View from a barstool #52 by Landlord

My Wednesday was a weird one, marching around like an expectant father wondering if the Hobgoblin I was drinking was going to taste like bitter bitter or sweet bitter as my phone was constantly updating the Kent Live website as the hour got closer to D-Day.

Beer 2Then at 1444 the first verdict was read out followed by the others. Screechy guilty on 3 counts and Goldibollocks 1. The cheers were massive, well would have been if there were more than old Albert, his dog and Betty the cleaner in the pub, my grin from ear to ear, and grumpy Landlord even bought a glass of Chardonnay and a pint of best for my clientele. My word, 2 years of exposing the falsehoods of Screechy and Goldibollocks and finally a result not even Tommeh, uncle Jim or the remaining biffer braincell could spin as a positive result. The usual outrage from potatoes near and far but none could really dampen my spirits. Notifications from other groups started flying in, my phone red hot as other anti fascists groups I frequent also got the news.

But hold on a minute you grumpy sod, there’s more to come, the sentencing, surely there’d be jail time, or not. Nervousness set in, myself and other admins thinking a big fine and a suspended sentence, would Screechy and Goldibollocks really be carted off in the back of a G4S van (probably to escape) or would they surrender and get away with it, so back to Kent Live.

BF fash golding fransen court sentencingWhen the gruesome twosome had their previous read out and the prosecutor said there were aggravating features the old smile started to return, surely we’d get what we wanted!!! Then 3 impact statements were read out….the first person said she had been left traumatised and attributes the loss of her unborn baby squarely at the door of Screechy. Whether it was or not this was a punch in the hooter for Fransen. The second lady stated that she was in danger of losing her job but more telling was in her own words She said: “I felt there was nowhere to go to hide from what Britain First has done to me and my family.”

“What scared me about this was how a person who did not know me or my family could manipulate me or my family in this way.”

The third statement again was telling “ I attended the police station several times. It made me feel very sad and threatened as I had done nothing wrong.”

He states that friends did not believe he was not involved in the 555 rape case and that he lost a long-time family friend as a result of the incident.

He said he lost his job, with his employer ‘worried about trouble coming to the workplace’.

He added that his wife had had a miscarriage as a result of the stress surrounding the incident.

So damning, now surely they’ll go down but then the twist, as Screechy and Goldibollocks’ solicitor (not barrister as their previous begging letters said they needed) didn’t want any pre sentencing reports but as the judge said they had breached the custody threshold the fucknuggets, suddenly shitting themselves, decided to bravely have reports made. Cue EBF admins sobbing thinking that they would be let free so the reports could be prepared. But the judge was having none of this and now we could see what bollocks Screechy and Goldibollocks could come up with to try to wiggle out of it.

So another wait, another couple of pints, I obviously picked the wrong day to give up smoking. And then it came……the lies, EBF admins shocked and wishing we could send the court evidence of the huge porkies that they spouted. Surely they had perjured themselves.


Here I’ll copy Screechy’s first..: “She is a single lady.
“She is concerned if she is in prison she will not be able to undertake her duties to the party.”
She added: “She is disappointed at the outcome today. She said she thought she was acting in a lawful manner, if she knew she was not acting in a lawful manner, she would not have acted that way.
“She said moving forward, she will change her conduct.
“She said her views in terms of the political party will not change, what has changed is how she will conduct herself.”
She added: “Both defendants were unsure about the impacts their actions had on the victims.”……….

So much bollocks in so few sentences. She knows exactly what she did and her conduct will never change unless she surrenders completely.
Now Goldibollocks’ statement which seemed to have even more falsehoods than Screechy’s …

“He is a single man. He lives alone. He is solely funded in finances by his party.”
She added: “He has been diagnosed as suffering from anxiety. He has no drug abuse issues and is described as tee-total.

“He does feel disappointed by the outcome today. He says in future he will conduct himself differently.












































“He says he doesn’t intend to do this type of protesting any more. He said he wants to move more towards main stream way of campaigning.
“He does accept mistakes were made by his actions but he plans to learn from that.
“His main concern if he is given a custodial sentence is how it will impact upon his relationship with his daughter” Teetotal my fucking arse, drug free(chortle) sorry can’t do anymore I’m in tears here.

Why is interesting is that his income is solely from the biffers, so when the potatoes send money to buy new offices, computers, solicitors or anything Goldibollocks has now admitted it pays for him to swan around like a half pint Mussolini, a fascist cunt who relies on conning and scamming his sheeple. Cut the money off, no more Goldibollocks or Screechy.

So can I spare a thought for them as they are starting their sentences, well no…….and yes. No because right now I can get back to being a dad and husband but yes because I hope they are shit scared every second of every minute of every hour of the day.

In truth this could be the beginning of the end, Belfast next, HFA suing them after but you can be sure we’ll be harrying them until the very end. So to all of you I raise my glass and say CHEERS let’s enjoy our first real victory.


A view from a barstool 50 by Landlord

Beer 2I love how my autocorrect suggests potatoes instead of Patriots…

So as the dust settles on the biffer soap opera, here in the office the BBC bleep machine would be going into overtime censoring the admins as we digest the news that Screechy and Goldibollocks have managed to walk away from court and the sheeple that follow them have declared victory over the commie cops and judiciary.

But what exactly have they won, as sure as the clocks go back each year a begging email comes out asking for twelvty million paaaands (or £25k in anybody else’s parlance) and the racist cockwombles lap it up. Could this be the last payment to the gruesome twosome, a sort of pension as the biffers implode, or the first of many such emails to string out their so-called political careers.

Over the last few weeks the feuhrers have had a holiday in Lanzarote and met some meaningless potatoes across Europe sticking two fingers up at the law they insist Muslims abide by.

So is there evidence of the biffers imploding, finally giving EBF followers what we’ve been working for for years well yes……..and no and here’s my view.

1. The high command appear to have been frozen out, Lewis, Lomax and the others in the bunker were overlooked for the jaunt in favour of head potato Andrew Edge. Andrew is ex EDL and not a nice chap. He was convicted of assault on police at an EDL rally in Birmingham and spent time inside, he also took part in a hunger strike outside Rotherham Police Station. I say hunger strike, sandwiches, kebabs and Stella didn’t count as food in his eyes. I would place a small wager that Screechy and Goldibollocks do not particularly like Edge but that he is being kept close to stop further charges that Goldibollocks doesn’t want out.

2. There is a real chance that our heroes will go down for the charges they face. For those of you living in a bubble it appears they attempted to harass the accused in a rape trial almost causing a mistrial, harassed people who had moved into one of the accused house and frightened them so much as they published the address. The accused were rightly found guilty and sentenced in accordance with the law Screechy and Goldibollocks hold in such contempt. Given their previous surely jail time can’t be far away. They have pled not guilty to these charges although their wonderful videos seem to have provided the evidence required to prosecute them.

3. The new allegations. We deliberately have kept quiet about these as we are still unable to substantiate them, apart from the cowardly assault by Goldibollocks on a fellow Biffer, something he has pled guilty to. Some fairly big and nasty people seem to have it in for Der Fuehrer and there seems to be evidence of this as the leaders left court furtively looking around and wanting to get the hell out of dodge, they had no black shirts surrounding them(see point one)

4. They appear to be trying desperately to shore up some more support from their dwindling numbers of potatoes on the ground, from Jean Marie Le Penn’s fascist group in France who gave Edge a €5 keyring (made up to be a medal of honour) to other fascist groups across Europe. Screechy also appears to have waded in on Edge’s pet project, the Justice for Chelsey campaign that other hideous fash seem to have taken over. Now we don’t know what happened here but the Northumberland police and the CPS dropped the case after inconsistencies in statements were found, no DNA and no cctv evidence were found. But as sure as night is day Screechy turned up and the fuehrers seem to be trying to recruit.

5. Against them being jailed is just one thing. Speaking to various professionals in the legal field, police and judiciary the recent abscondment across Europe should have been enough to have them remanded in custody the fact they walked free, however temporarily, has the office in near apoplectic shock. Are they grasses?? Do the police just want them clear so as not to make martyrs of them or are the magistrates just stupid beyond belief to believe the bovine excretia coming from their mouths. What is different from before is they haven’t banged on about their bail conditions this time and we wonder if they are slightly more draconian than before.

Now I’ve been forced to watch their recent videos, and most(all) of the things they state are total lies. The good potatoes of this country said riot police with shields went into the demo to arrest Jayda, that they pushed old women to the floor, a dog got choked. We have checked and nothing like this happened. What you can be sure of is that the publicity whore that Screechy is was aware she would be arrested and did it to increase tensions.

So I wouldn’t go back to just posting pictures of your dinners and fluffy cats just yet as the fight continues, this pleases our local supermarket as their sales of hobnobs and coffee would drop off hugely, and I will still be forced to watch their videos. Although why I have to do this in the pub as my locals think I am a drunken bum with Tourette’s. In actual fact I think we shall have to make up a new malady…….Biffer Tourette’s, there is no cure just hobnobs, Hobgoblin and coffee.


Former Britain First member speaks out

The following post was Emailed by a former Biffer. We publish it here without edit or comment beyond this very brief introduction. (EBFBlogger)

BF NF BNP Nazi comparisonsThe first time I heard of Britain First was in 2014, when I saw the video of them confronting and chasing Anjem Choudary outside his home. I thought it was justified that a pro-violence hate preacher was being treated as badly as he treats others. I signed up to be a member after watching that video and one other of a counter protest. I thought it was a good cause because at the time, I felt little or no action was being carried out against extremeism in Britain.

Shortly after signing up, I got a magazine through the post from Britain First and the most interesting article in it was about the “New World Order” and how the “Establishment” needs to be removed in Britain. I thought I struck gold. A party against extremeism and the Establishment.

A few weeks later came the first of many emails asking for money. At first, I thought it was fine because they are only a small party. I was basically skint, so I never donated anything.

After reading Facebook posts by BF, I was confused. They went from being Anti-Establishment to praising the Queen (who is arguably the biggest figure of the British Establishment) so that was odd. I also heard some members (including Paul) were ex-BNP. At this point, I should have been smart enough to see through the illusion but I wasn’t. I thought hardly anything of the BNP link, I thought maybe they turned away from racism. Maybe they wanted a fresh start.

BF Full metal jacket fight war islam muslimAround the same time ISIS began dominating news headlines, came BF’s posts saying how a “Moderate Muslim” doesn’t exist and they “all read from the same evil book”
Sad to say, I thought they had a point. I started thinking of all Muslims as evil and terrorist sympathisers. I was never racist but I was Islamophobic. I am extremely disappointed in myself for this because growing up I was never bothered by religion or political beliefs.
I feel like I was radicalised.

I went to my only protest which was in Rotherham. When I got there, it felt more like a market, with cheap tacky merchandise being sold out of a car boot. The illusion started to slowly fade from this moment.

After that, my next event, if I remember correctly, was their conference. I walked into the hall where it was being held and headed into the main room. Paul and Jayda were speaking to each other.

“When’s it going to happen then?” Paul asked

“I don’t think they’ve realised just yet” Jayda replied.

EBF BF police conference 2014 raidI can only assume they were talking about booking the hall and not informing staff who they were or what the event was. A few minutes later, a worker approached Paul and asked who exactly they were, to which Paul handed her a leaflet, with a smug smile on his face. Like a plan had all come together. The worker walked away and Jayda followed her into a small room, and came back a few moments later. Then all hell broke loose. The manager came to the main room and shouted “How dare you speak to my staff like that, get out now!” God knows what she said. Jayda seemed to love being confronted and responded aggressively.

The staff cut the power, so no laptops were working etc. The police were called and the conference was cut short. What a waste of a day that was. On the way home, I was thinking to myself, why am I here. This isn’t me.

Later in the week, in maybe one of the biggest coincidences of all time, I just finished reading a post by a fellow member saying how “all Muslims hate dogs” and “dogs are seen as filthy in Islam”. I took my dog for a long walk and sat down relaxing for a while, when a Muslim lady wearing a hijab and her husband walked past. She saw my dog and the lady smiled at me and asked if she could stroke him and take a picture of him. I said sure. I thought I was being wound up at the first!

It was in this moment I realised I was completely wrong. Most Muslims are peaceful and friendly people. It was such a brilliant scenario.

BF NF EBF Paul Golding underpants

Britain First took a break in December and I discovered alot more about them. Such as the Daily Politics interview where it shows Paul disrespecting the war dead on Remember Sunday. My mind was more or less made up then, but I did one last event, which was campaigning. It was rubbish and nothing of importance happened.

I went home and I exposed Britain First to all the other activists and officially quit.

Now, I am sharing my story with you, as someone who has seen how this evil party operates from the inside. As someone who was peaceful growing up, only to be transformed into a Islamophobe because of Britain First.

As for my views now, my core beliefs are being Anti-Establishment and promoting peace between all races, colours, religions etc.

EBF multicultural

I would like to end this post by saying sorry and to urge any Britain First members reading this to leave the party, turn your lives around and promote peace and give your time to a worthy cause.

View from a barstool #14

Beer 2Evening all.

So the Christmas tree is chopped up and ready for the fire, the decorations are in the loft and the kids are back at school. The festivities are over for another year and the Christmas lies from the biffers are also consigned to the loft only to be regurgitated around October.

So let’s have a rummage through all things Biffer over the last 7 days. Let’s have a little look…..

Aha obviously a nasty credit card bill just arrived as there is a begging email. Unfortunately the mystic landlady got it wrong so I lost my 50p in the office sweepstake. I can’t believe after all this time of not picking £5thaaaasand. I did this time and the little buggers go and pick £1975. Now I’m not sure whether you’ve ever had to engage a solicitor before but they’re bloody expensive and I’m not sure that 2 grand would do a lot. Just a thought Goldibollocks. If you don’t harass ladies in their homes, don’t wear political uniforms and certainly don’t act like a Cockwomble, you won’t get nicked and you won’t have to pay.

An item on their page inferred that a Muslim gang beat up a white man in Baildon this week.

EBF BF Baildon NYE assault slur islam muslim white gang.jpg

The trouble is after reading the paper it appears the assailants were “predominantly white.” There was a predictable outrage over at Biffer central and some of the comments were absolutely vile and disgusting. I understand that the post was passed to West Yorkshire police, and amazingly the post disappeared.

EBF BF West Yorkshire police march Dewsbury re route yawn

Now I’m not into conspiracy theories, (except that Fosters continuously put mind drugs in their barrels), but trying to incite the local population might rather have lead the coppers to re route their shuffle round Dewsbury to a car park and an industrial estate. Another tip for you Goldibollocks, don’t antagonise the cops and they may just not antagonise you. In saying that continue on your shuffle because we here in the EBF group are sponsoring you. If you haven’t seen the page please sponsor us to sponsor them. Funds will go towards helping the victims of the floods (at the time of writing £259 has been pledged).

elp battle floods

Apart from the usual “Muslims are this” and “Muslims are that”, the last thing that caught my eye this week, apart from the landlady’s new hairdo, was the fact they have ditched the conferences (probably because they’ve ran out of places that’ll have them and BT won’t let them have a phonebox) and decided to have a bifferfest instead. Now I’m not sure about you but I haven’t stopped sniggering since, causing the landlady to think I’m having an affair with the barmaid (I’m a grumpy old sod most of the time you see).

EBF BF Bifferfest woodstock nuremberg

This festival in a field near somewhere is free (tenner for a wee??) where you can learn about British fascism, sorry ‘culture’, have discussions on bifferland, sports, and have food and drink there. It’s also camping so Millets might want to stock Union Flag tents (although given their tendencies to fly them upside down on their shuffles, 10 upside down tents in a field would make me titter. Also do they make bullet proof tents for the commanders in chief? I’m also assuming that it will only be non halal food there, would be such a shame if some did infiltrate its way into their diets. Anyway good luck getting your TENs license not easy when a load of publicans and licensees have words with contacts.

Finally, another page that brought great mirth to me and the others was the absolute foamfest over on the Kingsmill Facebook page over Kingsmill’s decision to become halal certified. Now as some of you are great troll hunters (a new badge has just been made) pop over there, leave a message and sit back.

EBF Troll hunter badge

Now I must go, something about a buying a handbag for the landlady as penance for being cheerful.



Rape: Islam is not an alibi

Every so often a person turns up in our inbox who is so totally amazing and who has such an incredible story to tell. This is one such EBF supporter. She bravely shared her story with us, and wanted us to share it with you.

We sincerely hope that it helps her continue to make good progress in her recovery and we share her hope that someone will read this touching history and learn from her. Our heartfelt thanks and very best wishes – you know who you are. (EBFBlogger)

cpsJust over six years ago I was raped by a man whom I described to police as Asian, who spoke clear English but had a foreign accent. After a huge effort by the police the man was caught, questioned and charged within a month of the attack, he claimed he hadn’t attacked me and had been at prayer in his local mosque at the time of the attack so the case was sent to the CPS and eventually to court.

In the year between the attack and going to court I found out the man’s name and that he was an Iraqi refugee with a wife and three children who was also a supposed devout Muslim (this was used in his defence in court but dismissed). In that year I suffered from a lot of issues and had a lot of hatred for the world and especially for the man who hurt me.

Mosque 2I was 20 at the time and I was extremely vulnerable, the hate I had for this man festered in me. I had a vague idea of Islam at the time so I decided to do some very rudimentary research and found a lot of hate speech that so called “patriots” had written about how Islam treats women and other people who aren’t Islamic. After reading a lot of this I thought that maybe I had been raped because I was Kufar in the eyes of the Muslim man who had attacked me. That bothered me for a while and by the time the case actually came to court this idea had manifested itself in my mind.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. My questioning by the defence went on for three days, however, on the last day I was due to give evidence I went outside for a cigarette with my chaperone. As we walked outside she warned me that there were members of the community the man was from also outside (I had been made aware there were a large crowd of them in the gallery during the proceedings).

I went outside ready to be shouted and screamed at although that never happened, what did happen was one of the gentlemen from my attackers community (who I later found out was the Imam who had given evidence in my defence) asked my chaperone if he may speak to me. I said yes as I didn’t feel threatened – at this point the gent began to well up. He said he wanted to apologise to me for what I had been through and wanted to make sure that I knew the man that had attacked me was a despicable human being who would be forsaken for using his religion as a pardon for his actions and that he would never be welcomed into the community again for the sin he had committed. He said he could not imagine the pain I had suffered and said my attacker could not be a Muslim as a true Muslim would never hurt a fellow man if he genuinely believed in the ideals of Islam.

GavelI thanked the man for his kind words and I now attribute the way I think to him as he helped me understand the man who had attacked me was an evil human being but not a Muslim. The man who attacked me was found guilty and sentenced to 8 years in prison for his actions.

After the court case I was allowed to be informed about a lot of things that were kept from me during the investigation and court proceedings (this is standard procedure so I couldn’t be influenced by any additional information prior to the court case). I found out that during the investigation police officers went to the man’s local mosque to check his alibi. There were 24 men that immediately came forward to say that the man in question had not been in prayer at the time he had claimed. They all made statements and agreed to give evidence in court if required. Only the Imam had been called to give evidence but he confirmed that the man had not been in the mosque on the day of the attack.

I had no idea how to explain what had happened to my family at the time of the attack so I just didn’t tell the majority of them as it was the easy (or so I thought) option. This is why I have never posted about my ordeal online although at times I have been desperate to post it on the Biffers page just in case it may change just one person’s mindset about Muslims.
Any how about two months after the sentencing I began to re-do my research on Islam. I came to the conclusion that the reason I had only found negative information about Islam was because that is exactly what I was looking for at the time. As time went on I realised that Islam is a peaceful religion, there are fundamentalists as there are in every religion but aside from that Islam is just a religion.

I am very ashamed to say that I ever thought being a Muslim made somebody a bad person but I am also relieved to say that I now understand that Muslims aren’t terrible human beings, that their ideals aren’t to kill all non-believers and that 99% of Muslims are genuinely good people who want to live a fulfilling life and help others wherever possible and that the only difference between us is that they believe in a higher power and I don’t.

When I came across your page that was only reinforced and I was glad to see that there are thousands of other people who agree, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to restore my faith in humanity by proving that Islam is a religion of peace and by proving the Biffers wrong!

Biffers build a street army

The latest begging letter from ‘Grasping Golding’ is at the same time both pitiful and disturbing. These regular missives go out to everyone on Britain first’s Email list, always describing some hare-brained project or other and always begging for more money.

Often the begged-for cash is supposed to be used to fight political campaigns (that won’t necessarily happen) or to fund law-suits (that also often never happen) but sometimes, just sometimes its intended for something genuine. We think that this fund-raising push is genuine and that’s why it’s so disturbing.

You can view the BF Fight club letter in full here. Otherwise we’ve picked out the edited highlights for you below. Trust us, at almost 1,500 words the full thing really does get very tedious. The video of Golding putting the rest of the Biffers through their paces is worth watching though. Click the image to play the video…

BF Street army blog screenshot 9

To date Britain First’s biggest success, outside of making themselves rich has been their habit of inciting violence. We’ve mentioned this aspect of their modus operandi many times before. We won’t review the reasoning for it again in this blog but if you need to catch up you can find out what it’s all about here, here, here, here, and here.

The Biffers just love to send other people into battle in their made-up war for the streets of Britain. And now they plan to train them to become better, more dangerous street-fighters, as if beating an old man to death wasn’t dangerous enough.

BF Street army blog screenshot 1This bravery seems to amount to little more than cowering behind Police lines at demonstrations or turning up at dawn for a quick photo-shoot and then running away like naughty schoolchildren before anyone notices them.

Golding’s a coward – we all know that. The heavily edited videos in which he appears to ‘confront’ dangerous terrorists (or rather their middle-aged mothers) don’t even bother to hide the group of thugs who accompany him. The Britain First ‘security’ team looks more like a group of seedy unlicensed bouncers than of reputable professionals, which isn’t all that surprising in the circumstances.

But for all Golding’s cowardice, his activists are still expected to go out and stir up trouble wherever they can. That’s why they target areas with significant Muslim populations to distribute their racist and Islamophobic filth. And that’s why, just as Golding intends, they occasionally get into difficulties.

Any truly concerned ‘leader’ when faced with the prospect of his activists being hurt might think about a change of tactic. A concerned Fuhrer might decide to stop getting his followers to invite such trouble and consider more reasonable, less provocative methods to get his point across instead. But not our Paulie. Oh no – he’s not really into other peoples’ safety. So long as nobody has a genuine opportunity to hit the Fuhrer himself, he’s not bothered. And his private army of ‘security’ thugs is always on hand to ensure his personal safety so what’s the problem?

Well – the problem is that his street activists just aren’t hard enough. They’re mainly keyboard-warriors trying to pretend they’re hard and therein lies the rub. They’re wimps!

Now then – what’s a fascist to do?

BF Street army blog screenshot 2

That’s it! Start a fight club!

BF Street army blog screenshot 3Here’s a thought, Paulie. If you’ve got such a lot of support, and if you’re so worried about the safety of female activists… stop sending girls (and we mean girls – not women – adolescent children) out to provoke people. Your cowardice is showing through here in a really big way.

BF kids Bobbie Lomax and friend anonymised radicalisation indoctrinationIf you stopped sending people out to cause trouble then you wouldn’t need to teach them to fight.BF Street army blog screenshot 4No other political party in UK feels the need to develop a street army. Why would you? Is it because you want to start a Holy war?

EBF BF Dowson Holy War crusade comboWhy else would you need to do this…?

BF Street army blog screenshot 4And at what cost? This seems like an awfully large ongoing investment (monthly rental isn’t going to come cheap).

BF Street army blog screenshot 5You’re certainly optimistic, Paulie, we’ll give you that. Do you really think anyone wouild be stupid enough to give you a grand? A whole grand?

BF Street army blog funding buttonsDo you really think that this cheap, standard font pro-forma ‘certificate’ that you and Jayda couldn’t even be bothered to actually sign (the ‘signatures are in common or garden Microsoft Word fonts)?

BF Street army blog donor certificateStill – as the saying goes…

“A  fool and his money are easily parted!”

By the way – we know that either James Wilson hasn’t actually paid you any money (you’re lying again) or you lied in your mailshot when you claimed that no donations had yet been received.

BF Street army blog screenshot 5You really shouldn’t tell contradictory lies in the same Email, Paulie. It’s so bloody obvious that even your handful of loyal biffers will spot the con. Like this bit, for example.

BF Street army blog shopping listBut never mind all that – explain again why this is necessary. What on earth does a political party want to start a private army for? Who do you think you’ll need to fight on the streets of the UK?

BF Street army blog screenshot 6Ah, right. Now we’re getting there. This isn’t about protecting activists at all, is it? This is about preparing for war! More realistically it’s about inciting more violence and encouraging more people to sacrifice their futures as they get dragged into the criminal justice system, all in the name of your personal gain.

BF Street army blog screenshot 7Oh dear. We’re back to the ‘white genocide’ myth again are we?

Why not just come out and say it? Your letter would be a lot shorter and a great deal more accurate if you just wrote…

BF Street army blog screenshot 8

Nazi’s rant at Lewis’ favourite pasty shop

Martin Vaughan Greggs letterAccording to The Independent, far right neonazi Martin Vaughan of the BNP spin off ‘British Voice’ has written a snotty letter to Greggs the Bakers. Have a look at the article – Exposing Britain First even gets a mention! Vaughan’s annoyed about Halal food and, having considered the matter with all the cognitive power available to his massive intellect has decided to boycott the bakery chain, so beloved of fellow Nazi, Stevie Lewis. Lewis, another far right f%&kwit and champion pie-eater is long-time prop forward (and falling over expert) for The Biffers.

Vaughan sent a long, ranty letter to Greggs CEO, promising to boycott Greggs and to encourage everyone he can influence to do the same. That’ll be about half a dozen equally sad Nazis then.

Apart from Vaughan’s obvious confusion about the meaning of the word ‘local’ (Greggs has branches all over UK) and his remarkable arrogance in determining the fast food habits of every single British Muslim he’s made another, even more serious error in judgement that undermines his entire, ill-conceived rant.

Greggs doesn’t serve Halal food in any of its branches anywhere in UK.

Greggs no Halal

Unless of course he’s worried about the chicken. If so he’d better boycott just about every food retailer in UK.

Greggs not Halal chicken

This is what happens when far right Nazis begin to believe their own lies.

This one’s almost stupid enough to be a Biffer!

Dear Jayda

BF Jayda Dudley speeches 3We’re really grateful to this follower who also happens to be something of an expert in ancestry research. There has been much speculation about Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen’s roots over the last year or so. There has been much speculation about her heritage – her degree of ‘Britishness’, if you like. There has been much speculation about the possibility that she may be an immigrant or hail from a family of recent immigrants to our fine, welcoming, multicultural society. Now we can all stop speculating and start ‘knowing’, thanks to the painstaking research of one of EBF’s dedicated followers.

So, without further ado we invite you to boil the kettle, make a nice hot cup of tea, put your feet up and read this wonderful open letter to Miss Jayda Fransen, a British citizen of distinctly foreign heritage…

Dear Jayda

You don’t deserve this. You don’t deserve my time, my energy or this gift. But I am going to give this to you anyway because as the adage goes; you don’t always get what you deserve.

I am a family history enthusiast. I am an amateur but after 10 years enjoying this hobby, I’m pretty good at it. I started following Exposing Britain First about a year ago and something struck me. Your surname. I’ve been studying family history now for long enough to suspect that you aren’t completely British. Fransen is not a British name. So I decided to have a little dig around. All the records I researched are in the public domain. You can look for yourself if you like.

Your family history is rich and I have to confess I am jealous. So far in my ancestry I have found no-one (and my “tree” is over one thousand people strong) who isn’t English. I am the product of an endless stream of Agricultural Labourers. I remember finding a shop-keeper once – and dancing round the room in delight. I am unremittingly English, through ten generations. Your family history on the other hand is exciting and shows tremendous courage and vibrancy. It is rooted in the East End of London. As now, the East End has always been a melting pot of cultures, religions and immigrants. It’s where people new to this country often start their lives.

Let’s start with your paternal grandparents; John Joseph Fransen, or rather Jan Jozef Wynand Fransen. Born in the Netherlands in 1927, Jan came to England with the Dutch Naval fleet. 26710 Leading writer Fransen was in the Royal Netherlands Navy and based in London during the Second World War, fighting the Nazis when most of the Netherlands was occupied or destroyed. The name Jan Jozef would have been a difficult one to live with during and after the Second World War; anything the least bit Germanic sounding was not something to be flaunted or advertised. So he changed it to John Joseph, the name you probably knew him by when he died in 1999.

BF compassion EBFWhilst here, he met and married your grandmother, Elizabeth Mary Cotter. They married in the Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady in Lisson Grove. I can find no record of Elizabeth being born in the UK. Most likely, both she and her father, John William Cotter were born in Ireland.

John William Cotter joined the Royal Leinster Regiment in 1913, intending perhaps to have a career in the Army. He was discharged before the beginning of the First World War for misconduct. From the records it appears that he was incessantly drunk and insubordinate. I can’t find out how he made it to London but there are records that appear to show him in the Fulham Road Workhouse in 1922. The workhouse was the somewhat barbaric “benefits” system of the day; where those too sick or without work were forced to go in order to survive. Your ancestor was not alone; throughout your family history there are frequent examples of your family receiving support in this most degrading and undiginified fashion.

On your maternal grandparent’s side of the family, the history is equally fascinating. Your great-grandfather is recorded in prison in the 1901 census. His crime isn’t mentioned and the records are currently sealed but wait a few years and you’ll be able to find out. And then there’s his surname; Silver. The Silver family were highly skilled workers, polishers and cabinet-makers. Why would they marry “beneath” their skill or financial status continually throughout the 19th Century. Speculating, the Silver’s had Jewish ancestry and even in the 19th Century, even though they were surrounded by other immigrants and those struggling with poverty, being Jewish or of Jewish ancestry wasn’t considered to be an asset. Silver is an extremely common anglicised surname, usually from Silber. I’ll keep searching, not for your benefit but for mine. You have no idea how exciting and interesting from an intellectual perspective it is to research such a diverse family history.

Immigrant ancestry Jayda BF EBFI imagine you would rather this was not your family history. I would give my “eye-teeth” to swap your ancestry for mine; endless farm workers get a little boring after a while. I am very, very English. You, on the other hand, are not. You are a melting pot of Dutch, Irish and Jewish roots. So I wonder, not “Who do you think you are?” but “What on earth do you think you are doing?” Your grandfather John (Jan Jozef) came to this country to fight for freedom and settled here. Your great-grandfather, an Irish immigrant was supported by the English “benefits” system, harsh though it was despite being an immigrant. And the Silvers? The highly skilled workers who married beneath them, integrated into English society so that their children and their children’s children, leading right to you could be part of this country and its culture, what would they say to you if they could. Probably much the same as the good, decent people of Exposing Britain First do now.

I’m sorry if this has upset you and I am sure you will want to deny it. But stop. It’s time to grow up and start representing your incredible family, your diverse, culturally rich ancestry like most British people do. With pride. This is who you are.

Why we do what we do

EBF PAW copyA few days ago we received this Email from a British Muslim woman. It’s heart-warming to know that our efforts are having a positive impact and that even in the face of Britain First’s vile prejudice and bigotry we are able to help our fellow citizens maintain a sense of hope.

If anyone ever needed to know why we at Exposing Britain First do what we do, read this letter. The ability to touch and improve the experience of those we have never met is a real privilege. This is the sort of feedback that keeps us going as we wade through the filth of Britain First’s vile prejudice.

But it’s not just about us at EBF. We received the Email but it’s very clear that this person’s gratitude goes far beyond our little group of fact-checkers. There are many groups opposing Britain First and many supporters associated with them. People like you. We all do our bit and together we’re holding back the tide of intolerance for the sake of our nation and its values.

Thankyou all for your help in keeping the UK a fascist free society.

“Hi, I would just like to say thank you for all the work you do at Exposing Britain First. I am Muslim, born and bred in the UK. It really upsets me that people hate Muslims so much but your page and the people who support you really do restore my faith in humanity.

 I am British and proud of it. I don’t care what religion anyone else is, I don’t want Sharia Law brought here, I live in a town where there are very few Muslims and I love it! I have hundreds of non Muslim friends and only a handful are Muslim. We respect each other and we don’t want to kill each other. None of my family claim benefits. They all work across many professions from engineers, police force, electrician and third sector. I absolutely despise the fact that we are seen as immigrants who bleed the system dry and don’t belong here.

A massive thank you to the admins, each and every supporter of this page and other pages like yours (Too many to list) you’re all amazing!

By the way, from ‘liking’ your posts, friends of mine see them on their newsfeed and the last time I checked, another 2 people from my friends list had ‘unliked’ the Britain First page. Initially, I was deleting them but I decided against that and it’s worked thanks to your posts.

You can share this message on your page if you like but please do not mention my name.