An open letter to Britain First by Kit

Reuters Jo Cox MemorialI can completely understand why there is so much anger directed towards you, Britain First at the suggestion your party could be implicated in such a brutal murder. It is a perfectly reasonable assumption for most people that your poisonous ideology could have consumed a person to such an extent, it’s led to loss of life. But whether you are indirectly involved or not, you need to take a look at WHY people have made assumptions about you.

Britain First, this should be a wake up call for you. The reason so many people jumped to conclusions is because of the hate and lies you swamp social media with every single day. You use vile and threatening language towards your opposition. You have threatened to hang people you label ‘traitors’. You have described MP’s as ‘creatures’ and you have threatened some of them with ‘direct action’. You post up publicity stunts where you deliberately provoke communities and start the camera rolling when you get a reaction.

You deliberately mislead your followers by posting videos without source, context or dates and you delete comments pointing out the facts. You have created an echo chamber by deleting dissent but leave up disgusting, hateful and often threatening comments. You use military terms such as “foot soldiers” to describe members of your political party and wear uniform. You’ve videoed yourselves attending an “activist training camp” and you have begged for donations to set up fight clubs. You use terms such as “rise up”, “fight back” and post hundreds of images relating to war. You are encouraging violence!

You can no longer try to distance yourselves from assumptions people make about your organisation. You cannot escape the depth of feeling people have towards you. You cannot blame anyone other than yourselves for the assumptions people are making. You may or may not have blood on your hands this time but it’s only a matter a time before you do.

Stop the propaganda, stop the lies and stop the hate. Most importantly, you need to accept responsibility for your actions and change now.

8 thoughts on “An open letter to Britain First by Kit

  1. They are looking pretty stupid to say the least right now. To most people they are clearly the instigators, to their own they are looking like cowards for running and hiding and denying they have anything to do with the very thing they have been pumping their pigeon chests out for months and encouraging.
    No courage of their own convictions and proving they will disown any of their supporters at the drop of a hat to save their own skins

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    • They’ve disowned several so far. We’re told they even reported a few to the police too when things started getting too scary for Grasser Golding.

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  2. This is what you get when you create a climate of fear, the mentally unstable are the first to act because you create a twisted notion of what is acceptable.
    BF can’t be allowed to distance themselves nor disown what happened, this is the Britain they wish to create, one in which we become scared and angry, in which we lash out at the “traitors” for simply not agreeing with us.
    This action is on the hands of anyone who spreads fear and distrust, it may not just be BF who are to blame, but they sure are vocal.

    Keep up the good work EBF.


  3. As I have stated elsewhere. Golding, Lewis, Lomax and Fransen may not be directly responsible, (by that I mean he may not be a paid up member of their little hate band) but they are at the very least indirectly responsible. If you stir up hate in the process of scaring numpties into giving you money eventually you will end up with Blood on your hands.


  4. Absolutely spot on. I commented on BF Facebook site saying that they will be proscribed as a terrorist organisation if the links are proved. It was there for about twenty minutes and had over a hundred likes and then it disappeared. I am glad you have pointed out their lies. So many people are listening and believing the rubbish they right. Enough is enough.


  5. What a load of rubbish!!! Jo intervened in a fight, he was armed. End of. This was what was reported initially by witnesses. I listened to this as it all unfolded. There was no Britain First shouted at any point and those who created the lie was quick to refute it. That was introduced about an hour or so after the incident. I find it despicable that as a woman lay dying in the street, some lowlife actually thought to make that up. There it is, a new level of low for any person sink too. I hate the dishonesty of this, it is appalling, regardless of my feelings towards Britain First.

    The likes of you also makes me sick because you are using this woman’s death for your own political gain and while we are saddened by her death, the continuing use of this death for political gain/remain votes is getting tiresome and insulting.

    I was undecided but this abuse of a persons death is pushing me from unsure to out. If people are going to lie about this kind of thing, I cant trust them or the corrupt politicians with such an important decision and our economic future, then i’d rather not be part of it. Maybe we are better off out


    • This has nothing to do with the referendum tomorrow. It has everything to do with Britain First getting what they asked for.

      The ‘lie’ as you call it, Meduse has been coroborated by 3 different witnesses. Tommy Mair himself is a long-standing nazi with links to neoNazis in UK, America and S. Africa dating back as far as 1998.

      This has neoNazism and Britain First stamped all over it. Nothing to do with tomorrow’s vote – we’ve been warning that Biffers will kill (again) ever since we began.

      Good try to use this as propaganda for the out campaign but actually it hasn’t really demonstrated anything except that so many out supporters will try to discredit anyone who criticises Britain First.

      I heard a nice little couplet today…

      Not all who want Brexit are Nazis but all Nazis want Brexit!

      There are legitimate aguments on both sides of this referendum (which is why EBF has not taken a stance on it – not our place). But there is no legitimate reason for Britain First to demand the murder of left wing politicians.


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