Geography is no object

We’ve been researching Britain First’s electoral candidates for the London Assembly election this may. This is because, having uncovered significant nepotism in the obvious cases of Golding’s mother, cousins and his little brother’s partner we thought there might be more to find. And there most certainly was.

But along the way we noticed something else. Something we hadn’t made the connection about until this image came up.

BF MEP candidates Wales 2014 Anne Elstone Christine Smith Paul GoldingNot only is this fine family of fash making a mockery of the London assembly elections (where at least they all live) but they’ve done it before. In 2014 no fewer than FOUR members of this Kentish tribe tried to persuade the good people of Wales to elect them to Europe. We have to wonder where all the Welsh Biffers who could have stood had gone.

The Welsh ballot paper included Paulie, Paulie’s Mummy, Paulie’s Daddy and Paulie’s Aunty Annie. This time it includes Paulie, Paulie’s Mummy, Paulie’s cousins, Paulie’s little brother’s partner and a host of Paulie’s mother’s neighbours from Bexley.

There seems to be something of a pattern here and it doesn’t involve respect for the electorate. Britain First has raised money from Biffers who presumably expect them to field the most competent and credible candidates they can. Instead they get a handful of Paulie’s family members and his mother’s best mates from Bingo. No doubt they’ll all nip round to Christine’s to watch the election results come in on her new wide screen telly. Eyes down for a full house.

Seriously though, is there not a single Biffer living within a single London borough who could have been even slightly more credible than Christine, Jake, Hollie and Nancy? We know that Britain First supporters are a bit thin on the ground but surely their numbers aren’t that low… are they?