Are you nervous yet, Jayda?

It’s been a long day here at the EBF office. Landlord made a welcome appearance after a forced absence dealing with business issues. After ensuring the fridge was cold enough for the champagne he’d donated in case Fransen got remanded he busied himself penning an account of recent events for the blog. That goes out on Sunday morning so remember to check back then.

The rest of us could barely contain ourselves. Kit and I seemed to regress back in time to do very passable impressions of our former excitable schoolgirl selves. One or two of the guys spent the day pacing up and down until Foxy was convinced they’d wear a little path in the carpet. Prole stood silently for hours staring out over the magnificent London cityscape from our high-rise office, occasionally seeming to squeal with anticipated delight at the prospect of Britain First’s imminent demise.

London from the EBF office

We speculated amongst ourselves about what might happen. Would Jayda ‘pull a blinder’ and get away with a fine? Would she deny everything and be remanded in custody? Would the magistrates give her 6 months (the maximum sentence they’re able to dispense) and leave it at that.

We all agreed that the only thing we really wanted to happen was a referral to Crown Court. Anything else would be a bonus but a hearing in the Crown Court was essential. That’s where the really heavy duty sentences come from and so that’s what we wanted to happen.

And then… a little after 4pm the news broke. No remand (oh well) but she’d pleaded not guilty and is indeed off to Crown Court on November 2nd and 3rd 2016. Not only that her new bail conditions forbid her from entering Luton at all until the hearing. Marvellous.

BF Jayda Fransen after luton magistrates court august 5th 2016.png

Personally, I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed to see her walk free. I’d have preferred to see Fransen remanded in custody on the grounds that she tore up her last bail conditions but as Prole pointed out – that’s just a detail. We got what we were really hoping for. Jayda’s going to have to face serious criminal charges in a serious criminal court. So it’s all good. And the stupid mare actually seems to think that this is a Britain First victory!

For the record, by the way our spotters in Luton tell us that there were no Muslim hordes harassing Jayda at all. It’s more likely the delay in her report was due to Fransen needing to compose herself after a particularly frightening day in court. For all her online bravado even Jayda must realise how great is the risk of custody, especially now that she’s pleaded not guilty.

We’ll let you know how this situation develops, of course but so far so good.

“Please pay my fine”

Fuhrer Golding has come unstuck again!

BF Bullying meme EBFSome time ago he was convicted of harrasing an innocent woman in her home. He was also found guilty of the use of political uniforms. That’s been an offence since the 1930s, specifically created to combat the rise of Mosley’s blackshirts. The Blackshirts were British Nazi sympathisers who many would argue were the inspiration behind Britain First’s ideology as well as their dress sense.

Now, having broken the law, Fuhrer Golding has decided that he shouldn’t need to pay the penalty. Instead he wants his followers to do that for him. Ninety of them to be precise.

In typical biffer style, Golding the coward didn’t even have the courage or the decency to ask for the money himself. Instead he got his sidekick, Jayda “Dutchy” Fransen to ask on his behalf.

The latest biffer Email asks supporters to fork out a tenner each to pay Paulie’s fine. To put it another way, Fuhrer Golding continues to make a mockery of the judicial system by attempting to avoid facing the punishment he so richly deserves. This sort of bullying behaviour is very typical of Golding and his thuggish cronies. And it’s not just us at EBF who think so – at least one large social media outlet seems to agree.

BF EBF Golding Harassment doxing

Really, Paulie. Don’t you get it yet? If you want to remain in this wonderful, multicultural country, you really should “respect and abide by our laws!”