Tommy Robinson is not my hero

Tommy Robinson, the erstwhile founder of hate groups like the English Defence League and Pegida UK is out of action today. It’s not entirely clear what happened but various far right sources are claiming he’s gone down for 13 months after being found in contempt of court yesterday in Leeds.

Robinson, who was already on a 3 month suspended sentence for contempt of court in Ramsgate live-streamed himself outside Leeds Crown court yesterday commenting on the trial of various alleged child groomers and paedophiles. Previously claiming to be a reporter for ‘Rebel’, a Canadian far right news outlet, Robinson now has his own independent ‘news’ outfit although quite how it’s funded is far from clear. He seems to have ignored a reporting ban imposed on the trial and thus found himself arrested for his pains.

EBF TR Leeds court arrestedHis online video showed him being arrested, apparently for ‘breach of the peace’ but then subsequent online claims by his supporters cite contempt of court. It seems that this much at least is correct.

It’s interesting that he’s rumoured to have been given 13 months when his suspended sentence was only for 3 months. We’ll have to await the official reports to find out exactly what the truth is.

That didn’t stop the usual far right crowd from building themselves a rather rickety little bandwagon and filling it to capacity with a handful of supporters to protest about ‘free speech’. Not that this is anything to do with free speech. It’s almost certainly about justice, non-interference with court cases and reporting bans imposed on ongoing trials.

The stupidity of the far right in misunderstanding the nature and purpose of UK law (you know – the thing they want ‘Johnny foreigner’ to respect) is so commonplace it hardly raises an eyebrow in the EBF office any more.

EBF KT TR NiemollerWhat did sicken us was the disrespect and blatant hypocrisy of Katie (Hatie) Hopkins. This outspoken haridon, this advocate of all things Aryan, this hater of humanity had the audacity first to plagiarise and then to distort Pastor Niemoller’s famous anti-nazi poem, “First they came for the socialists…”

To liken Robinson to those who opposed the Nazis in pre-war Germany is like comparing your local butcher with the national vegetarian society. Robinson, like Hatie herself has much in common with the nazis who so persecuted pastor Niemoller and next to nothing in common with the decent people of UK who fought against them.

Tommy Robinson is being lauded as a hero of free speech when really he’s nothing more than a jumped up football hooligan who saw an opportunity to turn hatred into hard cash.

We hope he really has gone away for 13 months but quite frankly – we have our doubts.

8 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson is not my hero

  1. Criminal procedure rules are followed by courts in England and also abide by the Human Rights Act 1998. Therefore Tommy would not have been sentenced on the 25th itself. However,there is a national strike on at the moment and Tommy nor you or I would not receive representation in court.


  2. From an American perception:
    To me, and many Americans, he does the reporting because the press will not based on fears of political correctness. I think the danger of assuming he’s a white knight is that many working class people are tired of being told “shut up and pay your taxes, it doesnt matter if YOUR neighborhood goes to hell and your mother and susters are afraid to walk around after dark.”
    This is EXACTLY the same mistake the American media made in 2016; keep browbeating the needs of the working class in favor of refugees w/ no allrgiance to the laws of the nation saving them.
    Please try to listen to your countrymen. Thanks for post!

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    • The people standing trial would not be able to get a fair trial and that would result in an acquittal of the very people that Tommy Robinson and the rest of us right thinking people want to face the full weight of the law


    • The majority of Brits think Robinson is a con artist. He endangered two trials with his actions. There are 29 men facing trial in 3 different but linked cases. That’s why there’s a reporting ban. This is the second of the 3. He has risked prejudicing the juries in this and the subsequent trial. The current outpouring by misinformed ‘supporters’ who mistakenly think this is about freedom of speech instead of jurisprudence are increasing that risk.
      How is risking a mistrial and so making it harder to convict those who may be guilty a good thing? If he cared at all about justice Robinson would have kept his mouth shout and his camera switched off.
      He was warned by the judge who convicted him of contempt of court last time that he’d go down if he did it again. And then he did it again. That’s not a surprise – that’s just normal due process of law. He had a suspended prison sentence already, which was activated when he repeated the same crime.
      Please stop pretending you understand the workings of UK courts or indeed the problem we have with far right, racists like Tommy Robinson. You don’t! Thanks for post!


      • You’re correct. I don’t know the workings of modern law in the UK. I am just attempting to give an outside perspective. I see the Magna Carta getting sacrificed to the PC ideals of the EU. I see the same two tier justice system based too much on race instead of lawfulness.
        For example, I was a truck driver and laborer for 16 years. I saw big biz talk PC, then use illegal immigrants to displace Americans. I saw them treat hardworkung Mexicans like slaves. As a human, I have huge compassion for anyone trying to make a better life. I also hate the pass the system guves to folks getting huge bemefits of our welfare, but not calling them out on ILLEGAL status. Thx!

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