The ‘regulars’ in Rochdale

The same old bunch of Biffers went to Rochdale yesterday. As usual it was just the same old faces who seem to spend  all their time trolling up and down the country pretending they represent the masses. They seem to have had a nice time though.

EBF BF Rochdale

As usual they weren’t as successful as they claimed. A quick look at the Biffer’s own pictures presents a very different story. There aren’t thousands of people clamouring to receive their free copy of the BF rag (you know – the one they charge ‘patriots’ a quid for). There are no hordes of eager Rochdale folk demanding the chance to join ‘Folding’ Golding’s new Nazi Reich either. All we see is a bunch of sad racists desperately trying to interest Rochdale’s inhabitants in a propaganda campaign that really isn’t going anywhere.

We hope it was worth getting up early for. They must have set off before the birds to get there for 6am. Standing outside a mosque any later would have been much too scary for Folding and Dutchy’s battle-hardened army. Muslims in Mosques are terrifying when they’re awake, you know. They say prayers and everything!

EBF BF rochdale mosque 6am banner

Perhaps that’s because they didn’t tell anyone they were coming. Do we think they knew that they wouldn’t be welcome in Rochdale? EBF can’t think of any other reason for this ‘brave’, early morning sneak photography outside the town’s mosques.

The way Folding went on in his speech to camera yesterday you’d think Rochdale was the Islamic centre of Europe. No wonder they were too scared to wait until the Mosques were open before they turned up. If only they’d taken a moment to google the actual demographic they might have felt a little braver.

Rochdale demographic census 2011 EBF BF

So what can we learn from yesterday’s goings on in Rochdale?

It’s the same lesson we always learn. The Biffers still can’t count!

Operation payback

The Biffers have launched ‘Operation payback’.

“What is this operation?” We hear you ask.

Is it a brave, Biffer invasion of some Middle Eastern terrorist encampment?

Is it an amphibious landing by crack squads of battle-hardened Biffers on night manoeuvres against the Taliban?

Is Gold-digger Golding personally leading Robin Lomax and his bunch of Biffer veterans into the desert to take on the Muslim horde?

Or did ‘Folding’ Golding just send out a few threatening letters yesterday to try and frighten a handful of British women?

BF EBF operation payback mail meme

Which do you think is most likely?

EBF one year on

This week Exposing Britain First celebrated its first anniversary. Yes – that’s right. We’ve been exposing the Biffers and their abusive ways for a full twelve months now.

During that time we’ve built up a wide following, without once paying for likes or resorting to click bait campaigns to boost the numbers. Every week our popularity has grown as more and more people become wise to the reality of Gold-digger and Dutchy’s Nazi intentions. And every week someone appears in the FB page inbox asking just what the problem is with this group of ‘patriots’ and why we’re so determined to stop them.

This week seems to be the perfect time to recap just who these people are and where they came from. If you’re new to Exposing Britain First you may not know all this. Even if you’re not new there might well be information here you weren’t aware of. So….

Who are BF anyway

Britain First is led by Paul “Gold-digger” Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen. But it wasn’t always. For all her bluster, Fransen is a relative newcomer. Originally the Biffers began with Gold-digger and one other figure – Jim Dowson. He’s the one who famously supported the idea of Holy War in a Channel 4 news interview. That’s the same documentary that shows the Biffers incompetently driving their landrover into a car park barrier whilst out on the streets ‘protecting’ us from extremists. We feel safer already!

BF C4 News car park barrier screenshot

Dowson and Golding used to be senior figures in the British National Party – that racist bunch of white supremacist, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic Holocaust deniers who had to be forced through the courts to allow non-whites to join them (not that many would). The BNP was led for many years by Nick Griffin, former ‘big-noise’ in the National Front which Golding was also a member of back in the day.

Since falling out with the BNP, Dowson and Golding have used a range of online marketing techniques to attract support for their racist and Islamopohobic agenda.

“If you apply professional marketing techniques and publicity to political fundraising – it’s a gift” (Jim Dowson)

They’ve done this mainly so that they can sell stuff in their online shops and attract donations for a range of causes, all of which seem to be fronts for Britain first’s own fundraising.


BF post May 2

Essentially the Biffers is an online business that exploits the insecurity of ordinary people to make money from their fears. In the process Golding, Dowson and Fransen are whipping up as much hatred and prejudice as they can – because, as every professional marketer knows, there’s money to be made from fear.

So they lie – they cheat, they distort the facts and they pretend to defend our country from an imagined Muslim invasion. They whip up as much fear and hatred as they can and then they beg for money. Always they beg for money.

BF exploit veterans EBF

BF claims to be doing something useful but as we know they do nothing of the sort. They claim to expose terrorists but really they harass people who’ve already been written about in the newspapers (hardly a scoop) or they bully women on the streets and old men in otherwise completely empty Mosques.

Mosque invasion

They claim to value freedom of speech but then they turn up mob-handed to intimidate anyone who disagrees with them and has the temerity to say so publicly. They even publish peoples details so their followers can have a go at them too.

BF EBF Golding Harassment doxing

And these jokers expect to be taken seriously as a political party!

To date, Britain First has stood only one UK parliamentary candidate. In 2014 Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen put herself forward as candidate for the Rochester and Strood by election on a single issue (No more Mosques) platform. She managed to muster only 56 votes, lost her deposit and then pretended she really supported UKIP. It would be laughable if these people weren’t so damaging to our society.

Nobody (except a handful of misguided Biffers) wants Britain First to succeed as a parliamentary party. Nobody (except the aforementioned Biffers) really knows who they are. But many people are being fooled by their constant clickbait memes and blatant lies into a distorted view of our nation’s multicultural reality.


Britain First regularly posts dehumanising images aimed at Muslims and non-white groups that are almost carbon copies of the Nazi propaganda found before and during World War 2. The comments their supporters leave on Britain First’s Facebook page clearly demonstrates just how toxic the impact of Britain First’s little business venture really is.

EBF BF Nazi dehumanisation

Britain First is a commercial business pretending to be a patriotic political party. Their business model is based upon creating and then profiting from as much fear and hatred as they can manage. The effect of all this activity is to make the United Kingdom a more hostile, hate-filled and dangerous place for everyone, regardless of background, religious belief or ethnic group. Golding, Dowson and Fransen are deliberately damaging our society for their own, personal profit.

EBF mini banner

That’s why we’ve spent the last year raising awareness of their lies and abuses. That’s why we’re proud to be doing something positive to counter the hatred they’re trying to create for profit. That’s why we’ll be here for as long as it takes until these cynical profiteers of hate are pushed back under the fascist stone they crawled out from.

Britain First: The ‘anti-Christian’ Christians

Biffers like Paul Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen love to bang on about their Christian faith. Their claim that this is a Christian nation complete with Christian values may be laughably hollow but its impact is much more substantial.

The more Britain First’s Biffers squeal about their Christianity the more Christianity itself is associated with their vile, divisive rhetoric. The more Christianity suffers as a direct result of their endless claims to religious fidelity.

Fuhrer Golding would like you to believe that the Christian faith is under attack in this country. He’d like you to believe that the only religious group automatically to hold legislative authority in the House of Lords is powerless in UK. He’d like you to believe that the largest religious demographic in Britain is a persecuted minority. And he’d like you to believe that he represents rank and file Christians across the nation.

BF EBF proverbs Christian hypocrisy liesVery few people are stupid enough to believe this rubbish, of course. Christianity is no more a minority activity in UK than are tea drinking or fish and chip suppers.

The British people are far more insightful about their national religion than Golding and Fransen give them credit for:

When Deputy Fuhrer Fransen advocates persecution of religious minorities she contradicts the teachings of Christ (1 Timothy 1:15);

When Golding advocates refusing to help those in need because of their skin colour or ethnicity he ignores the lessons of many of the New Testaments most famous parables (luke 10:25-37);

When Britain First talks about their much longed-for ‘holy war’ on UK streets they oppose the basic tenets of the famous Sermon on the mount;

When Biffers pretend to be Christian they both offend and discredit Christians across the nation.

The fact is that the Biffers are just bigots who distort scripture for their own ends. They aren’t Christians – but they use Christianity to justify their own extremism. They misrepresent the Bible to support their hatred just as the Muslim extremists they rail against misrepresent Islam.

Britain First is a terrorist organisation justifying itself to itself by hijacking the peaceful religion of millions. And Christianity itself is suffering as a result. If Golding and co continue to misuse the Christian faith as they are perhaps they’ll get their wish. Perhaps Christians really will come to be hated as their image is tarnished by these extremist Biffers who hide their wickedness behind an image of the Son of God.

Perhaps Britain First will damage Christianity’s reputation just as ISIS has damaged Islam’s. How ironic!

Will Dowson and Golding soon be folding?

They’re getting jumpy over in Bifferland. We know that because they’re trying to frighten someone again.

“But who?” We hear you ask.

The answer may surprise you. It’s certainly an ambitious project. This is intimidation on a scale much larger than Britain First, Lionheart (who of course have nothing to do with BF, really) have ever attempted before.

This time Britain First is attempting to intimidate…… everybody.

Troll threat 1

This seems more than a bit transparent to us. It’s an attempt to frighten people into silence. Britain First and KTI have always tried to dominate social media (because they know it’s the only way they can ever achieve any sort of acceptability). Their support is so small that it can only ever be meaningful when across the whole country. Actually it’s only really meaningful when the numbers across several countries are totalled up.

Their pathetically poor turnout at rallies and demonstrations (only around 150 Biffers arrived in Dudley after a major national push for attendees) shows just how few BF supporters there actually are once you cut through the clickbait and the commercial ‘like farms’.

So, since social media (especially Facebook) is ‘where it’s at’ for the Biffers, they need to try to protect their online image. Hence the need to try to intimidate detractors. But it’s not going to work.

Prime 2

It’s true that internet trolls can be prosecuted. But that’s not the case for people who report crimes or who alert people to the nefarious activities of others. Even in civil cases of defamation (which have the lowest burden of proof) the truth is always a solid defence. If what you say is true it’s not libel. Of course it might be harassment – Britain First know all about that.

Britain First knows all about hate speech too. That’s why their iphone app was removed only days after its launch.

In an amazing feat of irony, Lionheart (one of Britain First’s sister pages but ‘Shhhhhh’, nobody knows it’s really the Biffers) has started posting information about convicted internet trolls. These are the extremely nasty individuals who post obscenities, threats and abuse to other social media  users….

NI trolls warning

Troll jailed 2Troll jailed 1

This is fair enough. Internet trolls do occasionally get prosecuted and quite rightly so. Abuse happens on social media just as in real life and it can be just as harmful.

What’s not fair enough is the attempt to equate it with blackmail….

NI trolls warning 2

What Britain First is attempting to show is that criticism of Britain First (a registered political party that also runs a shop – or should that be the other way around?) equals illegal blackmail. However we can see that the actual offence also involves extortion of moneys etc.

It’s very different from truth-telling – a legal activity that many would argue is actually a civic duty. That’s certainly how we see it here at Exposing Britain First. We’ve told the truth about Britain First to many people in our time. We’ve alerted victims of their fraudulent activities such as the Royal British Legion…

BF post May 2

We’ve highlighted the apparent secrecy surrounding money donated to Britain First’s ‘charitable’ endeavours…


We’ve also shown how Britain First take credit for things they didn’t do….

BF post May 1

And we’ve exposed the way that they use emotionally charged pictures as clickbait….


And abuse our war heroes for their own profit….


And we’ve had some success…


We think it’s the uncovering of their financially-driven deceptions that worries the Biffers most though…


And the obvious links between Britain First’s laughably inadequate ‘political party’ status and their rather unusual trading activities…



There are rules and laws about fair trade and non-discriminatory practice…

13If Britain First continues to break those rules they can’t grumble when people report them to the police, the other businesses they interact with, their victims or the general public via social media. Remember that truth is a very good defence in defamation cases and that blackmail cases tend to involve demands for money, goods or services.

Harrassment is different, of course as Britain First knows only too well. Paul Golding, the head Biffer himself was convicted of harassment over one of his rather silly ‘confrontations’. We would argue, however that asking a registered political party about their actions and policies is a legitimate activity – so long as it doesn’t become repetitive or threatening. We’d also argue that publicising their activities with commentary is a legitimate act of political engagement. Exposing the abusive actions and policies of that registered political party and its members is more than just legitimate, it’s a civic duty in the public interest.

The ‘birth rate’ myth

BF EBF birth rate white genocideBritain First loves statistics. They’re flexible, they’re manipulable and they lend an air of credibility to any lie the Biffers want to spread around. Take for example the ‘Muslim birth rate’ myth. This is the scaremongering argument that Britain First trots out so regularly to try to frighten non-Muslims about an imagined Muslim takeover.

The basic argument is that since Muslim families have more babies than non-Muslim families the time will come when ‘they’ will take over the whole of society. This myth, which goes hand-in-hand with the ‘white genocide’ myth we covered earlier, isn’t just wrong, it’s downright ludicrous.

There are two main statistics that Biffers and other far-right Nazi groups such as the National Front or the British National Party like to quote as ‘evidence’ here. Let’s look at them both in turn…

Muslims have more babies than others

The fertility rate for Muslim families is actually falling rapidly, not just in Western countries but across the world. In 1995 the average was 4.3 children per family. By 2010 that figure had fallen to around 2.9 and it still continues to fall. In Western countries such as the UK the figure is lower still when counted across the entire time of each woman’s reproductive life (the only meaningful way to calculate her fertility over time).

EBF BF birth rate white genocide 2Actually Western nations have seen this before. We saw it in the 1930s and 1940s when the influx of Jewish immigrants and other refugees fleeing from Britain First’s ideological soulmates, the Nazis, also demonstrated temporarily higher birth rates than the indigenous British population. In fact the birth rate among today’s British Muslims is falling considerably faster than it did among Jewish immigrants in the mid twentieth century.

This isn’t about religion – it’s about the dynamics of immigration and the age at which immigrant families tend to ‘up sticks’ and move. Young immigrants often wait until they’re established in their new home before having children. That doesn’t mean they necessarily will have more children than other couples over the course of a lifetime – simply that they have them after they move. First generation immigrants do tend to have more children than the indigenous population but second generation immigrants are much closer to the established norms of their host nation. That’s not really all that surprising since, having been born here, they are themselves part of that indigenous population. This explains the ‘young bulge’ in UK Muslim demographics (88% are aged under 50).

Mohammed is the most common name for new babies in UK

Well, of course it is! That’s because it’s a name given to extremely high numbers of Muslim boys. There is no equivalent name among the non-Muslim British population and so, despite the relatively low numbers of Muslim births, the incidence of this particular name is comparatively large. Imagine what the result would look like if the right wing press had published babies’ surnames instead of given names. We think that surnames like ‘Smith’, ‘Jones’ or ‘Johnston’ would appear far more prominently than any Muslim equivalent.

The reality is that the right wing press published the research data for first names because it gave the most frightening impression – not because it gave the most accurate reflection of the demographic reality. The truth is that British Muslims’ birth rates are becoming assimilated into UK norms remarkably rapidly. 2010 birth rate research showed only 1% of British babies were named Mohammed. By 2013 it had fallen to only 23rd place in its most common variant – the most popular name in that year being ‘Oliver’. The ‘first place’ claim is arrived at by adding up a number of variant spellings but even so – it’s hardly surprising. Many Muslims give their sons the name Mohammed because the name is traditionally believed to confer characteristics of the prophet onto the child. It’s not a takeover – it’s a religious custom that distorts the figures.

Mohammed may be a common name (especially with all its many variant spellings) but it’s hardly evidence of a national takeover. Far from ‘out-breeding the infidel’ the Muslim birth rate is declining as Westernised Muslims adopt the fertility rates and patterns of the rest of UK’s population.

The ‘BF exposes terrorists’ myth

Last Tuesday we tackled the ‘no go’ area myth – a regular Biffer refrain that would be laughable if it hadn’t done so much damage to the way our country is viewed by gullible racists. In that post we showed how the small number of Muslim extremists who thought they could create such an area here in UK were imprisoned for their pains back in 2013. Today we’ll consider a related theme – the Biffer claim that Britain First has something to do with exposing and combating domestic extremism.

First – let’s be clear about what we mean by extremism. We mean people who are involved in either the perpetration or incitement of hatred and violence. People who behave like Paul Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen for example. They’re far-right extremists who target non-Christians, lefties, non-whites, immigrants, trade unionists and pretty well anyone who disagrees with them. Islamic extremists are people who engage in or incite hatred and hostility toward non-Muslims. Both types of extremists are destructive, antisocial and dangerous to the well-being of our country and its citizens.

We should also point out that extremism involves actual extremist activity – not just disliking Paul Golding or his discriminatory agenda.

What do we mean by ‘exposing’? Well – most people would argue that ‘exposing’ involves identifying and publicising the existence of people whose stories aren’t already in the public domain. So – people whose stories cannot already be found by picking up a national newspaper, for example.

Unfortunately for Britain First, their only source of information about genuine extremists seems to be exactly the same as everyone else’s. All their extremist exposés have been about people originally identified in the press. Britain First’s army of racist Biffers trawls the newspapers for information and reposts it when it suits BF’s racist agenda. Interestingly Britain First also ignores information that doesn’t fit its narrow prejudice. For example the Biffers have posted many stories about non-white paedophiles but ignored many more relating to white child sex offenders.

So let’s look at what Britain First has actually achieved in relation to extremism:

BF EBF Burn dudley mosqueThey’ve reposted a number of newspaper articles (usually with a link to their own online merchandising);

They’ve terrorised a large number of moderate Muslims both online and off;

They’ve harassed several innocent people who they have falsely accused of extremism when what they really mean is that these people disagree with Paul Golding;

They’ve harassed a small number of people who’ve already been exposed, tried and convicted for their extremist activities;

They’ve behaved in exactly the same way as that for which they condemn others, mounting bizarre ‘Christian patrols’, invading mosques, radicalising gullible Biffers and inciting hatred and violence against innocent minority groups;

They’ve publicised their disgraceful activities as widely as they possibly can.

In short, the only extremists that Britain First has managed to expose are its own vicious, bigoted leaders and members. We should give credit where it’s due though. They’ve made a damn good job of that!

The ‘white genocide’ myth

EBF BF white genocideBritain First are far from alone in perpetuating this particular myth. It’s a myth based upon the fact that most people know next to nothing about genetics and the interaction of dominant and recessive genes to define heritable characteristics and racial types. We don’t plan to lecture anyone on genetics here but it is worth making a few basic points.

Racial type isn’t an all or nothing situation. Each individual physical trait is decided via complex interactions of genes resulting in a range of characteristics. That’s  why children of any couple tend to get ‘their mother’s nose’ or ‘their father’s eyes’, rather than something halfway between the two. Each genetic ‘choice’ is ‘all or nothing’ (like the electoral ‘first past the post’ system) but the number of gene pairs involved is so great that the resulting set of characteristics is almost impossible to predict.

Skin colour is a little different in that there are many different genes that determine pigmentation but it’s still essentially the same idea. Many different gene pairs interact to create the familiar range of colours we see in the modern world. But each gene remains in the gene pool and can resurface in future generations – making the concept of racial genocide via interbreeding a scientific nonsense. To put it another way – it won’t happen. Advantageous genes repeat in the gene pool. In the Northern hemisphere light skins are advantageous and so those genes will persist in those areas of the world (including here in the UK).

But that’s not all that’s wrong about this particular ‘white genocide’ myth. Even though it’s not going to happen. let’s consider the implications of ‘White genocide’ by inter-breeding, just for the sake of argument.

Inter-racial mixing has continued for many hundreds and thousands of years. Ever since Homo sapiens first migrated out of Africa (yes – Africa), the ancestral home of every single modern human, we have evolved, diversified and interbred. Each slight change, each successful evolutionary adaptation has remained in the gene pool only because it was advantageous to the individuals who carried it and by extension to our species as a whole. Just as we wouldn’t feel bad because early Homo neandertalis might lament the fact that very few of their physical characteristics remain in the modern gene pool, why on earth should future generations care if they benefit from subsequent evolution?

Or should we all start protesting about men without unusually broad brow ridges and jutting jaws or refuse to marry women who don’t have even more impractically angled (and potentially fatal) birth canals?

Let’s just put this rubbish in perspective…

Any future improvement in human evolution will be no concern of ours. Just as we don’t care that our brains are bigger than the Neanderthals’, future generations won’t care that a few misguided modern Nazis would prefer them not to have evolved either.

Bleeding hearts in Britain First

Some days in our lives we will always remember. Sometimes for happy or sad personal reasons, other days for stunned shock at a world event. We can all remember when and where we first heard the news about the Dunblane killings, Princess Diana’s untimely death, the events of 9/11, Andres Beiviks massacre and the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

I can certainly remember that night, watching in shock as the news unfolded. Lots of conflicting reports and images from social media, so much that didn’t make sense, it seemed unreal. Could this really be happening?

Social media was alight with the news. A friend contacted me to say her son was there at the scene and he had the impression that it couldn’t be real, that it was some kind of drama playing out in front of him. Perhaps that was indicative of the level of shock and horror that we all felt, as a nation, at what was happening on our streets. Did any of us believe that there would ever be anyone beheaded on our streets, especially a young soldier, right outside his barracks.
That shock and disbelief that accompanies it seemed to go on for days, even as more information was gathered and we learned the true horrors of what happened. The entire population of the country was stunned.

None more so – of course – than Lee Rigby’s family. We all empathized so much with his young widow and her small son and with his mother.  We all wondered how we would cope with the news of our own loved ones having such an horrific end, taking in all the details and shedding tears with each of them.

We all empathized with his comrades at the barracks, so close yet so far away, and the feelings of helplessness of the police and eyewitnesses who had to endure the scene. We thought about the courage of the woman who tried to help and the fear of those people who the murderers approached with their blood stained hands  – images that will remain with us for life – and how very much worse for his loved ones.

All of us mourn his loss. All of us feel the impact of the manner of his death – so why is it
that Britain First think that they have the monopoly on this depth of feeling? Why is it that they will NOT let Lee Rigby rest in peace and allow his family to mourn him away from the spectre of extremism?

BF Golding on Andrew Marr show BBCThe answer is really quite simple. They are using him as currency. In spite of his mother’s plea’s for them to keep her son out of their ‘patriotism’, in spite of the Electoral Commission having to issue an apology for allowing his name to be used on Britain First’s voting slips; in spite of all the power that Lyn Rigby could muster, they continue to use him because he is valuable to them.
His value to them lies in gaining likes on their Facebook page. They ask people to click ‘like if you remember’ – which is as meaningful as saying ‘like if the sun rose this morning’, but people WILL click like, because they are nice people, because they DO remember and because we were ALL affected by his death.

Britain First create ‘likes’ for posts about bringing back the death penalty for Lee Rigby’s killers and they allow their supporters full rein on those posts to spout the kind of venom that Lyn Rigby says he would have disapproved of; to call for an eye for an eye; to shout ‘behead them’’ to invent the most excruciating tortures; all of which make them as bad, if not worse than his killers, at least in spirit and attitude.

The thing about those kind of comments, which Britain First admins allow, even encourage, to be posted is that they attempt to give the impression that the commenters are more angry, more outraged, more vengeful than anyone else on these islands of ours. They appear to think that the more grotesque the punishment they can devise means that their anger and sorrow has more gravitas than the rest of us, than those of us who feel empathy for him and his family, than those of us who wish to let him rest in peace, and allow his family to grieve and mourn as they feel.

At Exposing Britain First we have not reacted to all the posts about Lee Rigby. It is a very fine line that we walk. We respect him and his family and their right to their grief and we would never wish to intrude on that. At the same time, we feel the frustration of not being able to stop the inexorable spread of his name as a currency and a trophy for the far right to fight over. How much more must his family feel that.

As another anniversary looms, and the far right try to mobilize in an attempt to highjack a tragic and horrific murder, Exposing Britain First would like to say to Britain First that this is not a competition. We will not compete with you to be the most aggrieved, the most outraged, more angry and vengeful. The perpetrators have been met with British justice and the most aggrieved are Lee Rigby’s family and we extend our every sympathy to them.

The ‘no go area’ myth

Britain First loves to claim that there are Muslim ghettos in UK that they describe as ‘no go areas’ for non-Muslims. This is a lie! It’s one of many far-right myths. They have stolen this idea from their predecessors and ideological soulmates, the English Defence League who regularly marched into parts of our major cities, effectively disproving their own point in the process.

EBF Shariah zone picThe only piece of ‘evidence’ ever presented for this is a photograph of a small group of extremists who fly-posted signs in a particularly multi-cultural London borough announcing that it was an area controlled by Shariah law. It’s true that this happened. Extremists do a lot of stupid things. Britain First’s ‘Christian Patrols’, led by Paul Golding himself,  are a typical example of the same extremist stupidity. It’s also true that these few Muslim extremists were arrested, convicted and sentenced back in 2013 for this criminal attempt to usurp British law. It is not true, as was claimed on FOX News recently, that the whole of Birmingham is a ‘no go area’ for non-Muslims. Nor is it true that there is a single area anywhere in Britain where only Muslims are safe.

It is true that there are areas where any stranger is at risk of attack, especially if they look like they may be worth mugging but that has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with social inequality. It’s also true that far right Nazis carrying provocative banners and chanting, “Allah is a paedo”, will not be well received in areas with diverse populations. But that’s hardly a surprise.

If you want to live in a land where you are free to move around regardless of religion then stop insulting people and start acting like decent human beings. Then you’ll be as free to move around this wonderfully diverse country as the rest of us.

It’s not rocket science!