View from a barstool #12

Beer 2This weeks barstool is from an old friends pub in the Home Counties as I try simultaneously to kick one hangover to begin another.

Whilst some of us were drinking to excess, filling our stomachs with rich fancy food and opening presents the rain came down in the Northern Shires bringing more floods and despair to thousands. The army and emergency services working round the clock to help,and pictures of wonderful people helping those who are in distress. If like me you’re waiting for those pictures on the Biffer pages you won’t, whilst they were eating and drinking, it was Muslims that showed us the true meaning of Christmas.

If like me you’ve lived all your life away from a flood area and think that big puddle you have to drive through is big, spare a thought for those in Yorkshire, Cumbria and those other affected areas.

hebden bridge flood bus 2015

I see the Biffer Christmas message went up again, Goldibollocks obviously was too drunk or not trusted enough with the bigoted load of drivel that was produced. I managed 2 minutes of this rubbish before I was brain dead but fortunately Kit and Prole endured it so if you missed it here is my take on it. Blah blah blah Christians, blah blah blah BBC not Christian, blah blah blah Islam taking over,blah blah blah rubbish zzzzzzzz.

Apparently the same old tired regurgitated crap came out again and again. Watch out patriots get jiggy with it or Islam will take over by 2050, the BBC only showing 8 hours of Christian programs, I thought it was a public broadcaster that had to cater for everyone. Our exalted prime minister not mentioning Christianity, although when I saw his message that is all it was.

As we hurtle towards a New Year I’m sitting here once again, pint in hand, wondering about what next year holds for us here at EBF. I’m wondering if the biffers will pack up and leave, the words “goodwill to all men” will be backed up by deeds, that we can fight extremism and beat it in whatever form it comes, that the bombing in Syria stops and another way to beat Daesh is found, that Israel stops the genocide of the Palestinians and the killing stops and that the world can live in harmony. But then I had a slug of ale and realised that although these are laudable ideals there is no way these will come about. Biffers will continue to hate, con and lie.

EBF PAW copy

Extremism will continue almost unabated, bombing will continue because minerals and armament companies need it to, and Israel and Palestine will continue to fight. And EBF will continue too. We will continue to counter lies, continue to laugh at bifferdom, continue to highlight the good in anyone regardless of religion or creed.

So as I order my second pint of the day may I wish all your aspirations come true next year and all followers of the page and your families and friends a happy and peaceful new year.


A view from a barstool #11

Beer 2Another week, another load of rubbish published from Biffer Towers, and another successful week of debunking the rumours from all of us here at the EBF office. Although it has to be said a few of us have been suffering from a new disorder called Biffer fatigue, a seemingly endless supply of hobnobs, ginger creams, coffee and alcohol along with support from the EBF family and the other admins seem to be pulling us out of it.

So what have we seen this week, a flying visit to Derby (another today as I write) to cause fissures between the Muslims and everyone else, which appears not to have worked, gatecrashing a peaceful vigil stealing a homemade sign and thinking they’ve done well, a trip to Brick Lane (see the EBF video here) to stir up trouble and give out their particular brand of toilet paper, their everlasting love of all that Trump does, another set of begging letters for personal protection and a love-in with KTI (remember they aren’t tied in with them.)

EBF BF disrupt Derby peace protest steal placard peace signI turned up at the office, surprised the other admins (I’m not a great attendee there) and was stunned by the decorations, the tree and generally the Christmas cheer that greeted me as I walked in. If you are not aware we have people here from various faiths and political persuasions. These make for great debates as we trawl though the nasty world of Bifferdom. So in my 3 months of being part of this amazing group of people I thought I’d talk about the questions that you the EBF army have been sending to us in messenger, to the page or comments on the page.

1) Why do you use nicknames?

The simple answer is for security, we have all come under pressure from any of the fash trying to get us to give away bits of our lives so the so called security and intelligence (HAHAHAHAHAHA) section of BF can come after us, our work, trades or businesses, our families (as they are cowards) or generally troll us as much as they can. They hate EBF as we counter their lies and as our reach gets bigger so does our threat.

2) Is there really an office and do we really like Hobnobs?

Yes we do have an office and yes it is full of the oaty biscuits, although being a killjoy I prefer ginger creams, and coffee. Hulk insists on the best coffee, I get on his nerves by bringing in Extra Value (not a coffee drinker either).

EBF Mug banner badged

3) What happens if BF disappears?

This is a discussion we have on a regular basis, if BF is disbanded do we go, or do we carry on exposing the lies raised by the various islamaphobic pages out there? Our answer, wherever there is bigotry, racism, lies or hate we won’t be far behind, indeed our new mission statement states just that.

4) Why are there more humourous memes about when we want you to expose them?

After a day trawling through bifferland and seeing the disgusting things, there has to be time for humour, we are only human and some of the things you send are hilarious, we just have to sift through the appropriate ones.

5) Why can’t we post to page?

Simple, we would lose the page. The fash have taken down several pages in the past by posting porn, gore and other disgusting things to page and reporting the hell out of it. We do read all posts to page and all personal messages, it may take a bit of time to reply but like British Rail we get there in the end.

So keep posting to us, keep sending us stuff to debunk, keep sending us your memes, your funnies, your screen shots of your comments on their pages and generally any news you may think we might want show on the page.

So that’s it, as Christmas looms the rubbish they spout continues, the incitement continues and our resolve to bring them down continues.
And now as I drive away from the office, I actually feel like we are starting to get through to people, the media are starting to take note of them and showing them in an unsavoury way. I also feel the friendship from 75000+ people, Biffer fatigue no more.

EBF Mince pie merry christmas.jpg

Merry Christmas, however you may celebrate it, I hope you and your families have a great time.



View from a barstool #10

Beer 2Hello all, a tired and very hungover Landlord travelled back to his pub from Somerset and decided to call in to Hobnob central or more commonly known as EBF towers. After the obligitary telling off for not bringing any oaty snacks as I only had a packet of twiglets and a couple of opal fruits in the car, I started to have a look through what the biffers have got up to.

After 15 minutes of trawling through the absolute lies and intimidatory bullshit through bleary bloodshot eyes I decided my round up this week wouldn’t be a roundup at all but a run through of the last evening that the Antifa Landords came up with during one of our shandy drinking binges (well one of us was drinking lager top). It decended into farce later on but thats another story. But before our session was over we had thought of a wonderful new reality TV program that one of us will send to channel 5, the working title is bigot first.

We found 6 people hungry for cash and media time found a house in one of those Donald Trump no go areas, or Britain as we like to call it, and left the cameras on. When we could be bothered we’d go back and check a) if they were still alive, b)if they had finished the Halal meat we left for them and c)if any of them had used any of the stock bigot phrases yet.

Day one. The introductions of the 6, Dutchy a feisty,somewhat scary woman,Goldibollocks, a suit wearing shouty man, Dim Jowson a bespectacled elderly gent nicknamed “uncle”, Pieman a rather rotund chap, who appears to say he wants to “take the jaws off people” if he’s not keeping the owners of Greggs in toilet paper, little Tommy R or whatever his name may be, he changes it every week, but another shouty man, and finally someone dressed in chainmail, helmet and tinfoil sword who calls himself Kay Tee I or something like it.

After the introductions the contestants went to their Dorms, one for Dutchy and one for the chaps. “I’m not staying in here it would be like the bloody muzzies segregating men and women” she said, “ah” said Uncle and Kay Tee, “but in our sect women are not equal either.”Goldibollocks was heard to say “no christian rumpy here then”.

As we disappeared down the pub, watching a bunch of bigots is not our cup of tea, we heard the beds scraping and the sound of pieman shouting “I’ll take your fucking jaw off if you don’t move these beds so they are facing North, I’m not sleeping facing Mecca” Tommy laughed.

1800, Jayda is in the kitchen making dinner, Uncle said it was her job Kay Tee agreed whilst Pieman wondered if his 50p off voucher at a well known bakers would still be valid when he got out. “I can’t cook this” the harridan screeched “look it’s got HMA on it, our page said not to it’s fucking halalalalalal.” Pieman said “does that mean all of it is, this water, banana, aaaaaaaaaaah it’s a lefty plot Exposing Britain First have left halal hobnobs in here” Tommy said in his best English “fook it I’ll eat it, just don’t tell Pegida or the EDL or the English Democrats or whoever I’m in charge of this week” and so they didn’t eat.

1845 time for bed, the paytrioots decided that as they can’t eat or drink anything as it’s all halal, all they can do is sleep, the production team decided not to tell them all that oxygen is halal too, that would be too funny…..

Day 2, and our bigots are all awake, so hungry that Kay Tee stood guard over them incase Pieman turned to bigot on toast. The production team (I’ll call them EBF for now) decided to send in Muslim kryptonite, a pack of bacon and a couple of crates of Stella, we want to laugh at them not kill them, we’re sympathisers not extremists after all.

EBF BF Big brother Jayda Fransen diary room

1200, Bacon and Stella consumed, EBF called Goldibollocks into the diary room and offered him the chance to meet dutchy in a snooker hall (well room) while the others decorate the room with security windows, panic alarms and give them all black shirts with bodycams on.

1300,  after an hour of “feeling normal” Dutchy and Golding are back with the group, suddenly a dog appears and starts to bark as Uncle begins a sermon and Tommy tries to write another bargain bucket best seller(on sale at poundland in a month) Kay Tee is kneeling waiting to be Templared, Pieman is running round threatening the dog with taking his fucking jaw out, Goldilocks and Dutchy are doing traditional daisy chains on the lawn.

EBF BF Big brother Golding diary room

1500, EBF have decided that all this is a bit nice so send in the first task. Making a nativity scene using only the finest goods from Harrods..although a couple of EDF took the labels off in case the name started a fight. After building the stables and manger, decorating it with straw they began on the disciples, or sheep as we like to call them.

1530, the Dutchy screech is heard…”get these islamic figures out of my nativity scene. They was English I tell ya, not rag ed’s at all and Joseph and Mary were WHIIIIITE!!!!.” Her eyes were bulging. Tommy said “calm down Dutchy” he said “it’s all a lefty plot, they really are just suntanned, not from the Middle East. It’s the same with St George he’s from Peckham really” Uncle continued to rock back and forth quoting the scriptures, Kay Tee is practicing his sword work with his £59.99 sword bending in the wind, Goldibollocks is on the calculator trying to work out how he and Dutchy an afford a trip to bigot land, or Trump Towers as we like to call it.

1531 it starts to rain.

1800, As the rain continues a flood ensues, Uncle tells all who would listen that it is because of the refugees, “it must be true I read it in our bible” he says and pulls out a copy of the Daily Mail.

1825, EBF call pieman into the diary room. After playing sounds of Gaspode barking, he threatens to “take our fucking jaws off” we hand him a letter from the Landlord of the property, Mr Shah who threatens our gallant bigots with eviction if they don’t pay £87 in rent. EBF also gave them a mobile phone to try and raise the cash.

1835, Uncle and Kay Tee have put out an appeal, with a picture saying ” The Templars on a fact finding mission to Serbia, working for you.” Tommy sent an appeal out to the EDL to storm the place but didn’t hold out too much hope as it was a Friday and Kebab and Stella night. Pieman gave his 50p voucher whilst Dutchy and Goldibollocks send a post out to the gullible along the lines of “Lefty plot to stop your leaders from their democratic rights to stay in a house. We have instructed our legal team to take on this lefty plot but you know how expensive this is, we really don’t want to ask you but if you could chip in to help us keep our freedoms. We need £5000 by morning, please dig deep.”

Day 3, Begging update, Uncle and Kay Tee have raised a grand total of nothing, Tommy had a couple of “I love you mate” an offer of a piss up and a chance to write another book, Pieman had raised 50p but his threats to take off a fucking jaw wouldn’t put him good stead. However Goldibollocks and Jayda had made the amount but told everyone they had made nothing, when EBF looked at the history on the phone, Thompsons Holidays was the last entry.

1200, the tension amongst the crowd waiting outside Bigot House is palpable, several police forces sent reinforcements as Bigot first’s events page showed 7500 coming. Numbers are amazing, at least 139 people were there, the police love the overtime.

1205, the Bigots emerge, victory is theirs, Uncle holds his bible aloft, Kay Tee holds his sword, Tommy has a stupid gring on his face, Pieman, spots a kebab van and falls over trying to get there first. Goldibollocks and Dutchy are asking for money for exclusive interviews, except to the lefty media which is everyone apart from the Fail.

1210 the crowd disperses, EBF come out of the house pissing themselves in laughter.

With apologies to whoever does another program on channel 5.

The Hanging Gardens of Bifferdom

Previously we reported on Britain First’s feigned outrage at the ‘Death of democracy’. Of course, like the famous Mark Twain obituary from the New York Journal, the reports of democracy’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Not to be deterred, Britain First decided to speed up democracy’s death with a little neo-nazi fervour of their own. Farage seemed content just to pretend that electoral fairness is lost. The Biffers want to kill it themselves.

EBF BF Hang all traitors politicians noose.pngIn what version of democracy is it acceptable to propose the execution of political opponents?

Really? Think about it? What sort of democratic political party thinks this is OK?

Can the Biffers be any clearer about their neo-nazism?

It’s not about the Muslims

“It’s not about the Muslims, Muslims, Muslims” (with apologies to Jessie J)

Far right Nazis often accuse antifa groups like Exposing Britain First of being ‘Muslim apologists’ or ‘terrorist sympathisers’. Some of them assume that we’re all Muslims ourselves. They can’t understand why we’d bother to speak out against organisations like Britain First unless we’re personally involved. This raises a number of issues.

1. If neo-nazi organisations like Britain First or the English Defence League can’t appreciate our motives then presumably they can’t understand empathy either. This reveals their inherent selfishness. The Biffers can’t see why we’d risk Nazi violence to stick up for someone else because they wouldn’t help others themselves.

2. Nazis see the world in childish, ‘black and white’ terms with no grey areas. For them it’s ‘all or nothing’. This is the immature ‘with us or against us’ worldview that interprets all Muslims as enemies and all enemies as Muslims. When faced with non-Muslim antifascists the only recourse for the confused Nazi is to assume that their critic must be a ‘Muslim apologist’ (AKA ‘terrorist sympathiser’).

BF #HeWasMuslimBruv Leytonstone knife attack MuslimIt doesn’t take too many seconds to knock the legs from under that one…

a. Muslims don’t need to apologise for being Muslim.
b. Even if apology was needed (which it isn’t) Muslims would be perfectly capable of apologising for themselves.
c. Not all Muslims are terrorists.
d. Not all terrorists are Muslims.

3. Here’s another illustration of inadequate Nazi ‘logic’. They think that antifa support Muslims because they’re Muslims. The truth is that it’s not that simple. Modern British Nazis tend to scapegoat Muslims because that gives them some superficial purchase in the public mindset. It fits the media narrative. But it wasn’t always this way.

In the past UK Nazis have singled out Jews, Blacks, LGBT and even Disabled people. The target population changes but the antifa objection remains. You see it doesn’t matter which demographic is targeted. What we object to is discrimination, bigotry and irrational hatred.

BF EBF Exterminate gypsy Muslim undermenschen Nazi RomaWhen Nazis attack any part of our society they damage us all. That’s why we oppose them…

Not because they hate Muslims…
Because they’re Nazis and that’s ALWAYS a problem.

Britain First, the English Defence League, the National Front, the British National Party and the rest are Nazi organisations. We oppose them because we oppose prejudice (one of the foundations of Nazism). We’d oppose them whoever they chose to scapegoat because that’s the right thing to do.

No Pasaran!

Out of the frying pan – into the Fryer

BF Wendy Fryer Australia candidate NSW New SouthWales.jpgThe Fash really are feeling the (international) love right now. Not content with fleecing folks in the Northern hemisphere the Biffers continue to extend their vile, weed-like tendrils further South into the Antipodes. They’ve been raking in the Aussie dollars for ages but now they’re trying something different.

Britain First, a group that claims to support national identity against immigrant take-over and religious intolerance is now supporting a group of immigrants who’ve already taken over another country and who now want to implement their own form of religious intolerance.

If you think that doesn’t make sense it’s because you’ve missed the real agenda. It’s not about nationality – it’s about religion and it’s about skin colour. The Biffers only ever support white Christians.

Wendy Fryer plans to stand for election on behalf of the Love Australia Or Leave Party (LAOLP), a so far unregistered political group (not yet a party) whose ‘manifesto’ bears a striking resemblance to the Biffers own, racist, neo-nazi bullshit. Wendy’s pictured here wearing her Britain First polo shirt (she’s such a patriotic Australian)! We bet they fleeced her on postage for that. At least her Biffer merchandise arrived though. Perhaps that’s because the Royal Mail don’t deliver to Australia.

But what exactly does this bunch of Aussie fascists stand for? And how exactly do they relate to Britain First?

diggers oath

We love that ‘Diggers Oath’, or as we prefer to think of it…
Cobblers for Cobbers!

We confess that so far we don’t really know how they link in with the Biffers. We do know that Britain First never promotes any rival group on their page unless the apparent competition isn’t real. Britain First promotes the things that make money for Britain First. We’re not sure what the link is but we’ve little doubt that there is one – and we’re sure it’s expected to be a lucrative one too.

Like Britain First, LAOLP (AKA LOL, AKA LMAO, AKA PMSL, AKA LMFAO AKA ROFL AKA ROFPMSL) is a Facebook based operation. Like Britain First it pretends to be patriotic but really it’s just Islamophobic and colour prejudiced.

Love Australia or leave no likes FB November 2015.png

So far their ‘sophisticated’ political strategy seems to involve making discriminatory memes for use on social media and blaming Muslims for literally everything they don’t like. They even go so far as to say so directly alongside ridiculous memes like this one.

LAOLP FB islam on trial

The LMFAO Party’s list of ‘issues’ is pure Biffer. Just change the words Britain and British for Australia and Australian and you’ve got some ready-made, completely transferrable far-right stupidity just waiting to make its mark in the Southern Hemisphere. Undoubtedly for profit, of course. They even have a ‘donate’ button on every internet page – just like their counterparts at Britain First.

Love Australia or leave issues November 2015.png
A quick look at the policies of the LMFAO party also reveals them as pure Biffer. They even want to ban the word ‘racism’. How much more ‘Fransen and Golding’ can you get?

Love Australia or leave policies November 2015.png

What sort of political party…

What sort of political party targets heavily multicultural areas with anti-Muslim leaflets trying to stir up racial and religious tensions?

What sort of political party needs to run fighting classes for its activists?

What sort of political party needs to invest in paramilitary gear?

What sort of political party runs an anti-Muslim organisation (KTI) that wants to start a modern Crusade against Islam?

What sort of political party wants to hang political opponents?

What sort of political party needs to radicalise children into racism and hatred?

What sort of political party advocates a ‘white breeding’ campaign?

What sort of political party has to photoshop images to distort the truth?

What sort of political party tries to develop a street army because they can’t get elected democratically?


What sort of party would that be?

EBF BF KTI Stab vest militia terrorists

View from a barstool #9

Beer 2Christmas parties for landlords are strange affairs, all arguing who has the cheapest pint, the best ales or the most weird cash and carry vodka,
but this week it’s all been about the airstrikes in Syria, the possible hike in taxes on alcohol, whether scampi fries, cheesy moments and bacon snaps have a sell by date, Pork Scratchings or Twiglets and Britain Bloody First. The other problem with them is they last over 3 days and you can only take Ibuprofen every 4 hours.

The airstrikes that our government is carrying out in our name is a bone of contention to EBF followers as well as the admins. We ummed and arred long enough over whether to cover this on the page, but knowing that the horrible buggers over at Bifferland will be relishing in it we decided to cover it. My opinion will remain just that although I’m far from happy with my own MP.

Knowing my fellow Landlords all have a hatred of racist bigots and extremists quite a lot gets talked about in our get togethers (or piss ups as the Landlady likes to call them) about the Biffers and their even more intolerant cohorts the EDL. David has owned a pub just on the outskirts of Rotherham and has had many a visit from the Taliban Hunters Club. He gives them no quarter nor serve them or take any notice of their threats all nicely recorded for the police.

This week we had two hours in which we weren’t sure whether to crack open the champagne or the Cava, the Prosecco or the whisky as the Biffers appeared to be consigned to the dustbin. Meme’s were made, laughter floated around the office until a couple of my fellow admins realised nothing added up. Then the begging Email came out asking patriots to dig deep to take on Facebook. Then a miracle happened.

Facebook, scared of impending legal action from Britain First put the page back up. It must have been that, surely the Biffers don’t lie.

A lovely apology from a name at Facebook and all is well. Were they banned or did they unpublish to allow them to again look like victors in the face of indescribable odds, making Goldibollocks, Dutchy and Dowson out to be heroes. Again like so many cons of theirs… answers on a postcard (but do not put our name on it).

Before that there was a strategy meeting, in an office of all places along with whiteboard coffee and little biscuits (or pies in Stevie’s case). Was this another case of “look lads (and Slatter) it looks like all these nasty lefteyes have got a lot of crap on us and it’s starting to stick. That Exposing lot have declared war on us so we need to ramp up getting cash so we can get out of this with some dosh” and lo and behold another begging letter came out asking for more cash. This time to buy a gym so his activists can train in unarmed combat.

Now Folding is a failed MMA fighter (look it up on youtube but make sure you are near the toilet) and in the video they put up he did look quite good beating up a punchbag. But this is starting to get a little bit sinister. Once again, one of the people who run the gym asked them to take the video’s down saying that they didn’t want to be associated with the Biffers, as I write this the video is still up.

Also this week all pretence of the Knight Templars (other real groups are out there that are genuine and not money making) and the Biffers being seperate entities has all but disappeared. Is this  uncle Jim finally coming out and aligning KTI with them or was it always just another clever way of conning money out of scared, impressionable people.

A great article was put up by us from Tell Mama, regarding the possible recruiting and brainwashing of impressionable youngsters for right wing extremist groups. It is quite amazing. They argue about the radicalisation of muslim children when the far right are doing the same. We are against it all, right, left, religions or athiests forcing their dogma on young kids who should be mucking about in parks or on the Xbox.

Before I give up and slip further into my drinking shorts, David, the landlord from Rotherham, told me that why he hates Britain First with a vengeance. He was enjoying a pint after work with his mate from the Indian Restaurant up the road and a bloke walked in with a tatty green bin liner on. He was asking for money, he said, to help his battalion stop a newsagents being turned into an islamic meeting room. He said there were too many of this kind of thing springing up and that this was a christian country and all the other religions should go home.

Dave’s mate (a hindu) got up and told this person to fuck off and the guy walked off only to return with 6 mates all dressed alike. The biffers then starting hassling drinkers and staff. They said they would continue coming back until they got an apology from Dave. Unfortunately for them they had walked into a pub where shit is not taken. They were frogmarched to the door, thrown out and told not to come back and if they did there would be serious trouble. Since then he recieved nuisance calls, excrement on his doorway and visits from the police (Dave is an ex copper so that didn’t work). Dave isn’t giving up, in his own words these people are…

“Nothing but cowards, thugs people who pick on the weak, or those unable to fight back.”

He does fight back, as he tells me, watch this space.

So as I leave to get (yet) another pint I think it sums it up very well, Britain First, cowards, thugs and bigots. Facebook would be well rid of them. But the fight goes on to rid us of these conmen, these liars and cheats. EBF will continue to do so.

Time for some out of date Scampi fries, see if they really do stay edible for ages.



Leaflet drop in Dewsbury

They’re at it again. Even as I type Golding’s groupies are inflicting themselves on the good people of Dewsbury.

EBF BF Golding Dewsbury Breeding ground of extremism.png

In yet another attempt to claim a town they don’t know in a county they don’t live in as ‘their own’, the Biffers are back where they’re not wanted to stir up as much trouble as they can before buggering off back down South to Swanley.

BF Biffer fuckwits in Dewsbury combo.png

What a good job the police have got their number.

EBF BF Dewsbury Golding police.png

Vote any way you want – as long as it’s UKIP

Britain First broke the irony meter again this week! By supporting UKIP’s claim that democracy is dead they reveal not only their own anti-democratic stance but also that of their favourite political party.

Their political hero, Nigel Farage has claimed that Thursday’s Oldham West election was fixed because Asians didn’t vote for the UKIP candidate. That’s like complaining because turkeys don’t vote for Christmas (or ‘Thanksgiving’ as the American Biffers would understand it).

EBF BF UKIP Labour democracy Oldham west postal vote.pngWhat exactly does Farage’s tantrum mean for democracy though?
Not much as it happens. We’ve summarized our thoughts below…

The unelected (and unelectable) leader of a parliamentary political party has decided that since the people his party hates most have not voted for the party that hates them the most, democracy has failed. The message is clear…

It’s only democracy if UKIP wins. Otherwise it’s a fix!