Britain First and the history of European Nazism

The problem with making historical comparisons is they’re never precise enough to satisfy the pedants and rarely obvious enough to catch the attention of most people. That’s because the majority of us have enough to deal with just coping with the necessities of everyday living. People haven’t time to go around studying political history and most don’t have the inclination to search for comparisons and similarities between modern UK and the worst of European thought.

EBF understands that. We know that to many this article will seem like an over-reaction to current events. But we think it important that we highlight the broad trends of 21st century ideologies even if the exact details differ from the precise events of the past. Modern Europe is very different from that of 80 or 90 years ago. Mass communication is easier and less controlled which accelerates the speed of social change. Deceitful propaganda is more easily spread and ideas, even dangerous ones can take hold of a population like wildfire.

EBF BF Wake up and rise up.pngBut people are still essentially the same. Their fears are the same, their vulnerability to manipulative ideologues is the same and their tendency to look for scapegoats to blame is the same. Our species hasn’t evolved at all in a few decades. We are as we were and what we were was frightening.

In 1920s Germany economic hardship was rife. People were literally starving to death as food became more and more expensive and wages, even for those lucky enough to be employed at all couldn’t keep up. Many felt hopeless and helpless.

In post 2007 Europe whole countries went bankrupt and others, like UK saw the weakest citizens, those suffering from disabling conditions or those who were unable to find work stripped of their incomes, sanctioned by civil servants or forced to work for nothing to ease the wage burden on large companies like Tesco, Asda and even’ the Biffers’ favourite’ – Gregg’s the baker’s. Many argue that this was little more than state-sponsored slavery designed to increase private, corporate profits at the expense of the public purse as several employers cut jobs, replacing paid employees with unskilled, forced (workfare) labour instead. Many at the bottom rungs of society felt hopeless and helpless.

In Post WW1 Germany a group of veterans calling themselves the Frei Corp (Free Army) began releasing propaganda explaining that Germany’s predicament was all the fault of international Jewry. This wasn’t true but it suited the emotional need of some of the people to scapegoat someone other than themselves.

In post-recession UK groups like Britain First began releasing propaganda blaming Muslims for all the country’s problems. This isn’t true either but it suits the emotional need of some of the people to scapegoat someone other than themselves.

EBF extremist Jayda no moderate muslim BF court lie

In 1920s Germany Adolf Hitler joined a small group of far right nationalists and quickly rose to prominence within what was one day to become the Nazi party.

In 2010 a relatively minor official in the British National Party (a far right nationalist group) broke away from the party to form his own rival group – Britain First.

In 1920s Germany the government largely ignored the Nazis. They were only one of many far right factions and they seemed too busy fighting amongst themselves to be of any significance.

In 2010 the UK government largely ignored Britain First. They were only one of many far right factions and they seemed too busy fighting amongst themselves to be of any significance.

In 1920s Germany Hitler’s Nazi party made very little impact. The demonstrations they held were violent armed conflicts and so the authorities eventually acted. When Hitler tried to begin an armed revolution and held hostage two government officials he was overwhelmed, tried and imprisoned for sedition.

In modern UK, Britain First incites violence against Muslims and immigrants but Golding et al have learned from history and never personally involve themselves in such crimes.

In 1930s Germany the Frei Corp became the Brown Shirts – the organised street fighters who persecuted Jews – their most infamous incident was ‘The night of broken glass’ or ‘Kristalnacht’ during which Jewish homes, businesses and synagogues were attacked in a domestic atrocity ordered by Hitler himself.

In modern UK we have not seen anything on the scale of Kristalnacht yet. We have however seen attacks against Muslim shops, Mosques and businesses, including arson and several Muslim deaths. At least one 81 year old Muslim was beaten to death by Britain First supporters whilst on his way to his local Mosque for morning prayers.

From the 1920s onwards Hitler and his cronies used dehumanising propaganda to isolate and encourage violence against German Jews.

From 2010 onwards Britain First has used dehumanising propaganda to isolate and encourage violence against British Muslims.

EBF BF Nazi dehumanisation

The German Nazis relied upon nationalism and a sense of ‘taking back control’ to fuel their hatred.

Britain First relies upon nationalism and a sense of ‘taking back control’ to fuel its hatred.

BBC3 BF WWOCB Title page

The internet and the speed with which social media spreads ideas around means that the popular nationalism that took the Nazis 15 years to achieve has taken Britain First with its social media savvy operation a third of that time. What they lack is political clout but there’s time for that and they’re certainly trying hard.

And it’s not just Britain First. There are other, equally disturbing groups at work in the UK. Nationalists organisations echo the same message of hate. Groups like the English Defence League and countless others also rely upon the same propaganda to fuel a nationalism that seems hell bent on taking this country back to a past that only really existed in their imaginations. Respectable political groups like UKIP seem almost to legitimise the nationalist agenda and may well be the key to political influence for all the other nationalist groups.

Brexit send them back T shirt

It’s no coincidence that ‘Vote UKIP’ is a common refrain from the racist nationalists we interact with across social media. Britain First is unlikely to gain any political power but that doesn’t mean they can’t support UKIP. Golding and Fransen have already created something like a Frei Corp in waiting. Their own website describes Britain First as a ‘Street defence organisation’ and their regular calls for civil war against Muslims and their (admittedly laughable as yet) attempts to train their members in combat skills seems to point very clearly in one particular direction. Might they become UKIP’s Brown shirts in time?

EBF BF fight club

If the problem was only UK based that might be less of a concern but similair trends can be seen across Europe. Some countries are further along this dark path and it’s not hard to see where we’re all being driven. This week in Austria a far right party using the slogan ‘Austria First’ (there’s a coincidence) narrowly failed to become the ruling political party in the country’s national election.

EBF BF Austria far right Nazi election.pngIn the style of their Austrian predecessor, Adolf Hitler they are now forcing a new election. Hitler’s Nazi party also forced elections until they got the result they wanted. We’d hoped that Austrians would know better, given their country’s part in WW2 but seemingly not. Like Brits and many other European nationals they have short memories. It remains to be seen how prophetic the result of the UK’s recent ‘Brexit’ referendum may be. The result (48% v 52%) is strikingly close to the Austrian result after a campaign that was fought much more along nationalist and racist lines than any other issue. We believe that there is very real cause for concern both here in the UK and abroad.

Holland, a country defeated by the Nazis and subjected to all the horrors of occupation is currently seeing the rise of its own brand of Nationalism. Even Germany, the birthplace of Pegida has a growing number of fascists within its population. Similair stories can be told about many Western nations from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. The far right hasn’t won yet but it’s making remarkably good headway.

There’s still time to turn this around. Please help us to spread the word and stop the neo-Nazis from dragging us back into the darkness of former decades.

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Teaching citizenship protects young people from extremism

‘The teacher’ (our newest contributor) writes about a recent lesson in ‘Citizenship’ that certainly seems to have hit the  spot. The Biffers probably won’t like lessons like this one but we do. Read on to see what y0u think…

Writing to argue against the right wing of this country has always been an ambition of mine so I was delighted when I was given the chance to write a piece for the Exposing Britain First blog.

EBF BF citizenship education memeI am a teacher in a local secondary school. I teach Citizenship which gives me some freedom to cover topics that have an influence on society and are also current and relevant to my student’s lives. I was inspired to contact EBF when I decided to teach a lesson to my students about how propaganda is used to manipulate people to adopt a certain way of thinking.

The main body of the lesson was to have the students look at some Britain First posters that were taken directly from their Facebook page. I asked the students to build up an image of what these pictures meant. The conceptions that came from the students was one of shock. One student in particular said she couldn’t believe that Britain was changing so much and that she was concerned that it was losing its identity. This was exactly the sort of response that I was looking for and I am sure it is the intended response of Britain First.

Whilst it was the response I had intended it was still one that shocked me. Young people have unprecedented access to an unprecedented amount of information and can easily be exposed to propaganda that can unduly influence their way of thinking. Without a proper filter or someone to draw attention to the amount of bullshit out there this could lead to society heading in a dangerous direction. The rest of the lesson was spent looking at pictures created by EBF that gave the students the correct information and allowed the students to make an informed decision about the content raised by Britain First.

The responses of the students was pleasing as it allowed them to arrive at an informed decision. They could not believe that they had been so easily duped by the original pictures. A number of students felt ashamed and there was a feeling of anger aimed towards BF. The lesson ended with the students asking me to tell them how they could become a part of EBF and asking for their Facebook details.

Prior to this we had spent a number of lessons looking at Migration and the concept of integration. The school I work at is situated in a poverty stricken area and has a high proportion of white working class boys so on the face of it one would expect some resistance to the concept of integration. However, on the whole the students really showed a high level of maturity and a free thinking attitude. This came as quite a surprise to me and made me question my conceptions of the level of influence that right wing groups have on our young minds. I think the growing popularity of UKIP and other splinter groups such as the EDL and BF led me to believe that young people would carry the torch and we would end up with a right leaning Government. However, it would seem that all young people need is some guidance and education to allow them to open their minds and make an informed and well-rounded decision.

I had been meaning to write this piece for a while and following the events in Paris it felt apt to do it now. Following the tragic events in Paris I decided to review the BF Facebook page to see what the general consensus was when it came to the comments made about the attacks. As expected the comments were vile and racist and involved Muslim bashing and a general lack of knowledge and any form of intelligence to the comments.
Obviously when writing about such a sensitive subject it is important to tread carefully as to not offend people. I personally chose to remain silent on social media following the attacks but like a nosey neighbour I was happy to view what others thought about the events. Generally I feel that people are of the opinion that the terrorists who carried out the attacks were not Muslims as their actions are in direct conflict with the Islamic Faith. However, BF and its members seem unable to make that distinction and simply tarred peaceful and loving members of Islam with the same brush.

If it wasn’t for the views of my class giving me some comfort that society isn’t doomed I think I would have been incredibly scared following the comments I read on the weekend after the events in Paris. I feel that society has a long way to go and I do feel that the direction we are heading in is not the best one. For me education is the key to reversing the damage caused by right wing groups. Our young people need to learn the skill of questioning what they read or are told by people and reaching their own informed conclusions. Tension and racism will, sadly, always be present in our country but we all have a collective responsibility to educate our youngest members of society to ensure they make the right choices in life.

We live in a multicultural society and it has been that way for hundreds of years. That is what makes Britain great. Multiculturalism is my Britain and hopefully that view will eventually be the same for everyone else.

Armistice Day 2015

EBF They fought for us PDF cover armistice remembrance ww1 ww2 war hero poppyOn November 11th 2015, Exposing Britain First will remember the 11 million military personnel and the 7 million civilian men, women and children who lost their lives in The Great War. We also will take the opportunity to commemorate those who have fallen in future conflicts in defence of our freedoms and especially in the defeat of the Nazis during World War II.

It was the struggle against Nazism in the Second World War that led to the freedoms of the modern world and it is in defence of those freedoms that we at EBF are dedicated. We aren’t exactly soldiers and most of us have never been on an active battlefield but that doesn’t prevent our respect for those who have. It certainly doesn’t keep us from trying to protect the freedoms and liberties for which they fought, freedoms that Britain First would remove from this wonderfully diverse country and its citizens.

We don’t want to glorify war but equally we think it appropriate to remember those who were caught up in it. Wars are started by politicians but on the whole, they are fought by ordinary people. Governments start wars but those who are governed die in them.

There have been many heroes from across the world who fought on behalf of freedom for all people. These individuals faced great dangers and often lost their lives in defence of the liberties that we Brits enjoy today. It is right that we honour their sacrifice, that we remember their cause and that we do what little we can to alleviate the suffering of the wounded and the bereaved today.

Beginning at 11am on November 11th (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day) we will publish each hour on the hour a series of blog posts in honour of those whose lives were lost in both World War I and World War II. Each blog will contain a link to the Royal British Legion site where you can donate to support those who remain.

If you have a story to tell, perhaps about your own relative or even about yourself and your experiences in wartime let us know. Send us your articles and we’ll do our best to include them. Please note however, the focus of the day’s blogs will be remembrance of war, not upon the evils of Britain First. There are 364 other days in a year to expose modern Nazism. On Armistice Day we’re much more concerned with remembering those who beat the Nazis down last time than with focusing upon their modern ideological descendants.

You can submit your articles for inclusion on the day and/or in the PDF collection by emailing the EBF blog at It’d be great to include more from our supporters. Please note that EBF does reserve the right to edit for spelling and grammar, to correct inaccuracies and to provide internet links if necessary (including the link to the RBL for donations). We also reserve the right to reject articles that don’t fit the themes of the Armistice Day project as a whole.

This link leads to a special blog category which we have developed specifically for Armistice Day. Every one of our hourly blogs will link to it so all you need to do is click here to follow the collection as it unfolds on Armistice Day.

We will also produce a PDF collection of all the blogs in the series which will be available for download from 11/11/15 onwards, complete with links to the Royal British Legion should you wish to make a donation to that great cause.

White converts upset ‘non-racist’ Biffers

BF white muslim 20 comment screensThis ridiculous meme appeared on Britain First’s Facebook page on Sunday 18th October 2015. It was a bit of a dead giveaway from the far right group that protests so vehemently that since Islam is not a ‘race’ they can’t be ‘racist’. We have already blogged about this here.

The case for Britain First’s racist credentials has already been made many times. There is so much evidence of their white-supremacist, hate-filled agenda, from images promoting the myth of ‘white genocide’ to well-publicised policies and propaganda that don’t only mirror, but in many cases directly repeat the tactics of Nazi Germany in the run up to and during World War II. But this particular meme effectively bridges the gap between ‘race’ and ‘religion’ that the Biffers have tried so hard to hide behind for so long.

It’s clear that Britain First sees Islam as a religion for brown people only. In fact their problem isn’t really with Islam at all. They know full well that Muslims are no better or worse than any other religious group. That’s why they devote so much of their time to spreading deliberate lies intended to demonise Islam and promote the fantasy of a Muslim take-over. If there was any truth to their claims the evidence would be plain for all to see – they wouldn’t need to photoshop pictures or promote innocent images with entirely fabricated contexts.

Like other Nazi, ‘white power’ groups, Britain First misrepresents Islam precisely because the Biffers know that they have no legitimate case to make.

It’s not Islam that they hate – it’s non-whites. Islam is just a convenient, superficially acceptable motif that the Biffers use as a convenient proxy for ‘brown-skinned’. This Facebook meme, with its obvious outrage at the fact that some white people are Muslims unequivocally demonstrates their meagre ‘understanding’ of Islam as a religion for non-whites.

As if the meme itself wasn’t enough, have a look at the comments. These statements by rank and file Biffers were all made within just a few hours of the obviously photoshopped image’s appearance online.

Do people really deserve to be hanged, drowned, exiled or shot simply because their religious choices don’t match up with Britain First’s simplistic categorisations of race and skin colour?

Biffer justice

They’re at it again. With all the insight of a blunted coping saw the Biffers prove themselves once again to be blithering idiots with no more understanding of actual justice than Genghis Khan. That’s not too surprising – we know very well the Biffer attitude to justice

White = innocent

Brown = guilty

Fascist BF 3

That’s why they don’t waste any time worrying about trials and evidence. Truth has never been of interest to the likes of Folding Golding and Dutchy Fransen. They’re only interested in smearing Muslims and non-whites, perverting the course of justice by misleading public opinion and whipping their followers up into a demented frenzy of hatred that they hope will encourage them to part with their cash.

BF Shaker Aamer saudi guantanamo release

This man, this British citizen has been held for a staggering FOURTEEN years in squalid conditions at Guantanamo Bay. Fourteen years of investigation which turned up so little evidence against him that he wasn’t even charged with any offence, let alone tried or convicted.

Shaker Aamer is, so far as anyone can tell, an innocent man whose liberty was removed by a foreign power (America). He is finally coming home. That should be cause for celebration. We’d have hoped the Biffers would understand that the end to such an injustice is to be welcomed. Apparently not.

BF Shaker Aamer comments 5

And it didn’t take long to go from the ‘kangaroo court’ conviction of one man to wholesale condemnation of a whole religious group.

BF Shaker Aamer comments 2

They even ‘improved’ upon the Biffers’ usual ideas about crime and punishment.

BF policies 2015 crime 10

And the delight with which they greeted the news about the mosque fire in Morden is truly sickening. Not only has this fire got nothing to do with Shaker Aamed’s return to Britain, it’s sickening how quickly the news about a single Muslim morphed into a hate festival involving all Muslims. And they say it’s only terrorists that they oppose!

BF Shaker Aamer comments 6 Morden mosque fire

The Biffers really do have a perverse view of law and order, don’t they? They claim to uphold British values and support British law and yet they have no problem flaunting it themselves.

One rule for one and another for another.

BF law abiding

Can you imagine what life would be like for ordinary British citizens if the Biffers ever got their way? What would happen to moderate Brits of any persuasion, religion or racial background?

BF Join future children nazi undermenschen comparison

Remember the words of Pastor Martin Neimoller…

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—

Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Fascist BF 2

Britain First is a fascist, neonazi organisation masquerading as a patriotic defender of British values.

Remember always – these are the people Britain fought to defeat in the second world war. Hitler’s legacy is alive and well. It thrives among the ranks of the Biffers.

Be afraid for our wonderful, peaceful society – be very afraid!

Britain First and spanking

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

As the mother of two lovely little girls I’m happy to say that my daughters have respect without being brutalised. They also understand the difference between respect and fear.

Biffers seem to think that adults beating kids is somehow a good life lesson. But let’s look at what it teaches…

It teaches that it’s OK to use violence to get what you want

It teaches that it’s appropriate to attack those who are weaker or smaller than yourself to get your own way.

It teaches that ‘might is right’.

It teaches that violence is an appropriate alternative to reason.

It teaches thuggery.

It teaches the violent, bullying, brutal values we see so often in the antics of Britain First. Why am I not surprised?

BF spanking

violence is not the answer

Everyone loves a trier – apparently

The latest Britain First campaign is so silly it’s a joke. They’re raising a petition about a problem that will be solved well before their petition could have the slightest impact anyway.

EBF BF temporary mosque craven campaign 1

This temporary Mosque in yorkshire has hit a few problems from the locals. They don’t like the noise that inevitably emanates from a house of worship that is effectively a tent at the end of the road. Fair enough.

For their part the Mosque’s officials have explained that the delay in removing it was caused by unavoidable building delays at their permanent Mosque. They have assured the local residents that work will be completed and the temporary Mosque dismantled by the end of August.

Fair enough? Not for Britain First, it seems…

BF temporary mosque craven campaign 3

In truly undemocratic style they’ve launched a campaign to ask people who don’t live locally to intervene over this local planning issue. That’s not how local democracy works. Some local people have complained and their complaints should be taken seriously. They should also be balanced against all the other opinions and existing planning and legal principles affecting the local area. They should not be overwhelmed by a national and international campaign orchestrated by a group of Nazis whose only reason for taking an interest is the fact that the case involves Muslims.

EBF BF temporary mosque craven campaign 2

These people and their hate-filled, racist agenda are becoming more and more obvious every single day. We wonder why they don’t mount campaigns against temporary churches (there’s usually one or two in the country at any one time) or the sound of church bells disturbing people as they enjoy a Sunday lie in. Actually we don’t wonder at all. It’s obvious. Campaigns against temporary Christian churches wouldn’t give them an opportunity to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment.

We can’t imagine how awful it must be to inhabit the mind of a Biffer, day in and day out. There must be so much petty hatred and paranoia in there leading them to launch campaigns like this one. They really are more to be pitied than blamed.

Supremacy of the Military

Even when there are widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding, and the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military service are glamorized.”

Britt’s fourth characteristic, military supremacy, is very definitely aspirational so far as Britain First is concerned. They have absolutely no control over UK’s armed forces and in fact are hated by most serving soldiers and veterans. That doesn’t stop them hi-jacking the forces for their own ends though.

Facebook meme after Facebook meme encourages us all to ‘support our troops’ whilst all the while the Biffers rip off armed forces’ charities like Help for Heroes and the Royal British Legion. Their constant abuse of the late Lee Rigby’s memory, despite the pleas of his family to stop are nothing short of disgusting. The way they hijack pictures of soldiers on manoeuvres and refuse to take them down when requested by British regiments is equally disrespectful. But their constant misuse of forces imagery maintains the myth that Britain First respects and values the military.

Fascist BF 4

The truth is that Britain First would only really support a very different military. They want a military that would further their nationalistic, racist, religious and paranoid aims. They want a crusade. They want a Holy war against Islam and all non-Christians. That’s why they post so many images of medieval Crusaders in shining armour. It’s all part of the aggressive nationalist, Christian fantasy.

Biffers glorify our current armed forces but really they would change almost everything about the modern forces, turning them into a hostile, invading force intended to eradicate anyone who Britain First decided was unworthy of life.

Based on the article ‘The 14 characteristics of Fascism’ by Lawrence Britt

Why we do what we do

EBF PAW copyA few days ago we received this Email from a British Muslim woman. It’s heart-warming to know that our efforts are having a positive impact and that even in the face of Britain First’s vile prejudice and bigotry we are able to help our fellow citizens maintain a sense of hope.

If anyone ever needed to know why we at Exposing Britain First do what we do, read this letter. The ability to touch and improve the experience of those we have never met is a real privilege. This is the sort of feedback that keeps us going as we wade through the filth of Britain First’s vile prejudice.

But it’s not just about us at EBF. We received the Email but it’s very clear that this person’s gratitude goes far beyond our little group of fact-checkers. There are many groups opposing Britain First and many supporters associated with them. People like you. We all do our bit and together we’re holding back the tide of intolerance for the sake of our nation and its values.

Thankyou all for your help in keeping the UK a fascist free society.

“Hi, I would just like to say thank you for all the work you do at Exposing Britain First. I am Muslim, born and bred in the UK. It really upsets me that people hate Muslims so much but your page and the people who support you really do restore my faith in humanity.

 I am British and proud of it. I don’t care what religion anyone else is, I don’t want Sharia Law brought here, I live in a town where there are very few Muslims and I love it! I have hundreds of non Muslim friends and only a handful are Muslim. We respect each other and we don’t want to kill each other. None of my family claim benefits. They all work across many professions from engineers, police force, electrician and third sector. I absolutely despise the fact that we are seen as immigrants who bleed the system dry and don’t belong here.

A massive thank you to the admins, each and every supporter of this page and other pages like yours (Too many to list) you’re all amazing!

By the way, from ‘liking’ your posts, friends of mine see them on their newsfeed and the last time I checked, another 2 people from my friends list had ‘unliked’ the Britain First page. Initially, I was deleting them but I decided against that and it’s worked thanks to your posts.

You can share this message on your page if you like but please do not mention my name.


The real heroes of Dudley

We promised to tell you more in an earlier post about the continuing adventures of John McKnight and his brilliant band of veterans. They’re a fine illustration of the triumph of peace and tolerance over hate and discrimination. And they did themselves and the people not only of Dudley but the whole of UK proud yesterday.

We were going to write a few hundred words outlining what happened when the veterans visited Dudley to see the Fuhrer but then John sent this video. So we decided just to link to the man himself.

John McKnight in his own words.

John McKnight BF Dudley debrief