A word from the Cellar #1

Landlord in cellarSo here we are again, another week of looking at mostly non biffer news for the new Exposing Bigotry and Fascism. This time I’m hidden in the cellar so the Landlady doesn’t hear my laughs as I look at the racist cockwombles and their attempts at showing the majority of us that white pride rules.

The recent attacks at a Mosque in Bristol have obviously been horrific for all concerned, yet the silent majority turned out in their hundreds over the weekend for tea and cakes in support of the Imam and the Muslim community. It shows again how normal, decent people show the hatred of the right is not supported.

An ‘action day’ by the openly racist National Action in Newcastle on Saturday was attended by 12 which was less than their unsuccessful romp in Liverpool where they only got as far as the station lost luggage and had banana’s thrown at them. Again, white priders showing that although they shout very loudly they really don’t have a lot of support.

Nazi newcastle Jan 2016 hitlerwasright national action.png

EDL Imbibing brotherhood brethren Bibo ergo sum in vino veritasThe EDL are bigging up their February drunken fight in Preston again despite being told they are not welcome by churches, councillors and the good people of Preston. Apparently there is a white no go area in Deepdale, however the video I’ve just seen shows a pub, white guys walking around and the fact it is a road that leads to the Preston North End football ground. In phoning the pub in this Muslim only area I found out that not only is the pub thriving but it, like other local drinking establishments is the hub of the community. Once again, proof that not only are the right lying but they just want to bring division to a community that lives and works together.

Pegida UK have a march in Birmingham, if it’s anything like Newcastle and in Scotland police and Antifa will swamp them again. This certainly isn’t the cleverest move by Tommy and Weston as they were pelted with snowballs in Denmark over the weekend. Again they were well countered. They seem to think that racists in mainland Europe will be like the racists over here. Once again the silent majority will show them what they feel.

Finally the biffers, I can’t leave them out, have their merry jaunt around Dewsbury. Only the most stupid of people will see this as anything but provocation, Goldibollocks you aren’t wanted, just as your flash demo in Luton was not wanted either. Great video by the way, brilliant editing. Your harridan, Dutchy confronts a lone Muslim mother and starts mouthing off as usual….then edited to show you as the victor, whereas a video I watched later has your victim saying she was surrounded by Biffer shittroopers so she couldn’t go anywhere. Fantastic intimidation, well done. The only trouble is Goldibollocks the true Christians of this area of Luton came out and apologised for your actions showing your brand of Christianity is not that as preached by the majority.

Message to BF from Luton Christians

So you see, the screeching, shouty voices of the right are in the minority, the silent majority are getting louder by the day. We’ve had enough of you all, your unfounded hatred, your racism and your crappy view of christianity. The silent majority have seen through your lies and vitriol and are opposing you in droves. And one day when the powers that be allow them you will be prosecuted by the police as they like the rest of us have had enough of you all. And oh, I’ve just heard those nice chaps at Yorkshire casuals are joining your march in Dewsbury, I’m sure your code of conduct will cover that!!

And now before my extremities get any colder I’m off for a pint.