No change for UK’s religious minorities

The Cockwombles at Britain First would like you to believe that they are rising to a current threat that is particular to our age and unlike anything that this country has faced before. They seek legitimacy in the public mindset by claiming to be a topical organisation dealing with a modern problem. But nothing could be further from the truth.

In reality Britain has had a problem with its racist element for decades. British Nazi opposition to the Jews is well known. So is their opposition to black immigrants after the arrival of the Windrush in the mid twentieth century. Racial and religious discrimination isn’t new and it’s just as indefensible and stupid today as it ever was.

Mr Jolly, 66, said the ban on turbans and beards was a direct attack on his religion.”

Sohan Singh JollyThat’s a quote from a BBC news article dated April 9th 1969. Exactly 47 years ago today British Sikhs won the right to wear beards and turbans at work. The dispute only ended when Sohan Singh Jolly, a 66 year old Sikh man threatened to burn himself to death in protest at the ban.

Banning beards and turbans in 1969 isn’t unlike the modern Biffer call to ban Islamic traditional dress. And in both cases the motivation is far from respectable. The truth is that religious dress like the Sikh turban or the Muslim hijab really isn’t anyone’s business but those who choose to wear them. It’s only offensive to those who are so wrapped up in their own hate that they will seize upon almost any excuse to feign outrage but the real agenda is racism and religious hatred.

There’s nothing new in the modern far right getting their knickers in a twist about hijabs and burkas. They’re just repeating a very old and tired tactic intended to camouflage their real motivation – racism and religious hatred. But we have news for them…

EBF BF burka could be anyone in there crime.jpg

Just as The House of Lords ruled in 1982 that Sikhs  were entitledto protection under the Race Relations Act, so too are Muslims. You can bang on about Islam not being a race all you like but it’s still protected by British law and you’re still guilty of criminal discrimination.

Given your love of British laws and traditions, we’d have expected you to know that.



The Biffers are outraged!

An injured serviceman was treated stupidly by an anonymous member of A&E staff who apparently thought that it would be OK to move him out of sight  rather than risk another altercation (like the one they’d previously experienced).

This wasn’t the best decision the health care worker could have made but it’s hardly worth the foam fest that the Biffers are making of it. Think about it…

There are 1.3 million people employed by the NHS according to the Health and Social Care Information Centre


NHS workforce statistic

Many more will work within the NHS under other arrangements such as agency workers or charity volunteers. That’s a lot of people.

Within that varied workforce, just like in any other large workforce, you can find just about anything you care to look for. You’ll find the good, the bad and even the particularly unpleasant.

You’ll find killers

Stepping Hill killer nurse

You’ll find victims

pregnant nurse assaulted

You’ll find racists

Lisa Kane headline

You’ll find heroes

Alder Hey hero nurse

You’ll find fraudsters

Doctor fraud nhs jail

And, of course you’ll find good people making honest mistakes in good faith.

RAF sergeant hospital a&e

A&E staff have many problems to deal with and they don’t always have the time to think things through in the middle of a busy shift. It’s clear that the intention to avoid a repeat of previous problems was honest, even though the decision itself showed poor judgement.

We think that the Biffers reaction to this pointless tale of one person in 1.3 million making a mistake in good faith is a little over the top. What do you think?


Bear in mind that the article said nothing at all about Islam, Muslims or Syrian immigrants at all.

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 1

When did it become about housing?

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 2

More assumptions about Muslims (who seemingly had absolutely nothing to do with this decision)

BF QEQM NHS RAF comments 3

We owe Britain First troublemakers nothing either.

Britain First breaks another irony meter

BF EBF language irony English niqabThis really is just too funny… The Biffers are complaining because some people can’t use English very well.

BF non English speaking ghetto July 2015

They based their ‘report’ on an article from the Telegraph – but unfortunately they didn’t seem able to read it well enough to understand quite what the Telegraph article was saying – and, just as importantly, what it didn’t say…


Yes, we know – the irony is just overwhelming, isn’t it?

Take a look at some of the classic Biffer comments that we found gracing this particular thread on their Facebook page. These people, who presumably have lived in UK their entire lives, still can’t handle simple English punctuation, spelling or grammar. This one thinks it’s rediculus (sic)…

Robson poor English BF FB language

We’d be keen to know which ‘British language’ she advocates. We thought Gaelic might be good – or maybe Cornish. Presumably she didn’t mean ‘English’ which owes much more to old German, French and Danish than to any native language of these Isles. Whichever language she’d prefer there can be no doubt that it’s all a ‘Discrase’ (sic)…

language discrase irony illiterate


BF language loose irony

We wonder how the Biffers feel about poor punctuation, sloppy spelling, erroneous apostrophes and really, really, really… really long sentences…

irony punctuation apostrophe BF

This one doesn’t even understand the language sufficiently to know what the article is about. He seems to think that it’s about clothing (a major ‘TERRORIZE’ threat, apparently).

bf english language poor william terrorize caps lock

This one concurs, in equally impeccable prose. We can’t help but wonder just what she’s said to her g-children (sic) to frighten them so much over simple clothing.

BF irony burka grammar

On the same evening the Biffers were discussing venues for their next march. Once again their supporters demonstrated their outstanding command of the English language that they obviously love so much…

irony bf grandkids language

BF Irony nottingham deffintely language

As you might imagine, another EBF irony meter has just exploded. They’re just not built to take this sort of extreme exposure all at once!

Irony meter

Are ‘Burkas’ The New Bandanas?

When I sat down to start my stint of volunteering for EBF Friday, little did I know that I would still be sitting there 15 hours later, still trying to write a post.

Thursday, 18th June, 2015, a man dressed in a burka was arrested and a package that he had allegedly left in a doorway was safely detonated by a bomb squad. Well, of course, they SAY it was a burka but the photographs show that it was not a burka but a niqab.

In fact, there have been NO crimes committed wearing a burka in the UK, some have been committed wearing a niqab but, as the word ‘burka’ is commonly incorrectly used to describe the niqab and it is the burka which Biffers want banned, I will use the word ‘burka’ in place of niqab.

There are still very few details about what happened yesterday. We don’t know anything about the man or whether or not there was an explosive device in the bag he allegedly left. What we do know is that our police and armed forces collaborated quickly and calmly to evacuate the area, seal off Watford to ensure everyone’s safety and that the man was arrested. And, yes, he was wearing a ‘burka’.

Not surprisingly the incident started a foam fest over on Britain First and now it seems that ‘burkas must be banned’ and ‘all Muslims must die’ once again – because of the alleged actions of this one man, despite not yet knowing what he did or whether the bag which was detonated contained explosives.

So I thought I would have a look around to see if we really need to be so anxious about women wearing burkas, because ‘it could be anyone in there’ and therefore burkas are a security risk.

I didn’t anticipate that this would be an easy task and I was right.

I started out by looking at press reports of crimes committed while wearing a ‘burka’ and I found 21, dating between 2002 – 2014. Nine jewellers had been robbed, one travel agent, one Post Office, two banks, one Securicor van and one phone shop.

There was one case of embezzlement by a woman who normally wore a hijab, changing into a ‘burka’ to carry out her crime, and there were four assaults. One assault was committed by a woman who ALWAYS wore a ‘burka’ and didn’t don it for the purpose of the assault, and one case involved pickpockets in ‘burkas’ targeting the very wealthy.

Robbery seemed to be the most common crime committed in a ‘burka’. That being the case, I thought I’d have a look and see how many robberies occur in total to work out a percentage of ‘burka’ wearing robbers. I found figures for April 2015 at which show that there had been 4,104 total cases of robbery UK wide.

I then looked through the press for robberies committed wearing other disguises and, of course, there were a variety, including mask variations from Scream to monkeys and skeletons and even one man with underpants on his head (no, it wasn’t Paul Golding at the Cenotaph this time). And I found 19 reports of robberies where disguises were used between 2009 – 2015.

However, only using the press to research the subject seemed unscientific so I decided to go to to investigate the results of court cases in England and Wales. I searched for ‘robbery’ (the most reported crime) between 2008-2014.

There were 1209 cases – but how to narrow this down to see how many ‘foreigners’ were committing crimes – Biffers are always telling us that it’s the immigrants who commit the crimes (I’ll get back to the ‘burka’ in a bit).

Since the Law Pages don’t record people’s religion or skin colour, it was going to be quite difficult to ascertain how many ‘Johnny Foreigners’ had been convicted of robberies. I did what I suspect lots of people do, not just Biffers, I looked at people’s names and put them into categories according to their name. I must stress that I know this is far from ideal but I needed detail, not simply numbers. There is something to be gleaned from estimating nationality of origin from people’s names, although we don’t know if everyone called, say, ‘Stavros Popoupolis’ is a Greek immigrant, is second, third or fourth (or more) generation Greek or if he is not Greek at all, but it’s my best guess that he’s not French.

Of the 1209 convictions for robbery between 2008 and 2014, origins or backgrounds of names suggested that 91 seemed likely to be Asian, 10 likely to be Sikh, 31 likely to be East European, 39 African, two Jewish and six ‘other’, Far Eastern, for example. Of course, as I stated earlier, they could all be British, although one was known to be an asylum seeker who was given a jail term followed by a deportation order.

So, out of 1209 convictions, we have POTENTIALLY 179 foreign born people convicted of robbery in a six year period. That means that 1,118 convictions were for people called Murphy, McCloed, Bowman, Smith, Jones, Knight, Tyler, Grant and….Curtin.

I was quite interested in Curtin, because he had worn a ‘burka’ to commit a jewellry theft from Selfridges in London in 2012, with his accomplice Connor Groake (which sounds a bit Irish).

So now I had 179 names I could take back to the press reports to see how many of the POTENTIALLY foreign born people who had been convicted of robbery had worn ‘burkas’ when committing their crime.

I found reports about some of the convicted ‘burka’ wearing robbers in the press. 
I found that a jeweller in Burnley had been robbed by four MEN wearing ‘burkas’, Rais Atcha, Fahim Kola, Mohammed Asif Khan and Baber Khan, the phone shop in London had been robbed by Mohammed Sabek and Aneek Khan, dressed in ‘burkas’ and the robbery from Selfridges had been committed by Sam Curtin and Connor Groake, wearing ‘burkas’.

As for the crimes I found in my initial press sweep this morning, matching them up with my Law Pages search, three out of the nine jewellry store robberies achieved convictions, and the robbers of the phone shop were caught, as was the embezzler mentioned at the beginning.

So, there are some thieves out there who use ‘burkas’ as disguises to commit robberies. There are also three people who used Scream masks, one man in a green/yellow mask, and one in a pig mask.

What do I get out of all this at the end of the day? What I can say is that if you’re a robber, wearing a ‘burka’ seems to be on a list of potential disguises. It’s not top pick though. The majority of the cases on the Law Pages chose balaclavas and ski masks, some chose leggings, some chose hoods and scarves. Wearing a ‘burka’ is down the list and doesn’t seem to have any greater a ‘success’ rate than other disguises.

I’ve also learned that I never want to own a jewellers shop and there are some VERY nasty people out there. Most of them are not wearing ‘burkas’.

Rampant Sexism

The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Opposition to abortion is high, as is homophobia and anti-gay legislation and national policy.”

Britain First targets women because they’re perceived as easy, soft, vulnerable targets. Their recent mailshot, designed to intimidate was sent almost exclusively to women. Their most publicised campaign (to Ban the Burka) is also aimed exclusively at women.

Female sexuality is targeted and Muslim women are regularly described as little more than breeding machines. Whenever women come under the Biffer spotlight the online foamfest is filled with sexualised comments and threats of rape, genital torture and assumptions about sexual depravity. Alongside this abuse the Biffers encourage white women to have as many children as possible to combat their imagined ‘white genocide’ by out-breeding the opposition. This is exactly the same thing that Hitler did, even creating medals of motherhood based upon the numbers of Aryan children born to German mothers of ‘good racial stock’.

Fascist BF 5

There seems little doubt that Biffers view women as nothing more than sexual objects whose purpose is to breed (either little biffers or infant terrorists). The former are encouraged. The latter are condemned. But all women are denigrated by this limited, fascist view of their worth.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt