Not freaking – just laughing

Sometimes even Golding has the power to amaze us!

We know he’s a liar. We know he’s a blustering buffoon full of deluded self-aggrandisement with an extremely tenuous grip on reality but this is too much even for him.

6Yesterday Britain First failed to muster 2,000 knuckle-draggers in Dudley. In spite of months of advertisement, begging Emails, rash promises and outrageous claims they still managed no more than 150 people protesting about the Mosque that’s really none of their business. We don’t know quite how many of the Biffers in Dudley yesterday were local but we do know that the majority weren’t.

This in spite of Golding’s and Fransen’s claim that the people of Dudley had invited them into the town to protest. It’s odd that these welcoming locals weren’t very forthcoming, isn’t it?

All in all the BF Dudley debacle was the massive failure that we all knew it would be. To summarize…

  • Almost no-one turned up
  • The pipe band never came
  • The locals didn’t want them
  • The veterans humiliated them
  • The council house was closed
  • The press was more interested in the opposition
  • Social media thought the whole outrageous fiasco was hilarious.

We blogged about Britain First’s ridiculous inability to organise a piss up in a brewery here. Golding couldn’t even run a bath, let alone a fascist demo. We even showed you the pictures to underline how big is the gap between Golding’s aspirations and the sad, pathetic reality.

And what was Golding’s reaction to those who pointed out the obvious failure of his ‘big day of action’?

We hope you’re sitting down as you read this….

Try not to laugh too hard now….

Golding BF Dudley sore loser left lies traitors

More to come like that? We do hope so. In fact we can hardly wait!

“A twitter’s eye view of the Dudley ‘day of action’

Before the day

Well that was a bit of a washout. A damp squib if ever we saw one. Britain First has spent months boasting about 2,000 patriots descending on Dudley, complete with marching band and much merchandising to round off the profiteering protest in previously unheard of Biffer brilliance.

That’s not exactly how things turned out though. Not quite.

The day began with a predictable response from local townspeople, tired of having their multi-cultural society invaded by lager-swilling, flag-waving, abuse-throwing outsiders. Many adopted a very sensible siege mentality and boarded up their businesses.



The gathering

The promised 2,000 Biffers duly arrived. Or did they?



In reality the numbers were so tiny they were outnumbered by the police.


Undeterred, Biffer Fuhrer, Paul Golding put a brave face on things and spouted his usual nonsense to the local press.


True to his bullying nature he couldn’t resist making a little threat though. We wonder if that was because he was frightened of what veteran John McKnight and his mates might do. We’ll tell you more about them in a later post.


Meanwhile we just carried on taking the piss – the most reasonable response in the circumstances.



John McKnight and his merry band of veterans had an altogether more serious mission though.



2,000 flags

It was a serious question that we asked. What would Britain First do with their 2,000 flags?


The answer soon became apparent. Rather than sell them for profit as usual they gave them away to make the demo look bigger.


They even gave out multiple flags to create the impression of more Biffers in attendance than there really were.






Meanwhile Golding spouted a bit more bile to the local press.


The veterans

Perhaps most entertaining of all was Britain First’s meagre collection of ex-servicemen. The newly formed ‘division’, headed by Robin Lomax fell far short of the ‘hundreds’ that Britain First had claimed would attend. We counted 8 (including Lomax himself). Pretty miserable turnout really – especially since there’s no way to guarantee that none of them are really Walts (Walter Mittys) who never served in the forces at all. John McKnight said some interesting things about their CO (Robin Lomax) in that regard.


An EBF Facebook page member sent us this lovely little piece of photoshopping which we think sums up Lomax’s bunch of Biffers perfectly.


These guys on the other hand really are veterans. They were there to confront Britain First in general and Paul Golding in particular about their repeated misappropriation of charitable donations intended for veterans and their continued misuse of Lee Rigby’s memory. And they definitely meant business. We’ll have much more to say about them in another post. We promise not to keep you all waiting too much longer. It’ll be worth the wait!


The numbers

There were several estimates of the numbers bandied about on social media but the most reliable came from the West Midlands Police who told us that no more than 150 of the promised 2,000 Biffers bothered to turn up.


Of course Britain First demonstrated their usual inability to count (Golding himself estimated between 350 and 500 attendees).


The march to the council house

The tiny collection of fascists eventually set off. Their departure was a full 45 minutes late because Golding, desperate to regain some small semblance of credibility had insisted on waiting for more Biffers (who never arrived).




If you look closely you can see Golding hiding behind a row of women with the BF banner while on the far left of the picture ‘two flags’ is doing his bit to make the numbers look half-decent.





Eventually they arrived at the (closed) council house. Not that anybody dared mention that it might have been more effective to approach the council when the elected members were actually there. That would have been far too scary.


Here’s a good image to estimate numbers by. There’s no way this sorry little gathering adds up to ‘hundreds’.


Incredibly Fuhrer Golding (who lives in Swanley, Kent) claimed that Dudley is his town.


He then proceeded to threaten to bury a pig on the Mosque site (as if that would make any difference to its construction)…



… prompting this little gem from one of the anti BF tweeters…


Hate speech

You can see a clip of Jayda spouting her bile for the crowd while Paulie has a Muslim photographer manhandled away from this public place by his Biffer bodyguards. That looks like an assault to us. As if that wasn’t enough the brave Fuhrer has another, seemingly equally peaceful man removed in similair fashion just seconds later. Is it possible that Paulie is a bit scared? Remember that he still hasn’t seen the last of John McKnight and his veterans yet.



Hateful (hate-filled) deeds

The unthinking hostility of Biffers reminds us of the school-bullies. Like hostile, sulking children they terrorise their innocent peers in a bid to assuage their own feelings of inadequacy. Such childish stupidity, inspired by their remarkably immature Fuhrer, Paul Golding, has no place in British politics.

Dudley central mosque pigs head

The retreat

Having made as much of a nuisance of themselves as they could, the Biffers retreated back through the town to Flood St. and from there, back under their rocks. They’d had their fun but cost the businesses people of Dudley and the taxpayer hundreds of thousands in policing and lost trade.



Bye bye Biffers!


Biffers’ day out in Dudley

How do you feel about democracy?

What about self-determination?

What’s your view on local people having control over local decisions?

BF EBF Burn dudley mosqueThis Saturday Britain First will be trampling over all the above principles. They’ll be invading the West Midlands town of Dudley in protest at the democratic, self-determination of Dudley’s people. They’ll be shipping in as many outsiders as they can muster to protest in the town because the locals made a decision that Paul Golding happens to disagree with.

Like their political inspiration, UKIP, Britain First talks a lot about local decision-making, about democracy and about self-determination. But only when the decision-makers agree with them. Any council that disagrees with Britain First can expect busloads of outsiders to descend upon their town to protest about stuff that really isn’t any of their business. Individuals who oppose either Britain First or UKIP can expect angry biffers to doorstep them in an effort to curtail their freedom of speech.

BF Bullying meme EBFThat’s not democracy. That’s fascism. That’s the politics of hatred and the bully boy tactics of Hitler’s SA.

We can only imagine what they’d do if they ever got any actual power.

If you’re unfortunate enough to be in Dudley this weekend be warned that the Nazis are coming to town and experience shows us that when that happens it’s rarely pretty. If Britain First’s ‘pre demo’ propaganda is to be believed they’ll be out in force. The beefers claim around 2,000 fascists will be swarming into Dudley and even allowing for their usual exaggeration West Midlanders can probably expect at least a couple of hundred.

We would never advocate anyone putting themselves at risk – these people can be dangerous (especially in a crowd) but if you are planning on opposing Britain First on Saturday you might find this leaflet useful. Feel free to print off your own copies for distribution on the day.

No pasaran!

EBF BF leaflet pic 1

Biffer on the Beeb!

Comedy genius, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen treated us all to an amazingly funny piece of satire on the BBC yesterday. We’re still laughing here at the EBF office. It was hysterical to hear her describe her local boy scout group whilst all the time pretending to talk about Britain First. Political satire at its best. Poor Prole and Kit can still hardly type for laughing.


My personal favourite was when Dutchy described the Biffers as a disciplined movement that’s definitely not like the EDL. That’s offended most of their knuckle-dragging fanbase already. The reference to the Biffer ‘code of conduct’ was comedy gold too. Apparently she’s not into standing around hurling abuse. Or is she?
imageWe were especially entertained by Jayda’s claim that Biffers are somehow law abiding. We weren’t convinced but we were definitely amused.

Allegedly the ‘Bullshit First’ Biffers won’t tolerate ‘bad behaviour’ either. Given their record of intimidation, harrassment, disruption of the peace and generally antisocial exploits we can’t help wondering just what constitutes ‘bad behaviour’ in Jayda’s eyes…..

Disagreeing with Britain First, perhaps?

In that case we’re guilty as charged, along with just about every other British citizen.

Nationalist or patriot?

Britain First likes to pretend that anyone who doesn’t agree with them hates Britain. But they’re wrong.

Here at Exposing Britain First we absolutely value our society. We enjoy living in this wonderful, tolerant, colour-blind society. Indeed we’re immensely proud of Britain, its fair-mindedness and its commitment to equality. We don’t hate this country – we love it!

BF EBF Burn dudley mosque

The things we really object to are nationalism, racism and fascism. Many of us are white but we don’t think that makes us special or superior. Many of us are Christian but we don’t think that makes us more deserving than anyone else. Many of us can trace our heritage back for centuries but that doesn’t give us any special claim over others. Nothing gives any of us the right to use violence to get our own way.

Nationalism, religious discrimination and racism make no sense. They are broad assumptions based upon the desire to feel superior but with absolutely no evidence to back them up.

Nationalists seem to think they have superior rights simply because they happen to be born in a particular place. But they’re wrong. We are all humans and we all deserve equal treatment regardless of birthplace, religion or skin colour.

Great Britain is one of Europe’s most tolerant and fair-minded societies. True patriots value those principles of liberty and equality and seek to protect them from the abuses of nationalism. Exposing Britain First is a tolerant, patriotic movement commited to maintaining the fair-mindedness of the UK and its people (wherever they may be from).

Now that really is something to be proud of!

If Golding bottles it on Saturday

Here at the EBF office we’re running a little book. We don’t normally do gambling but this is just too good an opportunity to miss.

The thing is, we strongly suspect that Paul Golding will back out of meeting John McKnight and his cohort of veterans in Dudley on Saturday. We think he’s just too likely to bottle it. So we’re holding a prize sweepstake on what excuse he might come up with to justify bottling out. So far we’ve come up with the following possible excuses…

The landrover broke down
The police didn’t allow them their preferred route.
They surrendered (to someone)

Dudley BF alternative routeThey didn’t mean to go anyway – they just wanted to support UKIP. Vote UKIP!
There were leaves on the railway track.

There were no leaves on the railway track.
There was the wrong kind of snow on the railway track.
There was no snow on the railway track.
The pigs heads never arrived.
The marching band backed out.
Jayda lost her map.
Paul lost his bottle.
The 2,000 flags never arrived.
The 2,000 patriots never arrived.
Dudley doesn’t deserve BF.
Jayda was washing her hair that day.

Can you think of any others?

John McKnight’s latest message for Paul Golding

John McKnight used to be in the British Navy. He’s a proper veteran in other words. He’s a genuine patriot who’s risked his life defending our shores. And he really doesn’t like the way that Britain First continues to disrespect his service, his comrades and his fallen friends.

A little over a month ago Mr. McKnight asked Paul Golding, leader of Britain First to meet him and discuss their differences of opinion ‘man to man’. The video message invitation was shared widely across social media and also sent multiple times directly to Golding’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. So far Golding has not responded.

Not to be deterred, Mr. McKnight and several of his veteran colleagues have decided to meet Paul when he goes to Dudley this Saturday. They have a list of questions they want to ask regarding misappropriation of money meant for service charities and untrue statements about serving forces personnel. You can view Mr. McKnight’s most recent video message to Paul Golding here.

The big question is….

Will Golding have the courage to turn up and face John and his mates or will he turn tail and run when faced with a real serviceman? Will he go back to bullying women and old men instead of taking this opportunity to show the courage he claims in the face of an intelligent, experienced veteran? What’s your opinion?

We’ll just have to wait and see.