A view from a barstool after a lock in

Beer 2After a weekend away from all things biffer, doing the normal things in life, like shopping, taking the kids out, seeing the in laws, you know the ones that share biffer and EDL posts and think that the world would be better putting an exclusion zone around this island of ours to keep immigrants out, watching the odd neanderthal thug being teargassed, seeing the leader of the opposition on a comedy program and agreeing with John Major (please never make me write that again) I finally got time today to go through the page and see what our lovely friends at Biffer towers are up to.

So the biffers seem to be finding google images of Muslims celebrating and trying to give the opinion that they are slowly taking over. These videos are from years ago and appear to show some pretty peaceful protests with minimal policing and no counter protesting. Maybe the biffers could give their protests up, it would save the tax payers money in the long run.

Next, although they are quick to deny any links, a white only enclave seems to have been set up in deepest Hungary by Dowson and Griffin. Could this be where Screechy has gone? No one knows. It seems strange to me that they want followers to become immigrants when they rage about them non-stop on all of Uncle Jim’s pages. There again, as the media doesn’t like calling English Immigrants or refugees I suppose I better call them ‘Ex-Pats’.

EBF BF camping Wales ban the berkI’ve seen the begging Emails from the Biffers too, although it appears no one really gives a fuck to donate to the Biffer leave cause. I have to say I’m happy my shopping didn’t run to a decorating table costing £4 faaaaasand even if the Landlady has pretty expensive tastes. We haven’t been too political in this debate but I have to say that even a few brexiters in the pub have changed sides due to the fact that the leave campaign seems to have been taken over by the far right and all they want is refugees out.


Finally a weekend camping in Wales with full Camouflage, wooden rulers and German Lager!!! My personal thoughts on this are easy, they wanted to go on a lads’ weekend and were going to book a break in Magaluf but realised their gullible disciples hadn’t put enough in their bank account for that. So they ended up on a hill in Wales. But maybe they realised that they would be as welcome there as the English hooligans are in France right now. If we saw this happening in America we’d shake our heads and think it’s just militia. And to be serious for a minute, that is what it looks like to me. Political uniforms, knife training and the rest, it would be funny if it didn’t feel so dangerous. We have been told by Moley that Carmelo was there in clear breach of his bail conditions, and Steve must have felt uneasy as there wasn’t a Greggs in sight! Maybe they were getting in practice for Britannia Fest who knows.

BF camping Wales terrorist militia

So thats it, my brief sojourn away from all things biffer has come to an end. Now I’m refreshed it’s time to get back to work hassling, debunking and answering your questions. I’ve managed to get a new cooker, bbq and decking for our personal garden, a couple of sun loungers for the 2 days of summer and the kids stocked up with games, toys and renewing their relationship with their dad.

Now what have those cockwombles got in store for us this week.


Geography is no object

We’ve been researching Britain First’s electoral candidates for the London Assembly election this may. This is because, having uncovered significant nepotism in the obvious cases of Golding’s mother, cousins and his little brother’s partner we thought there might be more to find. And there most certainly was.

But along the way we noticed something else. Something we hadn’t made the connection about until this image came up.

BF MEP candidates Wales 2014 Anne Elstone Christine Smith Paul GoldingNot only is this fine family of fash making a mockery of the London assembly elections (where at least they all live) but they’ve done it before. In 2014 no fewer than FOUR members of this Kentish tribe tried to persuade the good people of Wales to elect them to Europe. We have to wonder where all the Welsh Biffers who could have stood had gone.

The Welsh ballot paper included Paulie, Paulie’s Mummy, Paulie’s Daddy and Paulie’s Aunty Annie. This time it includes Paulie, Paulie’s Mummy, Paulie’s cousins, Paulie’s little brother’s partner and a host of Paulie’s mother’s neighbours from Bexley.

There seems to be something of a pattern here and it doesn’t involve respect for the electorate. Britain First has raised money from Biffers who presumably expect them to field the most competent and credible candidates they can. Instead they get a handful of Paulie’s family members and his mother’s best mates from Bingo. No doubt they’ll all nip round to Christine’s to watch the election results come in on her new wide screen telly. Eyes down for a full house.

Seriously though, is there not a single Biffer living within a single London borough who could have been even slightly more credible than Christine, Jake, Hollie and Nancy? We know that Britain First supporters are a bit thin on the ground but surely their numbers aren’t that low… are they?