Yes – it was an April Fool’s day joke

A few people seem to have believed yesterday’s blog post about Tosspot Tommy  and Slattery Mandy taking over from Grasser Golding and Dutchy.

EBF Slattery cat and Tosspot Tommy blog imageGratified though we are that our little prank worked we think we should come clean now and make sure that nobody gets the wrong impression long-term.

It was an April Fool’s day joke. There’s no way that this collection of back-stabbing, paranoid, hate-filled fascists could ever form a coherent whole. They’re just too used to treating each other with mutual suspicion and contempt.

That’s a relief, isn’t it?

When politics goes bad

We’ve all heard about political dirty tricks.

We’ve all been scandalised by reports of underhand attempts by tin-pot fascists in banana republics to silence political opponents. We’ve all become used to the principles of representative democracy in which people of all political persuasions are able to get their message out to let the public decide.

In a democracy it doesn’t matter that we disagree – we still have to respect the right of other people to say their piece. Of course there are limits to that. We’re not allowed to incite racial or religious hatred, for example but we can still say what we mean.

Imagine what it would be like if a British political party ignored those hard-won British democratic values and tried to silence their political opponents. Imagine if they did so covertly as though they were some sort of quasi-military intelligence unit conducting ‘black ops’. How would that fit with traditional British values of fair play?

BF covert intelligence FB 5

Over the last ten years or so British citizens have changed the way they participate in politics. No longer do we sit passively in front of our TVs or quietly accept newspaper editorials as though they somehow have a monopoly on political thinking. We use social media. This generation, more than any other before it has the ability to discuss, to dissent, to promote and to debate across the political spectrum. And our political opportunities are so much the better as a result.

Imagine if a political party took it upon itself to decide who should or should not have access to social media. To decide who can and who cannot be heard in British democracy. There’d be an outcry – and rightly so.

BF covert intelligence FB 7

But, of course – that could never happen here…. or could it?

Well – actually, yes. There is a registered political party operating in Britain that’s trying to do just that. And they’re doing it by underhand means. They even give their covert activities the feel of a military operation, dressing up their dishonest attempts to subvert the freedom of expression of British citizens with terms like ‘intelligence’ or ‘operation’.

Even more hypocritically, they are setting up false accounts intended to complain about other, genuinely legitimate activists whom they falsely accuse of having created false accounts. They even issued instructions to their ‘operatives’ on how to create seemingly plausible fake accounts, known as ‘sock puppets’. The fact that these instructions are laughably superficial and would result in obviously fake accounts isn’t the point. The intention is clear.

BF covert intelligence FB 4

And it’s not hard to understand why they’re doing this. They’ve tried silencing their political opponents in other ways already and although they’ve had some success it’s really not been very effective. As much as anything else their attempts to make people ‘go away’ through face to face intimidation or via Email and postal threats have just made them a laughing stock. This ‘political party’ is now understood by all but its most blinkered supporters to be nothing more than a bunch of thugs trying to mask their white supremacist agenda behind real politics. They promote a bizarre definition of ‘Britishness’ that none but the most racist nationalists recognize at all.

So they’re trying a different tack – one that they naively suppose might be more subtle than out and out, in your face aggression. But once again, they’ve got it wrong. Once again they’re just showing themselves up for the undemocratic, unBritish, unpatriotic, unreasonable and uneducated buffoons they really are.

BF covert intelligence FB 9

What would you think of a registered political party that so ignored traditional British values of democracy and free expression? What would you say about such a party if it tried to convince you that it was concerned about preserving British values? What would you think of a political organisation that just tries to silence political opposition rather than debate with its detractors?

We know how we’d describe them.

We’d describe them as ‘Fascists’.

They describe themselves as ‘Britain First’!

BF covert intelligence FB 8

Hat tip…

EBF gratefully acknowledges the HM Armed Forces past and present that do not like Britain First community for bringing this ‘intelligence’ fiasco to our attention. That’s what happens when real servicemen and women take an interest in tin pot Nazis who merely  dream of playing soldiers on social media. There really isn’t any contest.

HM Armed Forces past and present that do not like BF community

It’s truly impressive for a paramilitary style intelligence organisation to find itself infiltrated on its first weekend of operations, isn’t it?


We didn’t think so either.

Following in the Fuhrer’s footsteps

Yesterday we reported on Britain First’s antics in Rotherham. In that post we speculated that Dutchy and Folding might be getting set up in preparation for Lewis and Slattery’s rumoured coup attempt. However, today they released a video of the feckless duo deliberately flaunting the terms of their injunction in front of Rotherham police and on film. Manipulated by Dowson or not – the pair really do seem to be courting their own martyrdom in no uncertain terms.

Just take a look at the video here.

This is clear incitement of racial and religious hatred. There are over 800 taxi drivers in Rotherham. There has never been even the slightest indication that they were all involved in the child abuse scandal and yet Britain First assumes (indeed actively says) that they are all involved – at least the brown-skinned ones.

Rotherham taxi 1 sh

That’s a deliberate strategy to stir up tensions and defame the innocent. That’s why they introduced their illegally posted video of their illegal activities (read the terms of their injunction) with the Islamic ‘call to prayer’. And it worked – the Biffers obligingly got the point and decided that the child abuse tragedy isn’t bad enough in itself. They need to beef it up a bit and make it about race, religion and skin-colour too. Dutchy and Folding must be so proud of them.

BF rotherham taxi racist comments

They think it’d be a good idea to copy Hitler and boycott Muslim businesses altogether. What a nice little bunch of fascists!

Rotherham taxi 4

Now let’s just be clear about the terms of the injunction…

BF High court injunction 2 detail 1

We think their behaviour both in Rotherham and online afterwards ticks quite a few of those boxes.

taxi racist bf rotherham

Remember the stuff about ‘encouraging’…

Rotherham taxi 2

So the question we need to ask ourselves is why? What do they think they will gain from imprisonment?

Actually it’s not hard to work out. Their ideological inspiration, the historical leader they’ve copied in so many other ways went to prison and in doing so became a martyr for the cause. He went to Landsberg Jail in 1924 for his role in the failed Beer Hall Putsch. Sentenced to 5 years he spent his time honing his oratorial skills (Dutchy and Folding could both do with some work there) and writing Mein Kampf (My struggle). He was released due to widespread public pressure after only 9 months. The years that followed his brief incarceration served him well, framing him not as the tyrant he was but as the misunderstood martyr for the German people.

But Hitler was a very different animal from Folding Golding.

Golding and Hitler

And Dutchy Fransen is no Rudolf Hess.

Fransen and Hess speaking

And yet they’re trying so hard to follow in the footsteps of the other Fuhrer and Deputy that there really doesn’t seem to be any other explanation. Dutchy and Folding seem actually to want to go down. Perhaps they think there’ll be such a public outcry that they’ll get out early, just like Uncle Adolf did. Perhaps they think that they’ll be set up as martyrs and become unassailable in the nationalist movement because of their temporary sacrifice. Perhaps they really are that stupid.

The truth is that very few people would bat an eyelid if they went down. Of those that would care, the vast majority would celebrate – not least Jim Dowson who’d be sure to make the most of their martyrdom to line his own pockets. Paul and Jayda can rot in jail for all he cares – he’s making money and that’s all that matters to an ideological venture capitalist like Jimbo.

So off you go then Dutchy and Folding. Follow in the Fuhrer’s footsteps all you like. Just don’t expect a happy ending. Hitler’s strategy didn’t turn out terribly well for him and it won’t work for you two tin pot fascists either.

We look forward to covering your trial and subsequent imprisonment. Someone put the champagne on ice – we’ll all be celebrating before too long!

Folding Golding’s cartoon climbdown

You have to love the High Court! The injunction issued last month has had the effect we all knew it would. It’s wonderful to see just how easily the allegedly ‘brave’ and unconvincingly ‘patriotic’ Fuhrer, Folding Golding has been muzzled.

Just look at this lovely little offering from the Biffers’ own website…

BF FB Screengrab wont draw mohammed EBF

Those brave boys at Britain First have bottled it again. Before the injunction they were all in favour of using their ‘useful idiots’ to stir up racial and religious tension, cause a bit of a ruck and then, of course, exploit the resulting unrest to claim anti-Christian victimisation from all those evil Mooselimbs!

Britan First draw Mohammed tweet bf ebf

And it wasn’t just the organisation – on a more personal level, Der Fuhrer was all in favour too.

Golding draw Mohammed tweet bf ebf edited

But that was before the High Court told him to stop being a divisive, racist, Islamophobic scumbag! And it really is about race just as much as it’s about religion…

BF Draw Mohammed cartoon race white racist screengrab

This statement from Britain First actually copies the earlier statement issued by Uncle Jim’s other money-making scheme, ‘Knights Templar International’. We wrote about that here.

Is Britain First repositioning itself in preparation for Lewis and Mandy’s rumoured coup?

Is Dowson grooming Folding and Dutchy’s successors and shifting direction for the rank and file Biffers themselves in advance?

It’ll take a bit of doing to persuade the ‘useful idiots’ that Folding hasn’t bottled it as he keeps on climbing down like this. A couple of new (but still familiar) faces at the helm would explain the shift in direction very nicely though.

We think that might well explain the ‘dual nature of BF’s recent activities. On the one hand they’re still posting stuff in breach of the High Court injunction. That’ll get Dutchy and Folding out of the way. It’ll even make martyrs of them to boot when the judge sends them down at the next hearing. That’s a 100% win for Dowson. He’ll get a couple of martyrs to play with and he’ll free himself from their incompetence and posturing as well.

On the other hand, is Britain First following KTI’s lead and issuing appeasing statements in preparation for Lewis and Mandy’s takeover following the expected imprisonment of the current leadership? Is this just another ‘long game’ intended to manipulate the gullible ‘useful idiots’ who pay Dowson’s bills?

One thing’s for sure – Folding and Dutchy have made themselves pretty damn toxic as a brand. EBF suspected that was Dowson’s plan anyway the moment he pretended to distance himself from Britain First. The Fuhrer and his Deputy were just the stooges. They were only there to act as mouthpieces for Dowson and to take the fall once it got too ‘hot’ with the legal establishment. Their role was to build up a group of paying racists and assorted Nazis before getting sent down to leave Dowson to profit from their rabble-rousing with a more moderate (but still very profitable) change of direction.

Dutchy & Folding speech bubble BF Fransen Golding EBF martyrs

Trouble at Biffer Towers?

Hubby and I went down to Luton yesterday. We wanted to see for ourselves. And saw we did. We didn’t see the ‘No more mosques’ banner though. That won’t be anything to do with the High Court threatening Golding and Fransen with prison if they displayed it. Golding isn’t really Folding is he? NFSE, and all that!

We saw about 100 Biffers. That’s about 5% of the 2,000 Folding and Dutchy had promised and much less than 1% of their alleged Facebook support.

We couldn’t hear very much from where we were. There was just too much noise from the anti-Biffer end but having since seen a couple of videos of the speeches it doesn’t seem like we missed much. There was certainly nothing scary about this bunch of sad Nazis. Actually I was a bit disappointed when the Police diverted their return route to prevent them from coming past our group of antis. I would have liked to get a closer look at them. That should give you an idea about how formidable they weren’t.

What we did hear was interesting. But I need to be honest – it’s not necessarily reliable. It’s rumour but I got the impression that some of the people who seemed to believe these rumours were quite reliable in themselves.

One that I’m relatively confident about is the rumour that there’s some sort of coup in the offing with Steve Lewis and Amanda Slatter looking to depose Folding and Dutchy after their humiliation in the High Court. Apparently, according to the gossip in the anti-Biffer camp, this has been planned for a few weeks but Friday’s court judgement imposed limitations that are seen to be the final straw. They couldn’t even chant their usual abuse as they marched yesterday for fear of Dutchy and Folding going to prison. For all their bravado the Biffers have just been dealt a massive blow by the High Court and they know it. NFSE, EH? Do me a favour! Golding and Fransen are falling over each other to surrender and the rest of the Biffer bosses know it.

Biffer love Lewis Slatter Luton Bin Bagged

In fairness I’d come across the Steve Lewis power bid idea before. It’s been known about by the EBF team since way before I joined. But I’d be surprised if Amanda Slatter thinks she can go up against the throne like that. Queen Dutchy seems more than able to chew her up and spit her out. But be that as it may, several people have suggested that they’re trying to position themselves for power and this may explain why Slattery has shifted her affections from Adrian Riley to Steve Lewis. My thanks to Bin-Bagged for providing this picture, by the way. What was that about a thousand words? Perhaps Slattery Mandy thinks that Lewis can keep her safe from the wrath of the current deputy Fuhrer. We wouldn’t bet on that Mandy.

The other rumour I heard (and it seems to go hand in hand with the first) is that there’s some sort of issue between Riley and Lewis, complete with back-stabbing as each scheme to remove their rival for Slatter’s affections.

I must stress that I have no proof of either of these but it’ll be worth watching to see if one or both of them comes true in the future. We know that lots of people are keeping an eye on matters in the Biffer camp (we have a couple of plants ourselves) so if any of you hear anything relevant please let us know. The easiest way is through the EBF Facebook page. Just message us there.

There’s just one other juicy little titbit that Lottie overheard. She lives in Luton and so she gets to hear conversations in the street during unguarded moments when the fash think the antis have all gone home. Apparently this morning she overheard two Luton locals (possibly EDL) talking about how cosily Folding Golding (yes – they actually used my original nickname for him) seems to get on with the police.

What’s going on there, I wonder?

Another endangered species

According to the World Wildlife Fund a growing number of animal species go extinct each year with even more making their way on to the endangered list. As it stands there are 22,784 species on the ‘at risk’ list and more are added every year.

Most people dislike the very idea of extinction – especially when that extinction is caused by humans. Over-fishing, over-hunting, illegal markets in pelts, tusks, shells and even bones has driven, at times even entire genus of our fellow animals to the history books. This is a tragedy, not just for the animals themselves but also for all future generations of humans who will never have the privilege of sharing their planet with so many diverse and fascinating creatures.

But sometimes, just occasionally an extinction event can be positive. Today is one of those days.


Today the High Court engineered one of the most welcome endangerement events we’ve ever seen. With a single stroke of the pen, Justices consigned the species bifferati of the Genus Bigotanus to the ‘at risk’ list of political zoology. Symbolised by the troop’s alpha male, Paulus gold-diggerati and alpha female Dutchy screamitatus, Bigotanus bifferati may well be facing a cataclysmic extinction event of Biblical proportions. We’re sure the breeding pair will appreciate the irony in that.

The species bifferati was always precariously placed with only one dominant breeding pair and few other viable members of the troop awaiting their chance to claim dominance. Bigotanus researchers briefly considered the possibility that Steventium lewisusisusisus and Mandianus slattered might replace the breeders in time but neither seems to be of sufficient quality to save the beleaguered species. As Bigotanus researcher, Anne “The goat” Pepper explains…

“We just don’t believe that lewisusisusisus could possibly rise to the occasion”

For now Bigotanus bifferati continues to exist, eking out a meagre subsistence in its ancestral habitat, the extremist fringes of Outer Naziland. Already weakened by competition from Bigotanus nationali, Bigotanus bnpi and Bigotanus defencicus it seems that its days are numbered. Recent bifferati incursions into established defencicus habitat may well have damaged the bifferati’s only breeding pair so severely that they will never produce even a single new member for their beleaguered troop. In fact the otherwise insignificant Bigotanus boneheadedness seems to have a better chance of survival than gold-diggerati and screamitatus.

EBF celebrate

Rampant Cronyism and Corruption

Fascist regimes almost always are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.”

JAYDA BF EDL AngelBritt’s thirteenth characteristic of fascism is cronyism and corruption. Britain First is rife with both. Their misuse of money obtained under false pretences (including fraudulently collecting in the guise of charity work) is well known. The way they misuse other peoples’ copyrights and get their supporters to pay repeatedly for the same things are just too obvious to ignore.

It’s clear to even the most casual observer that Britain First isn’t at all concerned about fair dealing with anyone. They regularly take money from supporters for branded merchandise that never arrives. Their reputation for double-dealing is so poor that PayPal refused to work with them anymore.

The story is just as interesting when it comes to cronyism. Their leadership is little more than an old boys network (except that Dutchy’s a girl).

Founded by Dowson and Folding (latterly of the BNP), the deputy leader, Dutchy Fransen was an old mate of Fuhrer Folding from his EDL days. Yes, we know it’s hard to believe but Jayda used to be an ‘angel’.

The unholy trio at the top were all mates to start with. Then there are the RCOs. Broomfield (the Biffers’ resident convicted paedophile) has been a mate of Dutchy for a while and Adrian Riley was also EDL at the same time as the Fuhrer. So was RCO Biffer Amanda Slatter (the asthmatic chain smoker).

What we see here is a rogues gallery of mates and mates-of-mates in charge of a group of gullible fascist ‘footsoldiers’ commanded (if that’s the right word) by people whose only qualification for the job is racism and an old boys’ network of far right wannabes.

BF EDL Angel Amanda Slatter Medway faggy

It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, does it?

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt