Exposing Britain First official press release

At EBF, We have a sworn and solemn duty to fight against extremism in all its forms, and in any way we can. Recently Britain First leader Paul Golding has taken an interest in one of our volunteers Anne Pepper, claiming to have information on her.…

EBF Categorically denies this to be true, however we believe it is the moment to tell the truth about Anne Pepper.

The story begins with a problem : EBF was established in order to expose the lies Britain First post every day, however soon after the organisation was founded, we ran into a fundamental issue : We had largely underestimated the ability of Britain First to post complete bullshit, In mid-2014 they were posting at a rate of 6bph (6 Bullshit Posts per hour), however since that date it has been increasing exponentially, we soon reached a point when we realised that our hard working volunteers simply couldn’t keep up with the quantities of bullshit BF was producing, and we had to provide counselling to many of our volunteers, as after working on exposing 2 or 3 posts, they experienced a profound loss of hope for humanity.

In order to resolve this issue, our hard working scientists came up with an idea to streamline the process of Debunking the tons of bullshit that they post every day, we needed to subcontract : and after hours of calculation, we found the perfect candidates : Intellectually superior to Britain First, and thus capable of debunking their bullshit; however unaffected psychologically by the content they have to deal with : Ladies and Gentlemen, we speak of course, of Goats.

Under conditions of absolute secrecy, we purchased a goat and brought it to our underground top secret Lab in Yorkshire, where we taught it to debunk, for the first time ever we had a weapon capable of fighting back against the tide of bullshit BF publish every day : we had a Goat. which, Given the correct quantities of hay, grain, grass and, of course, highly enriched uranium, could withstand the daily onslaught of BF stupidity.

We named this goat Anne, She chose the surname Pepper, like the pig, but classier of course.

We understand this will surprise, and even anger some of you, and we are deeply sorry for not telling you the truth earlier.

And of course, we assure you that Anne’s welfare is our top priority, and she is considered an invaluable member of our team, and a brilliant Goat.

– EBF Team

EBF goat Anne Pepper

John McKnight’s latest message for Paul Golding

John McKnight used to be in the British Navy. He’s a proper veteran in other words. He’s a genuine patriot who’s risked his life defending our shores. And he really doesn’t like the way that Britain First continues to disrespect his service, his comrades and his fallen friends.

A little over a month ago Mr. McKnight asked Paul Golding, leader of Britain First to meet him and discuss their differences of opinion ‘man to man’. The video message invitation was shared widely across social media and also sent multiple times directly to Golding’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. So far Golding has not responded.

Not to be deterred, Mr. McKnight and several of his veteran colleagues have decided to meet Paul when he goes to Dudley this Saturday. They have a list of questions they want to ask regarding misappropriation of money meant for service charities and untrue statements about serving forces personnel. You can view Mr. McKnight’s most recent video message to Paul Golding here.

The big question is….

Will Golding have the courage to turn up and face John and his mates or will he turn tail and run when faced with a real serviceman? Will he go back to bullying women and old men instead of taking this opportunity to show the courage he claims in the face of an intelligent, experienced veteran? What’s your opinion?

We’ll just have to wait and see.