A view from a barstool #5

Evening all, I hope you are all well out there in Exposing Britain First world. Apologies for the lack of a blog last week but I was in the middle of a move from the Shires to the south coast of our fair Isle and as I write this in my office I have had time to look back at the week in bifferstan with more than just a shake of the head. It is a time when we have to remember those that gave their lives in service of our country whether they be British, from the commonwealth or those countries that were overrun by the fascists. This is their time and we should never let that be taken by the far right in whatever guise they may appear, wrapped up in fake patriotism.

So what have I seen from the pages of BF? A soldiers death has been taken by them and used as click bait to attempt to extend their dwindling report. I’m not naming him, nor will I put a picture up of him, only for the reason that his family have requested he won’t be used as a figurehead for something he wouldn’t have touched with a bargepole. If anyone wants to show respect, type his name in Google and add foundation. Follow and give money if you wish but please don’t let the biffers disrespect this young man.

BF conference Chesterfield ban booking cancelSomething close to my heart just happened today, a Borough Council cancelled a booking from the biffers and if it was the way I heard then Chesterfield BC has possibly made sure the Biffers are unable to book another licensed property. Under the licensing act of 2003 (amended March 2015) a licensee is forbidden to allow a gathering of racists, indeed the premesis license to which all personal License holders are held to prohibit this:
11.27 There is certain criminal activity that may arise in connection with licensed premises which
should be treated particularly seriously. These are the use of the licensed premises:
• for the sale and distribution of drugs controlled under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 and
the laundering of the proceeds of drugs crime;
• for the sale and distribution of illegal firearms;
• for the evasion of copyright in respect of pirated or unlicensed films and music, which
does considerable damage to the industries affected;
• for prostitution or the sale of unlawful pornography;
• by organised groups of paedophiles to groom children;
• as the base for the organisation of criminal activity, particularly by gangs;
• for the organisation of racist activity or the promotion of racist attacks;
• for knowingly employing a person who is unlawfully in the UK or who cannot lawfully be
employed as a result of a condition on that person’s leave to enter;
• for unlawful gambling; and
• for the sale or storage of smuggled tobacco and alcohol.
And following this part 11.28 of the licensing act goes onto say
It is envisaged that licensing authorities, the police and other law enforcement agencies,
which are responsible authorities, will use the review procedures effectively to deter such
activities and crime. Where reviews arise and the licensing authority determines that
the crime prevention objective is being undermined through the premises being used to
further crimes, it is expected that revocation of the licence – even in the first instance –
should be seriously considered.

So this is one of the very reasons that Chesterfield BC would not want Britain First at one of their venues.
So that’s it, take them to court, look like fuckwits, I would guess that there maybe argument over a legal definition of racism but we know.

Well I’ve now been instructed it’s time to do the curtains in all of our rooms, I can’t even get out of it by working. Just remember take pride in whatever you may do this weekend, if you wear a poppy don’t think you are a biffer, you are just someone who pays their respect.