Trouble at Biffer Towers?

Hubby and I went down to Luton yesterday. We wanted to see for ourselves. And saw we did. We didn’t see the ‘No more mosques’ banner though. That won’t be anything to do with the High Court threatening Golding and Fransen with prison if they displayed it. Golding isn’t really Folding is he? NFSE, and all that!

We saw about 100 Biffers. That’s about 5% of the 2,000 Folding and Dutchy had promised and much less than 1% of their alleged Facebook support.

We couldn’t hear very much from where we were. There was just too much noise from the anti-Biffer end but having since seen a couple of videos of the speeches it doesn’t seem like we missed much. There was certainly nothing scary about this bunch of sad Nazis. Actually I was a bit disappointed when the Police diverted their return route to prevent them from coming past our group of antis. I would have liked to get a closer look at them. That should give you an idea about how formidable they weren’t.

What we did hear was interesting. But I need to be honest – it’s not necessarily reliable. It’s rumour but I got the impression that some of the people who seemed to believe these rumours were quite reliable in themselves.

One that I’m relatively confident about is the rumour that there’s some sort of coup in the offing with Steve Lewis and Amanda Slatter looking to depose Folding and Dutchy after their humiliation in the High Court. Apparently, according to the gossip in the anti-Biffer camp, this has been planned for a few weeks but Friday’s court judgement imposed limitations that are seen to be the final straw. They couldn’t even chant their usual abuse as they marched yesterday for fear of Dutchy and Folding going to prison. For all their bravado the Biffers have just been dealt a massive blow by the High Court and they know it. NFSE, EH? Do me a favour! Golding and Fransen are falling over each other to surrender and the rest of the Biffer bosses know it.

Biffer love Lewis Slatter Luton Bin Bagged

In fairness I’d come across the Steve Lewis power bid idea before. It’s been known about by the EBF team since way before I joined. But I’d be surprised if Amanda Slatter thinks she can go up against the throne like that. Queen Dutchy seems more than able to chew her up and spit her out. But be that as it may, several people have suggested that they’re trying to position themselves for power and this may explain why Slattery has shifted her affections from Adrian Riley to Steve Lewis. My thanks to Bin-Bagged for providing this picture, by the way. What was that about a thousand words? Perhaps Slattery Mandy thinks that Lewis can keep her safe from the wrath of the current deputy Fuhrer. We wouldn’t bet on that Mandy.

The other rumour I heard (and it seems to go hand in hand with the first) is that there’s some sort of issue between Riley and Lewis, complete with back-stabbing as each scheme to remove their rival for Slatter’s affections.

I must stress that I have no proof of either of these but it’ll be worth watching to see if one or both of them comes true in the future. We know that lots of people are keeping an eye on matters in the Biffer camp (we have a couple of plants ourselves) so if any of you hear anything relevant please let us know. The easiest way is through the EBF Facebook page. Just message us there.

There’s just one other juicy little titbit that Lottie overheard. She lives in Luton and so she gets to hear conversations in the street during unguarded moments when the fash think the antis have all gone home. Apparently this morning she overheard two Luton locals (possibly EDL) talking about how cosily Folding Golding (yes – they actually used my original nickname for him) seems to get on with the police.

What’s going on there, I wonder?

Not so scary

So we’re back in the car, hubby’s at the wheel and we’re off to pick up the kids from his mother’s on the way back up to the W. Midlands. As far as we could tell our predictions were about right. We thought there’s be around 100 Biffers in Luton today (about 5% of the number Folding and Dutchy claimed) and would you believe it, 100 there were.

There’s no better way to demonstrate how ineffective and non-frightening this bunch is than to see them fail to get any real support in the very heart of England. They really are just a pack of Nazi dreamers.

I won’t be back home until later this evening (mother in law has promised to cook for us this evening) but I’ll update the blog about today’s events tomorrow. I’m especially looking forward to reporting on what Folding and Dutchy said as well as some of the rumours going around the counter demo about Biffer leadership and double-dealing. I’m not sure how true any of that was but it was certainly interesting.

Wish I’d known that.

On our way down into Luton now. We’re in someone else’s car so we can look around as we go. There’s a big Travelodge by the motorway. I wish I’d known that. It took us nearly 3 hours to get here today. We could have stayed there overnight.

And there’s a pub with outside seating on the corner just down the road that does bar food too. Ooh – and a big PC world. I think I might come back to Luton on another day.

A new experience

I’m a bit nervous now. Never even been on a march before, and certainly not on a counter-demo. But – hubby and I are here now and so far the atmosphere is really good. We’re among friends and we’ll all be going down to protest against the fash together.

It’s nice to actually meet some of the EBF admins in person too. As the newbie to the group I was really nervous about that. But guess what – they’re really nice.

I’ll try to keep an update going. Not sure if I’ll manage to post little commentaries from my phone as the day goes on or just save them all up and put them in a single long blog later.

This will be interesting

BF High Court injunction 1Yesterday we reported on the High Court injunction (case ref: HQ15X02820) that, whilst allowing Folding Golding and Dutchy Fransen to enter Luton tomorrow, forbids them to incite hatred by a number of means. Today we’ll see just how seriously the Biffers take UK law. We’ll also see how much rank and file Biffers care about the liberty of their leaders.

Of course, Folding and Dutchy claim victory because they’re allowed to go to Luton. That was always the weakest part of the petition against them and the only one that they ever focused upon – because it was the part they were most likely to win. Their misguided followers have been duped again into thinking that going to Luton was all the petition was about. That’s why they were celebrating yesterday.

We thought it might be useful to consider what the rest of the petition, the parts that did go through, might mean – not only for today’s demo but for Britain First’s whole, grubby operation. We can do this because, unlike most Biffers we not only can read, we actually do read. In this case we read the judgement itself. And it makes interesting reading.

The injunction bans either Paul Golding or Jayda Fransen (either by themselves or by instructing or encouraging or giving permission to any other person) from:

Entering any mosque or Islamic Cultural Centre or its private grounds within England or Wales without prior written invitation.

This bit is much bigger than just Luton. This part curtails a very large section of the Biffers online publicity strategy. They may not have invaded any Mosques recently but they’re often seen in the early hours (before any actual Muslims are around) standing by Mosques with their banners for photo opportunities. They have also encouraged biffers to go onto Mosque grounds to deposit parts of dead pigs etc. If this continues Folding and Dutchy will be liable to arrest and presumably imprisonment.

Publishing, distributing or displaying, or causing to be published, distributed or displayed any words or images, whether electronic or otherwise which having regard to all the circumstances are likely to stir up religious and/or racial hatred.

Hmmm. Facebook is the Biffers’ main place of business. They rely upon their racist and Islamophobic posts to prompt donations. Their ‘newspaper’ is muzzled too, as will be their regular Emails promoting racial and religious hatred to increase their profits.

The injunction on ‘publishing and distrubuting’ inciteful material is also going to hamper their street activists’ visits to town shopping centres to hand out leaflets. They’ll have to find something else to do with their Saturdays. It also prevents them handing out their anti-halal leaflets outside restaurants. So this effectively bans all their street activities with immediate effect.

Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour thereby causing harassment, alarm or distress to any person.

Isn’t this the entire content of Dutchy and Folding’s rhetorical arsenal? Really – think about it. What will they have left to talk about when they stand before their ‘army’ of a hundred or so Biffers this afternoon?

Carrying or displaying in Luton on Saturday, 27 June, at or in connection with the march by ‘Britain First’ any banner or sign with the words ‘No More Mosques’, or similar words or words to like effect.

Read this carefully… “Carrying OR displaying”. They don’t need actually to touch the banner to be in breach of this order. Since it’s their organisation’s march and they organised it, they will be responsible if it is ‘displayed’. If anyone is there to photograph that banner, should it appear in Luton this afternoon we’d dearly love for you to send it to us.

Police were also given the power of arrest should either party breach any of the terms of the injunction.

Dutchy and Folding victorian values BF EBF

Now then – a little reminder for you…

“The injunction bans either Paul Golding or Jayda Fransen (either by themselves or by instructing or encouraging or giving permission to any other person) from:”

What will happen if the rank and file Biffers associated with the Britan First march are abusive, threatening or insulting in a way that causes harrassment, alarm or distress to any person because of incitement from Dutchy or Folding? We think that they’ll be arrested and charged under the terms of this interim injunction.

We’re not sure when they’ll be arrested. Understandably, the first duty of the police is to maintain order. Arresting the Fuhrer and his deputy in front of a rabble of baying Biffers may not be entirely sensible. But they know where they live.

Now here’s a question…

How likely is it that the Biffers, jubilant from what they think was a victory yesterday, will be well behaved this afternoon?

What are the chances that Dutchy and Folding will be spending Sunday behind bars awaiting another High Court hearing?

We genuinely don’t know how the police will choose to play this but we do know that they have just been given the means to respond effectively by cutting the head off this particular snake, should they decide to.

We also know that if Britain First continues to behave the way it has been doing until now both online and off – Dutchy and Folding will be going to prison.

That’s not quite the victory they’d hoped for, is it?

Another endangered species

According to the World Wildlife Fund a growing number of animal species go extinct each year with even more making their way on to the endangered list. As it stands there are 22,784 species on the ‘at risk’ list and more are added every year.

Most people dislike the very idea of extinction – especially when that extinction is caused by humans. Over-fishing, over-hunting, illegal markets in pelts, tusks, shells and even bones has driven, at times even entire genus of our fellow animals to the history books. This is a tragedy, not just for the animals themselves but also for all future generations of humans who will never have the privilege of sharing their planet with so many diverse and fascinating creatures.

But sometimes, just occasionally an extinction event can be positive. Today is one of those days.


Today the High Court engineered one of the most welcome endangerement events we’ve ever seen. With a single stroke of the pen, Justices consigned the species bifferati of the Genus Bigotanus to the ‘at risk’ list of political zoology. Symbolised by the troop’s alpha male, Paulus gold-diggerati and alpha female Dutchy screamitatus, Bigotanus bifferati may well be facing a cataclysmic extinction event of Biblical proportions. We’re sure the breeding pair will appreciate the irony in that.

The species bifferati was always precariously placed with only one dominant breeding pair and few other viable members of the troop awaiting their chance to claim dominance. Bigotanus researchers briefly considered the possibility that Steventium lewisusisusisus and Mandianus slattered might replace the breeders in time but neither seems to be of sufficient quality to save the beleaguered species. As Bigotanus researcher, Anne “The goat” Pepper explains…

“We just don’t believe that lewisusisusisus could possibly rise to the occasion”

For now Bigotanus bifferati continues to exist, eking out a meagre subsistence in its ancestral habitat, the extremist fringes of Outer Naziland. Already weakened by competition from Bigotanus nationali, Bigotanus bnpi and Bigotanus defencicus it seems that its days are numbered. Recent bifferati incursions into established defencicus habitat may well have damaged the bifferati’s only breeding pair so severely that they will never produce even a single new member for their beleaguered troop. In fact the otherwise insignificant Bigotanus boneheadedness seems to have a better chance of survival than gold-diggerati and screamitatus.

EBF celebrate