The Biffers are outraged!

An injured serviceman was treated stupidly by an anonymous member of A&E staff who apparently thought that it would be OK to move him out of sight  rather than risk another altercation (like the one they’d previously experienced).

This wasn’t the best decision the health care worker could have made but it’s hardly worth the foam fest that the Biffers are making of it. Think about it…

There are 1.3 million people employed by the NHS according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre


NHS workforce statistic

Many more will work within the NHS under other arrangements such as agency workers or charity volunteers. That’s a lot of people.

Within that varied workforce, just like in any other large workforce, you can find just about anything you care to look for. You’ll find the good, the bad and even the particularly unpleasant.

You’ll find killers

Stepping Hill killer nurse

You’ll find victims

pregnant nurse assaulted

You’ll find racists

Lisa Kane headline

You’ll find heroes

Alder Hey hero nurse

You’ll find fraudsters

Doctor fraud nhs jail

And, of course you’ll find good people making honest mistakes in good faith.

RAF sergeant hospital a&e

A&E staff have many problems to deal with and they don’t always have the time to think things through in the middle of a busy shift. It’s clear that the intention to avoid a repeat of previous problems was honest, even though the decision itself showed poor judgement.

We think that the Biffers reaction to this pointless tale of one person in 1.3 million making a mistake in good faith is a little over the top. What do you think?


Bear in mind that the article said nothing at all about Islam, Muslims or Syrian immigrants at all.

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 1

When did it become about housing?

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 2

More assumptions about Muslims (who seemingly had absolutely nothing to do with this decision)

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 3

We owe Britain First troublemakers nothing either.