Michelle Obama didn’t say this!

It takes a particular type of stupid to believe that Michelle Obama actually held up a placard bad-mouthing her husband in this way. And yet with the helpful caption “Well said Michelle” the buffoons at Britain First have made it clear that they expect their loyal followers to swallow it hook, line and sinker.

EBF BF Michelle Obama photoshop voting Trump

We have to wonder just how stupid Paulie and Dutchy think there supporters really are. They’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer, of course or they wouldn’t be Biffers but this… surely this is too much for even the Biffers to fall for. Or is it?

BF Michelle Obama comments collage

4 thoughts on “Michelle Obama didn’t say this!

  1. Letters are identical, colour of paper behind the text and under the fingers is different, why it’s almost as if the text was added after the fact in some kind of… image manipulation software, but no one would really do that, would they??

    But seriously, it’s a photoshop and it’s not hard to see it’s a photoshop, but then that kind of critical thinking doesn’t come naturally to the far-right, or they’d look at the figures and see that “Obama’s mess” is quite neat and tidy after the housing collapse Bush presided over.


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