Doing the Dewsbury shuffle

Britain First have just published their report of yesterday’s shambolic shuffle through Dewsbury.

BF Dewsbury sleet storm

A maximum of 119 pseudo-patriots (AKA racist thugs) braved the sleet (BF had promised them fine weather).

BF Dewsbury weather forecast

We don’t know which forecast service they were using to dupe their gullible followers but even with that ridiculous lie they still couldn’t muster many. They got less attendees than the 130 or so they had at Burton which itself was less than previous marches. Their numbers are in decline and they know it. That’s why they hadn’t bothered to book a large venue for their ‘Britannia social’ in a local pub. They knew well in advance that hardly anyone would bother to attend.

BF Dewsbury Jan 30 2016 speeches small crowd

It’s worth noting the camera angle in the photographs they published on the BF website. It’s not really usual to take pictures looking up at the backs of protestors so we need to ask just what the photographer was trying to achieve. We think there are two reasons.

BF Golding Dewsbury Town Hall steps out of boundsFirstly – it makes it impossible to get a sense of just how few participants there were at Dewsbury yesterday.

Secondly – the angle gives the impression that the rally was held at Dewsbury Town Hall. The Biffers have long tried to make speeches from the steps of Town Halls a symbolic representation of ‘taking over’ the town itself. In this case though they were prevented from using council property and a line of police ensured that no Biffer got to stand on the coveted Town Hall steps.

This picture shows not only the fact that Grassing Golding is forced to remain at ground level (an unpopular choice for any speaker) but you can even see the temporary fencing used to cordon off the steps and the Police line ensuring that the barrier is respected. Despite the Biffer rhetoric it’s clear that Dewsbury’s council wanted no part of Britain Frist’s racist shenanigans and were prepared to go to unusual lengths to distance themselves from these outsiders’ attempts to ‘take back ‘their’ town’.

Unsurprisingly, Britain first has blamed the Police for their lack of attendance.

BF Dewsbury police turn away patriots claim

The truth is, of course far more obvious than that. They’re a bunch of sad racist cockwombles led by cynical, profiteering wannabes who have nothing to offer this country except hatred and division. That’s why nobody turned up. Britain First don’t represent the people of this country as they claim. Most people actually see them as irrelevant to their everyday lives. The majority of those who do notice them have no time for their divisive rhetoric or their aggressive, attention-seeking publicity stunts.

The speeches were predictable and the assembled band of shivering, sycophantic cockwombles must have wondered why they’d bothered coming to hear the same sad statements from the same sad people. There are only so many times you can say the same thing without it getting old and boring, Paulie.

BF Dewsbury speeches Jim Dowson sermon

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the day for us was Jim Dowson’s ‘sermon’. Like a cross between Tony Hancock and Billy Graham this demented hate preacher treated the decidedly unreligious crowd to a quite bizarre selection of cherry-picked Bible verses. His interpretation of god’s hatred for unbelievers was about as far at odds with modern Christianity as it’s possible to get. Not that it mattered – nobody in the crowd had ever picked up a Bible anyway so they had no way of knowing just how far from the reality of the faith this ranting, rambling reprobate was leading them.

Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen was no more original. As usual she talked about Zakat, Jihad, Terrorism and Satan. Suicide bombers and disinterested Police came under fire as she claimed that only Britain First could save UK from the evil Islamist. Her evidence for this, we could hardly stop laughing at this point, was American racist, Donald Trump!

Her words fairly dripped with paranoia about smelly lefties, Muslims wanting to kill us and, of course sex crime. Equally as usual tried to pretend that it’s all the fault of ‘evil Muslims’. To hear her shriek, you’d think that no Christian, white man had ever committed rape or abused a child. More despicably, she’d have you think that no brown Muslim man hadn’t. And make no mistake – equating colour and religion are very much part of Britain First’s modus operandi. They may claim otherwise but it’s clear from their many media comments that their real issue is skin colour – Islam is just a convenient cover for them to pretend that they’re not racist.

BF Dewsbury Jan 30 2016 speeches Jayda Fransen

Blasphemously she ranted about how other Christians didn’t recognise her role as defender of the faith and the ‘temple’ of Britain. But she’s only worried about our souls, of course. The Messiah complex was particularly strong as she condemned every mainstream denomination of Christian in UK for not joining the Biffers. Everybody else is going to Hell, apparently!

Eventually she got to the point. The solution was simple. Ban Islam. The crowd then took up a brief, sorry chant of ‘No more mosques’. It remains to be seen whether or not that was in breach of the restrictions imposed upon them that banned them from carrying the ‘No more mosques’ banner and also banned similair hate speech.

EBF BF Niemoller Christian condemnation

After the speeches the soggy, bedraggled Biffers shuffled off to the Prince of Orange pub for a boozy evening congratulating themselves on their bigotry. The room was small, showing that they’d anticipated this poor turnout (nothing to do with the Police turning people away) and the plastic glasses give a very clear indication of just what the pub landlord expected from this rabble of rowdy revellers. We can’t say we blame him. Would you trust this lot to behave themselves?

BF Dewsbury Britannia social Jan 30 2016 plastic glasses

Churches condemn unChristian Biffers

Just as Britain First was preparing to carry its weaponised crosses through Dewsbury in the name of Jesus this article condemning their racist crusade was published. It carries criticisms of Britain First from almost every major Christian organisation in the country. Official statements from just about everyone who knows anything about Christianity demonstrate just how united Christians are in their opposition to the divisive, anti-ecumenical message of Folding Golding and Dutchy Fransen.

Just as Jim Dowson prepared to reprise his rabble-rousing ‘sermon’ distorting Christ’s message of love and peace into a clarion call for hatred and violence representatives of various denominations decried his message of destruction.

BF church do not speak for Christians Golding

Just as Folding Golding get ready to give Muslims in West Yorkshire a right good telling off for having the audacity to exist, religious representatives throughout UK came together in a show of unity that the far right can only dream of.

Not so very long ago Jim Dowson was talking about tapping into the Christian churches as a way of mobilising their combined congregations behind Britain First’s racist cause. He almost got what he wanted. They combined, alright – but not in the way Dowson had hoped.

Britain First has awoken a sleeping giant. The Christian community has become aware of the threat of fascism that Britain First represents in a massive way and they’re not happy.

Some time ago we developed a briefing pack for Christians and church leaders together with an invitation to join us in spreading the truth about the way that Britain First has distorted the message of Christ for its own, exceedingly unChristian ends. Those church leaders who responded to our invitation were extremely positive and have been quietly going about their congregations and local synods spreading awareness on our behalf. We’d like to think that we at EBF have played some small part in today’s development through those church activists’ excellent work and the use of our resource pack.

EBF BF Church leaders briefing pack in Jesus name

The pack is still available. You can download it here. We’d be grateful to anyone concerned about the way that Britain First has hi-jacked Christianity for racist purposes for sharing this post or the one linked here, especially to Christians and Church leaders.

Together we’ll beat them.

No pasaran!

What happened to Jayda Fransen?

During last week’s BBC3 documentary, ‘We want our country back’, Jayda Fransen made some implausible claims. Yes, we know – Jayda’s a Biffer and the Biffers always make implausible claims but these were a bit different. These claims weren’t about ‘evil Muslims’ or the infiltration of our country by ISIS. These were claims about her own past.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Jayda Fransen homeless shelter lie

Fransen claimed on camera that she left home at 14 and the council just put her in a homeless shelter where she lived for 2 or 3 years. This will have been in 2001. We think that’s more than just implausible – it’s a downright lie.

The Children Act gained Royal Assent in 1989. Any local council would have been bound by the Act and its first principle that ‘The welfare of the child is paramount’. Fransen would have been accommodated in a childrens’ home or through fostering. A vulnerable 14 year old girl absolutely would not have been left in a homeless shelter. All British Local Education Authorities (LEAs) have a legal duty to provide full time education to children under 16 and it is inconceivable that a 14 year old (even one in a homeless shelter, let alone foster care or a childrens’ home) would have been denied the opportunity of a state education.

Remarkably enough, this 29 year old woman would have us believe that despite effectively leaving school at 14 she now has a law degree. People can and do pull themselves up by their bootstraps and education is a great way to do it but it takes time. Time that Fransen seems not to have had to work on it. We put together a bit of a timeline to show you what we mean. You can click here to view the Jayda Fransen timeline and supporting evidence as a PDF file.

Jayda timeline

We suspect that this is just another example of Fransen’s transparent and obvious deceit as she attempts to reinvent herself into something more sympathetic and ultimately ‘saleable’. Sources tell us that Uncle Jim Dowson is preparing to dump Golding. The Mayoral campaign will be a humiliation too far and once he’s torn apart by the London electorate he’ll be history. Fransen, we’re told is already being groomed to step into his shoes. Dowson knows how popular she is both as a speaker and as the Biffers never fail to point out on their FB page, the bearer of remarkably big boobs. Many presumably frustrated Biffers have been very clear about what they’d like to do with and to Jayda. For the majority of rank and file Biffer ‘footsoldiers’ political ‘sophistication’ rarely rises above the dubious, visceral delights of hatred, sex and violence. There’s no doubt that sex sells and given the standard far right view of women, Jayda is being more than a little shrewd in making the most of her ‘womanly charms’ to gain popularity. With Dowson’s guidance and backing she’s turning herself into a political commodity with fantasy sex appeal, an invented past and an assumed piousness that just oozes hypocrisy from every pore.

She claims to be a devout Roman Catholic. Some of the most laughable but also cringeworthy moments in the hour long documentary involved Fransen demonstrating a faith she clearly doesn’t hold in a beautiful Norman church somewhere in the countryside. A church with a decidedly Anglican (Protestant) appearance suggesting that she’s most certainly not a regular member of the congregation. Actually she’s unlikely to be part of any established Christian congregation in the UK, especially not since she called for the public hanging of existing church leaders. Her bloodthirsty demand followed an appeal by ‘Churches together’, asking Britain First to desist in its hate campaign against Muslim communities in Luton and Rotherham. Fransen and her cronies have been criticised by senior clerics from all 3 Abrahamic religions, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, whose words, predictably fell on deaf ears. If Britain First ever starts lining people up in earnest they’ll need a very long wall to stand them against.

We have to wonder how Jayda found this lovely little church in the first place. The quiet, leafy village is a far cry from the urban sprawl of her council flat in S. London. Jayda actually lives close to Crystal Palace. Perhaps finding a suitable church for Jayda to pose in was the work of the BBC production team?

However she got there, her attempts to display her piety were laughable. Jayda’s melodramatic, overly exaggerated pose and expression whilst kneeling at the alter seemed like something out of Cadfael. Fransen wants us to believe that her faith is important to her. But it’s not her belief, her faith that she cares about so much as our belief in her faith. It’s one thing to kneel at an altar in an empty church. It’s quite another to adopt a Christian lifestyle. Fransen’s attempt to strike a pose of humility and piety, reminiscent of statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary and female Saints was, to anyone who knows what she stands for, both unconvincing and risible.

We don’t believe that Jayda Fransen is a Christian in anything but name. She’s just one more Nazi hi-jacking religion because she thinks it’ll provide her with a respectable image. But it doesn’t. Jayda’s pretension to devotion really just makes her a laughing stock. Her religious pretensions are no more plausible than the revised history of her adolescence. Both were invented to portray a particular, politicised image and both are obvious shams.

BBC3 BF WWOCB EBF Jayda poses as St Catherine of Sienna

Jayda claims to have a ‘Roman Catholic background’. That’s interesting given that the organisation she leads is currently trying to stir up trouble for Irish Roman Catholics by garnering support for the Protestant Unionist cause.

BF Loyalist meme 1

Jayda claims to be Christian and often refers to her ‘Roman Catholic background’, yet her entire income is based upon spreading lies and hatred. This is in direct contravention of the basic Biblical command “Thou shalt not bear false witness”.

EBF BF Angola Gaza mosque ban muslim islam hoax

Jayda claims to be a Christian and yet her whole raison d’etre is to incite violence. This directly opposes the central New Testament instruction to ‘Love thy neighbour’. As the New Testament explains… “You shall know them by their fruits”. Fransen’s fruits are destructive, divisive and about as far removed from Christian devotion as it’s possible to imagine.

BF Full metal jacket fight war islam muslim

In short, Jayda Fransen is not a practising Christian in any meaningful way. She is a shallow, deceitful hypocrite who hijacked Christianity for her own ends just as ISIS has hijacked Islam. Both groups are invested in spreading hatred and both groups represent a cancer that our global society can well do without.

We don’t know what happened to Jayda when she was 14 (if anything) but we know what didn’t. She was not then (and has never been) filled with the love for humanity that truly devout people say they gain from communion with the Divine.

She may or may not have been in a childrens’ home or foster care but wherever she was – she didn’t meet God there. She didn’t get a law degree either!

Why don’t most Christians like Britain First?

Britain First, that well known purveyor of religious hatred styles itself as a Christian evangelical movement. Hardly a day goes by without multiple appeals to the great British public to embrace Jesus and defend the Christian faith against the threat of Islam.

BF full metal jacket evangelism jesus combo

Britain First’s Facebook page is packed with cherry-picked Bible quotes encouraging us to turn away from Sin and devote our lives to the Lord. The Christian sanctity of the family is held up as an ideal, no doubt intended to appeal to the traditional Christian contingent within British society.

BF family motherhood evangelism combo

Britain First begs Biffers to go out and spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus  Christ throughout the nations. Piously quoting the New Testament, Biffers proclaim the love of Jesus to all in the spirit of Christian love, spilling over with love for their fellow men and the milk of Christian kindness.

BF evangelism

What’s not to like?

Well… maybe this…

BF suffer little children evangelism

Genuine Christians understand that their God’s love isn’t limited just to card carrying members of their own particular sect. They understand that there are many good people throughout the world and that whilst they may not agree with Christians on matters of religion that doesn’t mean they are any less valuable to the Lord. They also understand that God’s love demands that they help others – not persecute them. They understand what it means to practice Christian love and charity. That’s why they see right through Britain First’s hypocrisy.

BF refugees not welcome

It’s clear to Christians that Britain First is attempting to hijack their faith to justify their own divisive hatred. There’s nothing Christian about Britain First’s hate-filled agenda.


It’s a strange brand of Christianity that thinks the racist, murderous policies of Adolf Hitler had merit. It’s an unusual Christian who supports Enoch Powell’s white supremacist perspective.

BF Enoch Powell FB 2

The fact is that Britain First uses Christianity in the same way that after shave salesmen use celebrity endorsements. They pretend to be Christians so that they can milk money out of Christians.

BF Luton judge comments offensive extremist mosques

But, like many people who try to misuse Christianity they have a poor understanding of just what Christianity is about in the 21st century. They have underestimated modern Christians, their sophistication and understanding of scriptural metaphor. Very few Christians in modern UK take the bible literally. They know how to extract the message from the Bible – you know, love, compassion, charity and the rest, without having to take every word literally. If Golding and Fransen were half the Christians they claim to be they’d understand that. And they wouldn’t post stuff like this…

BF creationist evolution evangelism

The truth is that Britain First sees Christianity in the same way that it sees Islam. It’s an excuse to provoke tension and in so doing create a marketing opportunity. Fear of the outsider is a great marketing tool. Frightened people are much more likely to cough up their money in support of the person who claims to have the solution. So Britain First borrows the technique of security alarm salesmen and life insurance brokers everywhere.

They create a fear…

BF Enoch Powell warning

…and then they exploit it for money.

BF donate struggle for survival

Now look at the currency. That’s not pounds sterling – it’s dollars. Take a moment to think about that. Look at the flags. BRITAIN FIRST is courting America, Canada and Australia. What’s that about?

Has the penny dropped yet?

Britain First is trying to appeal to the religious right wing of the Americas and the Antipodes. That’s what all the Religious fundamentalism is about. That’s why they even posted ‘British’ stuff like this.

BF America Canada combo

That’s why they’re proud to be American (even though they think it’s Canada).

Britain First is a cynical money-making opportunity hijacking a religion it doesn’t understand and a country they can’t find on the map for personal profit. Is it any surprise that real Christians (and most Americans) see right through them?

Obvious really, aren’t they?

Britain First and the Apocalypse

We’re grateful to possibly our newest supporter for this wonderful article. We really had no idea there were so many (and s/he assures us that this is just the tip of the iceberg). It certainly puts the Biffers’ claims of Christ’s second coming into perspective…

End times

EBF BF End times apocalypse 3I hadn’t even heard of Britain First until my sister sent me a picture from Facebook. I don’t take much interest in politics. I am very interested in theology. That was the subject of my degree. I’m not a priest but I do know a bit about religion and I know this is really very silly. The really ridiculous thing is that Britain First use the apocalypse to beg for money. What do they think they’ll spend it all on when the time comes? You really can’t take it with you!

I did a bit of searching on Facebook and found Exposing Britain First. They seem to know a lot about Nazism but they didn’t seem to know about end times prophecies. So I wrote this for them. I hope it helps.

There have been loads of people prophesying doom and gloom in history. Ever since Jesus told his followers that the end would come within their own lifetimes Christians have been waiting for the end.

“Verily I say unto you, there be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom.” (Matthew 16:28)

St. John the Divine went as far as to tell us what to expect when the end came and Christian apocalypse merchants have jumped on that stuff ever since. For example…

70 CE The Essene Jews thought that the Jewish revolt against Rome (66-70 CE) was evidence of the last days. In fairness, it was for them but not for the rest of us.

EBF BF End times apocalypse 5In 156 CE Montanus (founder of the Montanists) started a very early Christian doomsday cult. One of many. He promised to see Christ’s return within his natural lifetime. He must be really, really old by now – or else he got it wrong. The Montanists carried on waiting for a few more centuries before they gave up.

Rome was 1000 years old in 247 CE. Many Christians thought this was the end of the world – especially when Romans persecuted them.

365 CE Was when Hilary of Poitiers expected the apocalypse.

A group of African Christians called the Donatists thought the world would last 15 years longer and come to an end in 380 CE.

The Bishop of Toledo, hearing about a Viking raid on an English monastery decided that the world was coming to an end in 793 CE.

Lots of people experienced ‘Millennium terror’ in 1000 CE and expected the apocalypse. When it didn’t happen they thought a bit harder about it and moved the apocalypse from the 100th anniversary of Jesus’ birth to his death. That left people just as scared in 1033 CE.

The famous ‘Letter of Toledo’ predicted the end would come on September 23rd 1186.

Christians fearing apocalypse after the failure of the first crusade massacred European Jews because they expected the second coming any day (why else would God let Muslims win?) and the bible says that there can be no practicing Jews when Jesus returns. The Biblical idea is actually conversion but medieval Christians (like modern Britain First followers) seemed to think violence and destruction would be more fun.

Pope Innocent III was also interested in Muslims. He expected the Apocalypse in 1284, 666 years after Islam began.

EBF BF End times apocalypse 2The Joachites thought it would happen in 1260 and them again in 1290. When that didn’t come to pass they went for 1335 and 1378. They didn’t come to pass either.

Archdeacon Militz of Kromeriz thought 1367. That would have really upset the Joachites who’d have been so busy waiting for 1378 they’d have missed it.

In 1524 20,000 Londoners fled the city before the expected Apocalyptic flood destroyed the city and the world. Some even stockpiled food and fortified dwellings on high ground, just like the modern survivalists of the American Bible Belt (who Britain First seem to admire). The 1524 flood was expected because of astrological predictions involving Pisces, which is a fish. Obvious, isn’t it? When the flood didn’t happen they rescheduled for 1528.

In 1525 the Anabaptists were so sure they were in the last days that they decided to overthrow the Satanic army (AKA the nobility). They lived to regret it. But not for very long.

The Anabaptists tried again in 1533. This time they promised destruction by fire with only 144,000 being spared.

Michael Stifel (not an Anabaptist) also though 1533. 8 O’ Clock on October 19th to be exact. Jan Matthys thought Stifel was too early. He reckoned on the following Easter. April 5th 1534. Pierre Turrel thought 1544. That was only because he’d got it wrong in 1537 though.

BF EBF End times ApocalypseAstrology led Richard Harvey astray in 1583 when Christ was due to appear in London at 12 O’ Clock on April 28th. Oddly the stars led Cyrrian Leowitz to a different conclusion. He expected the apocalypse a year later in 1584.

Even Martin Luther, the first Protestant thought the world would end during or before 1600 CE. Dominican Monk, Tomasso Campanella thought 1603 would be the year when the sun hit the earth at the end of time.

The 17th century saw so many Christian doomsday predictions it’s almost impossible to count them. Hardly a year passed in the 1600s without someone proclaiming that the end was nigh. The fuss caused by the English plague of 1665 and 1666 followed by the great fire of London just proved it. 1666 is the total of the number of the beast plus the 1000 year reign of the antichrist. Obviously the fire that started in Pudding Lane was caused not by a careless baker but by the returning Messiah!

John Napier saw at least half a dozen predictions come and go without apocalypse toward the end of the 17th century. You’d think he might have given up before then, wouldn’t you?

In 1736 another cheery Londoner predicted flood and destruction. He was William Whitson and his followers sold all they had to buy a flotilla of little boats in preparation. The Thames was unusually busy that day. Perhaps the same boats were used when another Doomsday Flotilla filled the Thames in 1761.

1789 – 1795 saw at least one different prediction each year. Even Charles Wesley the Methodist got in on the act predicting the end for sometime in 1794. He must have been really worried by New Years Eve! His more famous brother, John scheduled Doomsday for 2836 with Christ’s return a full 1000 years earlier in 1836. I’m afraid not, boys.

William Miller and his several thousand followers predicted a succession of apocalypses in 1843, 1844, 1845, 1846, 1849, 1851. The Millerites quickly morphed into the 7th Day Adventists.

Old Mother Shipton, the famous Yorkshire hermit prophesied that the apocalypse would occur in 1881.

EBF BF End times apocalypse 4Church of England clergyman, Michael Baxter predicted end time fun in 1861, 1867, 1868 1869 1871 and 1872. He’s the source of the 144,000 saved idea so favoured by the Jehovah’s witnesses.

According to the Jehovah’s witnesses, who seem to have taken over from Baxter, the world will/would end in 1874, 1878, 1881 while Mormon founder, Joseph Smith fully expected the world’s demise in 1891.

There were many suicides in the year 1900 to avoid the end times. In 1896 Michael Baxter had predicted the rapture at the turn of the century, simultaneously starting the American fundamentalist rapture movement and setting up hundreds of people to commit suicide at the same time. This prediction thing really is dangerous, isn’t it. Not to be deterred by the failure of his prophecy Baxter went on to predict 1903 and 1908.

Not to be outdone by Baxter the Jehovah’s witnesses went on to predict the end on 1914, 1918, 1925 and 1941.

The 1950s and 1960s saw literally dozens of Cold War inspired predictions of the second coming.

The Jehovah’s witnesses seemed to have learned their lesson during those times but then they came back with a vengeance with new predictions for 1971, 1975 and finally 1984. They seem to have stopped prophesying Armageddon for the last 30 years so possibly the Jehovah’s Witnesses have finally learned something from all those mistakes.

The same cannot be said for the rapture merchants thought. They’ve predicted our demise more or less every year since 1900, perhaps the most famous being Harold Camping who caused thousands to sell everything they earned and send him the money to aid his evangelistic mission. He predicted the end several times too, most recently for two different dates in 2012. He died a multi millionaire after refusing to return the money to his devoted but disappointed followers. He left a legacy of destitution and suicide in the wake of his prophesying.

Trust me there’s loads more I could write about. And that’s only the Christian doom and gloomers. Other people from the Mayans (2012) to Nostradamus have prophesied the apocalypse pretty repeatedly for thousands of years. Even Pliny the younger stuck his toe in the apocalypse pool after Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.

Basically they’ve all been wrong. But they’ve caused lots of hardship. End times prophesies have caused suicides, child murders, genocidal massacres and lives wasted in terror and poverty.

The next time Britain First says the end is nigh don’t worry. The bible says that nobody can know the day or the hour (Mark 13:32)(Matthew 24:36). Britain First is just trying to scare believers. All they’re really doing is showing themselves up as fools.

In Jesus’ name

EBF flyer in jesus name 2Exposing Britain First has developed a briefing pack and awareness-raising flyer for Church leaders. The idea is to Email this pack to ordained priests, ministers, pastors and other Christian church leaders throughout the UK. Britain First is trying to hijack Christianity for its own, nefarious purposes and we think that this country’s community of genuine (non-Nazi) Christians need to know what’s happening in the name of their Lord, Jesus.

The briefing pack is available to download here…

EBF church leaders’ briefing pack

If  you’re a church leader please feel free to download the PDF and get in touch if you’d like to know more. There’s a dedicated EBF Email address set up for the purpose:

If you’re a churchgoer yourself, please forward this to your priest, pastor, minister or leader. The more committed Christians understand about Britain First’s misuse of their faith the greater the opposition to Britain First’s neoNazi hypocrites will be.

For over 2,000 years Christians have promoted peace for all mankind. In the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, Christians have sought to promote harmony and love throughout the nations, as our redeemer commanded.

There is a political party in modern Britain that uses that legacy to sow division. They promote hatred under the banner of Christianity and they’re more popular than you might expect. The name of this political party is ‘Britain First’. Their stated aim is to start a Holy War, a Crusade between Christians and Muslims on UK streets – and it’s working.

Hate crime is increasing and attacks upon our Muslim neighbours by thugs claiming to be performing their ‘Christian duty’ are becoming more common by the day.

We call upon all true Christians to help spread the word about the real message of Christianity. The faith is being hi-jacked. To know more about this growing problem (and how to combat it) visit Exposing Britain First on Facebook, Twitter or here at WordPress.

Britain First: The ‘anti-Christian’ Christians

Biffers like Paul Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen love to bang on about their Christian faith. Their claim that this is a Christian nation complete with Christian values may be laughably hollow but its impact is much more substantial.

The more Britain First’s Biffers squeal about their Christianity the more Christianity itself is associated with their vile, divisive rhetoric. The more Christianity suffers as a direct result of their endless claims to religious fidelity.

Fuhrer Golding would like you to believe that the Christian faith is under attack in this country. He’d like you to believe that the only religious group automatically to hold legislative authority in the House of Lords is powerless in UK. He’d like you to believe that the largest religious demographic in Britain is a persecuted minority. And he’d like you to believe that he represents rank and file Christians across the nation.

BF EBF proverbs Christian hypocrisy liesVery few people are stupid enough to believe this rubbish, of course. Christianity is no more a minority activity in UK than are tea drinking or fish and chip suppers.

The British people are far more insightful about their national religion than Golding and Fransen give them credit for:

When Deputy Fuhrer Fransen advocates persecution of religious minorities she contradicts the teachings of Christ (1 Timothy 1:15);

When Golding advocates refusing to help those in need because of their skin colour or ethnicity he ignores the lessons of many of the New Testaments most famous parables (luke 10:25-37);

When Britain First talks about their much longed-for ‘holy war’ on UK streets they oppose the basic tenets of the famous Sermon on the mount;

When Biffers pretend to be Christian they both offend and discredit Christians across the nation.

The fact is that the Biffers are just bigots who distort scripture for their own ends. They aren’t Christians – but they use Christianity to justify their own extremism. They misrepresent the Bible to support their hatred just as the Muslim extremists they rail against misrepresent Islam.

Britain First is a terrorist organisation justifying itself to itself by hijacking the peaceful religion of millions. And Christianity itself is suffering as a result. If Golding and co continue to misuse the Christian faith as they are perhaps they’ll get their wish. Perhaps Christians really will come to be hated as their image is tarnished by these extremist Biffers who hide their wickedness behind an image of the Son of God.

Perhaps Britain First will damage Christianity’s reputation just as ISIS has damaged Islam’s. How ironic!

Golding’s gratuitous gallery

As we know a recent competition in Texas resulted in outrage and ultimately death. Held under the guise of an exercise in ‘freedom of speech’ the contest to create the best cartoon of Mohammed seems intended not to celebrate free speech so much as to inflame tensions among the Muslim population.
Golding draw Mohammed tweet bf ebf editedUnimaginative as ever, Britain First’s Fuhrer has had an idea. He’s decided to recreate the same fiasco here in UK. This less than illustrious leader of fascist wannabes has learned nothing from the Texans. He’s learned nothing from the reactions of decent people, outraged by his constant baiting of UK Muslims.Perhaps he’ll learn from his favourite religious book, The Holy Bible….
“As a dog returns to its vomit,
so a fool returns to his folly”
No doubt Golding and the rest of his impotent toy soldiers will frame this ghastly gallery in terms of freedom of speech. Not that anyone will believe that the fascists who intimidate and threaten all those who disagree are even remotely interested in freedom of speech. This is nothing more than the immature act of an overgrown school bully poking his classmates with a stick before running away to hide behind the teachers (or in Golding’s case, the Police).
Here at EBF we support freedom of speech. We don’t support pointless displays of hostility though. Especially when those displays are calculated to engender reactions like these…
 bf ebf draw Mohammed comments 1 amendedDraw mohammed comments 2 bf ebf amended