Is this the real life? by Landlord

As the song goes……

Is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?

The last few days have been like my wife talking about East Coronation Farm Oaks or in other words a soap opera starring the biffer high command.

As I wrote on the page we will not put anything on the page until we confirm the veracity of the allegations but we can draw conclusions from them and wonder what can happen further down the line.

We receive messages on a weekly basis from Moley and this has hinted at misdeeds by Screechy and Goldibollocks but with no viable proof, unlike the biffers, we won’t publish.
These allegations that we’ve seen over the last few days could be the beginning of the end for the biffers as in fighting causes them to implode, it could be the start of a hostile takeover by Screechy and factions close to her or it could be an elaborate hoax to test the loyalty of the high command.

The last of these would mean that someone in the Fuhrer bunker has the intelligence to start such a ruse!

Fuhrer bunkerWe are well aware of certain factions trying to take over Britain First. The woman at the centre of these allegations is a racist, a member of a Polish far right organisation that the biffers have been courting and probably been trying to get funds from. Could it be that these fascists want more than just a connection?

Tommy Robinson has been sniffing about the high command recently. Maybe the amount of money that the biffers fleece from their sheeple has attracted him like a fly over shit.

Screechy has appeared recently to be more than just the Nazi wet dream poster girl. Now Leader of the ‘Northern Ireland division’ it seems to us that she has manoeuvred herself into poll position for Fuhrer! She certainly has, from what I have seen, a huge support from biffers and respect from other fash movements. Where Goldibollocks is seen by most despicable right wing fucknuggets as a conman who would sell out for five faaaaaasand paaaaands, Screechy really is a nasty fash.

Whichever one it could be, as someone who is dedicated to their downfall I’ll watch with enjoyment as the Fuhrer bunker crumbles around their ears!

Fuhrer bunker destroyed

Golding’s not folding and Jayda’s getting jumpy

Well now. We were genuinely surprised when Moley first told us this little nugget of information but it’s becoming more and more obvious as time goes on. Apparently the Fuhrer in waiting, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen is getting cold feet. We thought she had a bit more about her than that but Moley seems to think she’s not nearly as brave as she makes out.

BBC3 WWOCB Paul Jayda Banner Mosque spotted quick

Apparently she’s started to get more and more uncomfortable about the attention from South Yorkshire and Bedfordshire Police forces. Moley tells me she had a similar bout of nerves just after being arrested for having a go at Anjem Choudhary in London. We’d wondered what her mysterious absence was all about (apart from a change in appearance) at the time. It seems it wasn’t just about looking different. She nearly jacked it in altogether until she realised that she had no other source of income.

BF EBF Jayda Fransen Fuhrer in waitingAnd she’s getting scared again. That might be very poor timing for her. Our information has always been that she’s set to take over the reins of Britain First when Paulie gets ousted this summer but who knows – Uncle Jim might decide to appoint someone else if this carries on.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

A message from Moley

Here at EBF we’re dedicated to exposing the nefarious antics of Britain first and the rest of the far right. That has brought us to the attention of some particularly nasty individuals who’ve been trying without success to identify team members, presumably with the intent of visiting us for a violent altercation. That’s just how these people operate.

Fortunately they haven’t managed although they’ve certainly tried. There have even been a few cases of mistaken identity and some innocent people have found themselves under fire from fash in the past. We’re genuinely sorry about that.

Anyway, our mole in the Biffer camp tells us that they’re trying a new tactic. Apparently the Exposing Britain First Facebook page is about to be mass reported in an attempt to get the page removed by Facebook. It’s possible that they’ll manage, if only temporarily but we will be back.

EBF Blog follow

In the meantime the blog will continue (Facebook has no role in WordPress management) so we won’t be abandoning our post. Several thousand of you already follow the EBF Blog and you won’t be losing out on your regular Emailed posts. For those of you who don’t follow us, feel free to subscribe to the EBF blog to keep in touch just in case the page does go down temporarily.

Subscription is free and we won’t use your details for anything else. Just click ‘follow’ and type in the email address you want us to send our blog posts to.


Alternatively – don’t worry. If the Facebook page does go down it’ll be back soon enough.

See you on the other side.

Team EBF