View from a bar stool #1 (by Landlord)

Bar stool 2So at last a quiet moment for me to look back at the stupidity that is the Britain First page and the last week there really has been enough for me to laugh at and basically do what we at Exposing Britain First do best and rip holes in it from a Landlord’s point of view. This beats the usual conversation of who is leaving/dumping who, extolling the virtues of 3-5-1 or 4-4-2, Lewis Hamilton can’t really be English as he’s winning and the fact my beer sales will fall flat as our great rugby team have gone out of the world cup.

So what have we seen on Britain First this week? A few biblical quotes, poppies, jingoism, blaming Islam because the cat at number 22 has gone missing, immigrants, the moving of a man in uniform in A&E to a private area and the horrendous shooting in America that they again blamed on Muslims.

I’ll leave the biblical quotes to anyone who actually is religious, although quoting the bible at their followers is a bit stupid, they might as well just refer them to the world according to Paulie and Jayda as they blindly follow them like a cult.

In the Shires of England this week, the beginning of Britain First collections started, outside schools and in market places, the education authorities, Councils and police have been informed as they do not have a license to collect money. National pubwatch have also been informed. I ask all of the followers of Exposing Britain First to inform as many of your friends as possible, that Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion do not accept donations from Britain First (or other political parties) so be vigilant who we give our money to.

EBF Brigade BF pitiful Margate hospital A&E protestWe also saw that someone in uniform was moved to a private area in Margate’s A&E. It was said that this would prevent disruption as there was an altercation previously. Nowhere did it say that he wasn’t treated with the professionalism that NHS personnel always give and nowhere did it say why but this was enough for Pieman Lewis and his pals to go down and protest outside, probably causing more aggravation than moving this person. But when has this ever worried Britain First? The cowardly 6 in the South East brigade, a misnomer if ever, managed to go late at night and make tits out of themselves.

EBF BF oregon shooter MuslimI heard the news that there was another shooting in America and the first thing I did was hang my head. I turned to the Landlady and said

” A tenner on the Biffers blaming a Muslim.” Maybe I should have bet more. I then heard it was a Brit who hated organised religion, got himself a gun and blew innocent people away. Was there a retraction, an apology? No. The inference had been made and BF supporters had already been pulled in. All of us wonder why the Americans want to have guns. Here in Britain we have gun control and the amount of deaths accountable to these lethal weapons is negligible. But Britain First’s American contingent and some of their blind followers want gun control relaxed over here. Personally speaking from a Landlord’s point of view, I’ve dealt with drinkers coming at me with broken glass, with baseball bats or even a 12″ rubber dildo (don’t ask) but put guns and alcohol together and I’m out of here. Keep guns in the hands of those that keep us safe, not the bigoted.

Finally and I’m sorry I have been laughing at this each time I see our pictures and memes but the latest comedic moment over at BF towers was the news Goldibollocks is running for Mayor of London.

EBF BF London mayor comments

The latest begging letter, sorry ‘address’ from the Fuhress has put me in the queue to get hung (sic), although calling me a traitor is little naughty. I wonder if I should sue them for this. Paulie needs to raise a £30k fighting fund (foreign holidays are so expensive right now) he also needs to move home to a London Borough and get 330 people to nominate him before he can even start canvassing in London. I can’t wait! One of the guys in pub is going to track him wherever he goes to get the answer about where the poppy money collected has gone. The chances are he’ll raise the money and someone will tell him not to run. I was thinking of running an EBF sweepstake on the reason for not standing but I can think of too many.

So that’s it for this week. The immigrant stories that the biffers make up are too disgusting to think about. Needless to say I will at one point blow and aim a few blows over there but for now, Del (a regular) has come in panicking over the fact the Mixed Pool team only has 4 players this week, Petra needs me to change a barrel and that question of 3-5-1 or 4-4-2 is still on the table.


The Landlord