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  1. Hi, I’m a bit of a BF pursuer myself. I know I saw links to lists of sex offenders and violent convicted criminals in BF a few months back but of course I didn’t save the link. Was that you people posted it by any chance?

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  2. Quite an amusing article, with some truth to it. I am not sure the author is as British as he thinks he is either. My maternal ancestry derives from one of the oldest family trees in Britain, and dates back to 843 Ad – a lot more than 10 generations, and , surprise surprise, I am Israeli. I am sure he would not like that, and may discover he has one or to prejudices of his own!


  3. Hey there EBF, malatesta blog here. We are currently writing a list of BF ‘greatest hits’ involving confrontations with anti-fascists. Can you help? We have the East End kung fu humiliation, the bother in central London and a bit of a do in Luton. Any more?


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