Is Facebook fascist?

This is just wonderful.

In what may well be 2015’s most remarkable irony the well-known and little-loved neo-nazis from Britain First have accused Facebook of fascism. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black-arse!

The Biffers’ reason for sullying Facebook’s good name was the alleged removal of Britain First’s Facebook page in what everybody’s favourite fascist fun-group described as an attack on freedom of speech. The really remarkable thing is that some people actually believed their ridiculously transparent publicity stunt which, predictably enough was quickly followed by yet another appeal for funding to sue Facebook!

But the best part of all this is how the destruction of their Facebook page was alleged.

The stupid Biffer bastards published their accusation on their Facebook page!
BF banned from Facebook
You couldn’t make it up!

Their loss is Fransen and Golding’s gain

SKY News Rotherham hate crime imageMany of you have already seen the awful SKY News report on the escalation of violence in Rotherham. In it we learn that hate crime in the town has increased dramatically since Britain First and other racist groups descended on Rotherham to take advantage of the child sex exploitation scandal. There’s even a clip of Fuhrer in waiting, Jayda Fransen repeating the far-right’s hackneyed old lies about Islam and paedophilia.

We blogged about this here, including an extract from EBF’s special report on the Biffers, showing just why Fransen’s ‘link’ is so unfair.
Since this news article broke we’ve been inundated with Biffers and assorted neo-nazi trolls trying to convince us that the increase in violence in Rotherham has nothing to do with Britain First’s campaigning. We’re not at all convinced by these denials. It’s obvious to us what such shameless incitement by Fransen, Golding and their racist chums has led to.

BF Full metal jacket fight war islam muslim

Britain First has even arranged to help make their followers more effective fighters, as if their target audience wasn’t violent enough.

EBF BF fight club

They do this under the guise of ‘patriotism’, as though fanning the flames of racial and religious hatred and sectarian violence is somehow a patriotic act.

EBF BF patriot racist cockwomble hate crime meme

They pretend that their only concern is protection of children and yet they never seem to hold demonstrations opposing white or non-Muslim paedophiles. We put that to one of the Biffer trolls who approached us in the EBF inbox. The response was that there are no white paedophiles in Rotherham. Oh really?

Tom Steven Wilkes Rotherham paedo jail November 2015

Tom Steven Wilkes is a 22 year old Rotherham man. Like many of those implicated in the Rotherham sexual exploitation investigations he is a white, indigenous British man and definitely not a Muslim. Not exactly Britain First’s stereotypical ‘Paedo Muzzrat’. Not that Britain First’s loyal band of thugs would care anyway. These people aren’t interested in facts. They’re only interested in justifying their hatred.

BF EBF Muslim grooming hate speech

The idea of Muslim grooming gangs is as good a cover story as any for sensitive souls like this chap whose Facebook profile picture proudly displays evidence of his part in another episode of civil unrest in Halifax, a few miles from Rotherham.


Reece is clearly no angel but his Facebook page makes it equally clear that he’s very naïve. Most of his social media contacts are slightly awkward declarations of undying love for his girlfriend. In many ways he’s just a typical but slightly immature young lad trying to find a place in the world. Reece’s social media profile has all the bravado of adolescence combined with the ‘all or nothing’ lack of perspective of a young man who still has far more to learn than he knows.

He’s also one of 7 neo-nazis who, along with 10 Muslim men have been charged with public order offences following a Britain First rally in Rotherham. At the time Britain First made a very big deal of the affray, claiming that these fine, upstanding ‘patriots’ had been attacked by the Asian lads. In a wonderfully immature plea of “He started it”. It’s the sort of ‘defence’ familiar to schoolteachers everywhere and it’s as transparent as it’s childish. In truth, it doesn’t matter ‘who started it’. What matters is that sectarian violence flares up and people get hurt whenever Britain First comes to town.

If the Queen thinks that everywhere in Britain is permanently given a fresh coat of paint because wherever she goes, that’s all she sees then Biffer Queen, Jayda Fransen must think that every English town is perpetually stained red with the blood of innocents. Britain First sees a lot of violence because, regardless of who throws the first punch or petrol bomb, they incite it, they provoke it and they profit from it.

BF demo muslim grooming paedo sex rotherham

None of these people look like they’d be particularly interested in, or even able to understand, nuanced arguments about over-generalisation or community cohesion. That’s OK though. They don’t need to understand.

Their role is to wave the racist flag of Britain First.
Their role is to carry out the violence that Fransen and Golding only allude to.
Their value is in the trouble they cause and in the mileage that Britain First can get out of their subsequent prosecution.

Their futures are expendable. Nobody will employ those misguided little Nazis who, following imprisonment and release will have their convictions for racially-aggravated disorder undermining their life-chances for years to come – in some cases indefinitely. Some convictions are never ‘spent’.

These are the people who Britain First’s, Deputy Fuhrer patronisingly describes as the ‘elite’.

EBF BF Jayda Fransen eliteThese are the thuggish enforcers of Golding’s fantasy Fourth Reich. But they’ll never be the leaders of the Biffers’ brave new world.
They’re the expendable cannon-fodder, the backstreet Biffers whose imprisonment, whose sacrifice in the never-ending quest for donations is a price the Britain First leadership is prepared (for them) to pay.

If only the violent, easily-led young men of Derbyshire and Yorkshire were a little more educated, a little better equipped to see what is so obvious to the rest of us. They’re pawns in Golding’s greedy game. And whatever the outcome, whatever happens to Britain First, these young men inevitably will be the losers. They’re the sacrificial ‘forlorn hope’ in this cynical, lucrative game of sectarian violence and endless, repetitive merchandising for profit.

View from a barstool #8

Beer 2Evening all from the Exposing Britain First barstool, as I sit here sipping my pint, looking over the dark pub garden heaters going full blast as the poor smokers huddle under the shelter I wonder what the hierachy at Britain First makes of our recent declaration of intent by Hulk and our own EBFBlogger.

The information gratefully received by persons unknown has certainly made it an interesting time at the office as we digest reams of information. These snippets of information we are receiving have already proved that those supporters eligible to vote for this so called political party runs at 57% of their likes on facebook, and as we know they can only muster the same old 200 or so people on the ground at their days of action. Keep watching for the EBFington Post there will be more to be revealed.

The only time I have ever declared hostilities on anyone was on guests who ordered a real ale shandy or wanted a top on their Guinness so this is quite exciting. Britain First need to be taken down, and a concerted effort from all of us over the coming months could lead to an end of this tacky bunch of conmen. As Hulk said we are all one team, the EBF team, taking pride in what we do.

So now to a conversation with my 3 year old daughter…..getting more sense out of her than any biffer I have ever had the misfortune to talk to…..and her new favourite question of ‘why’?

Earlier this week she was lying with me on the sofa, playing with my phone, something like Sofia the First does Dallas or similar, and she looked over my shoulder as I was doing some EBF housework, checking posts, finding the trolls, checking the validity of the Biffers posts and our own facts, you know the sort of mundane thing you do on a dark Tuesday evening,when there’s no beer to be drunk(or Landlady buggering off to bingo) and she saw one of their posts looked at me and said “daddy why?”

Now I don’t know about you but to try and tell a 3 year old why a group of “people” don’t like another group is really hard so here is my answer.

“Well darling, there is a group called Biffer First, who decided to set up a facebook page extolling British virtues. They got a load of people to follow them by showing poor little doggies or a British Flag and asking people to share. As this proved so successful they decided to pick on some people who follow another religion and be really really horrid to them”

She looked at me and said “why?” I looked at her and said

“because they don’t like them very much, you see that woman? Well she is called Dutchy, she wants to hang daddy because he sticks up for people who are bullied by idiots. That man is called Folding, he cons as much money out of people as is possible so they can pretend to have more likes than they do, and so he can have lots of lovely holidays. They also tell everyone that Samira can’t come here and would like to sink her boat” (Samira is an african refugee at her nursery)

She looked at me again and said “why” I pondered this question for a moment and said “darling I wish I knew there is no sense in it, they are horrid people, bullies, thieves and conmen. They are poo poo heads that don’t like anyone who isn’t the same colour as them. But don’t worry, daddy will fight to get rid of them, destroy them, make them no more.”

She looked at me smiled and said “thankyou daddy” and put on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on my phone.

So thats me in a nutshell, and I hope it’s all of you. I hate using commercial catchphrases but I will, We are one team, the EBF team. We may be small but together we will succeed.

I’ve just checked, the rain still comes down, the fires just gone out, my beer is finished and the next barrel isn’t ready until tomorrow, the backdoor seems not to lock, the dog has picked up a chill and the Landlady is blaming me for something or other, but you know what? Things have never been better.

The Biffers are going down, and I want to be part of it.

EBFington Post special edition: Britain First exposed

A few days ago we launched The EBFington Post. It’s part of a wider plan to step up our campaign against Britain First and the far-right in general. Britain First is on its way out but tin-pot neo-nazis will remain. We’ll have to wait and see which ludicrous banner they flock to next. For now the job of EBF is to deliver Britain First’s final death blow. It’s a war of ideas and Britain First is losing ground fast but it’s not quite dead yet.

The EBFington Post’s newly appointed editorial team aims to make The Post a resource for Antifascists to stay informed for many years to come – long after the Biffers have been forgotten. Our library of free information guides begins with this inaugural special edition, Britain First exposed.

Please download it, use it for reference and pass it around to all your contacts. And remember to bookmark this blog to make sure you don’t miss future editions as they’re published too.

See below for an extract to whet your appetite.

BF EBFington Post Britian First Exposed PDF image

Fear as a marketing tool

Since falling out with the BNP, Dowson and Golding have used a range of online marketing techniques to attract support for their racist and Islamopohobic agenda.

“If you apply professional marketing techniques and publicity to political fundraising – it’s a gift” (Jim Dowson)

They’ve done this mainly so that they can sell stuff in their online shops and attract donations for a range of causes, all of which seem to be fronts for Britain First’s own fundraising.

Essentially the Biffers is an online business that exploits the insecurity of ordinary people to make money from their fears. In the process Golding, Dowson and Fransen are whipping up as much hatred and prejudice as they can – because, as every professional marketer knows, there’s money to be made from fear.

So they lie – they cheat, they distort the facts and they pretend to defend our country from an imagined Muslim invasion. They whip up as much fear and hatred as they can and then they beg for money. Always they beg for money.

BF claims to be doing something useful but as we know they do nothing of the sort. They claim to expose terrorists but really they harass people who’ve already been written about in the newspapers (hardly a scoop) or they bully women on the streets and old men in otherwise completely empty Mosques.

Britain First is a commercial business pretending to be a patriotic political party. Their business model is based upon creating and then profiting from as much fear and hatred as they can manage. The effect of all this activity is to make the United Kingdom a more hostile, hate-filled and dangerous place for everyone, regardless of background, religious belief or ethnic group. Golding, Dowson and Fransen are deliberately damaging our society for their own, personal profit.

So how is this done?

Read on

BF KTI join good men and women crusade donate 2

Sky News, Jayda Fransen and a spate of hate crime in Rotherham

A few days ago we launched The EBFington Post. It’s part of a wider plan to step up our campaign against Britain First and the far-right in general. Britain First is on its way out but tin-pot neo-nazis will remain. We’ll have to wait and see which ludicrous banner they flock to next. For now the job of EBF is to deliver Britain First’s final death blow. It’s a war of ideas and Britain First is losing ground fast but it’s not quite dead yet.

The EBFington Post’s newly appointed editorial team aims to make The Post a resource for Antifascists to stay informed for many years to come – long after the Biffers have been forgotten. Our library of free information guides begins with this inaugural special edition, EBFington post Britain First exposed.

Please download it, use it for reference and pass it around to all your contacts. And remember to bookmark this blog to make sure you don’t miss future editions as they’re published too.

BF EBFington Post Britian First Exposed PDF image

EBFington post Britain First exposed

In the light of the recent spate of hate crime in Rotherham and Jayda Fransen’s ignorant rant about Muslims and paedophilia (aired today by SKY News) we couldn’t have been more timely. Here’s an extract from EBFington post Britain First exposed to whet your appetites…

BF Jayda Dudley speeches 3Paedophilia

Another favourite of Fascist propaganda is the claim that all Muslims are paedophiles. The argument is that since Mohammed married a child, Aisha and since several Muslim paedophile rings have come to light then the inescapable and obvious reality must be that all Muslim men are child sex abusers. Or are they….?

Unfortunately for ‘the fash’, the argument falls flat in some crucial ways…

Mohammed’s child bride

Aisha was Mohammed’s second (and favourite) wife. Estimates of her age at the time of her marriage vary. The best we can say with confidence is that she was somewhere between the ages of 9 and 21 on the day of her betrothal. That’s a pretty big margin of error. Some far-right Islamophobes claim that she was actually only 6 years old when she married but that seems extremely unlikely. Marriage at such a young age would have been against the rules of the Ummah (Islamic community).
We can say with confidence that there is absolutely no evidence that the marriage was consumated during Aisha’s childhood. That’s very important. It means that there’s nothing to suggest that Aisha had sex before she came of age, despite her marriage to Mohammed, which may not have been until her early twenties anyway.

But let’s consider the lowest plausible age. Let’s assume that she was only 9 years old.

It’s important to remember that we are talking about the customs and practices of a nomadic tribal community in the early part of the 7th century. The betrothal of children was common throughout both the East and the West at the time. European history records many Western monarchs who not only married long before puberty but who also produced children as soon as they were biologically able to. There’s nothing unusual about child brides in the context of the time. There is something unusual about Aisha and Mohammed though. They appear not to have had sex until long after Aisha hit puberty.

Aisha is said to have joined Muhammad on the raid that culminated in the Battle of Badr, in 624 CE. Since only those aged 15 or over could have been present at the raid, Aisha must have been at least 15 by then which means she must have been 13 at the very least on her wedding day in 622.

According to Tabari, Aisha was first offered in marriage to a different man in 615. The minimum age for Muslim betrothal at the time was 9 years old which would have made her at least 16 years of age by 622.

Aisha was one of Abu Bakr’s four children, all of whom were born prior to 610 and the beginning of the Islamic era. This would put her at no younger than 12 years at the time of her betrothal (an absolute minimum). Significantly older than many contemporary Christian brides.

None of this suggests that sex with children is acceptable in modern UK. It simply demonstrates the double standard of Britain First and the rest of the far-right Islamophobic groups who delight in chanting “Mohammed was a paedo” on the streets of Britain. The evidence against Muslims in this regard is far less damaging then is the evidence against Christians. And in both cases the ‘evidence’ has been taken so far out of its historical context that it is both meaningless and stupid.

Aisha calligraphy


Muslim grooming gangs

There have been some very high profile cases involving Muslim men, especially of Pakistani origins who committed a range of crimes against children. The scandal against young people in Rotherham is a particularly well-known and prominent example, although it’s not the only one.

BF demo muslim grooming paedo sex rotherham

However this doesn’t mean that all Muslim men, or even all Pakistani Muslim men are paedophiles any more than all Catholic priests can be accused of paedophilia on the strength of the Roman church’s unfortunate relationship with (and protection of) paedophile clerics. Recent child sex scandals within the Anglican and Methodist churches don’t reflect upon all protestants either.

There are paedophiles in every community.

1400 years ago every community accepted child marriage, sex and childbirth at a very young age. If these things are enough to convict all Muslims then they also must convict all Christians by the very same logic.
This stuff doesn’t convict all Christians, of course. And it doesn’t convict all Muslims either. It does reveal an awful lot about the bigotry and selective attention of modern neo-nazis who will grab on to even the flimsiest fantasy to demonise their Muslim neighbours.

We are the pride and we are at war!

This day we declare war on British Fascism and its public face, Britain First:

EBF EBFington post we are at war blog image

Article 1. We declare war, we need no guns, no bombs, no violence. Our armour is truth, our swords compassion, our guns equality, our missiles peace;
Article 2. We declare war on your racism, bigotry and lies;
Article 3. We declare war on your abuse of the abused;
Article 4. We declare war to protect the memories of two young fathers, brutally slain. Let them rest in peace;
Article 5. The world stood united 70 years ago and breathed a sigh of relief. They had stood as one to crush the Fascist oppression, 60 million dead, humanity broken;
Article 6. Britain First your ideology died in a dirty Berlin Bunker in 1945. We will not stand by and let your bigotry make Muslims the Jews of 1933. You shout the Unionist catch phrase of ‘No surrender’. We shout, scream and cry ‘NEVER AGAIN’;
Article 7. Britain is one nation, a myriad of cultures, languages and beliefs. Rich beyond your shallow money obsessed dreams. Rich because of our differences, our heritage made stronger with each new immigrant. Our strength is our diversity, our future is multicultural;
Article 8. Britain is one nation representing ALL nations;
Article 9. We challenge your leaders to come to EBF. Come and justify your FASCIST ideology, your lies, your deceit. Send your trolls and we will crush them! Send your soldiers and we will smash them! Live by social media – Die by social media;
Article 10. Censorship, Hate, Ignorance, Hate, Bigotry – your weapons are weak.

We are 73 thousand strong, we are family. We are EBF.

EBF multicultural