Britain First: Martyrs, victims and pseudo-saviours

Question: How do you turn otherwise reasonable people into bloodthirsty cash cows?

Answer: That’s easy – just follow the formula.

First – you need to find some really big lies and keep repeating them. It doesn’t matter that they’re outrageous – repeat them regularly enough with conviction and people will believe you all the same.

Propoganda GW Bush 2005

Second – find a threat to scare people with. That can come from just about anyone but for really effective ‘fear propaganda’ you should identify someone visible but too few in number to stand much chance when the mob turns nasty.

EBF BF Islam trojan horse refugee paper rebut debunk

Third – identify ‘your people’. This should be a group of people that’s very much bigger than the group you’re pretending is a threat.

EBF BF white genocide

Fourth – identify victims. You must point to people who have been harmed by the ‘threat’ (even if it’s not true). Without victims to demonstrate the threat it’s harder to convince the mob (and without the mob on your side you have precisely nothing).

EBF BF oregon shooter Muslim

Fifth – Even though there’s no real threat you need to present yourself as the popular solution to the problem you’ve invented. If possible find ways to pretend that you’re taking great risks on behalf of ‘your people’. The braver and more popular you seem the more grateful ‘your people’ will be.

BF EBF Jayda lies Burton percentage from Twitter

Sixth – create willing martyrs (it’s not helpful to be a martyr yourself). You need to stay around to profit from other peoples’ martyrdom, not to join them in their misery. Incite others to make stupid gestures, perpetrate crimes and commit acts of violence that you’re not really prepared to do yourself. It’s OK for you to say nasty things so long as there’s no comeback but if there’s any actual violence to be done you need others for that. Then any serious prosecutions will affect them, not you.

BF KFC poppy worker sacked lie

Seventh – Even though others take the fall you can profit from the argument that you are at great risk yourself. Get yourself arrested on minor charges regularly – it’ll make you seem like the victim of police harassment or a conspiracy by ‘the establishment’. Remember that ‘the establishment’ will be interpreted by your followers as whoever they’re most frightened of so DON’T ever be too specific. Let your followers imagine their own version of ‘The man’.


Eighth – Your martyrs aren’t important as people – only as martyrs. Don’t waste your own time and money trying to help them. Their sacrifice is necessary for your gain.

ahmed murder martyr Rotherham

Ninth – keep trying to provoke backlash from the group you’ve identified as a threat. That way you get evidence of their hostility that you can use to demonise them even more. This will keep your paranoid followers convinced about the threat you imagined and also keep them devoted to (and donating to) you, personally.

Remember above all that you must have martyrs – and lots of them. If the supply of victims from your in group dries up your persuasive appeal will dry up along with it. Whatever else you do, no matter how much you have to lie you absolutely MUST keep people frightened of the out group you’ve chosen to represent the threat.

Ideally of course it’s better if there really are victims to capitalise on – they’re always the best for raising funds but if you can’t find any real victims there’s nothing to stop you making some up. Often you don’t even need to be specific – people are much more likely to respond to emotion than to actual information. Just make them feel threatened and they’ll think they know much more than they actually do.

BBC3 WWOCB EBF BF goin off Rotherham local

As a Shepherd, your job is to keep the Flock interested enough to follow you. They need to identify both threats and Martyrs. If you’re really lucky someone will get badly hurt or killed – the propaganda value of tragedy can never be over-estimated.

A terrorist attack is like Gold in your bank account and if you’re persistent you can keep its memory alive to profit from for years to come.

What you really want is the slaughter of innocent people on Britain’s streets. You can make a fortune from that!

Be careful though – even the terminally stupid will work out that they’ve been conned eventually. This sort of deception, successful though it is in the short-term, won’t last forever.

Hypocrisy & stupidity – a Biffers’ paradise

The intellectually challenged admins at Biffer Towers must be licking their collective lips this morning. They think they’ve got the coup of the century and they’re certainly making the most of it online. Unfortunately however, any intelligent reading of the story about Park School in Birmingham reveals a situation that isn’t only being taken seriously by the relevant authorities but one that actually demonstrates considerable compliance with prevailing national norms.

It’s true that there have been significant problems at Park School in Birmingham. It seems to be true that those problems were caused by extremist Islamists trying to indoctrinate children, not unlike Britain First itself. It’s also true that this situation has been largely resolved and investigations will be competed forthwith. In the meantime, in accordance with the Great British principle that a man is innocent unless (not ‘until’) proven guilty the normal protocols for supervising accused professionals are being followed.

None of this matters a jot to the Biffers though. They’re more than happy to sensationalise the situation, to pretend that sticking a blog post up online constitutes a campaign and no doubt to take credit for the work of the professional investigators once the inquiry reaches its conclusion. Such is the hollow nature of Britain First.

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet headline

No reasonable reader could possibly fail to notice that the Biffer headline completely ignores the reality of the hearing as reported in The Telegraph. Far from being reinstated the two teachers (representing one-sixth of a group of twelve suspects in total) have been allowed to return to duties with supervision pending the outcome of their professional conduct hearings.

Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet telegraph DoE return to work 2

OFSTED, the Government’s inspectorate for schools is also in close contact with all relevant authorities and appropriate risk assessments and control measures are in place.

Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet telegraph OFSTED 2

This is fully compliant with the established procedures. Not that Britain First care about that. They only want to demonise Muslims and never fail to put their own spin on whatever story comes their way.

Even The Telegraph, that bastion of the right wing media had to acknowledge that the school is so compliant with British values that it has faced protests from some parents over its approach to homosexuality in sex education classes. The fact that this passage in The Telegraph’s report comes under an extremely misleading subheading doesn’t change the fact that the school itself is the target of bigoted protest, rather than the instigator.

Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education continuing plot telegraph sex education homosexuality parents protest

The biggest irony is the way that Britain First’s condemnation of Park View School on religious grounds contrasts with previous ‘campaigns’. Weblogged about their unequivocal support of Victoria Wasteney in very similair circumstances.

BF campaign Christian nurse

The Biffers’ attitude of hostility to Muslim professionals accused of religious proselytising is in direct opposition to their equally unequivocal support for a Christian professional accused of the same thing. In both cases the Biffers were adamant in their view and in so doing revealed their true agenda.

Imagine if these Biffer comments had appeared under their Wasteney post. Do you think they’d have been allowed to remain?

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet comments 2

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet website FB comments

What if the comments about Islam had been directed at Christianity? What sort of response would there have been from the admins at Biffer Towers?  Just substitute ‘Christian’ for ‘Muslim’ and ‘School’ for ‘Hospital’ to reveal the hypocrisy.

BF Trojan Horse Park View School Islam Islamist sex education leaflet comments 3

Britain First cares not a jot about the prevention of religious indoctrination in UK. Their only concern is to demonise Islam and fuel the fires of fear among non-Muslims.

Britain First radicalising their kids!

As usual, Britain First has been out and about stirring up trouble. In a recent video they feature several ‘activists’, at least two of whom are minors.

We recently posted an article relating to the government’s anti-radicalisation drive. The article makes the obvious point that those most susceptible to intolerance and radicalisation are the young, the inexperienced, the naive.

BF EBF Lomax teenage daughter Bobbie Demo minor radicalisation anonymised

Here we see the teenage daughter of a Biffer ‘RCO’ being put through her paces as the indoctrination continues. She’ll soon be a fully committed young racist if this abusive brainwashing is allowed to continue.

Yet again it appears that Britain First didn’t get the memo as they continue to indoctrinate children with their lies and distortions. For the Biffers it’s ‘business as usual’. For the rest of us it’s good thing that the British government is finally waking up to the dangerous absurdities that they preach.

BF Demo Bobbie Lomax and friend minor teenage radicalisation anonymised

If these kids were from Muslim households, social services would be all over them and their parents. We at EBF see no significant difference where Biffer households are concerned. Extremism is extremism and these children must be protected from the exploitative, radicalising influence of the far right, racist propaganda they’re currently being exposed to.

Here’s hoping for some swift intervention!

BF EBF Bobbie Lomax and friends newspaper demo minor teenage radicalisation anonymised

Two cheeks of the same arse

The net seems to be tightening

Yesterday Britain First told us that Folding Golding had been arrested and was being held by Counter-terrorism command. This was impossible to verify by any of EBF’s usual channels and the Biffers themselves removed the post themselves after facing a torrent of scepticism from followers.

So we have to treat the announcement with suspicion. It’s possible that this latest announcement is just another re-run of several other false claims of legal interference intended to elicit sympathy and promote donations. They are getting desperate, after all. Legal fees aren’t cheap and it can’t be long until Folding & Dutchy return to the High Court.

BBC3 BF WWOCB High Court exit

It’s a standard Biffer trick to pretend they’ve been hassled by the law and then beg for money to somehow make the rozzers go away. It’s never entirely clear how that’s meant to work. Actually given the dubious nature of their merchandising and ‘fundraising’ tactics we’d have thought such an approach would make the old bill much more likely to take an interest, along with HM Revenue and taxes, the Charities commission, the Electoral commission, Trading standards and, of course, the Fraud squad.

For a long time we expected that financial irregularities would be their downfall. Al Capone eventually went to the infamous prison island of Alcatraz following a conviction for tax evasion so there’s a precedent for using financial matters to take down violent gangsters. But then we saw this news article from last Thursday.

BBCderadicalisation programme referrals on the rise

It seems that the British government is finally waking up to the problems caused by domestic terror groups like Britain First.

Biffers will no doubt claim that the issue is Islamic extremism. They’ll even try to use the fact that de-radicalisation is so necessary as a justification for their own existence. But that won’t wash with anyone who can actually read.

Just look at these selected highlights from the BBC article…

Eight people a day were referred to the government’s deradicalisation scheme known as “Channel” this summer.

Between June and August, 796 people in England and Wales were reported to the programme for possible intervention.

National Police Chiefs’ Council figures show more than a third of the total, 312, were aged under 18.

How odd it is that young people, those who Britain First target most are so highly represented. How odd that the figures have risen so significantly across all age groups just as Britain First, after so many years of trying have eventually started to have an impact in the real, offline world.

“There were 327 referrals in June, 349 in July, and 120 in August.

There were more referrals over this period than for the whole of 2012-13 – the first year the scheme was rolled out across England and Wales.

It is more than double the level of referrals recorded in the first three months of 2014-15”

BBC3 WWOCB Islam ban Fayda Golding BF EBF combo

“The government has defined extremism as: “Vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs.” “

EBF extremist Jayda no moderate muslim BF court lie

“Haras Rafiq, managing director at security think tank Quilliam, said the figures came after “the lure of extremism has increased over the last year both from an Islamist and far-right perspective”.

“There is a symbiotic relationship between the two,” he added.”

Mr. Rafiq pout it rather more politely than we do. We just describe Britain First and ISIS as…

Two cheeks of the same arse!

The ‘Muslims don’t oppose ISIS’ myth

Biffers and other right wing Nazi groups love this myth. They think it gives their hatred some legitimacy, not that it ever really could. Unfortunately for the Nazi propagandists however, it’s not true at all.

The reality is that Muslims despise ISIS in the same way that Christians despise Britain First and the Westboro Baptist Church. Reasonable people always despise the hate-fuelled extremists who claim to speak for them. The same is true of the mainstream Christian response to Britain First.

In truth, ISIS kills many more Muslims than anyone else. They do this because they meet opposition from ordinary Muslims wherever they go. So they use fear and intimidation to control an unwilling population (that they only took control of by force in the first place).

Not in my nameISIS has been denounced and opposed by Muslim Imams, groups and individuals across the world. But of course Britain First’s biased Biffers won’t tell you that.

Where do you get your information from?

Are you satisfied with the right wing press spoon-feeding you?

Are you happy with Britain First’s (Nazi) propaganda?

Have you ever thought of taking responsibility for your own thinking?

A good trick is to google the opposite of your beliefs to see if you’re right. Try searching the net for ‘Muslims against ISIS’ or ‘Muslims oppose ISIS’.

Here are a few examples to get you started…

The Muslims against ISIS Facebook page

The worldwide Muslim ‘Not in my name’ campaign

The satirical, Muslim ‘draw Mohammed’ competition and other anti ISIS cartoons drawn by Muslims

British Muslim leaders issue a fatwa against ISIS

German Muslims protest against ISIS

Sheik Abdullah bin Bayyah’s fatwa against ISIS

We could go on and on posting links about Muslims protesting against ISIS but we think that we’ve made the point with these few. Feel free to contribute your own in the comments though.

The ‘BF exposes terrorists’ myth

Last Tuesday we tackled the ‘no go’ area myth – a regular Biffer refrain that would be laughable if it hadn’t done so much damage to the way our country is viewed by gullible racists. In that post we showed how the small number of Muslim extremists who thought they could create such an area here in UK were imprisoned for their pains back in 2013. Today we’ll consider a related theme – the Biffer claim that Britain First has something to do with exposing and combating domestic extremism.

First – let’s be clear about what we mean by extremism. We mean people who are involved in either the perpetration or incitement of hatred and violence. People who behave like Paul Golding and Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen for example. They’re far-right extremists who target non-Christians, lefties, non-whites, immigrants, trade unionists and pretty well anyone who disagrees with them. Islamic extremists are people who engage in or incite hatred and hostility toward non-Muslims. Both types of extremists are destructive, antisocial and dangerous to the well-being of our country and its citizens.

We should also point out that extremism involves actual extremist activity – not just disliking Paul Golding or his discriminatory agenda.

What do we mean by ‘exposing’? Well – most people would argue that ‘exposing’ involves identifying and publicising the existence of people whose stories aren’t already in the public domain. So – people whose stories cannot already be found by picking up a national newspaper, for example.

Unfortunately for Britain First, their only source of information about genuine extremists seems to be exactly the same as everyone else’s. All their extremist exposés have been about people originally identified in the press. Britain First’s army of racist Biffers trawls the newspapers for information and reposts it when it suits BF’s racist agenda. Interestingly Britain First also ignores information that doesn’t fit its narrow prejudice. For example the Biffers have posted many stories about non-white paedophiles but ignored many more relating to white child sex offenders.

So let’s look at what Britain First has actually achieved in relation to extremism:

BF EBF Burn dudley mosqueThey’ve reposted a number of newspaper articles (usually with a link to their own online merchandising);

They’ve terrorised a large number of moderate Muslims both online and off;

They’ve harassed several innocent people who they have falsely accused of extremism when what they really mean is that these people disagree with Paul Golding;

They’ve harassed a small number of people who’ve already been exposed, tried and convicted for their extremist activities;

They’ve behaved in exactly the same way as that for which they condemn others, mounting bizarre ‘Christian patrols’, invading mosques, radicalising gullible Biffers and inciting hatred and violence against innocent minority groups;

They’ve publicised their disgraceful activities as widely as they possibly can.

In short, the only extremists that Britain First has managed to expose are its own vicious, bigoted leaders and members. We should give credit where it’s due though. They’ve made a damn good job of that!