Armed Forces Biffers? Well -at least the banner’s real!

Britain First has just bought a new banner. They had to – Antifa stole their last one from the brave Steve Lewis in Trafalgar Square (which was funny).

EBF BF Banner antifa

Here’s a picture of their shiny new replacement, this time guarded not by ‘Lewis the loser’ but by ‘Lomax the ex squaddie’, Commanding Officer of the new BF armed forces division.

EBF BF armed forces division banner Kevin Lomax Jayda Fransen

Anyway, we thought we’d take this opportunity to expose their uber-effective process for signing up ex-servicemen and women. We looked at their joining processes for former (and allegedly serving) military Biffers.

We wanted  to be fair so we’ve also researched the main proper political parties (and UKIP too). Obviously no other parties have a secret armed forces division, but some have discounted rates of membership for the armed forces.

Only UKIP, Tory and Labour offer forces discounts. For the tories it’s £15, UKIP match BF at £8 and labour (the treacherous, communist, Muslim loving labour party) disgracefully offers “ARE” armed forces £1 pound a year membership. But wait – there’s more…

Let’s consider what details are required to join these various bastions of British political diversity as an armed forces member….

Only the Tory party asks for a service number, the individual identifying PIN that would prevent WALTs from ripping off the parties by claiming a discount they didn’t deserve.
Labour simply asks for unit and …

UKIP just have a tick box.

Armed forces BF 2Britain First doesn’t ask for a service number either. To put it another way, they ask for nothing that  would prove their ‘military’ personnel really are who and what they claim to be. They could be fantasy dreamers, wannabe warriors with Walter Mitty streaks a mile wide. 

What they do ask for is very interesting indeed… 


“What rank did you reach”

“What unit did you serve in” and…..

“Must have previously served in the military”.

The word ‘previously’ is significant. Serving military personnel are not able to involve themselves in political (or thinly-veiled paramilitary) organisations such as Britain First.

The question about previous criminal convictions is interesting too. As is the demand to know about rank, experience of active service in conflict zones and what skills the serviceman or women learned in the military. This isn’t the information needed to honour past military personnel with a reduced membership fee. This is a curriculum vitae for a paramilitary force.

Now why on earth would the Biffers want to start one of those?

Law is more important than ideology

Britain First and their many offshoot pages seem obsessed with British tradition and military history. Hardly an hour goes by without them posting some new meme or other applauding traditional British values or debasing old soldiers with their sordid attempts to defraud veterans’ charities and the public alike. So we thought we might give them a bit of a history lesson ourselves.

BF exploit veterans EBF

In the 17th century these islands were awash with conflict. Quite apart from the two English civil wars fought between the loyalist and parliamentarians there were armed struggles involving Scotland, Ireland and Wales too. Each had similar causes, each was brutal and each eventually established a similar principle.

From the excesses of Charles I with his insistence on the ‘Divine right of kings’ to the brutality of Cromwell’s dictatorship one lesson stands clear. Nobody, ruler or ruled is above the law.

BF Bullying meme EBF

Paul Golding continues to parade around this country harassing innocent people, abusing copyright and inciting violence. He has no regard for the established laws of the land he claims to love. When challenged, arrested or taken to court he squeals in affected outrage that this sort of thing shouldn’t happen to a political leader.

So let’s be clear Mr. Golding. Nobody is above the law. That’s traditional British value number 1!

We are ‘Exposing Britain First’

EBF BF leaflet pic 1We are a diverse group of people. We are dedicated to the promotion of truth about Britain First and the divisive lies it tells. We believe that all people have equal value and that discrimination against anyone diminishes us all.

We believe in honesty and we believe in harmony between citizens regardless of creed, race or sexual orientation.

We believe that extremism is a problem best left to security services to deal with.

We do not believe that Britain First shares any of these values. Britain First is a money-making scam that exploits peoples’ fears and prejudices for profit. In the process Britain First is radicalising the British people and creating tensions that only make things worse for British people.

We believe that it is extremely important to expose the lies of Britain First through fact-checking, information giving and (very often) through humour.

Who are Britain First?

Britain First is a political party. At least they’re registered as a political party. They don’t act like one though. They act like an online shop selling shoddy merchandise from foreign sweatshops to British ‘patriots’ at grossly inflated prices.

They also go around bullying old men and shouting at children. They have a facebook page where they dredge up old news or post badly photoshopped bollocks to slander Muslims (who they hate).

Most of all – they pretend to be Britain’s only hope of salvation from the threat they’ve imagined to scare people into giving them money. They claim to support troops and veterans but none of the money they raise goes anywhere near a squaddie or even a Chelsea pensioner.

If you really want to know who Britain First are download our anti Britain First brochure here. And if you’re unlucky enough to have them come to your town print some off and dish them out to passers by.