EBF Resources

This page is where you can find links to all our downloadable resources. We hope they’re useful.

They fought for us. EBF’s tribute to the brave men and women of all races and religions who fought alongside Britain over the years. This was originally posted as a series of posts on the EBF blog throughout Armistice Day 2015.

EBF’s response to the assassination of Jo Cox MP, brutally murdered in her constituency on June 16th 2016.

BF Jayda Fransen Email hang political opponents September 2015 An Email to Britain First subscribers from Deputy Leader, Jayda Fransen in which she advocates hanging political opponents as ‘traitors’.

EBFington post Britain First exposed – Click the hyperlink (or the image below) to download our free 69 page report on Britain First’s excesses.

BF EBFington Post Britian First Exposed PDF image

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EBF Mug banner badged


Extreme Jayda PDF button


EBF flyer in jesus name 2


EBF BF policy screengrab 1



Nazi Biffers PDF August 2015

EBF BF Nazi August 2015 PDF screenshot


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