Fool them once… shame on you… fool them twice… Hahahaha

You may recall the recent scandal and Biffer foamfest when the satirical spoof news outlet, Southend News Network made up a story about hot uncrossed buns. The idea was that some people had been offended by the crosses (perhaps it was Cromwell) and so a South-Eastern bakery had decided to produce the buns without them.

BF EBF Southend news hot cross buns.png

The Biffers were outraged and soon set out on a frenzy of anti-Muslim sentiment, despite the fact that not a single Muslim had been reported as being bothered in the slightest by this traditional, English ‘delicacy’. We thought it hilarious at the time but we never expected the same sort of ruse to work twice – and so shortly afterward! How wrong we were.

The wonderful Southend News Network has done it again – this time with a  story about English country villages being forced to change their names. And once again the Biffers fell for it hook line and sinker!

They’ve grown so used to believing whatever old crap their ideological masters publish they’ve completely lost any sense of discernment they might once have possessed. That’s undoubtedly a bad thing for them but it can be absolutely hilarious for the rest of us.

Wait until they read about the Junior Seagulls’ strike!

BF EBF Southend news sod high easter seagulls strike.png

#EggGate: Jayda’s not usually this polite

You can tell when a Britain First neo-nazi knows they’ve been caught out because they try to become uncharacteristically reasonable. We’ve rarely seen Jayda being so polite – but then she’s rarely been caught out so obviously in a forum she can’t control. The problem with Twitter is that you can’t just delete other peoples’ comments the way you can on Facebook. Perhaps that’s why the Biffers have so little support among Twitterers. They’re harder to fool because they can’t easily be silenced. Maybe that’s why Frau Fransen was so polite to this tweeter (whose tweet is being spread far and wide across the Twitter platform as we speak).

BF Jayda Fransen Cadbury Easter 5

What a polite request!

But what exactly was the tweet? It’s becoming known as EggGate in the EBF office in honour of Fransen’s stupendous faux pas. It might be easy enough to fool the Biffers but people who actually visit the shops with their eyes open and their brains engaged are much harder to dupe. Isn’t that right Jayda?

BF Jayda Fransen Cadbury Easter Twitter combo.png

As it happens I went to the shops and took my own little Easter egg picture for Twitter yesterday.

No Easter ban cadbury egg.png