Rampant Sexism

The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Opposition to abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation and national policy.”

Britain First targets women because they’re perceived as easy, soft, vulnerable targets. Their recent mailshot, designed to intimidate was sent almost exclusively to women. Their most publicised campaign (to Ban the Burka) is also aimed exclusively at women.

Female sexuality is targeted and Muslim women are regularly described as little more than breeding machines. Whenever women come under the Biffer spotlight the online foamfest is filled with sexualised comments and threats of rape, genital torture and assumptions about sexual depravity. Alongside this abuse the Biffers encourage white women to have as many children as possible to combat their imagined ‘white genocide’ by out-breeding the opposition. This is exactly the same thing that Hitler did, even creating medals of motherhood based upon the numbers of Aryan children born to German mothers of ‘good racial stock’.

Fascist BF 5

There seems little doubt that Biffers view women as nothing more than sexual objects whose purpose is to breed (either little biffers or infant terrorists). The former are encouraged. The latter are condemned. But all women are denigrated by this limited, fascist view of their worth.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt

The ‘Muslim paedo’ myth

Britain First is great at jumping on bandwagons. Arguably that’s all they ever do (apart from beg for money). One of the most common bandwagons they board as readily as the rest of us hop on to public transport (goose-stepping up the ideological bus like the bunch of demented Biffers that they really are) is the ‘Muslim paedo’ myth.

You know the one – this is the myth that would have you believe that there are no paedophiles outside of Islam and no Muslims who aren’t paedophiles. This is the myth that all Muslims are either paedophiles or paedophile enablers. This is the myth that anyone who opposes Britain First is a paedophile lover. This is the myth that says that there would be no paedophile problem in the UK without Muslims. This is the myth that would have you believe that UK paedophiles didn’t exist until 1997 when immigration ‘began’ at the behest of Tony Blair. This is the myth that tells you this stuff just didn’t happen – it couldn’t have – it didn’t involve Muslims and it was going on long before 1997.


John Broomfield
John Broomfield (RCO Biffer)

If Britain First was really interested in dealing with paedophilia then they’d address the real problem head on. They’d do something constructive to help like support victims charities or child protection organisations. But they’re not really interested in child protection. That’s why they ignore white paedophiles and even promote them within their own organisation. Let’s not forget that the RCO Biffer, John Broomfield is himself a convicted paedophile.

It’s interesting that we haven’t seen Broomfield in any of the Britain First pics or videos recently. He hasn’t been at any of the rallies or meetings as far as we can tell. Maybe he was just too embarrassing for this group of ‘anti-paedo’ campaigners. Maybe they just quietly got rid of him. They certainly haven’t issued any statements about him. It almost smells like a cover up. Hang on though – isn’t that the sort of sneaky move they criticise others for?

We don’t know if Broomfield has gone or not. We do know that until EBF started exposing the sex offender in their ranks Britain First’s Biffers had no problem taking orders from an RCO who was also a convicted paedophile – so long as that paedophile was white. It’s almost as if they’re really just a bunch of hypocritical racists. Not that anyone would ever believe that!

The reality is that paedophilia is a problem throughout society. It’s been present for decades, perhaps centuries and it exists amongst all ethnic and religious groups.

The Biffers would have you think that child abuse is about Muslims. We would have you do a bit of research yourself. It really doesn’t take much time on google to learn just how stupid this myth really is.

The ‘BF exposes terrorists’ myth

Last Tuesday we tackled the ‘no go’ area myth – a regular Biffer refrain that would be laughable if it hadn’t done so much damage to the way our country is viewed by gullible racists. In that post we showed how the small number of Muslim extremists who thought they could create such an area here in UK were imprisoned for their pains back in 2013. Today we’ll consider a related theme – the Biffer claim that Britain First has something to do with exposing and combating domestic extremism.

First – let’s be clear about what we mean by extremism. We mean people who are involved in either the perpetration or incitement of hatred and violence. People who behave like Paul Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen for example. They’re far-right extremists who target non-Christians, lefties, non-whites, immigrants, trade unionists and pretty well anyone who disagrees with them. Islamic extremists are people who engage in or incite hatred and hostility toward non-Muslims. Both types of extremists are destructive, antisocial and dangerous to the well-being of our country and its citizens.

We should also point out that extremism involves actual extremist activity – not just disliking Paul Golding or his discriminatory agenda.

What do we mean by ‘exposing’? Well – most people would argue that ‘exposing’ involves identifying and publicising the existence of people whose stories aren’t already in the public domain. So – people whose stories cannot already be found by picking up a national newspaper, for example.

Unfortunately for Britain First, their only source of information about genuine extremists seems to be exactly the same as everyone else’s. All their extremist exposés have been about people originally identified in the press. Britain First’s army of racist Biffers trawls the newspapers for information and reposts it when it suits BF’s racist agenda. Interestingly Britain First also ignores information that doesn’t fit its narrow prejudice. For example the Biffers have posted many stories about non-white paedophiles but ignored many more relating to white child sex offenders.

So let’s look at what Britain First has actually achieved in relation to extremism:

BF EBF Burn dudley mosqueThey’ve reposted a number of newspaper articles (usually with a link to their own online merchandising);

They’ve terrorised a large number of moderate Muslims both online and off;

They’ve harassed several innocent people who they have falsely accused of extremism when what they really mean is that these people disagree with Paul Golding;

They’ve harassed a small number of people who’ve already been exposed, tried and convicted for their extremist activities;

They’ve behaved in exactly the same way as that for which they condemn others, mounting bizarre ‘Christian patrols’, invading mosques, radicalising gullible Biffers and inciting hatred and violence against innocent minority groups;

They’ve publicised their disgraceful activities as widely as they possibly can.

In short, the only extremists that Britain First has managed to expose are its own vicious, bigoted leaders and members. We should give credit where it’s due though. They’ve made a damn good job of that!

The ‘no go area’ myth

Britain First loves to claim that there are Muslim ghettos in UK that they describe as ‘no go areas’ for non-Muslims. This is a lie! It’s one of many far-right myths. They have stolen this idea from their predecessors and ideological soulmates, the English Defence League who regularly marched into parts of our major cities, effectively disproving their own point in the process.

EBF Shariah zone picThe only piece of ‘evidence’ ever presented for this is a photograph of a small group of extremists who fly-posted signs in a particularly multi-cultural London borough announcing that it was an area controlled by Shariah law. It’s true that this happened. Extremists do a lot of stupid things. Britain First’s ‘Christian Patrols’, led by Paul Golding himself,  are a typical example of the same extremist stupidity. It’s also true that these few Muslim extremists were arrested, convicted and sentenced back in 2013 for this criminal attempt to usurp British law. It is not true, as was claimed on FOX News recently, that the whole of Birmingham is a ‘no go area’ for non-Muslims. Nor is it true that there is a single area anywhere in Britain where only Muslims are safe.

It is true that there are areas where any stranger is at risk of attack, especially if they look like they may be worth mugging but that has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with social inequality. It’s also true that far right Nazis carrying provocative banners and chanting, “Allah is a paedo”, will not be well received in areas with diverse populations. But that’s hardly a surprise.

If you want to live in a land where you are free to move around regardless of religion then stop insulting people and start acting like decent human beings. Then you’ll be as free to move around this wonderfully diverse country as the rest of us.

It’s not rocket science!