Childish EDL plan to disrupt Birmingham Mosque ceremony

This is a secret so don’t tell anybody!

Using their super-secure private Facebook group, Paul Locke’s ultra-competent English Defence League oafs have hatched yet another cunning plan. In utmost secrecy, without any chance of outsiders getting a sniff of the action Locke’s layabouts have planned yet another piss-up. They’re not known as The Imbibing Brotherhood for nothing!

The excuse for this drunken rampage is a ceremony to inaugurate a new Mosque.Paul Locke EDL Birmingham mosque May 2016

Lots of Imbibers plan to attend but only if they can get pissed first.

Paul Locke EDL Birmingham mosque May 2016 where to meetAs the aspiring national leader he is, Locke has taken steps to ensure his drunken mates will be well-pissed before they get to the Mosque. He’s even promised to make contact with a local pub, attempt to get the landlord to break the law by banning Muslims from his premises and arrange a pre-rampage piss-up venue. We’re not at all sure how successful that will be and for all we know the 3 Horseshoes won’t have anything to do with Locke’s Losers but it may be worth avoiding the place on Sunday if you fancy a quiet meal with the kids.

After all, they’ll be turning up to sully the pub’s atmosphere whether the landlord approves of the EDL’s racist views or not,

Paul Locke EDL Birmingham mosque May 2016 3 horseshoesWe’ll be passing on our information to W. Midlands police so hopefully the imbibing brotherhood won’t manage to cause too much disruption. It’d be a shame if they were allowed to spoil this important event with their loutish behaviour. This looks like a public order offence in the making to us. There might even be a conspiracy charge in there for all we know.

That’s for the police and the CPS to decide, of course.


A view from a barstool 19

Beer 2This week I’ve been to the office to meet the guys, it appears that the war is over and all is fine. Hobnobs and fine blend coffee have been seen on desks and my supply of midget gems seems to have gone down well. I also decided at the last minute to go on a road trip to Canterbury this week to join up with the anti biffer march. In fact I am writing this using a pub’s free wifi at one of those wobbly tables which need a beer mat wedged underneath for a sense of authenticity instead of the faux flagstones. Oh for a proper local, with roaring open fire, decent beer and nice company.

After the shenanigans of their march in Dewsbury, with those million supporters being given section 35’s by the police to stop them, a demo was held outside a mosque in Canterbury with that good ol’ favourite the ‘No more Mosques’ banner. What made this demo more questionable was the day it was on. Mosques across the country opened their (already open) doors to the local communities so other faiths could learn, talk and come together to see the mysteries of Islam. It seems to me that if Screechy, Goldibollocks and the twats that blindly follow them wanted to know about Islam then instead of being total fuckwits shouting about 72 virgins (yawn) the prophets marriage (change the record) to a 6 year old, Taqqiya (for fucks sake) and all the beheading and killing (aaaaaaaaaaaagh) then the perfect place to go would be into a mosque.

EBF BF Golding and Jayda no more mosques canterbury open  day

Although Screechy and Goldibollocks wouldn’t do that, their shittroopers weren’t there to protect them and there was more than one old man inside.

I notice they made another trip to the Biffer TV studio (chuckle) aka a £15 a pop app. Once again despite threats of a total ban on office hobnobs by Prole and Kit, I still couldn’t sit through another Screechy screech. The others did. So, I understand, did most of you. I will be sending medals round to all who made it past 3 minutes.

BF EBF Jayda Fransen Shutterstock rantThe begging letters continued, they now have enough to get legal representation against Bedfordshire police when plod finally go back to court. I for one cannot wait until we see the result of this. I’m still amazed by the gullibility of their followers. I wonder how many reply to a Nigerian banker??? The money cow for Uncle, Screechy and Goldibollocks continues unabated. Surely their supporters must see through them by now.

On Friday I went on my other Road trip to Canterbury. I was able to join in a march set up by students against Islamaphobia, standing with the Mosque that the Biffers decided to turn up with their banner. Now I’m not sure about you guys but I’m not impressed that the Biffers with 1.3 million likes (another huge jump in the space of a single minute) and 3 months notice only manage to get 120 ‘patriots’ to shuffle round a carpark. Meanwhile around 500 of our silent majority marched to a mosque with no screeching, carrying islamaphobic banners or crosses, arranged just last Monday through word of mouth and social media. It was also applauded by nearly everyone we went past. I think Canterbury just sent a very, very large FUCK YOU to Britain First.

So get this Screechy, Goldibollocks and the rest of your blind sheep. The silent majority have had enough. I even enjoyed tea and cake at the mosque. It was hard to say goodbye. I learnt so much more about Islam in an hour than Screechy and Goldibollocks have learnt from their right wing sources.

Finally may I say a big thankyou from the bottom of my heart. The page reached yet another milestone in that we went past 80000 likes. This is all down to you. The admins have the ideas and publish posts, you however read them, debate them, take care of our numerous trolls (getting more as we start getting to them) and share them to educate others to the danger of the right wing. So Thanks and cheers.

And thats it for this weeks review, I’m off to a pub for a pint and good company, the office doesn’t seem the same with the hobnob ban, the Landlady needs some cash for more shoes and the barmaid needs paying.


A view from a barstool #15

Beer 2Where does the time go? Another week gone, kids ensconsed nicely at school, the landlady still unhappy at me for whatever reason (probably spending time at the EBF office, sniggering in general at the Biffers or just in general like usual), and shock at the death of some celebrities. Don’t get me wrong, the passing of celebrities is awful, especially if they shaped your life but too many things are going on in the world for me to do anything more than raise a glass to them, watch one of their films or listen to an album on the record player.

So what has happened in bifferland this week, the usual mix of lies,lies and inflaming posts. More and more religious posts, more tinfoil armour and a TV studio news report from Goldibollocks himself.

I don’t know about you but Jon Snow et al don’t have much to worry about when it comes to Goldibollocks taking their jobs. A near 10 minute rant, badly written, littered with lies, false figures and misinformation had me laughing all the way to the cash and carry. The irony is they let their sheeple know it was from the “Britain First TV studio” but a quick search by our computer experts and lo and behold it was a 15 quid app that anyone can use. Nevertheless stand by for the begging letters for TV studio time that will be lapped up pretty soon.

The MBE for one of our military heroes Captain Naveed Mohammed went totally unnoticed by the biffers who by their own admission are supporters of all our troops. I wonder why this could be. It seems you can put on the military uniform, go to war, be prepared to lay down your life for your country but please don’t be a Muslim or Bifferdom will shun you.

Sir I salute you.

Cultural Marxism and lefty politicians have come under fire as well, as the churchgoing public dwindle. This according to the biffers is a show that Islam is rising and all us lefties are somehow picketing churches on a Sunday.

I’m not a religious man, I was thrown out of the scouts for daring to question religion, but surely the reasons for this is the latest generation’s choice to play Xstation, dream of being a reality TV star or a premiership footballer. The Anglican church is also angering both conservatives and liberals with various rulings. If the biffers want British church levels to rise then surely all of them should shrug off their hangovers and go and put bums on seats, however as only 60ish% of their followers live on this Isle it won’t make much difference. EBFblogger has more reasons why and she puts her finger on the issues, these are only my musings.

Something away from Bifferland but still within their radar is the rise of Pegida in Europe and the person in charge, convicted criminal Tommy Robinson. He’s been inciting hate over in Germany and the eventual rise in tensions appear to be from Pegida’s message of hate. They are coming over here, the last two times they managed 50 or so marchers as the right wing over here is fragmented and suspicious of each others groups. The German police have caught a neo-nazi group attempting terrorist attacks against mosques and Muslims, but again no condemnation from Europe, no leaders sending messages of support to the Muslim community just a media blackout.

Finally the new marching season appears to be on the horizon, with the right wing cockwombles visiting various places in Britain under various guises, BUF, BUP, White man march, Biffers, EDL, Casuals, National Unity, This is England and on and on and on. They think they are clever trying to pull those who can’t abide these idiots from place to place but the truth is their marches will be countered and will be in numbers the right can only dream of.

Now back to the studio (thats a better link than Goldibollocks ever dreamed of), we are still gaining sponsorship money for the Industrial estate shuffle but would still like to raise more to help the victims of the floods, we are still mainly countering the biffers but cockwombles like the EDL, Trump, Pegida et al will all be scrutinised, we are all refreshed and raring to go.

I was asked if my handbag present to the Landlady worked, I have the pleasure to report it did which is why this week I have tried my best not to laugh at the Biffers attempts to get me a divorce.