No forced repatriation!

Yesterday, July 6th 2016 the House of Commons voted by a massive majority to secure the status of EU nationals in the UK. The motion was passed by 245 votes to 2 in what can only be described as a landslide victory for decency and common sense. After two weeks of anxiety the UK’s migrant population can sleep a little more easily, safe in the knowledge that there will be no arbitrary deportation, no matter how vocally racists and nationalists may demand it.

houses of parliament

This result not only restores some of the dignity this country has lost thanks to the appalling actions of some UK nationals over the last fortnight. It also underlines the Great British commitment to fairness, equality and our wholesale rejection of racism and narrow-minded nationalism.

Well done parliament. Now let’s put all this idiotic talk of repatriation behind us and start planning for our collective post-brexit future, nationals and migrants alike.

A strange definition of ‘victory’!

Britain First has been claiming victory in the High Court since mid afternoon. The Fash from BF told their Biffer followers that the injunction requested by Bedfordshire Police has been quashed. But that’s not entirely true.

See for yourselves…

BF High Court injunction 1

BF high court injunction 2

BF high court injunction 3

Essentially Folding Golding had better fold pretty damn quickly. Dutchy would do well to leg it back to Holland without delay too. This order effectively closes down Britain First’s Facebook page, the content of their speeches and even the behaviour of their Biffers.

It couldn’t happen to a more deserving pair of Nazis!