We were right – the Biffers really ARE Nazis

Over the weekend I’ve put together a couple of blog posts with accompanying PDFs showing how very similar Britain First’s policies and rhetoric is to the propaganda of Nazi Germany. The PDFs are quite involved but we think they make a good case for the neonazism of Britain First. They’re here and here.

EBF BF Nazi August 2015 PDF screenshot

But that was just speculation. At least until now…

I’m very new to EBF – I’ve been on board for only a few months and so there are many things I’m not familiar with. It took a couple of more experienced EBFers to point me in the right direction. I’m very grateful for that.

In particular they showed me two articles about Paul Golding during his BNP days (before Britain First existed). Interestingly both report that Golding not only has a copy of Mein Kampf (from which many of BF’s policies derive) but they also comment upon his clear racism and commitment to white supremacy.

There’s an interesting take on the famous ‘underpants headgear’ incident too – apparently it was in protest about Britain going to war with Nazi Germany. It seems that WW2 was a ‘civil war between whites’. The idea is that this country really ought to have supported its fellow caucasians who were only ‘standing up for their race’!! I kid you not!

You can find the two articles about Golding’s mis-spent youth here and here.