All part of the plan? What plan?

One of our most prolific Facebook administrators, Kit has decided to try their hand at blogging. And what a fantastic debut this is (EBFBlogger).

‘All part of the plan’ What plan? This is quite possibly one of the worst examples I have ever seen of victim blaming. Refugees have lost everything. Their country, their homes, their jobs, their freedom, their family and their dignity. Britain First ARE seriously suggesting that it’s all part of some sort of plan to spread Islam. There are some flaws in their thinking.

BF Islam refugee plan ISIS libel

While SOME in the West are concerned that refugees will change the demographics of Europe, Daesh believe otherwise.
Daesh DO NOT want refugees to seek refuge in the West. They have called it ‘a major dangerous sin, a sin that mortgages the lives and souls of their children’. They are concerned that western influences will dilute their ideal of Islam and the caliphate that they are trying to establish in the middle east. So how can Britain First believe that refugees are all part of the plan to spread Islam?

While we ponder about this, refugees are stuck in the middle of it. They ARE the VICTIMS. They are victims of the West bombing their countries. Victims of the West’s indecision on how to deal with the crisis and they are victims of the brutal Daesh.

Britain First have thrown everything at demonising refugees because they are Islamophobic. They hate all Muslims, but do you think it would matter what religion refugees were? It wouldn’t because they are also xenophobic and racist as well. It’s just that Syrian refugees happen to be, for the most part, Muslim.

Interpreting Britain First’s neo-nazi policies

Last month we critiqued Britain First’s policies. We showed how the Biffers’ Deputy Leader, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen drew her inspiration from Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher. We went further and compared all the Biffers’ policies to their wartime German counterparts. We highlighted their remarkable similarity to the policies of Nazi Germany. We looked behind the polite, politically correct words (how ironic) and made a few predictions about what they really meant.

Last weekend the Biffers gave us the greatest gift they ever could. No more will we need to speculate about their Nazism. They’ve finally come clean and proven our original point for all the world to see. Fuhrer Golding’s hilarious announcement that he intends to run for election as London’s Mayor is nothing short of a complete admission of neo-nazi Biffer cockwomblery. They’re pretending no more. Britain First is now an OPENLY Nazi organisation.

Some of the Facebook comments accompanying the latest Biffer announcement are pure gold…

EBF BF London mayor comments

But don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself.

For our part we’ve taken a few policy screengrabs to highlight just what this announcement demonstrates about the Biffers’ previously publicized policies…


Below is the full list of present Britain First policies.

Our policies are decided at the annual Conference held each Autumn.

EBF BF police conference 2014 raid


– Deport all illegal immigrants;

– Deport all foreign criminals;

– Offer generous grants to those of foreign descent resident here who wish to leave permanently;

BF immigration mayor quote 4

– Completely halt any further immigration except in special cases such as genuine marriages where strict citizenship criteria has been met;

– Reject and deport all “asylum seekers” who do not originate from countries bordering Britain.

BF immigration mayor quote 3


– Abolish the hated “Human Rights Act” which is being widely abused and which was forced on the UK by the EU;

– Implement an American style “Bill of Rights” guaranteeing freedom of speech, assembly and expression. No exceptions;

– Give England its own national parliament to create parity of esteem within the UK;

– Withdraw from the European Union and create a new trade agreement;

– Implement the need for referendums on any issues that involve the transfer of national sovereignty and the opening of our borders.

BF immigration mayor quote 5


– Implement a radical reversal of the legal and policing focus on the “rights” of criminals and its replacement with the traditional focus on putting the victims of crime first;

– Greater use of National Service for habitual offenders;

– The restoration of Capital Punishment for paedophiles, terrorists and murderers;

EBF BF policy screengrab 1

– Make prisons a place of hard labour rather than cosy holiday camps;

– Introduce the use of “chain gangs” to provide labour for national public works;

– Free the police from politically correct restrictions and unnecessary bureaucracy;

EBF BF policy screengrab 2

The full ‘announcement’ diatribe contains much more than these highlights (including the hilarious promise to defeat serious politicians in televised debate). You can download the whole sorry statement as a PDF here.

How anyone can think of Britain First’s Biffers as anything other than neonazi wannabes really is beyond us.

BF EBF Golding Hitler London Mayor May 2016

Panto Paul plays politics (PMSL)

BF Panto Paul Dick Whittington Mayor of London 2016Head Biffer, Paul “Folding” Golding has just accepted a role in this season’s pantomime season. He’s to play Dick Whittington who, of course wants to be Mayor of London.

When I heard that I laughed so much the tears ran down my legs!

You can read the whole sorry announcement here:

Britain First begs for funds for the 2016 Mayoral election, complete with the usual neo-nazi ranting we’ve come to expect from Britain First. We’ve stuck it into a PDF for you (together with a few EBF memes to provide a bit of background). The memes provide a little relief from the blatant cockwomblery of Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen’s tiresome begging letter.

And begging, of course is what it’s really all about. There’s no way that the city that was so damaged by Nazis during the Blitz, the city that led the fight against the fascists in the 1940s will surrender to their modern counterparts in 2016. But there are plenty of stupid cockwombles who’ll believe that it might.

Once again Folding Golding and Dutchy Fransen are holding out the Biffer begging bowl and once again the terminally stupid will answer the call. Many of them don’t even realise that the politics they support are just Hitler’s Nazi policies rehashed for the modern world. Let’s look at a few highlights…

BF EBF Twitter payback Golding“We will not rest until every traitor is punished for their crimes against our country.

And by punished, I mean good old fashioned British justice at the end of a rope!”

Fransen starts as she means to go on – threatening to murder the opposition. That’s not Nazism at all, is it? We thought democracy was all about different views freely expressed. Not according to Britain First, it seems.

“Britain First is more than a normal, political party – we are a “Declaration of War” against the establishment, the vested interests behind the scenes, the crooked, corrupt politicians and the media brainwashers.

They will all endure a “Day of Reckoning” for their crimes and treachery and we will deal with them in the same way our ancestors dealt with them: through Traitors Gate at the Tower of London!”

BF Golding London Mayor May 2016“We fear no enemy, not Islam, not the politicians, the Left, the media liars, let them launch their assaults on us, we are ready and poised for battle.”

The hit list of ‘traitors’ just keeps on growing…

“Our campaign will be strong, hard-line and overwhelmingly pro-British, and we don’t give a damn what nasty names they call us and how many times they try and paint us in a bad light.

We will take on the Islamists, traitors and careerists in London and make their lives hell, because that’s what they deserve.”

“This campaign is London’s “last stand” – it withstood the blitz, the plague and zepplins (sic), but it has been murdered by immigration.”

The entire begging letter has two main themes (neither of which have anything to do with real politics). The two topics are racist hatred (and a very lengthy list of people who Britain First would like to hang by the neck) and an awful lot of begging. Essentially it boils down to…

“Send us money so that we can kill the people we don’t like.”

But there is humour in there too..

Nick griffin BNP question time 2009

“Can you imagine it in your mind’s eye: Britain First leader Paul Golding giving the likes of Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Galloway a severe dressing down in front of the TV cameras!”

Actually, yes – we certainly can. It’d be hilarious to witness the semi-coherent Golding with his utterly inadequate grasp of history, common sense and the prevailing political landscape going up against serious politicians. They’d wipe the floor with the nasty little cockwomble. We’d all love to see that. Not that we’d ever pay Britain First for the privilege of watching his humiliation.

It’s been a while since a white supremacist was taken apart on British political TV. The last time it happened Nick Griffin (Golding’s old mentor) entertained us all with his spectacular demise on Question Time. With attitudes like these…

“Thanks to mass immigration, multiculturalism and “White Flight” we won’t be able to stand in London next time as it will be an “occupied city”.”

Folding Golding’s destruction on national TV promises to be just as entertaining!

So what will it cost our great, multicultural nation to witness Golding’s political demise?

“All of this is possible, but only if we can raise the £30,000 we need to launch our campaign on the streets of London and online.”

Yes – that’s right. Thirty grand! Judging by the amount of ‘boots on the ground’ that the Biffers usually manage to muster that’ll be around £300 each.  Good luck with that Jayda!

If you want a good laugh have a look at the PDF we’ve prepared. We’ve changed nothing (except occasionally correcting the punctuation for clarity). All we did is add a few EBF memes for context.

EBF blog banner

Biffer justice

They’re at it again. With all the insight of a blunted coping saw the Biffers prove themselves once again to be blithering idiots with no more understanding of actual justice than Genghis Khan. That’s not too surprising – we know very well the Biffer attitude to justice

White = innocent

Brown = guilty

Fascist BF 3

That’s why they don’t waste any time worrying about trials and evidence. Truth has never been of interest to the likes of Folding Golding and Dutchy Fransen. They’re only interested in smearing Muslims and non-whites, perverting the course of justice by misleading public opinion and whipping their followers up into a demented frenzy of hatred that they hope will encourage them to part with their cash.

BF Shaker Aamer saudi guantanamo release

This man, this British citizen has been held for a staggering FOURTEEN years in squalid conditions at Guantanamo Bay. Fourteen years of investigation which turned up so little evidence against him that he wasn’t even charged with any offence, let alone tried or convicted.

Shaker Aamer is, so far as anyone can tell, an innocent man whose liberty was removed by a foreign power (America). He is finally coming home. That should be cause for celebration. We’d have hoped the Biffers would understand that the end to such an injustice is to be welcomed. Apparently not.

BF Shaker Aamer comments 5

And it didn’t take long to go from the ‘kangaroo court’ conviction of one man to wholesale condemnation of a whole religious group.

BF Shaker Aamer comments 2

They even ‘improved’ upon the Biffers’ usual ideas about crime and punishment.

BF policies 2015 crime 10

And the delight with which they greeted the news about the mosque fire in Morden is truly sickening. Not only has this fire got nothing to do with Shaker Aamed’s return to Britain, it’s sickening how quickly the news about a single Muslim morphed into a hate festival involving all Muslims. And they say it’s only terrorists that they oppose!

BF Shaker Aamer comments 6 Morden mosque fire

The Biffers really do have a perverse view of law and order, don’t they? They claim to uphold British values and support British law and yet they have no problem flaunting it themselves.

One rule for one and another for another.

BF law abiding

Can you imagine what life would be like for ordinary British citizens if the Biffers ever got their way? What would happen to moderate Brits of any persuasion, religion or racial background?

BF Join future children nazi undermenschen comparison

Remember the words of Pastor Martin Neimoller…

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Fascist BF 2

Britain First is a fascist, neonazi organisation masquerading as a patriotic defender of British values.

Remember always – these are the people Britain fought to defeat in the second world war. Hitler’s legacy is alive and well. It thrives among the ranks of the Biffers.

Be afraid for our wonderful, peaceful society – be very afraid!

The Biffers are outraged!

An injured serviceman was treated stupidly by an anonymous member of A&E staff who apparently thought that it would be OK to move him out of sight  rather than risk another altercation (like the one they’d previously experienced).

This wasn’t the best decision the health care worker could have made but it’s hardly worth the foam fest that the Biffers are making of it. Think about it…

There are 1.3 million people employed by the NHS according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre


NHS workforce statistic

Many more will work within the NHS under other arrangements such as agency workers or charity volunteers. That’s a lot of people.

Within that varied workforce, just like in any other large workforce, you can find just about anything you care to look for. You’ll find the good, the bad and even the particularly unpleasant.

You’ll find killers

Stepping Hill killer nurse

You’ll find victims

pregnant nurse assaulted

You’ll find racists

Lisa Kane headline

You’ll find heroes

Alder Hey hero nurse

You’ll find fraudsters

Doctor fraud nhs jail

And, of course you’ll find good people making honest mistakes in good faith.

RAF sergeant hospital a&e

A&E staff have many problems to deal with and they don’t always have the time to think things through in the middle of a busy shift. It’s clear that the intention to avoid a repeat of previous problems was honest, even though the decision itself showed poor judgement.

We think that the Biffers reaction to this pointless tale of one person in 1.3 million making a mistake in good faith is a little over the top. What do you think?


Bear in mind that the article said nothing at all about Islam, Muslims or Syrian immigrants at all.

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 1

When did it become about housing?

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 2

More assumptions about Muslims (who seemingly had absolutely nothing to do with this decision)

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 3

We owe Britain First troublemakers nothing either.

Britain First and ‘Freedom of speech’

Britain First’s biffers hate it when we counter their hate speech with facts.

Chrischill BF EBF fascist quote anti fascist

They hate the fact that we take the time to fact-check their misinformation and go to great lengths to debunk their lies. And they try hard to discredit us.

EBF BF freedom of speech doxing intimidation Queens speech

One way they do this is by claiming that we’re ‘politically correct lefties’ who hate freedom of speech. Nothing could be further from the truth. We at EBF have no problem with freedom of speech but like most people we have a problem with malicious lies. Freedom of speech (actually here in UK we use the term ‘freedom of expression’) has limits and there are good reasons for that. It’s long been illegal to slander or libel someone because, as we all know, malicious lies have real consequences for the victim. That doesn’t mean we can’t have and express different opinions. We just shouldn’t go around stirring up trouble with deliberate lies. Let’s put it this way.

Cinema fire Highgate

Imagine a crowded cinema full of men, women and children who’ve come to see the latest animated kiddies’ blockbuster. It’s a family event and the stalls are packed when some mischevious lout shouts “fire!”.

It’s not true. It’s a malicious deception. There is no fire but people believe the lie all the same.

People stampede – a predictable response. Several hundred panicked cinemagoers rush toward the exit. The crush is suffocating.

People die. That’s predictable too.

Is that OK? Is the ‘trickster’ within his rights to exercise his freedom of expression in this way, even though the harm and death he caused to others was entirely predictable?

This sort of ‘speech’ is destructive and capricious. Any argument for ‘free speech’ is entirely disproportionate when measured against the very real damage that it causes to innocent people. Nobody would justify deliberate, harmful lies that put people at risk of harm or death.

Remember that point.

Deliberate lies that cause predictable harm to innocent others are not justifiable by an appeal to freedom of speech.

Now let’s apply the same logic to Britain First’s hate speech.

EBF BF car mob libel

Britain First consistently lies about Muslims, immigrants, non-whites and anyone who isn’t a white-supremacist neoNazi like themselves. They lie deliberately and they do so specifically to stir up hatred.

Iran bf flag burn lie EBF

Gullible people believe their lies and this puts the victims of those lies at risk.

People are harmed as a predictable result of the Biffers’ lies.

Remember the point we made earlier…

Deliberate lies that cause predictable harm to innocent others are not justifiable by an appeal to freedom of speech.

EBF BF Tesco hoax muslim soldier uniform

Let us spell it out…

Hate speech is not OK.

Lying is not OK

Britain First is not OK

Maybe we should take a leaf out of the French book. They know how to deal with lying hate preachers…

EBF Le Pen hate speech prosecution France fascist far right

Why don’t most Christians like Britain First?

Britain First, that well known purveyor of religious hatred styles itself as a Christian evangelical movement. Hardly a day goes by without multiple appeals to the great British public to embrace Jesus and defend the Christian faith against the threat of Islam.

BF full metal jacket evangelism jesus combo

Britain First’s Facebook page is packed with cherry-picked Bible quotes encouraging us to turn away from Sin and devote our lives to the Lord. The Christian sanctity of the family is held up as an ideal, no doubt intended to appeal to the traditional Christian contingent within British society.

BF family motherhood evangelism combo

Britain First begs Biffers to go out and spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus  Christ throughout the nations. Piously quoting the New Testament, Biffers proclaim the love of Jesus to all in the spirit of Christian love, spilling over with love for their fellow men and the milk of Christian kindness.

BF evangelism

What’s not to like?

Well… maybe this…

BF suffer little children evangelism

Genuine Christians understand that their God’s love isn’t limited just to card carrying members of their own particular sect. They understand that there are many good people throughout the world and that whilst they may not agree with Christians on matters of religion that doesn’t mean they are any less valuable to the Lord. They also understand that God’s love demands that they help others – not persecute them. They understand what it means to practice Christian love and charity. That’s why they see right through Britain First’s hypocrisy.

BF refugees not welcome

It’s clear to Christians that Britain First is attempting to hijack their faith to justify their own divisive hatred. There’s nothing Christian about Britain First’s hate-filled agenda.


It’s a strange brand of Christianity that thinks the racist, murderous policies of Adolf Hitler had merit. It’s an unusual Christian who supports Enoch Powell’s white supremacist perspective.

BF Enoch Powell FB 2

The fact is that Britain First uses Christianity in the same way that after shave salesmen use celebrity endorsements. They pretend to be Christians so that they can milk money out of Christians.

BF Luton judge comments offensive extremist mosques

But, like many people who try to misuse Christianity they have a poor understanding of just what Christianity is about in the 21st century. They have underestimated modern Christians, their sophistication and understanding of scriptural metaphor. Very few Christians in modern UK take the bible literally. They know how to extract the message from the Bible – you know, love, compassion, charity and the rest, without having to take every word literally. If Golding and Fransen were half the Christians they claim to be they’d understand that. And they wouldn’t post stuff like this…

BF creationist evolution evangelism

The truth is that Britain First sees Christianity in the same way that it sees Islam. It’s an excuse to provoke tension and in so doing create a marketing opportunity. Fear of the outsider is a great marketing tool. Frightened people are much more likely to cough up their money in support of the person who claims to have the solution. So Britain First borrows the technique of security alarm salesmen and life insurance brokers everywhere.

They create a fear…

BF Enoch Powell warning

…and then they exploit it for money.

BF donate struggle for survival

Now look at the currency. That’s not pounds sterling – it’s dollars. Take a moment to think about that. Look at the flags. BRITAIN FIRST is courting America, Canada and Australia. What’s that about?

Has the penny dropped yet?

Britain First is trying to appeal to the religious right wing of the Americas and the Antipodes. That’s what all the Religious fundamentalism is about. That’s why they even posted ‘British’ stuff like this.

BF America Canada combo

That’s why they’re proud to be American (even though they think it’s Canada).

Britain First is a cynical money-making opportunity hijacking a religion it doesn’t understand and a country they can’t find on the map for personal profit. Is it any surprise that real Christians (and most Americans) see right through them?

Obvious really, aren’t they?

The Landlord has landed!

Please welcome EBF’s newest administrator. Here the Landlord makes his EBF debut with a compelling, ‘from the heart’ explanation of his motives in fighting the fash. We think he’ll be a real asset to our little bunch of volunteers. The landlord had landed!

Beer 2Many times over the last couple of years I’ve been asked why I believe in what I do, opposing the far right to which I say…

“Whilst there is a breath in my body I will fight social injustice and bigotry.”

I’m a landlord, hence my name, in a leafy town somewhere in the Shires of the U.K. where I have seen a surge of support for UKIP, Britain First and other unsavoury groups. I have barred enough customers for the disgusting racist comments they made and also their actions. It was last November this came to a head. Three men in tatty green jackets with Britain First emblazoned on it came in to the pub. They were selling poppies, and tried intimidating customers to buy them. A local told me that the money doesn’t go to the RBL but to Britain First.

I ran them out of the pub with an old WWII vet and other staff. I was told by one my business would be shamed on their Facebook page. This was my first and by no means last run in with the biffers. This is also when I came across this page (as well as others) and started to fight back.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.  A group of friends wanted to do something for the Syrian refugees so set up a group. I told my friends and my family about what we were trying to do.

I got a call out of the blue from my brother in law who’s friend was from the UK border agency asking me to go over to Calais and see for myself what was happening. Two weekends ago I went not knowing what to expect. There are just over 280 Syrians there, all men just as Britain First says, but that’s where their truth finishes and the incitement begins. They do have money, not much, but some, in actual fact the majority of them would probably be labelled middle class, they had good jobs, houses and their children went to good schools. Then Daesh, their government and now our governments have bombed 10 bells of shit out of their country. It was run or be killed. So get across the Med to Europe and get to Britain, not for benefits but for the humanity we’ve shown in the past. They’ve all got their families waiting in Kos, Greece or Italy waiting for word that they are in Britain claiming asylum.

Calais refugeesI saw the squalor they had left their homes for, the clothes given to them by charities instead of the Syrian equivalent of Next and as I left them you know what? I cried. I cried for the first time since the birth of my daughter. I cried because Britain First have the audacity to infer the refugees should be drowned, bayoneted and other despicable ways to kill them. I cried because I despaired at this countries nimbyism and the disgusting headlines from the government’s propaganda machine. Then my faith was restored, 40000+ marchers in London, 5000 in Edinburgh, marchers in Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham. A sign went up outside my council saying Refugees welcome here.

You see, the biffers may be loud, have a social media presence and spread spurious lies about Islam and refugees but slowly the silent majority are starting to make a noise and the far right don’t like it. And those marches, pages like these, you the followers of pages like Exposing Britain First have restored my faith in this beautiful, diverse, multi cultural and tolerant Britain.

So that is why I fight biffers and jumped at the chance to join this page

Daring dawn raid in Ulster

Brave Biffers beat the clock in a daring dawn raid on a quiet street in Ulster.

Golding is really good at having a go at unescorted women but he’s really crap at taking on communities that actually understand what sectarian violence is all about. That’s because the people of Northern Ireland, sickened as they are by decades of religious intolerance and the troubles it caused have no time for his neonazi profiteering.

Biffers claim that the locals of Newtownwards have given them massive support. Yeah right – that’s why they only ever go there when the locals are asleep – because they’re so welcome. Everyone in Ireland just loves Folding Golding…

Golding Belfast twitter threat shot Protestant

Just look at the lighting in this ‘triumphant’ photograph. Is this the behaviour of a group that has massive local support or is it the behaviour of a bunch of Biffer bigots who daren’t show their faces in daylight?

They came, they saw, they ran away before the locals woke up!

BF dawn Ulster mosque Newtownwards


#facesagainstracismThere’s a new movement on social media. #FacesAgainstRacism is an invitation to publish selfies alongside the ubiquitous hashtag to show your opposition to odious groups like Britain First. It’s laudable, it’s courageous, it’s an idea full of integrity and mutual support. It’s also dangerous.

So far as we can tell it began in response to taunts from neonazis who, tired of trying and failing to identify anti-fascists have adopted a different tack. They taunt people into revealing themselves. The fact that many of the people taunting us to reveal ourselves do so from fake accounts is ironic but that’s not the point of this post. This is a warning.

We don’t want to tell people what to do but we do believe in making informed choices. It’s too late to lock the stable after the horse has bolted.

Every member of the team at Exposing Britain First is anonymous. We use psuedonyms to conceal our true identities. There’s a very good reason for that. Britain First, the English Defence League, the National Front, the North West Infidels, the British National Party, the Pie and Mash Squad, Knights Templar International, English and Proud, Combat 18 and the rest are desperate to know who their opponents are. They aren’t interested in having discussions about the rights and wrongs of neonazism. They want to know who you are so that they can hurt you.

BF security identitiesIt’s true that the likes of Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen and Paul “Folding” Golding have created a very public presence for themselves. But there are a few other things to consider too…

Golding and Fransen, thanks to the donations of their followers and their wealthy backer, Jim Dowson have been able to afford a bunch of violent thugs as bodyguards. Can you do that?

Golding and Fransen have aligned themselves with the violent against the peaceful. Would you do that?

Golding and Fransen are well aware that those who oppose them tend to oppose violence so their risk is minimal. You oppose those who use violence as a routine way to get what they want. Are you prepared to deal with that?

Some very vocal antifa like the veteran John McKnight have repeatedly spoken out against Britain First without reprisal. That’s true but the likes of McKnight are ex-military and more than capable of looking after themselves in a scrap. Can you do that?

We’ve had more messages than we know what to do with reporting intimidation, violence, threats, spurious complaints to employers, trumped up legal letters and abuse of relatives from those anti-fascists who were unfortunate enough to end up on the fascists’ radar.

BF EBF Golding Harassment doxing

We’ve witnessed many innocent people face intimidation and abuse simply because Britain First and their ilk have mistaken them for our own team members. Some of our followers have reported needing formal police protection as a result of being ‘outed’ across far right networks. Known anti-fascist protestors can find themselves featured on a number of social media platforms such as RedWatch, sites that exist only to publish photographs and contact details of people who the neonazis think deserve a good kicking – or worse. Trust us – there is nothing straightforward about outing yourself to the far right. These people are vicious and they do act upon the information that they receive.

It may feel good to out yourself but please don’t do so lightly. These people are desperate to identify the main players in the antifa movement. Remember – they’re neonazis. Neonazis are just like the old nazis of the last century. They crush opposition whenever they get the chance.

Outing yourself through #FacesAgainstRacism is a gift we’d strongly advise you not to give them.

NWI doxing threatening violence 2