The Britain First school of bravery

Yesterday the Brave Bifffers from Britain First visited East London Mosque for the SEVENTH time. Yes you read that right – they’ve now been seven times to harass the innocent worshippers of East London. But this time they got more than they expected.

This time it seems that some of the local Muslims had had enough of this repeated bullying and decided to chase the ‘Brave patriots’ away. It wasn’t difficult to do. For all their claims of courage they soon turned tail and ran.

BF run away from East London Mosque.png

The sight of them legging it around the corner by the petrol station with their Muslim ‘pursuers’ walking slowly after to make sure they’d actually gone was a joy to behold.

We’re grateful to IRBF for posting their brilliantly funny video of the Biffers showing their true (yellow) colours.

And this is the ‘official’ Britain First video of the day (with a few comments of our own for good measure)

BF tens of people gather East London Mosque.png

It’s harder to be brave when faced with young men instead of pensioners and hijabis isnt it Paulie?