A view from a barstool 20

Beer 2The divorce papers are in!!!!!!! (not really but almost). Finally this week the Biffers have done what years of being a grumpy bastard haven’t. I have been literally pissing myself laughing since the news came in of the arrest, bail conditions and now the magistrates appeal. In fact this blog is going to be exceedingly difficult to write anywhere on the licensed property as my laughs are so loud I’m surprised that the locals haven’t called in specialised help for me.

So was I just dreaming, will I wake up and find the Landlady next to me watching an edition of the Bill on Gold, Juliet Bravo (for our older readers) or even Keystone Cops, I find that nothing of this really happened. No, it was real and the way it was done really has made my week. It appears that the net is well and truly closing in on the shenanigans and vile antics of Screechy and Goldibollocks.

On Saturday, Britain First and their band of ‘patriots’ leafleted and shouted in Bradford. From videos, pictures and accounts it really didn’t go very well. They even shouted and intimidated three Muslim women who were collecting for the Heart Foundation.
This appears to be forgotten by them but our perfectly placed mole let us know.

The intimidation got worse as they tried their hand at a Mosque demonstration. That didn’t go down too well with the locals. I’ve never advocated violence and I never will but the level of intimidation and of the vile screeches was such that the population of Bradford finally snapped and chased (quite literally) the fash out of Dodge. A damaged rear window and a couple of cuts later along with two arrests were enough for that day.

As we at EBF towers digested the report of Bradford and then read the disgraceful comments on a report of the day by the MP Naz Shah, Twitter and Facebook messages started to bleep onto our screens  Bedfordshire Police had issued a request for Screechy and Goldibollocks to hand themselves in and be questioned over the wearing of political uniforms, something Goldibollocks knows all about.

Then the video emerges, the biffers had lied. They weren’t to be arrested, they were to be questioned under caution. This wasn’t good enough for Goldibollocks. Oh no, he insisted they were arrested and they duly were. Goldibollocks even had the forethought to turn up wearing his uniform.

They were duly led away and then we were treated to the bail conditions. Luton is out of bounds and report to Kent Constabulary every Saturday (along with sleeping every night at their home address). Draconion????? No, not in my mind.

EBF BF Jayda Golding glum medway magistrates court February 2016In all the time I have followed these two cockwombles at last the people who dislike Islamic extremists are being seen for what they are….extremists. See the EBFblogger for her thoughts.

The usual begging missive followed, saying they would fight this if they got enough money and then came the office discussion. Some of us thought that they would get away with it totally, given that Goldibollocks is a grass and protected by the powers that be. Others thought that the signing on in Kent would be lifted and they would somehow produce another victory video. I don’t think one of us ever thought the result would be that the CPS, magistrates and police have finally had enough of being laughed at by the biffers and all conditions would be upheld. Goldy and Screechy will be effectively silenced until another £6 faaasand is reached to go to high court.

Cue much outrage and disbelief and watch other Constabularies and Councils across the country do the same. Could this now be the time that Britain First starts to implode? Watch this space.

After the laughter came the anger and disgust. I’m sure you have all by now seen the comments from the biffer sheep regarding the drone picture of Auchwitz. These absolute wankstains have finally shown their true colours. Thanks to one and all you have made this go viral and more people than before have been reached to show the real followers of the biffers and what they think. This is why we do what we do and the quicker we can get rid of them the better.


Finally, if I can say a final goodbye to Hulk and Tankgirl who left the team for pastures new and have set up their own page. Good luck guys, I’ll miss our gingernut throwing fights in the office before Prole and Kit get in.


A sad farewell

Team EBF is a little thinner on the ground today than we were this time last week. Being part of a group like EBF can be stressful and sometimes differences arise that just can’t be resolved. It’s nobody’s fault – it just happens.

I’m stalling because I really don’t want to type the next few lines but I think I must. So here goes….

Hulk and Tank Girl have come to the decision that they must leave the group. That doesn’t mean they’re no longer going to involve themselves in fighting the fash – they’re far too dedicated and committed as individuals for that.

Hulk and tank girl smash the fash FB page.png

Those of us who remain are genuinely sorry to see them go. Tank Girl was a relative newcomer to our ranks but she most certainly proved her worth and her contributions to EBF were invaluable. She was (and is) a fine friend to the page. Hulk has been with us rather longer and I don’t think I need to point out to our many followers just how invaluable he was. There aren’t too many Hulk-sized admins kicking around for us to approach.

The good news is that Hulk and Tank Girl have made it clear that they intend to continue their work, just in a different context. You can follow their new venture on Facebook here. They’re only a click away! We urge you to support them. It’s not easy getting a new page off the ground and if they can retain the support they helped to build here at EBF that’d be great. We’re all still on the same side and we really wish them well.

Thankyou Hulk and Tank Girl…

We wish you well.