Short memories and divided loyalties

Recently we learned about Deputy Fuhrer Jayda’s attitude to paedophiles like Oberstfuhrer John Broomfield. Today we examine her confused attitude to religion and religious persecution.

Jayda’s a Roman Catholic, or so she claims. Roman Catholics believe in high mass, regular confession of sins, priestly absolution and the need for a clerical class to act as intermediary between man and God. These are some of the many things that Martin Luther objected to (protested about) when he began the protestant movement by nailing a piece of paper to the door of Reims cathedral. The subsequent conflict raged for centuries between Catholics and Protestants and still continues today, especially in Ireland where Jayda’s own organisation is very definitely on the side of the Protestants.

These people consider the Pope (who according to Jayda’s religion is the ‘vicar of Christ’ & ‘God’s earthly spokesman’) to be the antichrist, even Satan himself. These are the people who in bygone years accused Roman Catholics of child abuse, of worshipping false idols and who spread fears of Catholics ‘taking over the world’ due to their aggressive evangelism and higher than average birth rate.

Such fears, slights and slanders were wrong, as Deputy Fuhrer “Dutchy” Fransen must know only too well. She must be very well aware of the appalling treatment British Catholics received as a result of these lies too. And as a good Roman Catholic she cannot fail to have heard the arguments against persecution and religious intolerance.


And yet Fraulein Fransen seems determined to commit the same slanders and encourage the same atrocities against British Muslims. Far from learning the lesson of history she seems determined to repeat the same mistake in our own time.

It seems unthinkable that a Roman Catholic with all that history behind her could be party to such intolerance and malice. Unless of course Deputy Fuhrer Fransen really doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

The fash are caught fibbing once again

Britain First seems to have gone overboard lately when it comes to slagging off ‘lefties’. Their accusations about anyone and everyone even slightly left of their own fascism from tories to Marxists have been obsessive in the extreme. The only people they haven’t accused of something despicable have been the equally right wing UKIP.

And, as usual they keep being caught out making up all sorts of mud to sling at anyone who catches their attention. This is a lovely, recent example…

Iran bf flag burn lie EBF

Still smarting at the fact that their small band of Nazis was so vastly outnumbered by decent, ordinary people they decided to try to discredit the opposition. Unfortunately their account of events in London last month were so inaccurate they had to use a photograph from a different country (on a different continent) showing something that happened back in 2011 (before Britain First even existed).

We find ourselves wondering just who they think they’re kidding. We know that biffers tend to believe anything that BF says but everyone else will be able to see right through their lies in a heartbeat.

The more they lie, the more they expose themselves for the deceitful bigots they are. It’s a good job that EBF is made up of unpaid volunteers – we’d be worrying about redundancy otherwise, Britain First are becoming so good at doing our work for us!