Britain First’s political uniform

According to the 1936 Public order act it is illegal for any political party to develop or wear political uniform. It’s no coincidence that this Act was given Royal assent when it was. In the run up to the second world war a group of fascists led by Baronet Oswald Ernold Moseley donned remarkably Nazi style uniform and terrorized British people whom they deemed to be foreigners or otherwise ‘undesirable’.

They got their come-uppance in the end as thousands of decent Brits forced them to abandon their March in a confrontation at Cable Street in Stepney, East London. None the less their very existence showed the damage to social harmony that organised fascism could do and the Public order act was passed as part of a raft of measures designed to prevent their like ever returning to UK’s streets.

It’s no surprise then that the most recent group to try to find a way past the law is another bunch of fascists, Britain First. Originally they wore more obviously miilitarized garb but following Grassing Golding’s conviction for wearing political uniform they started wearing uniforms based upon more casual clothing instead. But a uniform is still a uniform and theirs is distinctive and used to denote roles just like any other.

Have you ever wondered why Biffers wear different coloured tea-cosies? Well now you know! Look at what Robin Lomax (head of the Biffers Walt division) has to say about them.

EBF BF Black security uniform hats

The adventures of an #Antifa doggy

Gaspode shitting BF EBFGood day to you my unfurry two legged friends I hope I find you all in good spirits. I have been inundated with fan mail this week after my brief appearance on THE comedy show of the year, We Want Our Country Back. Our country? It’s every beings’ country, even Fat Boris, that one eyed stinking moggy from number 34 who I’m sure took a dump outside my kennel the other day when I was out on a stroll. Pollock,by the taste.

Anyway, I guess it was a case of right time, right place when I happened to bump into those horrible biffer people. I smelled them on the pavement outside that big building where the people with daft grey hairstyles go in and out (what’s that all about then? ) and I wandered over to say hello, being the friendly little chap I am. As I got nearer the incessant screeching really irritated my sensitive ears so I shouted and shouted back. The one in the shiny cheap suit kept telling my mate to shut me up but that just made me angry so I shouted back more. I had my mouth clamp put on but I really wouldn’t have bit them, I don’t like bad meat, Pedigree Chum is much classier. I could have savaged that fat one who smelt like lard though when he threatened to take my mates jaw off, the useless stinking git.

I hear they’re complaining that they were set up…..ah it’s a dogs life innit?

News from the office this week -I’m still trying to convince Kit to take me on the train to Burton, I want to out-howl the shrieking one whilst dragging my backside over the ground in front of her and maybe leave a dirty protest or two by the battle trolley.

EBF Blogger keeps threatening me with a trip to the vets to be castrated (what’s that? ) it’s hardly my fault delicious oaty chocolatey nuggets of goodness are left in reach is it?

EBF Mug banner badgedYifter is a bit upset that he wasted a few hours on a pathetic troll in the inbox and ended up banning them anyway.

Also Landlord still hasn’t ordered in that barrel of Pedigree Dirty Sheep Chaser I keep whining for.

Okay my lovely chums it’s time I skiddadled, I’m off to hump Yifters leg to cheer him up.

Until next time, many wags,

Gaspode x

Obsession with National Security

“Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses.”

Britain first makes good use of this seventh characteristic tactic of fascism. Folding and Dutchy are well aware that most people have no problem with their Muslim neighbours. But that sort of harmonious integration, typical though it is has nothing to offer a fascist organisation determined to create the illusion of Holy War. If they are to stand any chance of stirring up UK citizens to support their hatred of Muslims and others they need to make them frightened of their neighbours.

But how to paint a convincing picture of national threat when everyday experience shows that it just doesn’t exist. The answer is simple – lie.

Britain First publishes lies on social media every day. They attribute hostile quotes to innocent Muslims. They doctor photographs to make Muslims seem to do things they didn’t. They make up stories about Muslim activities and they publish outrageous fantasies about hate preachers.

BF EBF fascist security

Biffers are obsessed with UK law which is odd given how regularly they break it. They insist that UK Muslims are all engaged in a secret conspiracy to overthrow our legal system in favour of Sharia law. Their evidence for this is a single incident in which a group of fanatics tried to impose Sharia law several years ago. They were imprisoned for their crimes against UK citizens and the liberties we all enjoy.

There is no Muslim conspiracy. There was an isolated incident involving a handful of young men that was quickly dealt with years ago.

In addition they cherry pick verses from the Quran about killing unbelievers as though they are relevant today. What they don’t do is acknowledge that the same sort of hostility towards others can be found on other religious texts (including the Bible). In Bifferland hostile words from 1400 years ago are still relevant, despite the evidence that most modern Muslims have no wish to hurt anybody.

Britain First’s determination to create fear among UK citizens is both obvious and hopeless. Our nation is far too diverse and tolerant for that to work.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt