The dastardly duo due in Dewsbury

Fransen and Golding were in Dewsbury to stir up trouble last weekend. With a handful of thugs and hangers on they took the Biffer banner around local Mosques hoping to get a response. Seemingly the local Muslims ignored them because not a single piece of footage appeared online showing how those beastly Muslims had attacked the brave Biffers. In the absence of any real opposition the Biffers illustrious deputy-leader was reduced to lying about it (again), referring to Muslims who apparently had the audacity to object to BF coming to Dewsbury to tell the locals that they weren’t welcome there. The irony may be too much for Biffers to understand but it seems pretty obvious to the rest of us.

Fransen and Golding seem to take video support crews with them wherever they go and we can be sure that if any Muslims had protested against them they’d have been filmed and their images plastered all over social media by now but (as usual) Fransen was unable to produce a scrap of footage as evidence. To date only three of their videos have shown any real hostility and they were all clearly the result of significant provocation by the Biffers themselves. It’s actually a testament to the tolerance of UK Muslims that Britain First can go to a town they don’t live in, presume to shout about how the locals don’t belong there and face so little actual aggression as a result.

Perhaps most people were still asleep in Dewsbury just after dawn last Saturday morning. The video does seem to have been shot very early in the day with few people on the streets and some very long shadows. Local EBF supporters tell us that by mid-morning there were no Biffers to be seen in Dewsbury at all which doesn’t surprise us. They don’t usually hang around anywhere where they can’t get police protection. The Biffer definition of ‘bravely taking their country back’ is to turn up, take a few early morning videos and then leg it before the locals spot them.

BF Jayda video Dewsbury front page.png

Whilst they were in Dewsbury the Biffers did manage to find a newspaper report. Buying the current copy of the local paper, on sale in newsagents throughout the town, doesn’t seem quite as impressive a feat as Fransen implies. On the video she claims that a couple of the Biffers found it in the local library but that seems unlikely.

Biffers in a library?

That really is pushing the limits of plausibility too far!

I remember my eldest girl’s childish excitement when she realised her school friends had been mentioned in the local newspaper for a charity event they’d been involved in. Her glee was over the top by grown up standards but perfectly reasonable for a little girl. Actually I was quite proud of her that she could be so happy for someone else. The article hadn’t involved my girl at all.

Fransen looks like she might wet herself at the fact that Britain First has hit the front page of a small local newspaper in a small town in West Yorkshire. Her reaction reminded me of my eldest’s but for all the wrong reasons.

It’s true that the Biffers made the paper. It’s also true that there’s even a quote from Jayda herself in there. That should appeal to her attention-seeking nature. But there’s nothing positive about Britain First in the article itself. Here are a few highlights…

“A RALLY by far-right group Britain First is set to go ahead in Dewsbury on Saturday January 30 – and they plan to flout changes police want to make to their parade route.”

MP Paula Sherriff hopes Dewsbury will be open for business as usual when far-right protesters Britain First come to town on January 30. She said: “Britain First appears to be intent on stirring up trouble in Dewsbury. We fight hard to achieve community cohesion here and visits such as this are unwelcome.”

“If Britain First cared about our community and the town centre they wouldn’t be doing this.”

“If they’re coming to incite hatred against another community then I think that’s wrong.”
“Certainly in my ward there’s a feeling that these people don’t care about Dewsbury and that they should be ignored.”

EBFington Post special edition: Britain First exposed

A few days ago we launched The EBFington Post. It’s part of a wider plan to step up our campaign against Britain First and the far-right in general. Britain First is on its way out but tin-pot neo-nazis will remain. We’ll have to wait and see which ludicrous banner they flock to next. For now the job of EBF is to deliver Britain First’s final death blow. It’s a war of ideas and Britain First is losing ground fast but it’s not quite dead yet.

The EBFington Post’s newly appointed editorial team aims to make The Post a resource for Antifascists to stay informed for many years to come – long after the Biffers have been forgotten. Our library of free information guides begins with this inaugural special edition, Britain First exposed.

Please download it, use it for reference and pass it around to all your contacts. And remember to bookmark this blog to make sure you don’t miss future editions as they’re published too.

See below for an extract to whet your appetite.

BF EBFington Post Britian First Exposed PDF image

Fear as a marketing tool

Since falling out with the BNP, Dowson and Golding have used a range of online marketing techniques to attract support for their racist and Islamopohobic agenda.

“If you apply professional marketing techniques and publicity to political fundraising – it’s a gift” (Jim Dowson)

They’ve done this mainly so that they can sell stuff in their online shops and attract donations for a range of causes, all of which seem to be fronts for Britain First’s own fundraising.

Essentially the Biffers is an online business that exploits the insecurity of ordinary people to make money from their fears. In the process Golding, Dowson and Fransen are whipping up as much hatred and prejudice as they can – because, as every professional marketer knows, there’s money to be made from fear.

So they lie – they cheat, they distort the facts and they pretend to defend our country from an imagined Muslim invasion. They whip up as much fear and hatred as they can and then they beg for money. Always they beg for money.

BF claims to be doing something useful but as we know they do nothing of the sort. They claim to expose terrorists but really they harass people who’ve already been written about in the newspapers (hardly a scoop) or they bully women on the streets and old men in otherwise completely empty Mosques.

Britain First is a commercial business pretending to be a patriotic political party. Their business model is based upon creating and then profiting from as much fear and hatred as they can manage. The effect of all this activity is to make the United Kingdom a more hostile, hate-filled and dangerous place for everyone, regardless of background, religious belief or ethnic group. Golding, Dowson and Fransen are deliberately damaging our society for their own, personal profit.

So how is this done?

Read on

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What Trojan horse?

The Biffer paper is always full of lies, misinformation and xenophobic hatred. That’s not surprising. In fact it’s so commonplace now that we at EBF rarely waste our time on their laughably styled ‘newspaper’. Let’s face it – the paper has so little currency that they can’t even give it away very easily, let alone sell it.

But this one did warrant a little debunking time. Not because it’s any less ludicrous than their usual rubbish but because it has a superficial air of plausibility – at least ‘at first glance’.

We know that people are far more likely to pay attention to and share images than blogs so we’ve put our arguments into a downloadable image. Please feel free to pass this on to your social media contacts, whether by linking to the blog post itself or by sharing the image.

We think this one is really important.

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Thankyou very much for your help.

Team EBF