Deeper and down

I remember a song my dad used to play in the car when I was a girl. I don’t know who it was by but they were a popular band back in the dark ages when he was a teenager. He used to put the cassette (remember those) in the car stereo on our regular trips around the Lincolnshire countryside and it always seemed to make him drive really, really fast. He and my Mum would be singing at the top of their lungs, burning the repetitive refrain into my young brain with every journey. I can hear it now, the heavy base line and repetitive guitar that seemed to be the same for every song they played. And today, for some reason I just can’t get that lyric out of my head.

“Down, down… deeper and down”

Cue bass line (ba dum ba dum)

“Down, down… deeper and down

BF fash golding fransen court sentencing

And the reason this particular earworm is haunting me today? That’s easy. Golding And Fransen are going down, down, down… deeper and down

Ba dumb a dum

Down, down… deeper and down!

Yes, that’s right – their luck has finally run out. Today we got the verdicts of their first array of charges. There are more to follow but these were the first. Fransen faced four charges of various counts of harassment and was found guilty of three of them. Golding faced three charges and was convicted of only one. But here’s the good news…

Both have crossed the ‘custody threshold’ meaning that both are liable to go to prison. We’re awaiting pre-sentence reports before the actual sentence is passed but the case against them is pretty damning and considered alongside their previous ‘form’ it isn’t looking good for the fash this afternoon. See below for a blow by blow, minute by minute account of the day these thoroughly unpleasant and dangerous fash got their just desserts.


BF Golding drinking mock the right‘Folding Golding’ has already promised to ‘surrender’ and refrain from ‘this type of campaigning’ in future. He accepts that ‘mistakes were made by his actions but he plans to learn from that’.

So much for ‘No surrender!’

Apparently he never touches drugs or alcohol either!

Will Fransen fold as easily as her glorious Fuhrer?


Erm… We’re afraid so. This just in…

In future she will “change her conduct”. “What has changed is how she will conduct herself”

Will the judge buy it? Is anyone that naïve as to believe a word these neo-Nazi scumbags say? Only time will tell.


Kevin Smallcombe defending effectively said that not everything they do lands them in the dock. No kidding. Not everything Charles Manson did was illegal anyway – but plenty of it was – and plenty of Fransen and Golding’s actions are illegal too. When your only defence amounts to a statement that sometimes you do legal things too you’ve got a pretty weak stick to lean on.

Smallcombe asked the Judge to treat Fransen’s 3 convictions as if it was only 1. Fat chance of that. The judge said he’ll have regard to the ‘totality of the sentence’…

Down, down… deeper and down!


Custodial officers have entered the dock to stand beside the fash. This is getting interesting. Not long to wait until we can open the chocolate Hobnobs!


Golding gets 18 weeks – he’ll serve at least half and has to pay £500 compensation.


Fransen gets two consecutive 18 week sentences and another concurrent 18 weeker alongside, totalling 36 weeks in the slammer. She gets to fork out 2 grand compensation too.

Paul Golding Jayda Fransen prison bars jail

Yes, we know, we know – it doesn’t seem like nearly long enough but remember that this is only the beginning. There are more charges to come.

Wait until the Northern Irish courts get their hands on Dutchy and Goldibollocks. Now they really do know what to do with people who go around stirring up religious hatred and inciting violence.

Are you two scared yet? You should be!


“They don’t integrate!”

BF Golding Dewsbury Town Hall steps out of boundsIt’s a favourite retort of the fash and their fellow travellers, and, to be fair, I’d have to admit that there is an element of truth in it.


They don’t fit in. More than that, they actively seek to not fit in. They take a great pride in not fitting in, they derive strength from it. Not fitting in confirms their certainty, it burnishes their zeal; it gives them the fanatic’s conviction to denounce all of us non believers as heretics in league with the devil, and the evangelist’s compunction to declare so, loudly and often. They even take themselves off on bizarre little day trips to towns up and down the country, just to not fit in somewhere else for a while. They know how the country should be run, and it is definitely not how it’s being done right now!

Essentially, they are a backward, primitive people, stuck in the past, out of place and out of their depth in the 21st Century. They stand apart from society, regarding it (us) with fear and hatred, chanting their mantra of “Taking Our Country Back!” while waving their crosses and upside down flags. The problem is they want to drag us all back with them. Right back to the 1970s, when the National Front were popular, and racism and light entertainment were interchangeable. A time when (they fondly imagine) a white man could call anyone who wasn’t a white man anything he wanted, and if said not white man objected, a handy policeman would be happy to arrest him and beat him up for the crime of being not white.

BF Dewsbury advance party January 16th 2016 Jayda Fransen and thugsWhen they rail against “political correctness” (which is most of the time, it seems) what they’re actually bemoaning is the fact that they can’t use the ‘N’ word (or the ‘P’ word or the ‘W’ word or whatever word they think will be the most wounding) without some “traitorous libtard” labelling them with the ‘R’ word. Oh how they don’t like the ‘R’ word. The ‘R’ word seems to affect them in the same way that they think pork products affect Muslims. It is Biffer Kryptonite. You just have to look at how defensive/aggressive they get when the ‘R’ word gets thrown in their direction. “Islam isn’t a race” they’ll bleat. “Its a made up word, and made up by a lefteye to boot” they’ll claim (erroneously – plus ça change). They’ll fluster and they’ll bluster and they’ll get all offended and upset and shouty, bless. They do, however, reserve full rights to use the ‘R’ word to describe anyone who isn’t them, whenever they think they can get away with it.

It’s all a bit one sided, but then just about all they say and do is. Like their stance on freedom of expression, which can be summarised simply as “we say what we like and you can fuck off if you don’t agree”. It’s the fash equivalent of a toddler screaming obscenities in public, then doing the “blah blah blah” thing with their fingers in their ears when they get told off by the grown ups. That’s Britain First, the “Political Party” with 1.2 million likes on Facebook, but only about ten dozen on their “Days of Action”. Britain First, the “Political Party” that wants to stand Paul Golding in the London Mayoral Elections, despite his only previous experience in office being as a piss poor borough councillor for the piss poor BNP. He couldn’t even manage to serve his whole term – much to the relief of the constituents of the ward, I’m sure. Britain First, the “Political Party” who long for a civil war, want their opponents hung and anyone “a bit brown” deported.

A serious “Political Party”? Until they can manage to assimilate themselves into civilised society and behave like adults, I wouldn’t trust them with a game of Buckaroo.

Biffers build a street army

The latest begging letter from ‘Grasping Golding’ is at the same time both pitiful and disturbing. These regular missives go out to everyone on Britain first’s Email list, always describing some hare-brained project or other and always begging for more money.

Often the begged-for cash is supposed to be used to fight political campaigns (that won’t necessarily happen) or to fund law-suits (that also often never happen) but sometimes, just sometimes its intended for something genuine. We think that this fund-raising push is genuine and that’s why it’s so disturbing.

You can view the BF Fight club letter in full here. Otherwise we’ve picked out the edited highlights for you below. Trust us, at almost 1,500 words the full thing really does get very tedious. The video of Golding putting the rest of the Biffers through their paces is worth watching though. Click the image to play the video…

BF Street army blog screenshot 9

To date Britain First’s biggest success, outside of making themselves rich has been their habit of inciting violence. We’ve mentioned this aspect of their modus operandi many times before. We won’t review the reasoning for it again in this blog but if you need to catch up you can find out what it’s all about here, here, here, here, and here.

The Biffers just love to send other people into battle in their made-up war for the streets of Britain. And now they plan to train them to become better, more dangerous street-fighters, as if beating an old man to death wasn’t dangerous enough.

BF Street army blog screenshot 1This bravery seems to amount to little more than cowering behind Police lines at demonstrations or turning up at dawn for a quick photo-shoot and then running away like naughty schoolchildren before anyone notices them.

Golding’s a coward – we all know that. The heavily edited videos in which he appears to ‘confront’ dangerous terrorists (or rather their middle-aged mothers) don’t even bother to hide the group of thugs who accompany him. The Britain First ‘security’ team looks more like a group of seedy unlicensed bouncers than of reputable professionals, which isn’t all that surprising in the circumstances.

But for all Golding’s cowardice, his activists are still expected to go out and stir up trouble wherever they can. That’s why they target areas with significant Muslim populations to distribute their racist and Islamophobic filth. And that’s why, just as Golding intends, they occasionally get into difficulties.

Any truly concerned ‘leader’ when faced with the prospect of his activists being hurt might think about a change of tactic. A concerned Fuhrer might decide to stop getting his followers to invite such trouble and consider more reasonable, less provocative methods to get his point across instead. But not our Paulie. Oh no – he’s not really into other peoples’ safety. So long as nobody has a genuine opportunity to hit the Fuhrer himself, he’s not bothered. And his private army of ‘security’ thugs is always on hand to ensure his personal safety so what’s the problem?

Well – the problem is that his street activists just aren’t hard enough. They’re mainly keyboard-warriors trying to pretend they’re hard and therein lies the rub. They’re wimps!

Now then – what’s a fascist to do?

BF Street army blog screenshot 2

That’s it! Start a fight club!

BF Street army blog screenshot 3Here’s a thought, Paulie. If you’ve got such a lot of support, and if you’re so worried about the safety of female activists… stop sending girls (and we mean girls – not women – adolescent children) out to provoke people. Your cowardice is showing through here in a really big way.

BF kids Bobbie Lomax and friend anonymised radicalisation indoctrinationIf you stopped sending people out to cause trouble then you wouldn’t need to teach them to fight.BF Street army blog screenshot 4No other political party in UK feels the need to develop a street army. Why would you? Is it because you want to start a Holy war?

EBF BF Dowson Holy War crusade comboWhy else would you need to do this…?

BF Street army blog screenshot 4And at what cost? This seems like an awfully large ongoing investment (monthly rental isn’t going to come cheap).

BF Street army blog screenshot 5You’re certainly optimistic, Paulie, we’ll give you that. Do you really think anyone wouild be stupid enough to give you a grand? A whole grand?

BF Street army blog funding buttonsDo you really think that this cheap, standard font pro-forma ‘certificate’ that you and Jayda couldn’t even be bothered to actually sign (the ‘signatures are in common or garden Microsoft Word fonts)?

BF Street army blog donor certificateStill – as the saying goes…

“A  fool and his money are easily parted!”

By the way – we know that either James Wilson hasn’t actually paid you any money (you’re lying again) or you lied in your mailshot when you claimed that no donations had yet been received.

BF Street army blog screenshot 5You really shouldn’t tell contradictory lies in the same Email, Paulie. It’s so bloody obvious that even your handful of loyal biffers will spot the con. Like this bit, for example.

BF Street army blog shopping listBut never mind all that – explain again why this is necessary. What on earth does a political party want to start a private army for? Who do you think you’ll need to fight on the streets of the UK?

BF Street army blog screenshot 6Ah, right. Now we’re getting there. This isn’t about protecting activists at all, is it? This is about preparing for war! More realistically it’s about inciting more violence and encouraging more people to sacrifice their futures as they get dragged into the criminal justice system, all in the name of your personal gain.

BF Street army blog screenshot 7Oh dear. We’re back to the ‘white genocide’ myth again are we?

Why not just come out and say it? Your letter would be a lot shorter and a great deal more accurate if you just wrote…

BF Street army blog screenshot 8

Britain First and the BNP

We’ve made the point before that Britain First is really just a racist, white supremacist bunch of malcontents. You can find the evidence here, here, here, here and here among other places. Of course the Biffers always deny their obvious racism whenever it’s pointed out. But that’s hardly credible. Especially when they post Facebook memes like this…

BF BNP Nazi anti white racist

The photograph is of an anti British National Party (BNP) rally. Interestingly – the placards we see don’t mention race – they are very clear. This group of protestors are objecting to the BNP’s fascism. The protestors rightly point out that the British National Party is a neo-nazi organisation and their protest is on political, not racial grounds. Ironically, it’s the Britain First caption that brings race into the equation. But they’re not racist – apparently.

It’s not all that surprising that Britain First supports the BNP. After all it was founded by BNP members and many of its hierarchy are former BNP activists. In fact, as we demonstrated in an earlier post the Britain First hierarchy is choc full of ex British National Party, ex English Defence League, ex National Front cronies. So it’s hardly a shock to see them conflate politics with race, is it?

And what do you imagine the rank and file Biffer sheep make of all this?

Would you expect these fine, upstanding, ‘non-racist’, ‘not at all fascist, honest’ citizens to call their Biffer leaders out on the obvious mistake of equating anti-Nazism with anti-white racism?

Might it be reasonable to expect the occasional objection from Biffers who don’t see politics as a race issue?

Well it might – if there actually were any Biffers who weren’t also white supremacist. Let’s see the sort of comments that actually appeared on the Britain First ‘echo-chamber’ (we mean ‘Facebook page’)…

BF biffer comments about anti BNP activists

John McKenna’s comment is interesting, isn’t it? Let’s paraphrase it for those readers who don’t quite get it yet…

“We at Britain First are so committed to freedom of speech and democracy that we’ll lock up everyone who doesn’t agree with us!”

The power of hatred

There really is power in hatred.

Hatred isn’t just a mindset, it’s an emotional response as well. Hatred leads to resentment and anger, both of which have been linked to physical and psychological health problems and even to early death. Perhaps that’s nature’s way of limiting the impact of our species’ most destructive individuals. They die a little sooner than the rest of us.

neonazi zack davies swastika flag racist white supremacist

Hatred doesn’t only have the power to kill the haters though. It has the power to kill the hated too. Haters become so locked in their own sad, hate-filled worldview they come to believe all sorts of atrocities are acceptable.

Take the recent case of the neo-nazi white supremacist who attacked an innocent man with a machete just because of the colour of his skin. And as you read the article pay special attention to the phrase…

“…radicalized on line”

That’s why we work so hard to counter Britain First’s lies.

Hate yoda meme fear anger suffering hatred

Because that hatred has power.

Because that hatred kills people.

The ‘not racist’ myth

Britain First’s Biffers love to shout about not being racist. The argument goes something like this…

Islam is a religion. Religions are choices people make. Choices don’t depend upon race. Opposing Islam isn’t racism.

To an extent they’re right. Religions do cross racial boundaries and many non-racists oppose religions for a host of ideological reasons. Many of our own, EBF supporters have made no secret of their opposition to religion, often on the grounds that some religions are themselves quite discriminatory. So it’s certainly true that one can oppose any or all religions without being racist. But….

Opposing religion is one thing. Opposing the people who follow (often are simply born into) a particular religion is quite another.

EBF BF Nazi dehumanisation

This is more than an ideological objection – it’s a form of discrimination. Whether that discrimination is based upon race or religion is less significant than the fact that it is discrimination.


The most obvious example of this is the Nazi holocaust against Jews (on both religious grounds and in relation to physical, ‘racial’ characteristics) but there are many others. The atrocities committed both by Muslims and Christians in the former Yugoslavia, the Catholic versus Protestant ‘troubles’ in N. Ireland and the Buddhist persecutions across the Far East are all good examples, not to mention the Christian right’s atrocities in the US and continental Europe. Discrimination and persecution are inexcusable whatever label you choose to give their different ‘flavours’.

So if discrimination on religious grounds is just as bad, why do we insist on calling the Biffers racists? The answer to that is easy…. Because they are racists.

Britain First has made it a matter of principle to conflate skin colour and religion. In their world view all Muslims are brown and all brown people are Muslims. It’s a crass over-simplification but it serves their purpose well.

In the above images we saw Biffers advocating the same atrocities committed by the Nazis in Germany and across occupied Europe. In the images below we see the extent of their racism, not only against Asians but against anyone who isn’t both white and Christian.



To imagine that Britain First isn’t motivated by both religious and racial bigotry is to be very naive indeed.