A shuffling shower of fash

If ever evidence was needed of Britain First’s woefully inadequate ‘on the ground’ support, this weekend’s shuffle through Burton provided it in spades. Even allowing for their standard trick of carrying multiple flags to make their numbers appear greater, it was clear just how outnumbered this shuffling shower of fascists actually was.

As I write this the videos of the day’s proceedings are just beginning to arrive at the EBF Blog’s virtual HQ (AKA ‘my laptop’) and the anxiety on the faces of the marchers is obvious. Usually these tin pot Nazis are protected behind police lines which keep them well apart from the #Antifa counter-protestors. Not so in Burton.

BF Burton Golding Lewis worried faces Fransen fixed smile

The route took the Biffers right past hundreds of counter-protestors, including Hubby and I and we were all very vociferous in our condemnation of the little entourage of racist rabble. This level of opposition was clearly a lot more than Britain First had anticipated and they most definitely didn’t like it.

As if to underline the point (not that any emphasis was needed) Fuhrer Golding repeatedly had to turn around to reassure his flock of fascist sheep and urge them to continue moving forward. Presumably this was to prevent the wannabe Knights of this fearsome, Crusading ‘street defence organisation’ from turning tail and running away.

Oh well – they shouldn’t go around trying to stir up trouble then, should they? Especially after having been told so very emphatically by the locals that they’re not wanted!

Daring dawn raid in Ulster

Brave Biffers beat the clock in a daring dawn raid on a quiet street in Ulster.

Golding is really good at having a go at unescorted women but he’s really crap at taking on communities that actually understand what sectarian violence is all about. That’s because the people of Northern Ireland, sickened as they are by decades of religious intolerance and the troubles it caused have no time for his neonazi profiteering.

Biffers claim that the locals of Newtownwards have given them massive support. Yeah right – that’s why they only ever go there when the locals are asleep – because they’re so welcome. Everyone in Ireland just loves Folding Golding…

Golding Belfast twitter threat shot Protestant

Just look at the lighting in this ‘triumphant’ photograph. Is this the behaviour of a group that has massive local support or is it the behaviour of a bunch of Biffer bigots who daren’t show their faces in daylight?

They came, they saw, they ran away before the locals woke up!

BF dawn Ulster mosque Newtownwards

The ‘regulars’ in Rochdale

The same old bunch of Biffers went to Rochdale yesterday. As usual it was just the same old faces who seem to spend  all their time trolling up and down the country pretending they represent the masses. They seem to have had a nice time though.

EBF BF Rochdale

As usual they weren’t as successful as they claimed. A quick look at the Biffer’s own pictures presents a very different story. There aren’t thousands of people clamouring to receive their free copy of the BF rag (you know – the one they charge ‘patriots’ a quid for). There are no hordes of eager Rochdale folk demanding the chance to join ‘Folding’ Golding’s new Nazi Reich either. All we see is a bunch of sad racists desperately trying to interest Rochdale’s inhabitants in a propaganda campaign that really isn’t going anywhere.

We hope it was worth getting up early for. They must have set off before the birds to get there for 6am. Standing outside a mosque any later would have been much too scary for Folding and Dutchy’s battle-hardened army. Muslims in Mosques are terrifying when they’re awake, you know. They say prayers and everything!

EBF BF rochdale mosque 6am banner

Perhaps that’s because they didn’t tell anyone they were coming. Do we think they knew that they wouldn’t be welcome in Rochdale? EBF can’t think of any other reason for this ‘brave’, early morning sneak photography outside the town’s mosques.

The way Folding went on in his speech to camera yesterday you’d think Rochdale was the Islamic centre of Europe. No wonder they were too scared to wait until the Mosques were open before they turned up. If only they’d taken a moment to google the actual demographic they might have felt a little braver.

Rochdale demographic census 2011 EBF BF

So what can we learn from yesterday’s goings on in Rochdale?

It’s the same lesson we always learn. The Biffers still can’t count!

The real heroes of Dudley

We promised to tell you more in an earlier post about the continuing adventures of John McKnight and his brilliant band of veterans. They’re a fine illustration of the triumph of peace and tolerance over hate and discrimination. And they did themselves and the people not only of Dudley but the whole of UK proud yesterday.

We were going to write a few hundred words outlining what happened when the veterans visited Dudley to see the Fuhrer but then John sent this video. So we decided just to link to the man himself.

John McKnight in his own words.

John McKnight BF Dudley debrief

If Golding bottles it on Saturday

Here at the EBF office we’re running a little book. We don’t normally do gambling but this is just too good an opportunity to miss.

The thing is, we strongly suspect that Paul Golding will back out of meeting John McKnight and his cohort of veterans in Dudley on Saturday. We think he’s just too likely to bottle it. So we’re holding a prize sweepstake on what excuse he might come up with to justify bottling out. So far we’ve come up with the following possible excuses…

The landrover broke down
The police didn’t allow them their preferred route.
They surrendered (to someone)

Dudley BF alternative routeThey didn’t mean to go anyway – they just wanted to support UKIP. Vote UKIP!
There were leaves on the railway track.

There were no leaves on the railway track.
There was the wrong kind of snow on the railway track.
There was no snow on the railway track.
The pigs heads never arrived.
The marching band backed out.
Jayda lost her map.
Paul lost his bottle.
The 2,000 flags never arrived.
The 2,000 patriots never arrived.
Dudley doesn’t deserve BF.
Jayda was washing her hair that day.

Can you think of any others?