The ‘no go area’ myth

Britain First loves to claim that there are Muslim ghettos in UK that they describe as ‘no go areas’ for non-Muslims. This is a lie! It’s one of many far-right myths. They have stolen this idea from their predecessors and ideological soulmates, the English Defence League who regularly marched into parts of our major cities, effectively disproving their own point in the process.

EBF Shariah zone picThe only piece of ‘evidence’ ever presented for this is a photograph of a small group of extremists who fly-posted signs in a particularly multi-cultural London borough announcing that it was an area controlled by Shariah law. It’s true that this happened. Extremists do a lot of stupid things. Britain First’s ‘Christian Patrols’, led by Paul Golding himself,  are a typical example of the same extremist stupidity. It’s also true that these few Muslim extremists were arrested, convicted and sentenced back in 2013 for this criminal attempt to usurp British law. It is not true, as was claimed on FOX News recently, that the whole of Birmingham is a ‘no go area’ for non-Muslims. Nor is it true that there is a single area anywhere in Britain where only Muslims are safe.

It is true that there are areas where any stranger is at risk of attack, especially if they look like they may be worth mugging but that has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with social inequality. It’s also true that far right Nazis carrying provocative banners and chanting, “Allah is a paedo”, will not be well received in areas with diverse populations. But that’s hardly a surprise.

If you want to live in a land where you are free to move around regardless of religion then stop insulting people and start acting like decent human beings. Then you’ll be as free to move around this wonderfully diverse country as the rest of us.

It’s not rocket science!