View from a barstool #2

Another week over and as it’s an international football weekend, discussions over the formations have been put aside for a few hours and the main argument is over Roy’s selection but more importantly the team selected for the pubs mixed pool team for this week coming. Beryl is most put out by being dropped because she was, through drink unable to pick up a cue last week.

So what has this week given us, oh yeah a documentary, that at first, Britain First were happy to take part in but then as it appeared they were being made to look stupid they pulled out like the petulant people they truly are. It was a defeat however Paul and Jayda might try and spin it.

BBC3 BF WWOCB text Jayda pulling out

I have watched this now 3 times, mainly as an admin of Exposing Britain First so that I could be sure that what happened actually happened, but partly so I was able to claim damages off the BBC for making me fall off my stool so many times as Britain First’s two deluded and PR hungry leaders made the whole thing look like a farce.

So many times Paul and Jayda showed themselves to be shabby charlatans staging video’s to show to their asinine followers just how big and powerful they are, when in fact they are nothing more than bigoted cowards who have worked out how to get their gutter politics across on social media.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Paul filming Jayda outside High Court

For all their protestations they entered this program thinking that it would get them into the mainstream, they would be treated with respect within the corridors of power, within the media, and by the man in the street. In 57 minutes they managed to prove to all but a blinkered few that they were nothing but a laughable group of thugs.

The reach they have on social media is alarming, getting their hate filled video’s out to hundreds of thousands in minutes is PR savvy, but then when you see how they manipulate these “sermons” it scares the living daylights out of me. The one outside a Mosque looks like a covert op, drive around a bit check no one big is looking, screech to a halt, pile out of the car quickly unfurl your hateful banner outside film it and run away because a woman in a Burka has clocked you.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Barstool combo banner high court

Then when you come out triumphantly out of the high court and announce to your followers your great victory against the establishment (although as I saw it all they won is the right to march, the other 4 stringent orders were upheld) your mask then slips as one man and his dog show you to be the bully boy you really are, freedom of speech Paul, you love banging on about it so why get your blackshirts threaten this man with “taking off his jaw” This man and his dog have become the instant hero with us that oppose Britain First.

BBC3 BF WWOCB one man and his dog

What about the one in Rotherham, shows Paulie looking smug into the camera and telling his fawning followers they’ve handed out faaasands of sheets of BF toilet paper. Only trouble Paulie you had just turned up and hadn’t given any away. The less said about one interviewee the better…” you know stuff, stuff that they do” pure comedy.

BBC3 WWOCB EBF BF goin off Rotherham local

Throughout we saw the delusional Golding and his faithful lapdog, Jayda, flanked by black shirted thugs trying to be statesmanlike but instead looking every bit the spiv that we all know and dislike, to see him say we are on a level out of this world made me spill my pint, and to say he lives in fear of assassination was amazing, as was the statement that he and Jayda have to move house every 6 months, have bullet proof glass, round the clock security and put grills up everywhere. As Jayda lives in a housing association flat, as I did twenty odd years ago I can tell you putting up a pot plant on a balcony was hard work let alone all of the aforementioned stuff.

BBC3 BF WWOCB security combo Paul Jayda

And now as the dust settles on the documentary the Biffers are doing everything they can do to discredit the BBC, to make them out to be the poor put upon politicians, naive that the BBC could do this to them. My view for what it counts, and seeing the comments fly in on Twitter and FaceBook, they reaped what they sowed, they tried to use the documentary to show themselves as a proper political party, they tried to use the documentary to show that support for the far right Christian movement in this country is followed by millions, they tried to show themselves as a party that is misunderstood. Instead they showed themselves as a group of manipulating thugs, sad, bigoted, lying con artists with an online army from the US, Australia and farmed likes, a group despite their online presence who can muster but a couple of hundred supporters to their rallies.

BBC3 BF EBF WWOCB demo attendance comment

Yes, we’ve all been laughing at Britain First and their leadership, yes their lies and their manipulation of social media has been blown open, but they are still dangerous, they still need to be exposed as charlatans at every step, every time they spread their lies we at Exposing Britain First will be there, everytime they step on the tarmac and march they need to be countered. And everytime they roll up at a Curry house we as anti biffers need to support those businesses. Nothing has changed – nothing will.

EBF blog banner

That’s it for now, Roy made the right decisions, Beryl will cry into her Voddie and Coke, life goes on.


The Landlord

Jayda’s Tackier than Taqiyya

Britain First loves to complain about Taqiyya. That’s the excuse they use for disbelieving every Muslim who challenges their stupidity. According to the Biffers, Taqiyya is the Islamic practice of lying to dupe unsuspecting non-Muslims into trusting them. The reality, of course is very different.

Taqiyya 2

Not that Britain First cares about that. They wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and bit them. In fact, they lie so often themselves we’ve decided to recognise the Biffers’ own efforts in developing their own version of Taqiyya – ‘Tackier’.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Title page

Consider the recent BBC3 documentary ‘We want our country back!’ and Deputy leader, Jayda Fransen’s not so convincing use of Tackier to try to protect Britain First’s tattered reputation.

Here’s what Frau Fransen had to say about Britain First’s attitude to discrimination…

BBC3 WWOCB Race Gender Religion Discrimination Jayda Fransen

Oh really?

We’ll address the evidence for racial discrimination in a later post. We’ll also take a look at the Biffers’ rather muddled attitude to women which, whilst accepting a handful of women in senior positions within the BF militia displays a much less favourable attitude to women as a whole. For now – let’s consider Fransen’s ‘Tackier’ assertion that Britain First doesn’t discriminate on grounds of religion.

BBC3 WWOCB Islam ban Fayda Golding BF EBF combo

So Britain First would ban Islam and drive it from Britain’s shores. That must, by definition, mean driving Muslims themselves out of the country. How else could Islam be removed from UK?

How does that fit with Frau Fransen’s earlier assertion that Britain First doesn’t discriminate on grounds of religion? She must’ve been using ‘Tackier’ when she said that. In the same BBC3 programme we heard Jayda’s definition of British Muslims – a set of conditions that would remove much of what it means to be Muslim in the first place.


She goes on to equate Allah with Satan and treat us to ‘The wisdom of the Fransen’ in recommending that no British person should ever eat Halal food. That’s Paulie’s Friday night curries out of the equation then! Never mind – he can always join Stevie Lewis in the kebab shop. Oh… wait…

BBC3 WWOCB BF Allah Satan Halal Jayda Fransen

Britain First is so keen not to discriminate on religious grounds that they chose to honour several Dartford curry houses with their dubious presence. Perhaps they thought that this sort of bullying would be more palatable to the Great British public than their widely condemned ‘Mosque invasions’ had been. The sight of Golding, Fransen, Slatter, Lewis and their pathetic cohort of pals sneaking into empty mosques and terrorising the elderly was a real turn off to the great British public. Disrupting hard-working restaurateurs will serve them no better. Brits have never been too keen on bullies.

BBC3 BF halal switch Jayda threat Indian restaurant

It’s obvious that when Deputy leader, Fransen told viewers that Britain First doesn’t discriminate on grounds of religion she was crossing her fingers and using ‘Tackier’. Not that anyone believes her.

BF Taqqiya Taqiyya

Tonight 9pm BBC3

Tonight the BBC takes a look at Britain First as part of its mini series of documentaries exploring racism and discrimination in modern Britain. The Biffers are already accusing the Beeb of lying in order to discredit them which probably means that the documentary will be an accurate reflection of these neo-nazi cockwombles and their hateful ideology.

EBF BF BBC3 Docu write up meme 2

Make sure you watch it.