jo Cox represented everything that you could never even hope to be. She was courageous, she was compassionate and she was dedicated to decency, truth and the joy of living a life free from petty prejudice and hatred. That’s why she opposed you. That’s ultimately why she died. You may or may not have given the order but your hands are soaked in her blood either way. You and Jayda have spent so long encouraging your followers to kill all who oppose you, including and especially our elected representatives that it’s impossible for you to distance yourselves from this barbarous murder. As Shakespeare’s Macbeth bewailed…

“Will all great Neptune’s oceans e’er wash this blood clean from my hands?

Or will this, my hand the multitudinous seas incarnadine, making the green one red?”

No amount of washing will clean your hands of the blood of Jo Cox – and we at EBF will do all we possibly can to see you and Fransen stand trial for the incitement that led to her vicious, politically motivated murder.

Britain First’s vicious leadership

Steve Lewis used to be Britain First’s Deputy Leader until the party realised that Jayda Fransen’s sex appeal was more useful in signing up a following of disaffected young men. Now he’s one of their quasi-military ‘Regional Commanding Officers’, regularly to be seen throwing punches at ‘lefties’ during their marches.

This is what this ‘high-ranking’ member of Britain First had to say about left wing politicians, among other people…

Steve Lewis eradicte lefties pic

In case you have any doubt about just what RCO Lewis means by ‘eradicated’, the words of the current Britain First Deputy Leader, Jayda Fransen below should make it quite clear.

Jayda hang traitors 1 image

Britain First has long called for the execution of left wing politicians whom they define as traitors. The extract above actually threatens labour politicians (among others) with execution. It’s part of a longer Email announcing leader, Paul Golding’s hopeless bid for the office of London Mayor. You can read the whole text of this murderous, racist and Islamophobic rant by clicking here.

Britain First and the political process

Britain First has always treated democracy with contempt. Ever since they first began in 2010 they have threatened, intimidated, harrassed and slandered political opponents at every turn. We know of several formerly outspoken ctitics of Britain First who found themselves needing police protection because of death threats issued by Britain First or their supporters. A number of left wing bloggers and activists have had their details published online by Britain First to intimidate them into silence.

Below we see a video still of Britain First’s ‘RCO’ Steve Lewis and ‘Armed Forces Offcier’, Robin Lomax intimidating a theatre group who dared to criticise Britain First and UKIP. Democracy means nothing to these people. Violence is the only change process they understand.

BF beyond UKIP cabaret invasion

Given the tragic events of last week it’s not hard to see why Britain First’s intimidatory tactics are so often effective. Few people are courageous enough to put their families at risk from fanatical neoNazis with a grudge. We at Exposing Britain First understand this only too well. That’s why we protect our anonymity so seriously. We have seen and heard what happens when Britain First locates those who oppose them and it’s not pretty. The chilling tweet below from Britain First’s leader, Paul Golding illustrates precisely what lies in store for any Britain First critic who dares to reveal their identity.

BF bullying payback What sort of political party

Britain First does not respect democracy. It is an organisation dedicated to silencing all opposition by any means at its disposal.


And that includes executing opposition politicians…

EBF BF Hang all traitors politicians nooseWe at Exposing Britain First have been saying for years now that it’s only a matter of time before Britain First’s propoganda leads to the death of a labour politician. We believe that they have already managed to incite their ‘footsoldiers’ to commit at least one murder of an innocent Muslim. We called for the British government to proscribe this violent group of neoNazis then and we continue that same demand today.

Proscribe Britain First for the hate-filled, murderous, fascist, extremist, terrorist organisation that it really is.

We have deliberately delayed publishing this article out of respect for Jo Cox and her family. We have no wish to make political capital out of this tragedy but equally we couldn’t just remain silent. The balance between smugly shouting

“We told you so”

and trying to demonstrate the truth about Britain First to the population at large is a fine one.

That’s why we waited until today to spell out our thoughts. We did so out of respect. But now it’s time to speak out.

The tragic assassination of Jo Cox may or may not have been committed by a fully paid up member of Britain First. Either way there can be no doubt that their endless deceit and incitement has played a part in influencing her killer. Tommy Mair certainly knew of Britain First. There’s good reason to suspect that he may even have accompanied Britain First on marches and demonstrations when they came to Yorkshire. The person in this widely circulated photograph may or may not be Mr. Mair. We genuinely don’t know. So far Britain First have refused to identify this BF activist who demonstrated with them in Dewsbury in 2015.

Possibly Tommy Mair Dewsbury BF demo

Whether Tommy Mair is the mysterious Dewsbury activist or not, his comments both at the scene and subsequently in court are unmistakeably ‘Biffer’.  Not for the first time, Fransen and Golding seem to have been instrumental in persuading a British citizen to commit an act of terrorism on British soil.

Proscribe Britain First now!


34 thoughts on “Jo Cox, Paul Golding and Britain First’s indelible shame

  1. I’ve shared this because it says it better than I ever can.

    The fact that they to date haven’t identified the Biffer which is being claimed to be the killer says a lot. If they really want to prove that (as they state) he has nothing to do with them (which I don’t believe is true for a second) they would come out and identify this person quickly. (unless this person of course doesn’t want to publically linked with BF of course, then again since when have they ever respected anybody’s wishes)

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  2. Oh u mean like how jo cox wanted to silence the opposition by repealing the referandum that allow britian vote to exit the eu. Sorry ur piece of liberal media garbage is what appals me and she got what she deserved. Groups like britain first doesnt happen by accident, its a backlash reaction indicating what the ppl want. Democratic process doesnt mean mps get to use their sway to manipulate to their own agenda and bias as to what a country needs. Maybe she shouldve listened and tried to understand why ppl want to stop importing refugees of any kind esp muslims and exit the eu


      • You really are the lowest of life, fools like you who believe that violence is the solution are the problem with the UK, but it’s not long now until you’ll be unwanted by the real people of Britain, those who use Democracy and reason over hate and violence.

        Having been personally threatened by Steven A Lewis, and seen him squirm when he found out who I am, it makes me laugh to think your walking case of a coronary failure even thinks he is healthy enough to walk to a corner shop for milk.

        The far right are vile, mostly jobless losers who blame their poor education and jobs prospects on immigrants. Take a look in the mirror, that is the issue, nothing else.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Ignorance plus fear (real or imagined) results in hatred and violence. BF will attract the ignorant and fearful. It is what to do about them that is worrying, they seem antagonistic towards education preferring the predictability and security of outrageous prejudice.


      • Why do you think? How many educated bigots have you met?

        Although seeing as they like England so much (or “their country” as they call it) you would think they would spend a bit of time learning the language like they expect refugees to do.


    • She didn’t silence anyone. tommy mair is a racist thug who stabbed and shot a woman. Is that what you think our society should be like? Men with extreme views stabbing people in the street if they think they’re a political opponent? So anyone who thought you are an opponent can stab/shoot you or anyone in your family or anyone who looks like you. You really ought to try a bit harder to think through your pretty weak argument before you start typing. Nobody will listen to murderers and thugs, they’ll just see them for what they are- fascists and an enemy of society as a whole. Your argument is fundamentally flawed, your views are regressive and your stance will fail. Sitting at home mithering about foreigners and traitors is a great way to develop a psychosis, not a future for your precious britain. The britain first camping trip rounded off with a visit to a castle- a castle built by immigrants- your party leader is thicker than the cheapo fleecies they flog to their gullible bigots.


      • Beautifully put and I agree wholeheartedly. Can’t help pointing out though that Dolbadarn Castle wasn’t built by immigrants (totally get the mistake as there so many of our castles were, including the one in my hometown of Flint).

        “…Built by the Welsh Princes it dates to the 13th century and built by Llywelyn ap Iorwerth. ….. it predates the English fortresses of the Edwardian conquest and provides evidence of the extent of Llywelyn’s influence and ingenuity….. During the Welsh princes’ revolt against the English monarch, Edward I, Dolbadarn Castle was held by another of Llywelyn’s brothers, Dafydd ap Gruffydd. …… in 1282 (the year of Llywelyn’s death), Dolbadarn was seized by the English army. …”

        It hurts the soul to see this bunch of halfwitted cockwombles dancing around it. But *sigh* that’s the problem with living in an area of outstandingly wild and natural beauty, in tourist season you have to put up with a lot of folks you’d rather not. I just hope they bought their food & drink locally, so at least made some contribution to Llanberis. As it is, a councillor from Llanberis is going to be ‘having a quiet word or two’ as to who took the damn booking!


        Deeply Mortified of Wales! 😉


    • Renee Peng – You cannot say that Britain First indicate “what the people want”. BF are lucky to have 20 men in attendance at their “rallies” and have been told in no uncertain terms that they were unwanted in Leicester very recently. David Cameron is the idiot who promised a referendum on the UK’s EU membership in order to secure the UKIP voters. There should not be a referendum, we voted people in to make these decisions for us (well someone bloody did and it wasn’t me!). Jo spoke for LOTS of people when she welcomed refugees and was pro immigration. She was a 41 year old mother of two young children. THEY HAVE LOST THEIR MOTHER. The fact you think she “deserved it” because her beliefs do not match with yours simply proves the author’s point – BF supporters incite violence against politicians and Muslims and it was only a matter of time before someone did something this atrocious. I think you are absolutely despicable

      Liked by 1 person

      • The irony that Reece Peng had just proven my point had not escaped me, either Hermioneavila. Not that any more illustration was necessary. BF’s own actions, publications and pronouncements have made the point undisputable long before anyone had even heard of Tommy Mair.


    • “She got what she derserved”!!
      Wow! Ironically, the only part of your illiterate drivel that was spelled correctly. You’re actually saying that someone with an opinion you don’t agree with deserved to be stabbed and shot! Someone’s mother, someone’s wife, someone’s daughter. You are a pathetic stain on the human species! I can only hope that one day you will understand the grief and horror of losing a loved one to such barbarity. And if that happens, remember your words – “She got what she deserved.” You don’t even deserve to be referred to as human.


    • Would you say that tit for tat murder of political opponents is ok then? You wouldn’t have any complaints if, say, Jayda was killed by someone who do not agree with her views because let me tell you, there are an awful lot of people who can’t stand that woman or her agenda? Is this really the future you see for this country?


    • You really are a vile specimen, saying Jo Cox got what she deserved, all you have shown is disrespect and the fact you have sympathies for that foul gang of fascists Britain First says it all about you.
      People like you complain about immigrants yet when this country was a corrupt,murdering thieving empire it colonised half the world!.
      I hope Britain First get proscribed and that Golding and Fransen are put behind bars where they belong!


  3. I like you at EBF hadn’t heard of Jo Cox before last Thursday, but they’re saying it’s been the first time an active MP has been killed in office since 1990. Although we’re not really sure if Mair is associated with BF, he’s definitely associated himself with the far-right and neo-Nazi politics like BF themselves have. Jo was probably one of the very few MPs who truly stood up for what she believed in, and it’s too sad that she had to ultimately die because of that.

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  4. Thank the Lord renees is here to save us all from ourselves. The keyboard warrior has all the power of a superhero in his Qwerty to push it through. All hail reneeeeeeeeee!!!!!

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  5. “we didn’t want to join so many others in capitalising…”

    “Whether he said ‘Put Britain First’, a campaign slogan for many in the nationalist/Brexit camp or whether he said merely ‘Britain First’…”

    To say you didn’t want to capitalise on the appalling murder of Jo Cox, you’ve done a pretty shoddy job of proofreading for anything that could easily be read as a partisan Remain quip about how everyone who advocates leaving the EU – that’s the EU that waterboarded Greece and is helping Kiev arm Azov militias with tanks and artillery – is in the same camp as Nazi terrorists who (allegedly) murder politicians in the street.


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