View from a barstool #14

Beer 2Evening all.

So the Christmas tree is chopped up and ready for the fire, the decorations are in the loft and the kids are back at school. The festivities are over for another year and the Christmas lies from the biffers are also consigned to the loft only to be regurgitated around October.

So let’s have a rummage through all things Biffer over the last 7 days. Let’s have a little look…..

Aha obviously a nasty credit card bill just arrived as there is a begging email. Unfortunately the mystic landlady got it wrong so I lost my 50p in the office sweepstake. I can’t believe after all this time of not picking £5thaaaasand. I did this time and the little buggers go and pick £1975. Now I’m not sure whether you’ve ever had to engage a solicitor before but they’re bloody expensive and I’m not sure that 2 grand would do a lot. Just a thought Goldibollocks. If you don’t harass ladies in their homes, don’t wear political uniforms and certainly don’t act like a Cockwomble, you won’t get nicked and you won’t have to pay.

An item on their page inferred that a Muslim gang beat up a white man in Baildon this week.

EBF BF Baildon NYE assault slur islam muslim white gang.jpg

The trouble is after reading the paper it appears the assailants were “predominantly white.” There was a predictable outrage over at Biffer central and some of the comments were absolutely vile and disgusting. I understand that the post was passed to West Yorkshire police, and amazingly the post disappeared.

EBF BF West Yorkshire police march Dewsbury re route yawn

Now I’m not into conspiracy theories, (except that Fosters continuously put mind drugs in their barrels), but trying to incite the local population might rather have lead the coppers to re route their shuffle round Dewsbury to a car park and an industrial estate. Another tip for you Goldibollocks, don’t antagonise the cops and they may just not antagonise you. In saying that continue on your shuffle because we here in the EBF group are sponsoring you. If you haven’t seen the page please sponsor us to sponsor them. Funds will go towards helping the victims of the floods (at the time of writing £259 has been pledged).

elp battle floods

Apart from the usual “Muslims are this” and “Muslims are that”, the last thing that caught my eye this week, apart from the landlady’s new hairdo, was the fact they have ditched the conferences (probably because they’ve ran out of places that’ll have them and BT won’t let them have a phonebox) and decided to have a bifferfest instead. Now I’m not sure about you but I haven’t stopped sniggering since, causing the landlady to think I’m having an affair with the barmaid (I’m a grumpy old sod most of the time you see).

EBF BF Bifferfest woodstock nuremberg

This festival in a field near somewhere is free (tenner for a wee??) where you can learn about British fascism, sorry ‘culture’, have discussions on bifferland, sports, and have food and drink there. It’s also camping so Millets might want to stock Union Flag tents (although given their tendencies to fly them upside down on their shuffles, 10 upside down tents in a field would make me titter. Also do they make bullet proof tents for the commanders in chief? I’m also assuming that it will only be non halal food there, would be such a shame if some did infiltrate its way into their diets. Anyway good luck getting your TENs license not easy when a load of publicans and licensees have words with contacts.

Finally, another page that brought great mirth to me and the others was the absolute foamfest over on the Kingsmill Facebook page over Kingsmill’s decision to become halal certified. Now as some of you are great troll hunters (a new badge has just been made) pop over there, leave a message and sit back.

EBF Troll hunter badge

Now I must go, something about a buying a handbag for the landlady as penance for being cheerful.



After Burton

Today, for the first time ever, Britain First organised an event that actually will benefit a charitable cause. They didn’t plan it that way. Their plan was to make money for themselves and stir up lots of religious and racial tension while they were at it.

The charity angle was the Brainchild of a bloke called Andrew who set up a just giving page for people to sponsor the Biffers as they stagger through Burton. The donations won’t go anywhere near Britain First though. Just Giving appeals guarantee that the proceeds go straight to the charities named – in this case the Refugee Crisis Appeal through the Refugee Council. How brilliant is that?

Refugee council BF march Burton just giving

Burton isn’t too far a drive for Hubby and I so we stopped on the way and had lunch at the Bowling Green in Lichfield. We like it there. We saw some scary looking skinheads outside the pub who may well have been Biffers but they had no insignia. Maybe they were too scared to show their colours when not in a big group. They were talking about the Burton “mega mosque” and something about “fuckin’ illegals” but Hubby frogmarched me away before I could hear more. I didn’t see them on the march in Burton though.

Apparently Staffs police had to arrange protection around Mosques and Islamic centres. I’m told the good people from the York St. Mosque were out in force too – showing their gratitude by giving the police tea and biscuits. Hope they had Hobnobs!

There were loads of Police on Station Street before the march. Someone said there were armed police hanging around too but we didn’t see them.

Burton police twitter BF demo Station street 1

Station St. (above)

BF Burton police

Thanks to @paws4unite for the pic above. It’s much better than the ones I took of the police presence. Hubby and I decided to be local shoppers (we often are anyway) instead of protestors. We thought we might get a better view and being kettled doesn’t really appeal. Anyway – we thought it’d be easier to count heads as the Biffers ambled by. We were right.

The Biffers marched (more like shuffled) down High St. They should’ve called in at the library to read up on local history – they have some good stuff there.

The Bass Museum might be more to their taste though. That might just frustrate them though. If Landlord has his way no publicans will allow them in.

Had they gone into the library they might have learned something about religious tolerance.

The last heretic to be burned at the stake was a Burton man – Edward Wightman was executed for heresy sometime in the 17th century. He was a Puritan who was martyred because his faith in God didn’t match the faith in God of the ruling elite. The Biffers really could have learned something from that. Something about the freedom of religious expression.

BF EBF WW2 Islam freedom of conscience and religious expression

There was a slight breeze blowing when we got to Burton but it was dry and bright and actually quite pleasant. It would have been better without the Biffers turning up trying to wreck everything but that’s life, I suppose. Hubby and I come to Burton a lot and we’re sure that the town will soon forget these irrelevant cockwombles and their ridiculous slogans. It’s not as though any of the locals want them here.

BF EBF Jayda lies Burton percentage from Twitter

By about 1pm we saw some of the shops around High Street and Station Street closing up and pulling down their metal shutters.

BF Burton demo shuttered cash converters

Burton responded the same way other towns have done when the Biffers invaded. There’ll have been an awful lot of lost trade in the High Street. Even the shops that stayed open won’t have got much custom this afternoon.

The turnout for the counter protest was pretty good. It was a good atmosphere among the protestors too apparently – just like it was in Luton when we were there. This pic was courtesy of @paws4unite

BF Burton counter protest

While we were waiting for the days’ proceedings to begin we heard from another EBF member who’d been in Bristol to heckle the far right walk of shame there. Only 9 Fash never showed up in Bristol, it seems. 9 sad Nazis were confronted by around 2,200 ‘unwashed lefties’! That’s Bristol for you!

The Fash march in Scarborough didn’t do much better with about 40 Nazis turning up there to shout at nobody in particular. Added together that gives a combined national turnout of about 170 Fash. With such tiny figures and such demonstrable opposition we’d have hoped they’d have got the message by now but apparently not.

No such luck here in Burton though. They turned up – a bit late but they came. They probably held off hoping a few more cockwombles would arrive. No such luck for Fransen and her sidekick Folding Golding either (yes – I did get that the right way around). By about 2pm we saw them shuffling into view from our vantage point at the junction of Station St and Worthington Way.

BF Burton junction of Station St and Worthington Way 2

They took their time getting to us though.

BF Burton junction of Station St and Worthington Way 3

This shot was taken about 20 minutes later. What’s with the recorded bagpipes? Bagpipes? That’s not exactly traditional Midlands fayre!

While I took photos for the blog, Hubby was checking Twitter. We got out first indication of how poor the turnout was before we actually saw the Master race come shuffling by.

BF Burton 120 max mobile screenie

As you can see – they weren’t exactly ‘formidable’! Outnumbered by police as usual. Also outnumbered by Antifa – that’s ‘as usual’ too.

BF Burton 120 max

Everywhere there were locals were shouting “BF scum”. I quite enjoyed that bit.

I tried to do my own head count but I’m not very tall so it was hard to be sure. I estimated about 150 but a policeman Hubby spoke to reckoned it was nearer to 120, which is what the reporter on Twitter said too so that’s probably right.

That means after months of advertising the Biffers only managed to muster about one fifth of the number spontaneously demonstrating about junior doctors’ contracts. Don’t you just love the Great British sense of priorities?

I noticed that they had kids holding the banner again. I still think that’s child abuse! Our girls aren’t allowed anywhere near these events. They can decide for themselves what to believe when they’re old enough to understand. For now they’re having a lovely time with their granny – and that’s how it should be.

The Fash stopped for speeches near Manor Croft at about 3pm.

BF Burton 3pm

I sneaked around the back to see if I could get a better look. Abbey Arcade is normally teeming with shoppers on a Saturday afternoon. Today, the emptiness just emphasised the echoing hoots and guttural growling that came from the assembled Biffers. It sounded very much like a safari park.

BF Burton Abbey Arcade

Even the local lampposts dislike the Biffers!

BF Burton antifa lamp post sticker

Burton does have a lot of #Antifa living locally though so it’s hardly surprising that the Biffers wouldn’t be very welcome. Not to be deterred the paltry little bunch of Biffers weren’t exactly backward in coming forward. That’s what happens when the Fash are protected by hundreds of policemen. They get brave, emboldened by the lines of police that separate them from the decent people of Britain. They weren’t even holding back with the Nazi salutes. And these are the people who pretend to respect Britain’s war dead. Cockwombles!

BF Burton speeches fascism tweet screenie

Eventually their arms must’ve got tired because they decided to stop sticking them up in the air and set off back along Burton High Street to the dispersal point. By this time an awful lot of #Antifa had assembled along the route to make sure they left.

I wish I’d asked these guys for their contact details. They definitely deserved a pack of EBF Hobnobs for this simple handwritten sign!

BF Burton stop being silly

This pic of the return shuffle was taken at about at a quarter to four. As you can see there was a growing reception committee lining the route.

BF Burton return march 2

If you look closely in this picture you’ll see the sycophant who was trying to climb inside Jayda’s rear end (Eeeww!) on the BBC3 documentary, ‘We want our country back’. He’s the one with the mohican haircut and the black jacket. You can’t miss him – he’s the white man next to all the other white folks in this multi-racial, ‘non-racist’ group.

BF Burton return march 3

In the same picture we see they’re pulling their usual stunt to try and seem more popular than they really are. They’re doing the multiple flag thing again!

BF Burton return march multipple flags

It seems the opposition got a little too close for the Biffers’ comfort.

BF Burton return march 4

Luckily for them the law stepped in to keep them safe. The previously good-natured mood was beginning to turn a little less benevolent as the people of Burton had clearly had enough of these racist scumbags by now.

BF Burton return march 5

Eventually they just stopped us from continuing as the Fash receded back into obscurity beneath whatever Nazi rocks they crawled out from.

BF Burton return march 6

BF Burton return march 8

By now it was impossible to get near the Fash (although a few enterprising lads did try) and Hubby and I decided it was time to leave. Hubby had some nice Burton beer to drink and I had a blog to write for EBF. You’re reading it now as it happens.

It’s been a good day though. Our second ever #Antifa demo and once again the good people of this country proved that there’s no place for Fascism in our green and pleasant land.

I made this little graphic to commemorate the experience. Hope you like it.

BF EBF Burton big day Nazi scum off our streets