Is Sadiq Khan about to sue? Golding seems to think so

We love Moley. Quite apart from the courage it takes to do what s/he does the information that Moley provides can be really ‘juicy’. And this time s/he’s really pushed the boat out.

The more astute amongst you may have noticed that several of the Britain First memes accusing Khan of being a terrorist have been removed from BF’s social media. That’s because Der Fuhrer seems to have got the wind up again. According to our sources within Biffer Central, Golding’s all but convinced that Sadiq Khan (Human Rights lawyer and genuinely aggrieved victim of Biffer defamation) is about to sue him. That’d be an interesting contest to watch. Experienced human rights lawyer versus Fransen’s legal ‘background’. Team EBF alone would fill the public gallery to witness such fun.

We don’t know if there’s any truth in it or whether Paulie’s just being paranoid again (he often gets paranoid, apparently). We do know that Der Fuhrer’s large yellow streak is showing once again.

Golding turns yellow streaked back on Sadiq Khan election result london mayor

Perhaps if he hadn’t been such a child when the results were announced he might have some way to save face. But whether Khan chooses to crush Golding or not, there’s no way for Der Fuhrer to keep his dignity any more.

Oh dear, how sad, never mind!

Is Facebook fascist?

This is just wonderful.

In what may well be 2015’s most remarkable irony the well-known and little-loved neo-nazis from Britain First have accused Facebook of fascism. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black-arse!

The Biffers’ reason for sullying Facebook’s good name was the alleged removal of Britain First’s Facebook page in what everybody’s favourite fascist fun-group described as an attack on freedom of speech. The really remarkable thing is that some people actually believed their ridiculously transparent publicity stunt which, predictably enough was quickly followed by yet another appeal for funding to sue Facebook!

But the best part of all this is how the destruction of their Facebook page was alleged.

The stupid Biffer bastards published their accusation on their Facebook page!
BF banned from Facebook
You couldn’t make it up!