Jayda seems a bit worried about something. We wonder why!

This afternoon, after much soul-searching amongst the members of Team EBF at our weekly strategy meeting I posted this blog. It was a largely speculative piece based upon the information that Jayda Fransen had provided on national television during her performance on BBC3’s documentary ‘We Want Our Country Back’. That’s all very much in the public domain. In fact, the Biffers courted the publicity until it became clear that the BBC wasn’t about to engage in a whitewash.

As part of her contribution to the documentary, Jayda made some statements about her past – statements that weren’t completely plausible but that might have garnered her some sympathy, had they been true. And for all the inconsistencies her tale of woe really might be genuine. That was the issue that dominated our discussion today. In short – was Jayda traumatised as a child or wasn’t she?

The blog I wrote summarized our discussion and asked for opinions because quite frankly we just don’t know. Let me put that another way…

We were talking about information that Jayda herself placed in the public domain by raising the issue on national television.

EBF Jayda blog meme

As happens with social media, one person commented and gave his opinion about Jayda’s behaviour. He wrote publicly about information that Jayda herself had already made available on national television. He made no attempt to hide and clearly wasn’t ‘stalking’ Fransen or anyone else.

Britain first responded by researching him on the internet and then doxing him.

So much for their commitment to freedom of speech! So much for their understanding about scrutiny and the public nature of politics!

BF Golding scrutiny pressure politics

It’s almost as if Dutchy Fransen really does have something to hide. Carry on like this Jayda and we’ll start to think that maybe you weren’t being entirely truthful in the first place.

Rightwingers, learn your history!

The irony meter explodes again

Where do we begin? This is so ridiculous it’s low even by Biffer standards.

Yes, we know – Biffers rely upon the ignorance of their followers. They know very well that few Britain First followers will know the first thing about medieval history and so they’ll just take their ‘facts’ on face value.

EBF BF History crusade 1095

We thought it might be interesting to create our own version. What do you think?

ebf historical meme

By the time WW2 finally ended the Nazis had conquered two-thirds of the prison cells at Nuremberg!

Paulie and Dutchy will soon be following their Nazi leaders into prison. Not long now, Biffers!

Jayda Fransen meets Julius Streicher

Jayda Fransen parenthesis Julius Streicher pic 1Jayda Fransen isn’t only Britain First’s ‘Deputy leader’. She’s also the Biffers’ ‘Press officer’ according to her online biography at BiritainFirst.org. So we thought we’d compare her recent article to the German Nazi Party’s equivalent – Der Sturmer editor, Julius Streicher. The results were very interesting.

There are some differences. Streicher’s work in the 1930s and 1940s was all about demonising Jews. Fransen’s task here in modern UK is to try to make us all hate Muslims. But the tactics are the same, the repetitive simplicity of the message is the same too. It seems that the Biffers are learning their lessons from the Nazis and following the instructions to the letter…

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

(Adolf Hitler)

“The people can always be brought to the bidding of their leaders. All you have to do is tell them that they are in danger of being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger.”

(Hermann Goering)

It doesn’t take a genius to see that this is  precisely the tactic that Britain First has been using for years now:

  • They’ve over simplified the issue of child sexual exploitation to pretend it’s a Muslim issue alone;
  • They’ve over-simplified the issue of religious extremism to make it seem as though it’s a Muslim issue alone;
  • They’ve over-simplified the problem of violent crime on British streets to make it seem as though it’s a Muslim problem alone;
  • They’ve over-simplified the problem of religious bigotry to make it seem as though it’s a Muslim problem alone.

Can you see a pattern here?

EBF Jayda Fransen parenthesis Julius Streicher pic 2Also, just like the Nazis, Britain First has exaggerated the impact of the UK’s minority Muslim population and likened them to subhumans or vermin. This is precisely what Hitler’s Nazi party did to German Jews in the build up to the second world war.

Julius Streicher wrote in Der Sturmer (the Nazi propoganda newspaper) in 1938…

“The Jews are a people of bastards, afflicted with all diseases, They are a people of criminals and outcasts. They are the carriers of disease and vermin among men . . . A rotten apple cannot be assimilated by a basketful of healthy apples. Mice and rats cannot be acknowledged as useful pets and live within the community     . . . . Bacteria, vermin and pests cannot be tolerated . . . for reasons of cleanliness and hygiene we must render them harmless by killing them off . . . Why should we repress our feeling for cleanliness and hygiene when it comes to the Jew?”

In 2015 Britain First had this to say about Muslims…

EBF BF rats vermin dehumanise nazi alienate

Their views on non-white immigrants and Roma gypsies are quite instructive too…

BF EBF Exterminate gypsy Muslim undermenschen Nazi Roma

But the real eye opener is the comparison between the rhetoric of Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen and Der Sturmer’s Julius Streicher. If you still doubt that Britain First is a neo-nazi organisation, we urge you to click the link below, download the PDF and see for yourself!

Extreme Jayda PDF buttonSince this was such an eye-opener for us we went ahead and did a similair piece of work comparing BF’s policy stetements with quotes from Adolf Hitler. You can find that report here together with its accompanying blog post. It’s well worth a look.

Testing the boundary

BF compassion EBFToday in the High Court the limits of British democracy will be tested. This isn’t going to be the most important court case this nation has ever seen but it is going to be meaningful.

The case involves two relatively insignificant respondents – Paul ‘Folding’ Golding and Jayda ‘Dutchy’ Fransen. These fascist Biffers are the leaders of a half-arsed political party called Britain First. And there’s the crux of the case.

Folding and Dutchy have spent the last few years inciting as much anti-Muslim hatred and violence as they can. They’ve invaded mosques, disrupted lawful meetings, intimidated political opponents and even published names and addresses of critics. In addition they’ve ripped off charities, misused the names of fallen heroes and threatened to bury pigs heads under proposed mosque sites. They aren’t exactly typical politicians.

As leaders of Britain First they have long hidden behind their status as politicians to try to claim some sort of ‘diplomatic immunity’ from prosecution. And to an extent it’s worked. Folding has picked up the occasional fine but nothing like the prison sentence he deserves. Dutchy seems to have got off scot free – except for her tattered reputation, of course.

Today the High Court will decide if these disgusting, Nazi troublemakers can keep on causing trouble or if they will be prevented from indulging in the worst of their former activities. But that’s not really what this case symbolizes.

The High Court today has to decide if representative democracy has boundaries or if registered politicians really are ‘above the law’ as ‘Folding’ Golding seems to think.

We’ll know the answer soon enough.

Fraudulent Elections

“Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassination of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate or control elections.”

Now we come to the last of Britt’s fourteen characteristics of fascism. If Britain First weren’t so laughably inept it might be easier to show their attitude to the electoral process. As it is their electoral  influence is so small there’s not too much to report here. On balance though, we think that’s a good thing.

We do know that BF stood a few candidates in the early days. They came precisely nowhere in the last round of European Parliamentary elections, where they used the slogan ‘Remember Lee Rigby’ despite the late drummer’s mother’s pleas for them not to. They came nowhere again in the Roschester and Strood by election in which deputy leader Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen lost her deposit with only 56 votes. They haven’t bothered to stand in any elections since. They even bottled out of the 2015 General Election, preferring to back UKIP by intimidating Farage’s political opponents instead.

Even this brief foray into the world of legitimate politics tells us a lot about the Biffers’ attitude to the democratic process though. Here’s what we know…

Biffer candidates have no intention of fairly representing the entire electorate. Fransen was very clear in Rochester and Strood that she would oppose the needs of Muslims and other ethnic minorities. The Britain First election mailshot was so blatantly racist and discriminatory that the Royal Mail refused to deliver it.


Biffers use elections in the same way they use everything else. Elections are just opportunities to make more money for the Biffers. The election appeal to raise the money for Fransen’s deposit was painful to witness. Then there was the campaign to raise money for the election mailshot that may or may not have been printed in the numbers they claimed, the money for postage of the mailshot that was never required and the money to take the Royal Mail to court (that never happened). Finally Folding Golding earned his nickname when he and Dutchy said on record that they never wanted to run a serious campaign in Rochester & Strood, bizzarely claiming that Dutchy’s candidature was a ploy to support UKIP (from whom she probably took 56 votes). Not a penny of this money, taken under false pretences was ever refunded.

The Biffers raised funds to field 6 candidates in the 2015 General election. Then they changed their minds and fielded nobody at all. The money was never returned. The Fuhrer and his Biffers have no respect for the democratic process.

Worse than that, they are very happy to threaten, intimidate, silence and smear political opponents. We have already seen here and here how they treat anyone who engages in politics for any other faction (except UKIP). As a tiny, extremely ineffectual fledgling group of fascists they’re limited in what they can do to disrupt democracy. If they ever were granted legislative power we think it’s clear just what would happen.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely – and the Biffers are pretty corrupt already!

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt