Tommy Robinson confuses the flock

The most obvious, most noticeable characteristic of UK fascists is their inability to maintain original thoughts. They have no critical thinking skills, no ability to discern fact from fiction and so no clue what their opinions ought to be. They always need someone to tell them what they believe – otherwise they become angry and confused.

Usually the message is simple and unambiguous. Something like…

• White people good
• Brown people bad
• Muslim means brown

• All Muslims are paedophiles
• All paedophiles are Muslims
• White paedophiles are ‘the exception that proves the rule’

• All brown people are terrorists
• Immigrants are terrorists
• Terrorists aren’t refugees
• No immigrants are refugees
• They’re ‘fakugees’ (that’s a clever sounding word, innit?)

You get the idea. So long as nobody contradicts their narrow, unthinking world view all is well. But watch what happens when one of their leaders says or does the wrong thing.

Tommy Pegida Birmingham backfire 1

But wait – most of the people marching under the Pegida flag were only there because Tommy used to lead them against brown people from Pakistan in the EDL. Oh dear. That’s confusing. What’s a fascist to do?

Tommy Pegida Birmingham backfire 2 quilliam

That’s it – reject him. If we all turn our backs on him and pretend he’s not there he’ll go away, won’t he? Won’t he? Please say he will.

Sensing the burgeoning existential crisis about to sweep over the Imbibing Brotherhood like a wave, up and coming leader and Solihull ‘Division commander’ (they have such grandiose titles) gave them a less confusing and much more familiar solution. Just batter Tommy and anyone who still believes in him. That should do the trick.

EDL Paul Locke reaction to Tommy Robinson Pegida Pakistan flag.pngIt’s ironic that these people whose only solution to every problem is to beat some poor sod up for having a different (even if only slightly different) opinion think they know what’s best for this country. And not only UK but Europe, the world and, worst of all, for desperate refugees whose plight the drunken EDL can’t even begin to imagine. It takes more than a drunken punch up to solve complex problems, Paul.

It takes more than a bunch of uneducated, drunken, white supremacist scumbags to solve the subtle problems of international relations.

It takes diplomacy.
It takes understanding.
It takes mutual respect.
It takes a commitment to peaceful negotiation.

It generally doesn’t involve fists or large quantities of cheap lager!

EDL Imbibing brotherhood brethren Bibo ergo sum in vino veritas

What do they really believe?

6We’ve been having a bit of a discussion amongst ourselves here at EBF. We’re a tight-knit team and most of the time we resolve our disagreements pretty quickly. That’s what happens when reasonable people are prepared to listen to each other and weigh up all sides of an argument before reaching a decision.

This time it’s different though. This time we’re still unsure. So we’re asking for opinions from you, the backbone of EBF who help to spread our message so thoroughly through your social media accounts and everyday conversations.

The question we’re having trouble answering is this…

Do the rank and file Biffers really not know that they’re being lied to?

We’re not asking about BF’s core Biffers and leadership. They clearly know the truth. Their behaviours and responses make it absolutely clear that they’re lying consciously and deliberately. It’s the ordinary people they’re sucking into their hatred who we’re uncertain  about.

Please let us know your thoughts on this. We think it’s an important question, not least because knowing the answer will help us to be more effective in reaching those who support Britain First and spread its hatred.

We know that traditionally EBF supporters tend to leave comments on Facebook and that’s great. But in this case we’d like to ask that you reply on the blog. Of course, you’re very welcome to comment on Facebook too but if we get all the responses in one place it’ll be much easier for us to collate your replies.

So go on – let us know your opinion…

Are Britain First’s supporters really as blinkered as all that or are they deliberately ignoring the truth for their own reasons?

Just leave a reply below and dive in.