Out of the frying pan – into the Fryer

BF Wendy Fryer Australia candidate NSW New SouthWales.jpgThe Fash really are feeling the (international) love right now. Not content with fleecing folks in the Northern hemisphere the Biffers continue to extend their vile, weed-like tendrils further South into the Antipodes. They’ve been raking in the Aussie dollars for ages but now they’re trying something different.

Britain First, a group that claims to support national identity against immigrant take-over and religious intolerance is now supporting a group of immigrants who’ve already taken over another country and who now want to implement their own form of religious intolerance.

If you think that doesn’t make sense it’s because you’ve missed the real agenda. It’s not about nationality – it’s about religion and it’s about skin colour. The Biffers only ever support white Christians.

Wendy Fryer plans to stand for election on behalf of the Love Australia Or Leave Party (LAOLP), a so far unregistered political group (not yet a party) whose ‘manifesto’ bears a striking resemblance to the Biffers own, racist, neo-nazi bullshit. Wendy’s pictured here wearing her Britain First polo shirt (she’s such a patriotic Australian)! We bet they fleeced her on postage for that. At least her Biffer merchandise arrived though. Perhaps that’s because the Royal Mail don’t deliver to Australia.

But what exactly does this bunch of Aussie fascists stand for? And how exactly do they relate to Britain First?

diggers oath

We love that ‘Diggers Oath’, or as we prefer to think of it…
Cobblers for Cobbers!

We confess that so far we don’t really know how they link in with the Biffers. We do know that Britain First never promotes any rival group on their page unless the apparent competition isn’t real. Britain First promotes the things that make money for Britain First. We’re not sure what the link is but we’ve little doubt that there is one – and we’re sure it’s expected to be a lucrative one too.

Like Britain First, LAOLP (AKA LOL, AKA LMAO, AKA PMSL, AKA LMFAO AKA ROFL AKA ROFPMSL) is a Facebook based operation. Like Britain First it pretends to be patriotic but really it’s just Islamophobic and colour prejudiced.

Love Australia or leave no likes FB November 2015.png

So far their ‘sophisticated’ political strategy seems to involve making discriminatory memes for use on social media and blaming Muslims for literally everything they don’t like. They even go so far as to say so directly alongside ridiculous memes like this one.

LAOLP FB islam on trial

The LMFAO Party’s list of ‘issues’ is pure Biffer. Just change the words Britain and British for Australia and Australian and you’ve got some ready-made, completely transferrable far-right stupidity just waiting to make its mark in the Southern Hemisphere. Undoubtedly for profit, of course. They even have a ‘donate’ button on every internet page – just like their counterparts at Britain First.

Love Australia or leave issues November 2015.png
A quick look at the policies of the LMFAO party also reveals them as pure Biffer. They even want to ban the word ‘racism’. How much more ‘Fransen and Golding’ can you get?

Love Australia or leave policies November 2015.png