Let the outrage commence by Landlord

Beer 2The I’m outraged at ……. season has begun at Biffer command and watch out if your skin is slightly more tanned than theirs… you’re going to get it. As sure as eggs are eggs Poppy anger rolls into Christmas being banned, into Easter being stopped into St George’s day and then back to Remembrance Day again. You can set your watch, calendar or phone by it when frothing biffers recount tales of unicorns and pots of gold at the rainbow’s end – or lies as we like to call them.

The first unicorn instance started early, a guy in TfL uniform was accused of telling a poppy seller to get orf the land, cue outrage and the frothfest began. One of my colleagues actually sent a comment to TfL about it and was told that it happened in 2013 and he was actually protecting her. But it was enough for the bigots to fire the starting pistol on Muslim bashing.

The next unicorn instance came as England cricket players left to go to the ashes down under. In a team picture Moeen Ali didn’t have the obligatory poppy on his suit for the team picture, although he did have one later when they landed. But this was enough to start the foaming with super suds. Now I’ve actually met Mo at a cricket against racism event at the Oval, and I have to say he’s a lovely bloke. He is so proud of pulling on the Three Lions shirt, kisses the badge when he scores a ton and proud of representing his country, something Screechy and Goldibollocks and the high command can only dream of. If Moeen says it fell off I believe him more than the fucknuggets at Biffer Towers.

I noticed that as news of Moeen’s slip broke, Screechy and Goldibollocks were protesting about something or other and didn’t have Poppy’s on and neither did have the majority of supporters but we won’t make a fuss.

As regular followers of this page will know Screechy, Goldibollocks and the high command have a bit of previous with Poppy’s, the Royal British Legion and the false patriotism that they attach to it. They also have short memories about respect unlike Moeen. These are not made up details they are actual facts.

1. whilst an erstwhile member of the BNP Goldibollocks decided to wear underwear on his head at the cenotaph (rumours of them being Steve Lewis’s are as yet unproven) I haven’t seen Moeen do this as I suspect he thinks this is disrespectful.
2. The biffers try to sell poppy tat. The high command and the shittroopers have peddled their own crappy merchandise despite being asked to stop by the RBL. They didn’t and no money was ever received by the RBL even though the biffer blurb told their sheeple it would. The RBL have also said they wouldn’t take anything from them as they don’t accept donations from a political party. So Screechy and Goldibollocks have pocketed the dosh. There’s a video about too where an old man confronts Goldibollocks and a shittrooper about selling this. Goldibollocks in true biffer style then runs away. I doubt Moeen would have done this as it would be theft and a little disrespectful.
3. Last year Goldibollocks and Screechy sent their shittroopers out to various shopping centres and places where poppy sellers were. They instructed their accomplices to get selfies with the sellers and then posted these on Facebook saying they were guarding them from lefties and Muslims. This caused a such a furore as parents and military cadet organisations to request the removal of the pictures and had to issue statements to the effect of they didn’t know who the biffers were. Moeen I expect would only take selfies with fans of England Cricket, he’d never take selfies to pass them off as guarding pictures as that would be disrespectful.
So there you have it, a misplaced poppy, a foamfest from the cockwombles and racist comments from the bifferati. But there again who is the more disrespectful, Moeen Ali, a cricket player who proudly represents his country or a group of scam artists who rip off the RBL, use kids to further their hate and worship a thundercunt who walks around with y fronts on his head. The decision is yours.


A personal remembrance by an EBF supporter

Unlike many people I haven’t been directly affected by war. My father wasn’t in a war, I have no close personal friends who are or have been in the forces and I never enlisted myself. I did once admire the uniforms and considered a career as a WREN, although options in those days for women were quite limited.

My dad was a child in WWII. He was gas mask monitor at school – can you imagine that? Gas mask monitor?! They had drills to evacuate the school to show the children how to get into the bunkers. He told stories about how a plane crashed in woods nearby and all the children in the town ran up to the woods to see the Gerry, some got a piece of the plane as a trophy. My late father in law grew up next to an Italian PoW camp and told funny stories of how the local children used to run errands for the PoW’s.

PALS battalion marching off to war WW1A more distant figure in my life, my Grandad, enlisted in a Pals Regiment for WWI. He was 16 years old when he signed up. Four friends went together to join for King and country, in response to their local landowner and employer parading on horseback through their village, in uniform with a band playing and flags flying. Two of them came back. Grandad’s friend wrote a book about it. That’s how I know his history. He never talked about it. Not at all. He just came back and picked up his life, married his sweetheart and raised a family.

An uncle, who I saw maybe twice a year, who was invalided out of WWII was in the volunteer fire service in his village. In spite of being somewhat distant, his relatively small experience of war impacted on me the most.  He told me he remembered being at work – he was a farm manager for several estates – and he heard the village siren sounding and sure enough there had been a plane crash.  He had been deeply affected by finding bits of a man’s body scattered about the field, he couldn’t erase the image of tht man’s severed hand just lying there.

These aren’t huge or heroic stories. These are the stories if ordinary people who lived their lives…but when my uncle told me about his experience, he was crying. I was around 7 and was in church with him on Remembrance Sunday and I asked him why he wasn’t singing. We were supposed to be singing ‘For Those in Peril on the Sea’ and he didn’t sing. The answer was, he couldn’t. I can still see the look on his face as he turned to me and the tears spilled over his eyes. He gestured for me to shush and dried his eyes as we sat down.  Afterwards, after the laying of the wreaths and the last notes of the last post had died away, he sat me down in front of the war memorial and told me about all his friends who had died, how he lost everyone he knew and wasn’t with them. Instead of being there he was picking up severed arms in fields, and he cried. I’d never seen a man cry until then and his pain was so real. He impressed upon me the belief that we must never, never forget.

And I haven’t forgotten. As I’ve got older I’ve become much more left wing than any members of my family, joined CND and the Stop the War Coalition. I’ve learned the history of the White Poppy and the Purple Poppy. I’ve considered how I should still remember without glorification of war and the military and how I could show that I sought peace without insulting those who have suffered.

I am asked, occasionally, why I wear three poppies. Not many are aware of the purple poppy to remember how we have abused animals in the name of war and that is easily explained, but people seem to think that I should choose the red or the white. I should choose between remembering and a belief that killing should stop. I ask them who they think would go through war again; the old boys and girls who lived through WWII and parade with their polished medals remembering comrades who didn’t come home? Those who stayed here and lost friends and family? Those who came back with life changing injuries? What about the Falklands veterans who have told me their own horror stories or the young men now, returning from Afghanistan having seen things that humans should never have to witness and endure. Do they still think it’s a good idea for more people to go through that? I don’t and it’s my right not to want that to happen again. My white poppy represents both remembering the loss and pain, and the desire for peace.

remembrance armistice poppy cenotaphSo why wear a red poppy at all? Because my white poppy offends people. Because wearing a red poppy has become almost compulsory, and not to wear one is thought to spit on the memory of the fallen. Because it can be seen as an affront to all those old boys and girls who think I hate what they did.  And because I do remember them.

Because I am anti-war, doesn’t mean I am anti soldier/airman/sailor. Because I want peace, doesn’t mean I don’t realise that sometimes we are told that war is a necessary evil and because I wear a white poppy next to my red one it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect and remember the dead and injured from conflicts past and present.

As the mother of four sons, who cried as ships set sail for the Falklands with my baby son on my knee, so sad that some mothers babies wouldn’t be coming back, I empathise with families today who are still facing their terrible loss. And not only for people who have lost their lives, but for those who didn’t, like my Grandad who never spoke about his experience but who’s friend’s book told it all, and explained why Grandad didn’t sleep. And my uncle who’s relatively minimal experience of war affected him and subsequently me, so much.

I now wear three poppies, to remember and to wish it never happens again.  I no longer attend Remembrance Sunday with its military and quasi-military parades encouraging children to march – even the Brownies – to glorify the war dead. I go instead on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month to a small handful of graves in the corner of the local cemetery and I stand there in silence – well, not always silence, I must admit, sometimes my sobs can be heard.

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The eleventh hour

Poppies Poppy Flanders fieldThe Poppy is the symbol of the Royal British Legion. When you buy a poppy from the RBL you are helping to raise money for veterans and their families who find themselves in need. But what does the poppy represent?

World War I, ‘The Great War’ as it was known by those who lived through it was fought in many countries on different continents by combatants from across the globe. It was fought on many different ‘fronts’ from Gallipoli in the Dardanelles to Arabia and Belgium, from Egypt and China to Flanders and, of course to the Poppy fields of Flanders.

The Western front followed the line of the Somme where, in the lazy heat of summers before the war, the landscape had burned red, not with fire or with blood but with the vivid red of thousands upon thousands of wild poppies. As four years of trench warfare dragged on the poppies mingled with the blood and the bones of the fallen from both sides until the poppy itself became associated with the wounded and the dead. Eventually even they disappeared under the morass of mud and decaying flesh but not before they found a symbolic place in the hearts and minds of a generation.

In May 1915, apparently shortly after officiating at the funeral of his fallen friend, Lieutenant Alexis Helmer, Canadian artillery officer, Lt. Colonel John McCrea put pen to paper in remembrance of his fallen comrade. In doing so he forever associated fallen soldiers with the poppy that surrounded the battlefield of Ypres, In Flanders fields…

WW1 war graves

In Flanders Fields by Lt. Colonel John McCrae

In Flanders fields the poppies blow

Between the crosses, row on row,

That mark our place; and in the sky

The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago

We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie

In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:

To you from failing hands we throw

The torch; be yours to hold it high.

If ye break faith with us who die

We shall not sleep, though poppies grow

In Flanders fields.

Wave upon wave of reinforcements did indeed ‘take up the quarrel with the foe’ and wave upon wave met their end, not only in the long lines of trenches that scarred the landscape of the Western front but across the globe. 51 long months of war resulted in the deaths of 11 million combatants and 7 million civilian men, women and children. An additional 20 million were injured as a direct result of the war. This makes the period from August 1914 to November 11th 1918 one of the bloodiest episodes in all of human history. The localised conflict between Austria and Serbia that began on July 28th 1914 quickly escalated to encompass the globe with Germany declaring war on Russia on August 1st and on France two days later. Great Britain joined the war on August 4th 1914.

Armistice signed 1919Four years of stalemate in France and unimaginable slaughter in other theatres of conflict created a protracted war of attrition with each side ‘throwing men to their deaths’ in the hope that the enemy’s losses would be greater and more damaging than their own. It was a brutal, cynical time as commanders on both sides ordered sacrifice upon sacrifice, the British at sites like Ypres or Amiens, the French and Germans at the ancient fortress of Verdun.

In the end, Germany blinked first. Kaiser Wilhelm surrendered, his exhausted and greatly depleted forces were no match for the renewed vigour of his enemies following America’s entry into the war. Hostilities ceased at 11am on the 11th November, 1918… the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, as it will forever be known.

The war was over.

On June 28th 1919, exactly 5 years after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand (the event that triggered The Great War) the victorious allies had the Germans sign the Treaty of Versailles. The treaty came complete with a commitment to crippling reparations in compensation for the losses and costs of the war. The payments would cripple the German economy and ultimately lead to World War 2 after what one French soldier, Marshall Ferdinand Foch described not as a ‘peace’ but as a ‘20 year armistice’. He was correct, almost to the day.

When we combine the armistice of November 11th with the image of the poppy we have a powerful symbol of remembrance, of gratitude and of peace. The poppy represents both the tragedy and the heroism of war. Here in UK it also symbolizes the work of the Royal British Legion, its fundraising and the charitable assistance it provides to the families of the fallen and to surviving servicemen and women in need.

That’s why we urge you to buy your poppy from the Royal British Legion and in some small way give something back to those who bought and continue to pay for our freedoms.

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View from a barstool #4

Beer 2So another week’s over and another week of seeing my takings suffer as the rest of the home nations nosedive out of the Rugby world cup. BT sports taking over of the Champions league is driving the punters away. The mixed pool team has won another game, much to the chagrin of Beryl who continues to put holes in everything other than the dartboard. I do hear the ladies tiddlywinks team may be short next week.

So what have we learnt from Biffer towers this week? Well they were triumphant in Burton, they still hate the thought of countries taking in immigrants, they love Putin, they adore the Knights Templar International (other real groups are out there) they’ve stayed strangely quiet over a massacre in Sweden and finally as remembrance day comes close they wheel out the old clickbait memes to con (sorry make) money out of their supporters.

Apparently Britain First’s brave 139 protesters were confronted by a few anti’s and bravely stood their ground. This however once again turned out to be a load of rubbish as Antifa, locals and Anti Biffers including most of the EBF office turned out to harass, heckle and generally have a good day out (see EBFBlogger here and here). Once again a huge police presence and shut shops proved what a waste of tax payers’ money and the costs of closing local businesses ensues when Folding and Dutchy come to town.

far right sweden school sword killer Anton Lundin PetterssonThe massacre in Sweden by a white, right wing terrorist and I mean terrorist not a misunderstood kid, not a loner, but a terrorist has led to near silence by the media, right wingers and politicians in this country. It appears to me that a nutter is a nutter whatever race or religion he or she may be. But while every Muslim man or woman is labelled a terrorist by the press or Biffer towers I have to counter that when this happens. I wasn’t the only one whose first thought when I heard the colour and politics of this boy was not Muslim was one of relief, when I should have been showing respect to those that had lost their lives. It must be working in the murky world of Anti Britain First that has made me do this.

But now on to the most important issue of the week (to me) and the outpouring of clickbait from Britain First and it’s offshoots including ones we are still checking on claiming to respect our troops, respect remembrance day, respect the poppy. So here we go, they are begging to get Folding elected, they are begging to stop their computers from being hacked, they are begging for court case costs and once again they are stealing money for their tatty products representing the poppy. And yes I did say stealing, because every penny they take goes into their bank account and is sent not to the armed forces but kept for whatever purpose Folding and Dutchy want to use it for (trip to Hungary, new tyres for their van or to hire a snooker hall for an hour). The unfortunate truth is any money raised does not go to respect our troops or to buy housing (something their memes tell us the refugees are getting) and Folding is still disrespecting our troops nearly 10 years since he wore pants on his head at the Cenotaph.

BF EBF Poppy shop charity con veteran RBL british legion scam

One of our page readers has challenged Golding to prove where the money has gone. To date nothing has been heard. Many of the good people of the page have been asking us if this page is real, is that page real and it’s got to the point where even we can’t be sure. I have recently had three people in my pub asking me to collect for remembrance day and each time I have said no, not because I don’t want to but since seeing the murky world of Britain First I will only have the Royal British Legion in and then for the rest of the year the Royal Air Force. Two of the three understood why I’m taking this stand, sighed and admitted that most of the pubs were taking this line too. The other got quite angry and insisted that I should allow his box on my bar. He left when I asked for his registered Charity number.

So to all you good souls who give money to respect and honour our troops please be careful where your pennies are going. I would advise sadly that you should only give money to the Royal British Legion this year and politely decline others. Give your reasons, the true ones will sigh and understand – only the shysters won’t.

This is a busy time for me at the moment. In a weeks time I will have completed my move to the South Coast, and my new pub will be halfway through the renovation. At least Beryl won’t be putting holes in the wall, Bazzer complaining about 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1 and Gaz telling me every two minutes that the world is better under the conservatives will be a distant memory


A view from a barstool #3

Beer 2Well another week over and a good week for me, the Mixed Pool team won their first game of the season without Beryl who decided to give darts a go, the horse picture to the left of the board now has a few holes in it. Next summers Booze Sales should be good with England, Northern Ireland and Wales all through and the Republic of Ireland in the playoffs. The pub is already discussing who should or should not be selected. I’m more worried about the HobGoblin barrels waiting in the cellar for serving.

So another week in Bifferland, another mix of lies, more lies and misleading memes and photo’s. Firstly a blonde Brazilian model with a flying helmet in Brazilian colours posing in front of a Brazilian training plane suddenly transposed herself into Captain Balislava who bombed ISIS. What else, oh yes the poppy stories are coming out of the woodwork, a boy who was sacked for refusing to take his poppy off whilst serving in KFC, commendable, patriotic, nope, this is a disregard for food hygiene, KFC in my opinion is inedible but a pin or poppy in my chicken would lead to claims against the company. Also KFC said he had resigned before the incident.

There appears to be a Russian love in at the moment over at biffer towers, anything Putin does is marvellous, apart from shaking the hand of Lewis Hamilton on Sunday that’s bad, as Britain’s top F1 driver doesn’t particularly like the biffers after the use of a photo of his dog. Immigrants are still bad and God is Great.

Folding and Dutchy are over in Hungary, how I wish they’d stay there, appearing to be all statesmanlike talking to other likeminded groups… actually they are there with Euro Fascists discussing how to bring the New World Order into being. More likely is a Biffer begging bowl going round the other fash.

There’s a march taking place this weekend, well there are 3 that I can see, all of which are being countered. The Biffers are in Burton, now under police orders, EDL in Scarborough and a load of angry racists are in Bristol.

Some hardy Veterans took part in the Front Line walk last weekend 104km over three days, including regular video blogger and hater of all thing biffer John McKnight and someone close to this page. Congratulations, my donation is on it’s way and I hope many of you will donate as well.

Union flagFinally a group of publicans who were on the same course of mine many years ago had our “Christmas bash” and as usual the talk turned to what’s wrong with the world. Unfortunately this usually ends up in a drunken talk about who is seeing who, and how we are being screwed by everyone. But this year was different, we discussed something close to my heart racism, Britain First, the EDL and Casuals and all the other little shitty bigoted little Englanders and how we as publicans can fly our flag with (London) pride. You see, we are patriotic, we love our wonderful diverse, multicultural country, the towns, the countryside, sporting events, good beer and most of all our sense of community. We thought nothing of putting our flags, our bunting and celebrating our saint’s day but now we can’t. We don’t identify with our flag anymore, it’s been stolen by racists and to adorn our premises seems to be showing the community we are linked with these bigoted cockwombles. But we have had enough, we are going to take our flag back, open our bars to the community as a whole and get out there and let people know we are proud to be British but our Britain multicultural and tolerant. Watch this space because we are going to follow these groups and contact publicans in the area they march and try and get them not to allow them to drink there under a part of the licensing act.

Well must sign off now as I’m trying to get to the bottom of a barrel so I can put said Hobgoblin on, Bazzer is back to talking about the formations again, George is discussing the pack sizes of the Welsh and New Zealand rugby teams and Beryl has come in and I need to clear an exclusion zone around the dart board.

So to those going to Burton this weekend including a few admins of this page, have fun, stay safe and heckle the shit out of these arsewipes.




This is Stephen Colquhoun, a 23 years old, recently unemployed man from Glasgow. He’s also the latest Biffer poster boy, having left the KFC in Glasgow’s Renfrew Street amid a row about food safety.

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie

According to Britain First this was a row about patriotism and remembrance. They’d have you believe that he was sacked because he revered the memory of this country’s war dead, refusing to remove his Royal British Legion poppy as demanded by his manager.

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie text 1

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie text 2

The basics of the story are, of course, correct. Colquhoun did indeed fail to remove his poppy and he did end up leaving the KFC restaurant a little earlier than he’d planned as a result. But it had nothing to do with patriotism or remembrance and everything to do with KFC’s statutory requirement to maintain food safety. It’s ludicrous to propose that KFC object to the poppy when they had a poppy box taking pride of place within the premises. That’s where Colquhoun bought it!

The reality is that any loosely pinned symbol, especially one fastened with a metal pin would be banned during food preparation. We just have to consider the implications of a metal pin becoming ‘lost’ in a customer’s meal and the potentially lethal injuries it could cause to understand why.

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie daily record header

It’s also worth noting that Colquhoun had already resigned and was working out his notice. He said…

“I had handed in my notice to KFC and was only due to work for another couple of weeks but I could have done with the cash from my last few shifts.”

Here’s what the Scottish daily, The Daily Record had to say about the affair…

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie daily record text