View from a cellar #3

Landlord in cellarAnother week, another day in the cellar which is apt really as I look back over the week of the cold murky world of British Facism.

On Saturday the mass ranks of right-wingers met across Europe for Pegida marches. Two pretty close to us were in Dublin and of course Our Tommy’s latest venture in Birmingham. Tommy Robinson, convicted felon, ex-leader of the EDL and now the very loud, shouty voice of the British arm of Pegida.

Estimates of faaaaasands of patriots to attend ended up at around 150 for a shuffle round a Solihull industrial park when no one else was there. A few antifash turned up but they were either laughing so much or very wet as the heavens showed their anger and it poured with rain (in fact looking at the twitter feed most Antifa’s returned to various pubs and watched the fun unfold on social media). In fact by all reports there were more collection buckets being passed round than there were marchers. So a silent march, with no protests, and no one taking any real notice.

Paul Locke Pegida Pakistan flag Birmingham 1Then over the next couple of days it appeared that Tommy had dropped a clanger by allowing the Pakistan flag to fly next to the English flag. This pissed off Tommy’s old mates at the EDL and screen shots of their anger flowed round anti pages around the internet.

In Dublin it was even worse. The leader of Pegida Ireland was cornered in a bar and was last seen running to his car chased by anti’s. The polish fash that turned up in solidarity were most pissed off and they also vented their anger at Pegida.

It seems very much as if facism in this country as well as Ireland isn’t really very well followed.

The NWI, a particularly nasty bunch of fash have issued details of their latest march and have refused police liaison which does not bode well for the streets of Manchester. They seem to think they can go to one of the more multi-cultural cities in the country and preach their vile message. I can only see this going one way, and it won’t be a victory to the normal Manc.

EBF BF Golding and Jayda no more mosques canterbury open  dayOur besties over at Britiain First decided a flash demo outside a mosque in Canterbury, well I wouldn’t call it a demo as 3 patriots, screechy and Goldibollocks held a banner up. Goldi decided to call everyone traitor while reading from our fash bingo card. They then found out that this mosque was being extended and went into total froth although the plans show it was more cosmetic. Goldibollocks also seems to have endeared himself to the local constabulary and to CofE clerics too as if he is totally untouchable. The fact he did this on a Sunday when mosques opened their doors to the public meant they could have walked in spoken to elders and the Imam and would probably have learnt a lot about Islam instead of the continual lies that he and screechy constantly put out on Facebook. But I forget, they only go in when one old man is there and they can bully him.

So what does this tell us about the state of the right? Well quite a lot really. They are fractured, badly led, badly supported and have a severe dislike of each other even if they have a common enemy. They are still laughable even though they have massive reach on social media. It seems to me that the police and the powers that be want to keep them fighting each other because there is a warning behind all this. If they unite, however much they are in the minority there will be problems on our streets.

So thats it, I’ll sign off now and go from the murky, cold cellar into the warm and welcoming bar. It really does feel like going from writing about the dregs back into the world of the silent majority.


James Bond joins the Biffers

Before we begin -credit where it’s due… Much of the ‘leg work’ in finding this guy was done by IRBF.  As has quite rightly been pointed out to us they deserve to get some real credit for their work in identifying him. Without their co-operation we wouldn’t have found him nearly so quickly, if at all. You can find IRBF on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t worry, Daniel Craig hasn’t suddenly lost his sense of proportion and become a Nazi. It’s not THAT James Bond. It’s this guy…

James Bond Varma joins BF with Golding at Dewsbury

He wasn’t always called James Bond. He used to be Sushant Varma until he changed his name by Deed poll. He also used to be a doctor in the NHS until he was struck off by the GMC in a scandal involving deception, attention-seeking and self-aggrandisement.

sushant varma james bond struck off GMC register not a registered doctor

He’s always been a bit of a self-publicist, it seems. You can read all about his ‘interesting times’ with the NHS here including how he tried to beat all the charges by claiming it was just racial discrimination. His new Biffer mates will love that bit, won’t they?

Bond himself is colour blind, or so he says. In fact he makes that point repeatedly (that he’s NOT racist) in this video about why he won’t work with Asians. But he’s not racist. Confused, perhaps? An Asian who won’t work with Asians! But not racist? Yeah, right!

James Bond Varma asians not racist

Here he uses generalisation after generalisation to explain exactly why he won’t trust Asians (presumably including himself and members of his own family) because they’re not trustworthy, reliable or fair-minded. He goes so far as to explain that without exception he has never had a good experience with an Asian client.

This seems to contradict the story he relates in an earlier video here about an Asian woman he worked with very successfully. Are you confused yet? So is James Bond Sushant Varma.

James Bond Varma ISIS crisis

In this video, The ISIS Crisis, he defends Muslims and Islam, making the point that “in excess of 99.9% of Muslims” oppose ISIS. So what is this guy doing with Britain First?

In truth we don’t know and we assume that he’s not terribly clear about that himself. What we do know is that his attention-seeking self-aggrandisement has led him to say just about anything that he thinks will get him some attention. From pretending to have been robbed of his holiday on a popular dating show (because of racism) to defending racists like Britain First the pattern has been consistent (or at least ‘consistently inconsistent’) all along.

When James Bond Sushant Varma opens his mouth the truth had better take cover because it’s definitely not his friend.

Yesterday Varma (we just can’t bring ourselves to call him James Bond) released another video explaining his participation in the Britain First march in Dewsbury. It seems that he hopes to be Britain First’s new poster boy and token Asian in the same way that Guramit Singh (remember him) was the token Asian for the EDL. There are some differences..

Singh was Sikh whereas Sushant’s background is Hindu
Singh had to go on the run and eventually went to prison for drugs offences
Singh isn’t a registered medical practitioner and Sushant is neither is Sushant
Singh was a self-aggrandising, attention-seeking liar and… oh hang on…

Let’s look at what Varma says in the video itself.

bf Sushant Varma James Bond video

“Britain First isn’t racist. It’s a nationalist, loyalist organisation”

Frankly we’re sick and tired of hearing this rubbish. Of course they’re racist as anyone with half a brain cell can see. The fact that Varma is using this controversial group for his own attention-seeking purposes doesn’t change that.

“I’m not the token Asian”

Oh yes, you are. Just as you’re using Britain First for your publicity, they’re using you to justify their claims not to be racist.

“I was not paid to be there”

Frankly we neither know nor care whether or not he was paid. He was there and he’s a fool if he thinks it’ll benefit him to side with white supremacist racists who hate all non-whites, regardless of creed, background or character.

James Sushant goes on to report that he wasn’t the only non-typical British WASP in Dewsbury last weekend. There was an Afro-Carribean bloke called Pedro, 2 Polish folk and a couple who were Japanese (or maybe Chinese). His medical training didn’t include racial awareness, apparently. He eventually decided that he’ll just say they’re “from the orient”. That should do it. That’s a grand total of 5 non Brits (3 non-whites) in a crowd of ‘faasands’ of ‘patriots’. Because they’re not racist.

Eventually he gets to the point. James Sushant is clear that he hasn’t the authority to speak for Britain First (we bet he hasn’t) but he wants ‘quality immigration’. This means he wants to copy the 6 criteria the white Australians use. You know – the people descended from penal exportation from UK.

The 6 criteria are…

Good command of English
Respect laws
Respect culture
Good health
Fully integrate
Be able to make a positive contribution

I don’t normally swear in blogs but I’m sorry – this really boils my piss!

Fuck off Sushant!

Are you really saying that the more desperate and helpless people are, the less help you’d be prepared to offer?

Fuck off Sushant!

Are you really pretending that our law is at risk? Didn’t you say earlier that most Asians abide by the laws of the land? Do you really think that your status as Britain First’s token brown person will make people take you seriously?

Fuck off Sushant!

James Sushant also tells us that genuine refugees, political prisoners and asylum seekers are a tiny minority of those ‘coming forward’. Have you seen the scale of the refugee crisis James Sushant?

Fuck off Sushant!

What’s with the Arnold Schwarzenegger reference? For pity’s sake! As a qualified (struck off) doctor you should know the problem with cherry-picked anecdotes. That’s not statistically valid – it’s just bollocks.

Fuck off Sushant!

What about the Sikhs who pay 7 grand tax each month and employ loads of Brits? I thought you said they weren’t trustworthy. How does that work? Are you being a little inconsistent?

Fuck off Sushant

He even witters on about how Marks and Spencer is a chainstore started by Jews. Presumably he’s not keen on cosying up to the BNP later then!

Fuck off Sushant!

James Bond Sushant Varma claims that the Biffers were well-behaved in Dewsbury. That’s not what we heard.

Fuck off Sushant!

He even likens them to Ghandi.

BF Sushant Varma James Bond Jayda Fransen Gandhi no comparison

Fuck off Sushant!

He goes on to remark that he grew up among integrated law abiding Muslims – nobody objects to them – “Nobody does”. Well – except Britain First who made it very clear in their speeches at the Dewsbury March that James Varma himself attended.

But he’s not asking anyone to lose their culture.

BBC3 WWOCB Islam ban Fayda Golding BF EBF combo

Fuck off Sushant!

Hindus also celebrate Christmas and Easter – so what?? Muslims respect Christ as a prophet of God and respect Christians as ‘people of the book’.

Fuck off Sushant!

Sikhs – Give out free food – as do Hindus.

So do Muslims!

Fuck off Sushant!

In short – James Bond Sushant Varma is a hypocrite, a liar and a self-publicising, token brown person. He is about as trustworthy as a dealer in Vegas, a lawyer in a divorce court or a doctor in … oh wait…


Fuck off Sushant!