EBF don’t do merchandising

But if we did……

If we did it’d be a bit different from the way that Britain First does it.

We wouldn’t be interested in making a profit.

We wouldn’t be engaging in unethical contracts with foreign sweatshops to increase those profits.

We wouldn’t be flogging cheap tat at exorbitant rates.

We wouldn’t be pretending to support charities when we don’t.

We wouldn’t be misusing official logos like the Royal crest to pretend we’re a reputable organisation.

We wouldn’t be stealing symbols to piggy back our own tat on the back of legitimate organisations like the Royal British Legion.

We wouldn’t be promoting religious hatred and racial division.

Not that any of this matters because we don’t do merchandising.

Of course there’s nothing to stop people printing their own transfers, is there?

There’s nothing to stop people downloading these images and sticking them on their own t-shirts and sweatshirts is there?

Print them on to ‘iron-on’ transfer paper yourself or take them to your local printer.

Best of all – we won’t charge you a penny for doing so. It’s not about money – it’s about fighting the fash!

Support EBF 1

Support EBF 2

Support EBF 3You could even do a ‘front and back’ variant like this if you prefer…

Support EBF T shirt design

The front and back component images are here…

Support EBF t shirt front

Support ebf t shirt back

Have fun and don’t forget to send us your pics of T-shirts, mugs, caps and whatever else you choose to put the EBF logo on. Together we can spread the word even further!

15th September 2015…

The first image is in. Thanks to a supporter who sent us this stunning picture of what is, so far as we know, the world’s only extant EBF mug.

Oooh – I want one!

EBF Mug banner badged

3 thoughts on “EBF don’t do merchandising

  1. If EBF did sell merchandise, they wouldn’t stick their shop web address onto the end of every single post they made, and they certainly wouldn’t add it to a photo of desperate refugees or beheaded children.

    I’d love to wear an EBF shirt so people know I’m fighting against the rampant racism, sexism, homophobia and Islamophobia the Biffers reel off every day. In fact, I think we should ALL wear EBF shirts.


    • Go for it. You can get them printed in just about any high street – just send them the digital image and they’ll print it up. Or you can buy transfer paper for your printer and iron it on at home.

      Perhaps you’d send us a photograph of yourself wearing it too. 🙂

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